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” What an epic journey it has been so far, yet we’re only on the first page of a long and beautiful book of life.

Jump on board in this video as we take you on a journey through five different types of catamarans ranging from 23ft to 40ft all of which were series contenders for our first home together. Learn all about what we like and disliked about different styles of catamarans and what might or might not suit you.

There’s an exciting ending to this video. Stay tuned for life on the hard stand as we scored the deal of the century, but oh boy does she need some work. Which boat shall it be?

– A little bit about us:
“The Mer & The Man is a marine conservation based project aiming to support the mission of greater worldwide ocean sanctuary and protection.

Our goal is to help shed light and encourage action on current global environmental issues the ocean is facing. These environmental issues will be the core of our conservation content within our adventure blog ‘The Mer And The Man’. The issues we will be covering include; Plastic Pollution, The Fossil Fuel Industry, The Health Of The Great Barrier Reef, Ending The War On Sharks, and Education and Awareness.

A little bit about us… Emily is 21 and currently studying a marine and environmental science degree and is a passionate free diver and ocean conservationist. Sage is 21 and has lived on his dads boat for 10 years and has salt running through veins and a very enthusiastic way of being.

When we met we decided we wanted to live on the ocean together, go on crazy adventures and raise awareness about important issues at the same time. We hope we can help our viewers connect more with nature and encourage adventure wherever you decide to go in life.

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We thank you all for the love and support on our journey.
The Mer & The Man
Sage & Emily “