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Granny Gate, We Have the Data, 40% of all US Deaths Were In “Bad State Actors” Nursing Homes

119,196 Total Deaths “With COVID”

54,882 Of those deaths were at Nursing Homes.   46% of all COVID Deaths were at Nursing Homes!

Of those 54,882 NH Deaths, 46,981 were in “Bad Actor States”, These are 23 States with

85.6% of the Nursing Home Deaths.  Many of these states forced COVID positive people into Nursing Homes.

They “needed the deaths”

Out of all the reported deaths, 46,981 were in Nursing Homes in Bad States, highlighted in yellow.

So 40% of all the Death reported, was in Nursing Homes in Bad States

You want the Excel, and backup, it’s here!
granny gate state data 062820.xlsx