Tanzania Bans Face Masks, because …

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Goat, Papaya, Pawpaw test positive to Corona ! = ( Don’t tell the retarded western hemisphere that ! The fake virus is found everywhere the global euthanasia club is found !  (head, shoulders, knees and toes ::: kill 3 birds with one stone)

1. your EVIL DOCTORS and BIG PHARMA … know it’s fake , but … getting paid to inject folks for profit is REAL FUN for ‘them.

2. fill in the blanks. try not to cheat. AFTER they use the KINGS CORPORATION PROTECTORS to help speed up the harvest … they’ll be eliminated to !

3. They are counting on all the ‘GOOD PEOPLE OF THE WORLD’ to use their time consuming legal systems to FIGHT BACK ! Yes, baby ! fight your enemy in a court of fraud he controls. Try to be polite. Try not to swear. It may take 2 years appealing ‘things’ … and by then it won’t matter !

if this sarcasm jumps up off of the page and bites you in the ass ! blame it on …