A Sociology Professor’s Presentation on the Mandela Effect ?

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I am all the way psyched to finally be sharing this unforgettable and heartfelt presentation on the Mandela Effect by Dr. Sharon Squires which was recorded at the Midwestern Mandela Effect Conference in St. Louis, MO on November 15th of 2019!

Dr. Squires graced us with her presence at the first official Mandela Effect Conference in Manassas, VA in 2018. She is a visiting associate professor of Sociology with a
B.A. in Anthropology from Georgia State University, and an M.A. in Sociology & Ph.D. in Rural Sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has taught Sociology at the college level for over 8 years.

In this recording, Dr. Squires shares the formal presentation on the phenomenon called ‘the Mandela Effect’ that she has given to many of her students. This presentation is a GREAT introduction to what the Mandela Effect itself is, to those who are unfamiliar, and to those of us whose lives have been toppled by this phenomenon for multiple years, it is a morsel to savor for days (and weeks)!

A note from Dr. Squires about this presentation:
“This presentation was created for a class called “A Sociology of the Absurd.’ The goal of the class was to examine unique and interesting social behaviors and how people make sense of their social world. The following presentation was created to provide an overview of the Mandela Effect (ME) phenomena. It was also designed to explore possible causes for this social behavior. This presentation accompanied a discussion on memory formation, ethics in science, the social construction of reality, the importance of symbols and socialization and Phenomenology (the idea that society is a human/social construction). Why are people making the claim of alternative lifeworlds? What exactly is going on? We also discussed suggestions for future research. The students also took an ME quiz. 90% of the class saw some changes in various areas. Generally, they were familiar with the pop culture references. There was only one girl in the class who didn’t see any changes in anything.”

I cannot thank Dr. Squires enough for her incredible work and her ability to condense such a bizarre and monumental collectively shared experience into a single presentation. I personally was completely floored at the quality of the presentation and I felt a sense of validation afterwards that I hadn’t felt so intensely in the three years I’ve been researching the ME. I hope this is just the start of what we’ll be hearing publicly from Dr. Squires on the topic of the Mandela Effect.

If you would like to reach out to her, please comment below or drop her a line through email at SquiresS@lincolnu.edu.
Thanks so much to all the truly amazing folks who were able to attend the Midwestern Mandela Effect Conference last November!

If you would be interested in attending and/or presenting at the next Midwestern Mandela Effect Conference in November of 2020 in Chicago, please comment below or reach out to me at embelme@aol.com.

Thanks and God bless!!