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101 Toilet Paper Ideas 1. cheap disposable face covering ! ?

  1. after flipping the global spies the middle finger at the front door of the company store … make yourself a 1cent face covering … (wrap around and loosely tie it) … don’t forget to dispose of it in THEIR garbage can after you mimic wiping your dumb  …. with it … or … or… or…
  2. 99 more ways to use a roll of T Paper go here _____ (and don’t forget to teach your children how to make a temporary throw away burka cape out of a disposable roll of paper towels …. and don’t forget to hold a sexy wet mask competition in the parking lot …. and … and … and… don’t forget why a bankrupt corporation goverment is not going to hand out free toilet paper even though they did win world war 2 in your history books …  #idiots #problemsolvers