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“We refuse to be a slave to the government.”

Approximately 150 un-masked people gathered before the Texas Capitol Sunday afternoon for a protest against mask-wearing mandates recently enacted by state and local governments.

It was the same day Travis County recorded a record-breaking spike in positive COVID-19 cases that has more than doubled the daily rate of hospitalizations.

The event was kicked off with prayer before the armored vehicle iconic to Alex Jones and his Info Wars brand rolled up to the group with a warm welcome of cheers and chants.

From the roof of the vehicle stood Info Wars contributor Owen Shroyer shouting through a megaphone. Scientifically, the face coverings state and local governments are encouraging people to wear to slow the spread of COVID-19 do nothing to prevent coronavirus transmission, Shroyer said, directly contradicting evidence presented by state and federal health authorities.

“We refuse to be a slave to the government,” Shroyer said. “We refuse to comply with illegal orders. We will not wear masks.”

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