Creating the New World from the Old World : Michelle Gibson ?

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Creating the New World from the Old World – Part 1 : Trade, Wars, Treaties, Partitions & Conferences

“This is the first part of a three-part series in which I will be providing numerous examples to illustrate how creating the New World from the Old World was accomplished. European colonialism intentionally created divides over almost the entire landmass of the earth, creating new countries from lands that were taken, as well as divisions and discords between peoples that originally existed in harmony worldwide… It also diagrams the means by which power and control were consolidated worldwide, mostly starting out as “trading” companies that ended up being very powerful in their respective regions, and after gaining complete control, transferring power and control of the regions to their respective European empires. I will be providing examples I have found in travelling the cities and places that are in alignment with each other around the Earth, and in many cases, what happened involved all of these means.” – Michelle Gibson

Creating the New World from the Old World – Part 2 : Catholicism, Colonialism & Place Name Changes

“I am going to take a close look in the second part of this series at how through the vehicles of the Catholic Church, European colonization, and the widespread occurrence of place name changes to obscure true history were used to create the New World from the Old World.” – Michelle Gibson

Creating the New World from the Old World – Part 3 : The Centuries of Exploration

“I am going to bring forward in this video the subject matter largely about, but not limited to, “The Age of Discovery,” described as the period of European history in which extensive overseas exploration occurred from the beginning of the 1400’s to the middle of the 1600’s. Overseas exploration emerged as a powerful factor in European culture and was the beginning of globalization. I will also be looking at the various scientific exploration expeditions of the 1800s.” – Michelle Gibson

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