Szonya with a ‘z’ ?

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This name is a derivative of a Scandinavian Norwegian name Sonya .

Sonya is not in the Bible, Koran or Talmud = WINNING !

There were NO famous girls named Sonya found on the intitial BING SEARCH. = proof someone or something forgot to add it to the PoinTTalker Echo Chamber !

Please dont’ tell Szonya that ! She might never use Bing Search again !

Wait ! According to Wikipedia, there is more than one famous Sonya !

Queen Sonya of Norway ! BORN ON JULY 4th  !

Nothing to see here. Move along !

it must be the Hungarian ‘z’ that is confusing the Bing Dong Ding Dong !

Or maybe it’s just proof that the I.O.T. is programmed by the idiots and for the idiots in The USA !