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Try not to inhale your exhales !

Except for healthcare providers and when in high-risk venues, no one should be wearing a mask

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Date: Tuesday, 12-May-2020 00:22:15

In Response To: Passengers will be required to wear masks on American, Delta, and United as airlines try to convince passengers to fly again (NaturalWisdom)

The insanity of being required to wear a mask as an airplane passenger is mind-blowing from a health perspective.

Except for healthcare providers and when in high-risk venues, no one should be wearing a mask
The Coronavirus Coach | State of the Nation
Posted on May 9, 2020


Most masks are quite unhealthy and some are even disease-promoting—Here’s why!

Chemical Off-gassing

Those who are manifesting COVID-19 symptoms have a greater need for fresh clean air. Because of the various respiratory illnesses associated with Coronavirus syndrome they require prana-filled more than anything. So do folks who want to prevent catching the coronavirus.

However, when wearing a synthetic mask the person is filtering their air through a synthetic material that outgases the petrochemically derived constituents that most are made of. The masked individual is then breathing in those aerosolized toxic chemicals…

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide

With each and every in-breath, the sick individual is also intaking some of the carbon dioxide they just exhaled.

Instead of breathing in fresh clean air full of oxygen, the mask is diminishing their oxygen intake and replacing it with the respiratory waste product—carbon dioxide.
By subtly decreasing their oxygen levels in this manner they are being deprived of the most powerful healing agent for respiratory diseases—Molecular oxygen (O2).

Furthermore, even a slight increase of the carbon dioxide levels in their bloodstream can contribute to anxiety and feelings of nervousness as well as cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

For these reasons especially, both the healthy and the ill should avoid wearing a mask like the plague,



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