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Twitter & Facebook are censoring us – but our subscribe feature is back!

Hey all – A couple of updates.

1. A LOT of you have been contacting us with concerns about our subscribe feature not working. We’re pleased to announce we have that function back and you can find it on the front page HERE. It’s not a perfect system, but it will allow you to keep in touch with us and our output during these difficult times!

2. As you may know we are currently under sustained attack from various ironically-named ‘fact-check’ websites and their social media allies.

PolitiFact have launched an incoherent and error-filled ‘rebuttal’ on our article Covid19 PCR tests are scientifically and have both published critiques of “No one has died of the coronavirus”, and Newsguard are currently planning an ‘investigation’ into our editors and our coverage both of Covid19 and 9/11.

We will be publishing our correspondence with Newsguard in the next week or so as well as a response to PolitiFact. We also understand Rosemary Frei and Patrick Corbett are planning a response, which, of course, we will give space to here.

Coincidentally Facebook and Twitter have moved against us in unison as if they were one entity. Facebook now gives a warning about some of our content and links to the very poor PolitiFact piece. Twitter offers up their standard warning that our site “may be unsafe”.

Neither site actually blocks access, but the warning is designed to make it appear to be doing so, and most people fail to see the link in small text that allows you to proceed to our site. Inevitably this is impacting in our social media reach.

To help counter this you can share our articles through email and direct messaging, but please continue to do so on social media also – adding a comment to the effect the link is NOT blocked and can still be accessed. We don’t want to make their job as self-appointed censors any easier than it has to be.

More on this issue coming soon…