Paper Contracts Have Nothing To Do With ‘It’

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At the end of any logical equation.

For Example:  A mothership of purple happy aliens landed on planet earth. None of them spoke your language. But, y’all smiled and smoked peace pipes and enjoyed each other’s music for a day or two.

You woke up with a happy hangover a day later.

The purple happy aliens were gone.

Wait. where did that white picket fence come from ?

Before the purple aliens left, they gave everyone on planet earth an acre of land, a free home and a lifetime club med pass – with no paper work attached.

Wait, where is the kitchen … where am I …

You discovered, all of this, after you found the door, walked outside and discovered all the houses looked the same and everyone was finding out together what had happened.

KEY POINT : There were 0 paper contracts attached …

Q. How long would it be until earthlings started ‘writing things down again’

Q. How long would it take until someone tried to claim the purple house you woke up in belonged to them ?

Q. Why do they say 90% of ownership is physical possesion … NO MATTER WHAT ANY PAPER CONTRACT INDICATES.

Q. If Jane Weed pulls a marriage certificate out of her purse, claiming to be ‘married’ to the billionaire who just died on the other side of town … AND everyone in town LOVES Jane Weed and ‘trusts’ her, because of her GOOD NAME … and agrees that she really was the BENEFICIARY of Mr. Billionaires ‘E State’ and nobody in town ‘contests HER written claim, or proof or RECORD ON FILE … (and don’t forget Jane Weed never lies and promised to throw a big party and give everyone a free liftetime pass to the LIBRARY she is building with her ‘INHERITENCE’ …

Does Jane Weed ‘OWN’ Mr. Billionaires ‘E state’ ?

Q. If 999999 folks in town agree Jane Weed ‘OWNS’ it now … and only 1 man disagrees …

THE PROBLEM WITH PAPER CONTRACTS : They are only as useful as ‘group consensus’

This applies to MANHATTAN ISLAND, among other BIG PIECES of land ….

LOOK ! Here’s the Indian Chiefs fingerprint ! and seal ! and signature ! and a really great painting of him smoking a piece pipe with pilgrims !

REMEMBER : Language is no more than a TOOL, among other things.


Q. If a mouse meets a hungry cat in the jungle … do you think the mouse is going to show the hungry cat a piece of paper that is on record in CAT CITY courthouse … stating that no hungry cat is allowed to eat a mouse in the jungle because this piece of paper says so ? C’mon I’m a nice mouse ! You have no ‘right’ to eat me Mr. Cat !

Q. Has mankind ‘evolved’ enough to prove Mao’s famous saying … All power comes from the barrel of a gun ?

Q. Has mankind ‘evolved’ enough for more than a week to pass before some men try claiming all the houses the purple aliens left to everyone on the planet belong to Them!

Q. How many hungry cats need brainwashed before the mice feel safe again ?

Q. How many hours of TV will American’s need to watch before they BELIEVE in fake viruses and voluntarily quarantine themselves … because ‘They’ said so ?

Q. Who are ‘They’