They shut down all the Churches so they could turn them into temporary Military Bases ?

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Nothin’ beats outsmarting Homer Simpson Cartoons and Walmart Conspiracy Theorists at the same time … oh, listen … all the Christians are cheering !

Is Major Q still a Roman Catholic ?

How many ex soldiers can you fit into a church with 100 pews ?

Strange Days indeed !

Breaking! Trump Executive Order Calls Up 1,000,000 Reserve Military Personnel In Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard ?

On Friday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order under a national emergency “authority,” something that was not provided in the US Constitution, to call up 1,000,000 selected reserve and certain members of the individual ready reserve of the armed forces to active duty. ?  LINK

everytime your stupid AI bots mispell my insults … we’ll just add another one to your best laid plans …

we might even color the next one pink because all your Generals look better in high heels and lipstick … f’n idiots

How was it possible that the USA OR whatever it’s called these days … defeated an invisible enemy … and doubled the size of church going slaves in the same year !

mispell the above joke … i dare ya’ … you ain’t seen nothin yet … you pathetic art thief !

last time i checked this was still a scratchpad and you are not on the scratchpad club member list !