IF a stamp is ‘sealed’ to an envelope …

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What does that imply …

Q. is the stamp required to ‘worship the envelope ?

Q. will the stamp be happy being delivered from point a to point b ?

Q. if the stamp and envelope cross 4 mountain ranges 3 rivers and 500 small farms before reaching their destination will it be a good day in Questionville ?

Q. if the envelope is a designer envelope with a happy card inside will it make the journey a happier one for the stamp or the sticky glue that creates the ‘seal’

Q. Will it make idiots ‘who’ assume things remember not to add any more logic to a ‘sentence’ than a ‘sentence’ implies.

Q. Will it make all the gold attached to all the nonsense on planet earth more valuable.

Q. Get the picture ?

A. Maybe. Kind Of. Sort Of ! We sure didn’t mean to piss you off with our sophmore logic Mr. Stamp !

Sealed with a kiss – Jason Donovan 1080p (lyrics)