The FALSE “KINGS” of the Realm and HOW and WHERE THEY HID “America” Part I ? # sosayslotus ?

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” The video exposes not only how the “they” usurped control over the united [e]States of America pursuant to records of ‘state’ but WHO did such usurping and WHAT INSTRUMENTS of “state” CONTROL THE COUP….WHO ends up as the FALSE KINGS of the COUP if our MODERN DAY UNITED STATES. Those instruments of coup are within POTUS, ATTORNEY GENERAL and SECRETARY OF STATE. That is correct…the POTUS, the AG and the SECRETARY OF STATE are where the coup d’etat of the UNITED STATES/”United States” lays as is proven PRIMA FASCIA within the statutes in Title 22 USC Chapter 11 SUBCHAPTER II REGISTRATION OF FOREIGN PROPAGANDISTS, with emphasis Section 22 USC 611(l), 620, and the Advisory Notes on the SUBCHAPTER, where the COUP criminally conveyed the CONTROL of the united eStates of America 100% into the instrument of coup, the ATTORNEY GENERAL via a mere “Final Act of the Second Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics at Habana, Cuba, July 30, 1940.” as reference in 22 USC 611(l) combined with and Executive Order No. 9176, May 29, 1942, 7 Federal Registry 4127, conveying all powers, PROPERTY and BOOKS under the SECRETARY OF STATE powers related to said SUBCHAPTER, which gave the ATTORNEY GENERAL ABSOLUTE POWER OVER ALL ACTS OF ESQUIRES UNDER THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT.

Once you comprehend the STRUCTURE of the CRIMINAL COUP of the uSA/US, the MOTIVE for the murdered/assassinated both John F. Kennedy as POTUS and his brother, Bobby F. Kennedy as the ATTORNEY GENERAL who had discovered the structure of the coup and were set to undo it, is clear. It is also clear how such CRIMINALS acts against the “People of the Americas” in the “Fast in Furious” scandal where the current POTUS, Barack Obama, and the current AG, Eric Hold, conspired against said “American People” to flood their territories with assault weapons via “ILLEGAL” arm trafficking. Its also easy to see the MOTIVE for the current CRIMINAL ATTEMPTS to depose/unseat/impeach/coup d’etat the current POTUS who is NOT party of/a shill of the coup of the FOREIGN ESQUIRES for the BAR unions. The FACTS are prima fascia as to WHO the FALSE KINGS of the Realm are and HOW they have SET THEMSELVES UP TO BE such FALSE KINGS as elohims of the Free People with their “secularism” that cures to be PURE FASCISM. But FASCISM that is guided hands of unseen PRINCIPALITIES that can now be NAMED with SPECIFICITY and PARTICULARITY on the FEDERAL RESERVE LEDGER the Esquires for the BAR did place it upon, the UNITED STATES TREASURY bound by the “full faith and credit” of those VERY SAME “American People” they have defrauded by such acts PRIMA FASCIA CRIMES AGAINST THEM in the MERCHANDISING AND TRAFFICKING THEM.

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