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The Elephant in Our Room — Public Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

This Public Notice is addressed to all Readers, all Agents, and all Principals worldwide. It is a matter of urgent national and international concern.

Following the unresolved mercenary conflict known deceptively as The American Civil War, Territorial United States Agents in the form of Union Army Generals seized upon land and assets belonging to their Employers, the American States and People, and placed these assets in various Public Trusts.

These included the US Trust, the United States Trust, the Public Charitable Trust, the Northern Trust, the Southern Trust, and so on, as well as individual State Trusts all operated under similarly styled names: The New York State [Land Trust], the Ohio State [Land Trust], et alia.

The False Presumption involved was that the actual government had disappeared, together with all the People of the various Several States. In fact, our erstwhile Federal Employees didn’t bother to tell us what was going on, as they acted secretively “in our names” far outside any granted authority to do so.

The actual Federal Constitutions require that any circumstance or matter that is not explicitly addressed by the Constitutions remains an issue standing within the purview of the Reserved Powers of the States and People. See Amendment X of all three Federal Constitutions.

The disposition of our assets remains with us, the American States and People, to this very day, and not with our Hired Help, and not in accord with their attempts to unlawfully convert our private and public holdings.

There are now Fifty State Assemblies present and this circumstance signals the collapse of all public trusts held in the names of our States, e.g., The New York State [Land Trust] and the Ohio State Trust, and all similar entities, as well as all the other national and regional trusts and international trusts that have been established in our names and the names of our States and our Regions and our Country.

When what is true appears, what is false must pass away.

When the actual States and People “return” and present themselves, as they have, all pretense that we are “lost” or “missing” or are otherwise incompetent to manage our affairs must cease.

Our assets must be returned to us, free and clear of debt or encumbrance, together with all rents, fees, lease payments, profits from mortgages, and other forms of insurance and escrow payments owed to us, minus legitimate expenses related to our stipulated constitutional agreements.

Furthermore, gradual usurpation by the Washington DC Municipal Government authorized at Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, and evasion of the limitations imposed by all three (3) Federal Constitutions in our purported “absence”, has led to the presence of no less than 185,000 Municipalities and Municipal Government organization on our soil, where they have no right, reason, or cause to be.

These Municipal entities, owned by the Pope’s Municipal Government as franchises, are now being bankrupted and no longer have the funding to pay their own police forces, so they are asking for UN Corporation assistance in the form of “UN Peacekeepers”.
The plain fact is that neither these municipal government organizations nor any “UN Peacekeepers” should be here on our land and soil.

By Operation of Law, the unauthorized Municipal Corporations, including those that have acted as the governments of major cities, should simply be dissolved and their assets should be lawfully converted to the ownership of the actual State.

It is unfortunate that these organizations ever saw fit to usurp against their employers, but having done so, they cannot complain against the long-published Public Law, including the Federal Constitutions, and cannot raise any objection based on their contract.

So, in the interests of our Public Law and our Public Duty, we ask for the understanding and sympathy of all governments and all people everywhere; we were duped by our own employees, who, for the most part, were also duped and misdirected by foreign governments acting in Gross Breach of Trust.

The UN CORP, United Nations, Inc., and the United Nations Organization will all be held individually and severally 100% commercially and personally liable for any incursion upon our land and soil, will be charged for any death or destruction they cause at a rate of $1 trillion dollars in gold per each American civilian killed or maimed, and the same for any and all U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States who were born on our shores and who cannot be proven to be Federal Employees or direct Dependents thereof.

These organizations and the Principals responsible for the existence of these Municipal corporations and governments existing on our land and soil in contravention of the plainly stated constitutional limitations cannot correct their errors or improve their financial situation by causing more destruction here.

All the aforementioned organizations and guilty Principals can do is cause more senseless destruction and harm to people to whom they have always owed Good Faith and Service.

In these and in their actions usurping against and deceiving and plundering their employers under color of law and force of False Legal Presumptions, these Parties and Principals have clearly acted as crime syndicates and have participated in organized constructive fraud for purposes of unjust enrichment and coercive power, in conspiracy against the Federal Constitutions, against the Geneva Conventions, and against the Hague Conventions, too.

In all these respects, we are faced with a specter of knowing criminality on the part of respected western governments that have been similarly commandeered by banking interests, and seduced into operating as incorporated commercial ventures.

The End Game, so far as we can perceive it, was to reduce all governments to the level of private commercial corporations, eventually leaving the Holy See as the only unincorporated government left in the world; whereupon the Holy See would invoke both its ownership interest in all the commercial corporations, and its standing as the only remaining unincorporated government, to impose a worldwide theocracy substituting national corporations for living monarchs in a system of Corporate Feudalism, which would seek to destroy the divine nature of Mankind by genetic pollution, and excuse its hideous cruelty and criminality by further pretending that the victims weren’t actually men and women, but GMO products subject to corporate ownership— and corporate disposal.

These are offenses that go beyond any political dispute and which clearly enter the realm of moral insanity and criminality of a kind that must be opposed by all mentally and emotionally competent people on Earth. The offending corporations must be liquidated and their assets returned to the States and People to whom the assets actually belong.

While this most venal plan has been discussed for years in some circles, by far the largest percentage of the population of this planet has been deliberately misled and left in the dark, as indeed have the many public employees who were expected to carry out the murderous instructions of the perpetrators much as Nazi Storm Troopers did, mindlessly informing upon and incarcerating and harming their countrymen in the name of an authority stolen from those same victims and operating in their names.

We are not afraid of addressing “the elephant in the room”. Failure to admit to its existence and source has been the bane of many generations of people and so we propose that the seven billion of us each take a bite out of the elephant, until there is nothing left of it at all, but a sad reminder of the dishonesty and greed and cruelty and criminality that has ruled this world “in our names”.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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US Census is trying to claim that everyone who “responds” … is “domestic” and “within” their jurisdiction ?

By Anna Von Reitz

In addition to their usual snooping, the US Census is trying to claim that everyone who “responds” to this pile of inappropriate interrogation is “domestic” and “within” their jurisdiction. This is not true.

The Federal Constitutions grant the Federal Subcontractors the right and responsibility to take a head count of people living in this country, but the only information that people are required to give is the number and the name of those living in any given place.
There is no selection of boxes allowing anyone to tick off what kind of “United States” they live in, no explanations about political status, no disclosure that the rats would be making any presumptions or assumptions about your political status based on whether you responded to the survey or not.

As a result, their undisclosed claims are just as fraudulent as ever and the “Census 2020 Results” cannot be taken to be any measure of how many “citizens of the United States” might live in this country.

To find that out with any reasonable certainty, we’d have to count the actual Federal Civil Service Employees and the Federal Agency Personnel and their family members who are direct dependents of these Federal Employees. We’d also have to count the population of the Insular States — the US Territories and Possessions offshore, like Guam and Puerto Rico, plus the non-military population of Washington, DC and the District of Columbia. Oh, and all those actually getting an unearned welfare check from the Federales.

Best guesstimate is that about 23% of the total population fits the bill to be counted as a “citizen of the United States” —- and if the rest of us would get our tails in gear and take these fraudsters to task, that number would drop dramatically. Why?

Because the DC Boyz make money by keeping lots and lots of people down in the Hood, living worse than slaves, eating crap, with no jobs, no hope, no education, no way to have a decent life at all. The Dems create their “base” this way, and then, promise their victims relief. Just more lies. More fraud. And then they steal the actual value of these people’s labor, tax them to death, and use their homes as chattel backing the perpetrator’s debts.

If you actually told all these people what they “voluntarily” gave up, the actual cost to them of adopting “citizen of the United States” political status in exchange for a job or a stingey welfare check, they’d all poop their pants and the Municipal Government would have no workers in the morning. Even the custodians and the cooks at the White House would quit.

That’s why they can never, ever, provide full disclosure and have to be downright secretive about what they are doing and all the false claims they are making— because if people knew the truth, there would be as Henry Ford said, “revolution by morning”.

And this lack of full disclosure will forever invalidate everything these con artists say and do and all the purported contracts they claim to make.

So when they come back and tell another Whopper to the world, and claim some absurd number like “93% of Americans have adopted Municipal citizenship” —- don’t believe it. Not for a nanosecond.

Nothing regarding our political status is proven or even indicated by the 2020 Census.


See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here:

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Survive The Jive – Gods of Roman Britain ?

“When the Romans conquered Britannia in AD 43, the Britons resisted at first but were gradually Romanised. This means they adopted Roman customs, latin language and Roman gods, but they also preserved some of their old Celtic ways and even some of the Celtic gods. In this film I look at Romano-British syncretism and the merging of Celtic and Latin deities such as Sulis-Minerva who had her cult centre in Bath. I visited Chedworth Roman Villa and Bath spa to film this, as well as several museums around the world!” – Survive the Jive

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Fall of Civilizations 8. The Sumerians – Fall of the First Cities ?

“In the dusts of Iraq, the ruins of the world’s first civilization lie buried. This episode, we travel into the extremely distant past to look at the Sumerians. These ancient people invented writing and mathematics, and built some of the largest cities that the world had ever seen. Find out about the mystery of their origins, and learn how they rose from humble beginnings to form the foundation of all our modern societies. With myths, proverbs and even some recreated Sumerian music, travel back to where it all began, and find out how humanity’s first civilization fell.”

Fall of Civilizations

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H-I-S-T-O-R-Y +

H-I-S-T-O-R-Y + France +

H-I-S-T-O-R-Y + Saint Vincent and the Grenadines +

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Eric Dubay – The NASA Moon Landing Hoaxes

“After having 30+ videos and 3 entire channels banned/deleted, YouTube has decided they haven’t censored me enough, and are now dishing out more fraudulent strikes to my channel. I have had to set some videos to private for the next couple months to try and save my channel from this attack, and am re-uploading an abridged version of this video which just received a ridiculous copyright strike for the inclusion of a single random Mars rover picture that is public domain and unarguably fair-use.

The 1969 Apollo “Moon” landings, the 1976 Viking and other subsequent “Mars” landings have all been Hollywood staged hoaxes done with actornauts, models, green-screens, CGI fakery and real rockets shot into the ocean. NASA steals 52 million dollars in taxpayer money every single day giving us back nothing but science-fiction movies and bold-faced lies.” – cont’d Eric Dubay

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Way Back When ?

Yaldabaoth said, “I am God and there is no other God beside me.”

The Gnostic God Yaldabaoth

For Yaldabaoth said, “I am God and there is no other God beside me.”

According to the ancient Gnostic texts, there is a creator God named Yadabaoth (Ilda-Baoth or Ialdabaoth ) who is described as the Child of Chaos, and was the son of Sophia (wisdom) in Gnostic Cosmogenesis. Yaldabaoth is called an angel in the apocryphal Gospel of Judas.

He is first mentioned in “The Cosmos, Chaos, and the Underworld” as one of the twelve angels to come “into being [to] rule over chaos and the [underworld]”. In the “Gospel of Nicodemus,” Yaldabaoth is called Satan, and Dante called the Devil simply a worm.

The Theosophists say that Yaldabaoth is identical with the Fetahil of the Codex Nazaraeus, the Demiurge of the Valentinian system (Lucifer, vi, 33), the Proarchos of the Barbelitae (Irenaeus, I, xxix, 4), the Great Archon of Basilides and the Elohim of Justinus. (1)

Yaldabaoth is the creator of the visible realm or what we can call the Matrix (society) and prince of the Creative Forces in humans which he is the Father of the modern man in the form of earthly Adam and Eve of the biblical Garden of Eden.

Serpent worship 2Diodorus Siculus had said that “among the Jews (Phoenicians and Greek Hellenes) they relate that Moses called the God Iao, Iah and Jah of the Hebrews. Yaldabaoth is the fiery serpent (worm) of Moses who becomes the idol brass serpent spoken about in the Scriptures under Numbers 21:8 where it is written;

“So the people came to Moses and said, “We have sinned, because we have spoken against the LORD and you; intercede with the LORD, that He may remove the serpents from us.” And Moses interceded for the people.

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a standard; and it shall come about, that everyone who is bitten when he looks at it, he will live.” And Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on the standard; and it came about, that if a serpent bit any man, when he looked to the bronze serpent, he lived.

Therefore when we see the symbols and references to the fiery serpent commonly known as Yaldabaoth all over the world, we can safely attribute this symbology to the original Israelites who I believe can be directly connected to the Phoenicians (Cretans, Minoans, Ionians, Atlanteans etc.). The serpent (worm) was the standard, or house insignia of their race and later it became the Phoenix, the harp and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

The very people who have brought the serpent and their religion to almost every land in the world which they have left scientific evidence of their symbols, languages and DNA in this same exact places. Not to mention their book known as the Bible which is the best selling book of all time.

This God Iao of the Iraelites can be easily found later in Greek mythology under the name of Iacchos, more commonly known today as Bacchus of the Secret Mysteries; the God “from whom the liberation of souls was expected — Dionysus, Iacchos, Iahoh, Iah.”

In Pistis-Sophia, Yaldabaoth is spoken of as residing in the “Great Chaos which is the Outer Mist”, mary virgin serpentwhere, with his Forty-nine Daemons, he tortures wicked souls (pg. 382). It is from the serpent (worm) Yaldabaoth (or Ilda-Baoth) that humans are bestowed with the sacred knowledge of God as creators, and their destroyers for those who transgress the universal wisdom of natural laws of God will be punished by the demon parasites of Yaldabaoth.

He is the ruler of this world who is the Chief Archon who is the son of the creator God of Genesis and the demiurge of Platonism. The meaning of the name demiurge is maker which makes him the “creator of the material world.” This fact is key to understanding the meaning and role of Yaldabaoth over the material world or the Gnostic Matrix.

In the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Library under The Apocryphon of John (The Secret Book of John – The Secret Revelation of John), it states that Yaldabaoth is the Chief Archon created by the Goddess Sophia in the “form of a lion-faced serpent, with its eyes were like lightning fires which flash.

She cast it away from her, outside that place, that no one of the immortal ones might see it, for she had created it in ignorance. And she surrounded it with a luminous cloud, and she placed a throne in the middle of the cloud that no one might see it except the Holy Spirit who is called the mother of the living. And she called his name Yaltabaoth.

This is the first archon who took a great power from his mother. And he removed himself from her and moved away from the places in which he was born. He became strong and created for himself other aeons with a flame of luminous fire which (still) exists now. And he joined with his arrogance which is in him and begot authorities for himself.”

The important thing to remember with the story of Yaldabaoth is that it (he and she) is an artificially created life form said to be a lion-faced serpent, with its eyes were like lightning fires which flash that was on a throne surrounded by a blood and no one of the immortal ones could see it. He becomes the Archon (Ark-ON or Spark-On) of the human race.

firefly light 2The word archon is composed of the words Ark and On. Ark meaning a conduit of energy that is the Hu-Man sacred ark, or ark of the testimony, represents the original spark of divinity and knowledge that gave us Sophia or wisdom. Yaldabaoth would be akin to an arc welder that is the power supply to create an electric arc between an electrode and the base material to melt the metals.

In humans, this would be the chemical energy we call “phosphorus” that is the arc welder that creates an electric arc between an electrode being that of Man and the Father with the hopes of alchemically creating Gold Humans (enlightened spiritual humans) out of Lead Humans (unenlightened nonspiritual humans).

Yaldabaoth and his creations are referred to as the serpent which I have discussed before were once written as worm before the Latin Church Doctors had doctored the original Greek texts that simply read worm. Therefore we know Yaldabaoth is a type of human parasite or worm who seeks to rule and or be the Chief Archon over humankind which is further discussed in the Apocryphon of John where he is called ignorant darkness;

“And when the light had mixed with the darkness, it caused the darkness to shine. And when the darkness had mixed with the light, it darkened the light and it became neither light nor dark, but it became dim.

“Now the archon who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaldabaoth, the second is Saklas, and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him. For he said, ‘I am God and there is no other God beside me,’ for he is ignorant of his strength, the place from which he had come.

“And the archons created seven powers for themselves, and the powers created for themselves six angels for each one until they became 365 angels. And these are the bodies belonging with the names: the first is Athoth, a he has a sheep’s face; the second is Eloaiou, he has a donkey’s face; the third is Astaphaios, he has a hyena’s face; the fourth is Yao, he has a serpent’s face with seven heads; the fifth is Sabaoth, he has a dragon’s face; the sixth is Adonin, he had a monkey’s face; the seventh is Sabbede, he has a shining fire-face. This is the sevenness of the week.

“But Yaldabaoth had a multitude of faces, more than all of them, so that he could put a face before all of them, according to his desire, when he is in the midst of seraphs. He shared his fire with them; therefore he became lord over them. Because of the power of the glory he possessed of his mother’s light, he called himself God. And he did not obey the place from which he came. And he united the seven powers in his thought with the authorities which were with him.

For Yaldabaoth said, “I am God and there is no other God beside me.”

lucifer-statue-madridThis passage is important to understand because we can relate it to the “fall of man or the fallen angels” in which we people living today are the descendants of fallen angels created by and ruled over by the Chief Archon and God of the material world, Yaldabaoth. The king of the demonic serpentary (worms and or parasites) archons (control the central nervous system of humans and thus deaire) who reside in humans were the creations of Yaldabaoth. Archons such as Yao who has a serpent’s face with seven heads, and the fifth archon is Sabaoth,and he has a dragon’s face.

Church Father and bishop of Salamis, Cyprus, Saint Epiphanius in Adversus Haereses had written; “The Ophites reputedly said: “We venerate the serpent because God has made it the cause of Gnosis for mankind.

Yaldabaoth (the Demiurge who was the ‘god of the Jews’) did not with men to have any recollection of the Mother or of the Father on high. It was the serpent, who by tempting them, brought them Gnosis; who taught the man and the woman the complete knowledge of the mysteries from on high. That is why [its] father Yaldabaoth mad with fury, cast it down from the heavens.”

Cast down for his pride like the Christian rebel angel Lucifer who is the same as Yaldabaoth being lucifer3the divine spark in humans, and the chief source of their intelligence as a product of the “Demiurge” which literally means “half-working” or “half-powered.” Yaldabaoth is who we can call the extraterrestrial leader Archon race of the Sons of the Serpent (worm) from the true Sovereign God of the Most High, and Soul of the World, Jupiter.

The Ophites taught the holy hebdomad, whose chief was Yaldabaoth (” Chaosson or chosen one”), and is the God of the Jews. Yaldabaoth was commanded by his father Yahweh (Jehova or Jupiter) to create the earth and man. Some texts make him do this alone, others assign to him demons as his helpers, especially the seven spirits (or seven chemical energies and their elementals, worms or parasites) of the planets. It is said in the Ophite texts that Yaldabaoth created heavens and earth and is the ruler of the seventh heaven.

Man was created by the six angels and by Ialdabaoth, who gave him the divine essence: “When the Spirit and Christ were taken up a drop of light fell into the abyss beneath. This was Sophia Prunikos, who by contact with the waters gave birth to Yaldabaoth, the Demiurgus of the created heavens and earth and the ruler of the seventh heaven. From him came the six angels who rule the six heavens.

He strove to hide the fact that there were any powers above him; but when he boasted that he was the highest, his mother Sophia cried, Thou liest, Yaldabaoth! Man Creation of man was created by the six angels and by Yaldabaoth, who gave him the divine essence.

This passage clearly tells us that it is from Yaldabaoth that man (humans) had received their divine essence which in turn gave them wisdom of both good and evil through the Tree of Life that is their DNA (blood). Instructed by Sophia (wisdom) man gave thanks to the Most High, which deeply offended the ruler of the seventh heaven. In order to degrade him by carnal desires, Yaldabaoth made Eve (from the Hebrew Hevia for serpent), but Sophia saved man by means of the Serpent, who induced Eve to raise herself and her husband by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The serpent (worm) thus became the great benefactor of the human race.

The following allegory of the story is from Irenaeus (I, xxiii-xxviii). “Yaldabaoth the child of the Mother, Sophia, generates a son of himself, without the assistance of any mother, and his son a son in his turn, and he another, and so on until there are six sons generated, one from another. Now these immediately commenced to strive with their father for the mastery; and he in despair and rage gazed into the “purgations of matter” below; and through them begot another son, Ophiomorphos, the serpent-formed, the spirit of all that is basest in matter.

Then being puffed up with pride, he stretched himself over his highest sphere, and proclaimed aloud: “lam Father and God, and there is none above me.” On this, his mother cried out: “Lie not, Ildabaoth, for the Father of All, the First Anthropos (man), is above thee, and so is Anthropds, the Son of Athropos.” And Ildabaoth to prevent his sons attending to the voice, proposed that they should fashion a man. So the six of them made a gigantic man, who lay on the earth and writhed like a worm (the man of the first rounds and races).

And they brought him to his father Ildabaoth, who breathed into him the ” Breath of Life “, and thus emptied himself of his creative power. And Sophia aided the design, so that she might regain the Light-powers of Ildabaoth. Forthwith the man, having the divine spark, aspired to the Heavenly Man, from whom it came. At this Ildabaoth grew jealous, and generated Eve (Lilith) to deprive Adam of his Light-powers. And the six “Stellars ,” impassioned of her beauty, begot sons through her. Thereupon Sophia sent the serpent (intelligence) to make Adam and Eve transgress the precepts of Ildabaoth, who in rage, cast them down out of Paradise into the World, together with the serpent (fourth round and fourth race).

At the same time, she deprived them of their Light-power, that it might not come under the “curse” as well. And the serpent reduced the world-power under its sway, and generated six sons, who continually oppose the human race, through which their father (the serpent) was cast down. Now Adam and Eve in the beginning, had pure spiritual bodies, which gradually became grosser and grosser. Their spirit too became languid, for they had naught but the breath of the lower world, which Ildabaoth had breathed into them. In the end, however, Sophia gave them back their Light-power and they awoke to the knowledge that they were naked.” (1)

Serpent goddess eveYaldabaoth now forbade the man to eat of the tree of knowledge, which could enable him to understand the Gnostic mysteries and receive the graces from above. But man had to be eventually be redeemed from the wrath of Yaldabaoth. Accordingly, Christ descended from above on the one perfect man Jesus, who had been prepared by Sophia. Ialdabaoth seeing in Jesus Christ a power superior to himself, stirred up the Jews to crucify Jesus.

Of course, Christ could not suffer; and he withdrew himself from Jesus in whom he had worked on earth. Christ did not, however, forget Jesus utterly, but raised from the dead the spiritual body of Jesus, which remained on earth eighteen months. At first, Jesus did not fully understand the truth, but Christ enlightened him and he taught his disciples the true doctrine.” (2)


The Goddess Sophia, or Wisdom, the lowest entity in the realm of perfection, creates Yaldabaoth in an unauthorized attempt to produce a likeness of herself. Yaldabaoth, in turn, creates the world we see today. In the Gnostic theology of Yaldabaoth, we find that his mother, Sophia was the personification of the most sublime wisdom who had the power to procreate but lacked the necessary knowledge.

The Christian Scripture would equate the Goddess Sophia, with the consort of Adam in the Garden of Eden whose name is Eve. The word Eve is derived from the Hebrew Hevia of Evia which is interpreted as “female serpent” in Latin translations of the Bible. In earlier Greek versions, the word serpent would have simply read “worm.” This is where the Church Doctors come in at doctoring these ancient texts in order to hide the truth of man’s creation.

However, we don’t have to search far and or in difficulty to see that this worm God who is both the creator and destroyer had given birth to several God men over the course of human history. In the Scripture it is said, “And from these worms God made angels. We find this passage more correctly rendered in the Hebrew Bible: “Man that is a worm (rimmah), and the son of man which is a maggot” (tole’ah). “But I am a worm and no man. How much more is man rottenness, and the son of man a worm ? “First he said, ” Man is rottenness;” and afterwards, “The son of man a worm:” because a worm springs from rottenness, therefore “man is rottenness,” and ”the son of man a worm.”

Worms manThe Lord said of Himself: “I am a worm and not a man” (Ps 21:7) 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasons and Pontiff, Albert Pike had written about how Christ put on the appearance of a human body in Morals and Dogma, “The Light could not unite with darkness.

It but put on the appearance of a human body, and took the name of Christ in the Messiah, only to accommodate itself to the language of the Jews … He suffered in appearance only … the person of Jesus having disappeared.”

In the Scripture, we find the worm is the mother when it is said, “I have said to the worm, thou art my mother. The worm shall feed sweetly on him.”

Sophia the serpent, or we know of as a worm could not conceive a child, but she desperately had wished for one. The Sethian Gnostics believe that Yaldabaoth was the consequence of her mental desire to have her own child. This is known in science as Parthenogenesis /?p?r??n?’d??n?s?s and is a form of asexual reproduction in which growth and development of embryos that occur without fertilization. I believe this is the result of the Yaldabaoth or worm through the power of thought form and direction by its master being the human or mother is able to fertilize the egg of the mother without he having sex.

This explanation I give and by the Sethians would be similar to that of the meaning of the Egregors who I cover in the what I discuss in the Science of Being Born a Virgin and the Secrets of the Watchers. An Egregore is what is called in the occult a “thought form” or “collective group mind” that is created by a single magician or a group.

These thought forms are based on actually creating a real physical chemical energy being with the power of thoughts, magical elements and action in which a psychic entity is made from the thoughts of the magician or a group of people. These Egregores then form symbiotic relationships with their creators in which they will actually perform tasks and work for them much like an employee would for a corporation or a slave to his master.

Because Sophia could not have a child, this mental fire in the form of desire would spark a spontaneous creation or spark being that of a worm/sperm in the form of Yaldabaoth who then becomes the “yellow or golden boy of hosts.” The Chief speaker, or Hermes (worms) of his worm people in which he is given the authority of the God of this world to be his official scribe as Thoth or Seth.

Yaldabaoth’s mother was a serpent or worm which makes him one as well. However, Sophia became horrified at the sight of her creation which was an ugly, imperfect creature with a body of a serpent (worm), the face of a lion and eyes of fire. According to St Iraenus, his mother, Sophia, had to rebuke by a reminder that above him were the father of all, the first man, and the man, “the son of man.” “She cast him away from her radiance, so that no one among the immortal ones might see him… She joined a luminous cloud with him, and placed a throne in the middle of the cloud.” (Apoc John BG 38, 1-10). Out of shame and disgust, Sophia cast Yaldabaoth out of her pleroma and hid him in a thick cloud. By hiding him behind a cloud, the other aeons would not be able to see him.Venus sulfur

Sophia would be the daughter on the so below of the planet of the as above Venus in the form of sulphur or soul fire.

Madam Blavatsky had written in Isis Unveiled: “In this plurality of heavens the Christians believed from the first, for we find Paul teaching of their existence, and speaking of a man “caught up to the third heaven” {2 Cor., xii, 2). “From these seven angels Ilda-Baoth shut up all that was above him, lest they should know of anything superior to himself.

They then created man in the image of their Father, but prone and crawling on the earth like a worm. But the heavenly mother, Prunikos, wishing to deprive Ilda-Baoth of the power with which she had unwittingly endowed him, infused into man a celestial spark — the spirit. Immediately man rose upon his feet, soared in mind beyond the limits of the seven spheres, and glorified the Supreme Father, Him that is above Ilda-Baoth. Hence the latter, full of jealousy, cast down his eyes upon the lowest stratum of matter, and begot a potency in the form of a serpent, whom they [Ophites] call his son. Eve, obeying him as the son of God, was persuaded to eat of the Tree of Knowledge.”

It is a self-evident fact that the serpent of the Genesis, who appears suddenly and without any preliminary introduction, must have been the antitype of the Persian Arch-Devs, whose head is Ashmog, the “two footed serpent of lies.” If the serpent had been deprived of his limbs before he had tempted woman unto sin, why should God specify as a punishment that he should go “upon his belly”? Nobody supposes that he walked upon the extremity of his tail.(3)”


Jupiter 2The Hebrew name Yaldabaoth is composed of three names being Ya or Yah, Da and Baoth. The meaning of “Ya or Yah (Jah)” is the name of the “Lord, God and or Jupiter. These names often appear in Scripture for the priest names of the True God such as Elijah, Adonai, and even Saint John (Jah-n, Ion, or Iona)

The meaning of the word baoth (tzevaot or saboath) is “hosts” or “armies”, (Hebrew: ?????). Tzevaot or Sabaoth may be found in 1 Samuel 17:45, where it is interpreted as denoting “the God of the armies of Israel”. “Jehovah, God of all flesh” (xxxii. 27 only), “Jehovah, God of Sabaoth, God of Israel” (xxxviii. 17; xliv. 7), “Adonai Jehovah Sabaoth ” (xlvi. 10, 10; 1. 31), ” the living God, Jehovah Sabaoth, our God ” (xxiii. 36), and ” the great El, the Mighty, Jehovah Sabaoth” (xxxii. 18). Also
YHWH Elohe Tzevaot (“YHWH God of Hosts”), Elohey Tzevaot (“God of Hosts”), Adonai YHWH Tzevaot (“Lord YHWH of Hosts”) and, most frequently, YHWH Tzevaot (“YHWH of Hosts”).The Gnostic Nag Hammadi Library states that Sabaoth is the son of Yaldabaoth.

The meaning of the Hebrew Yaldabaoth may also be found today in the English word “yellow or Pan as Jupiteryellow boy.” Ther word yellow in Hebrews is yal’db and signifies a “Being of a bright glaring colour, as gold,”and yellow boy is derived from the Hebrew “ydl’-lb-boy” which is where we get Yaldabaoth.

Hence, Yaldabaoth is who we can call the first-born Gnostic who rebels against God (fallen angel) and is referred to as the “yellow or golden boy of hosts,” and where we get the expression in the hymn, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth, or rather Ze-baoth, which signifies, hosts.” We find Yahweh S’Baoth or Jehovah Sabaoth in the Septuagint which means “The God of hosts or Jupiter the Lord of Hosts.”

Sir Godfrey Higgins had written in Anacalypsis an Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis Volume 1; “Here we find the seat of God with its seven earths, emblematical of the sun and seven planets. And the Hindoo Sabha, called congregation, meaning the same as Sabaoth, “Lord God of Sabaoth,” Lord God of the heavenly host, the starry host. We always end with the sun and heavenly host. And here is also Il-avratta, Id-avratta, holy Avratta, or Ararat. The Saba is what we call in the Bible Sabaoth, but in the Hebrew it is the same as the Sanscrit tOJf zba; and generally means Lord of the planetary bodies—O’Ottf n zba-e-smim, though, perhaps, the stars may sometimes be included by uninitiated persons. Here is the origin of the Sabaeans, which has been much sought for. ”


As mentioned above, Yaldabaoth created humans and though himself to be God. In doing so he became the Chief Archon of all people and powers in the world in which they are but his servants who work as slaves in creating his kingdom. Yaldabaoth does this in stealth inside the human body where he cannot be seen along with his fellow demons who control the carbon matter of their hosts by taking over their central nervous systems (think computer virus) in which the Archons become their Lords and Masters.

This is why Manly P. Hall had said humans have no free will at this time. Their free will has been hijacked and they must become servants to their master Yaldabaoth who commands they build the world that we see today. Hence, he is the creator and in the end, the destroyer.

Just like we all need a day off to rest from our labors, so do the servants of Yaldabaoth who I already mentioned is all of modern humanity and especially that of the Jews who worship Yaldabaoth as God when in reality he is the false God for none is higher than Yahweh/Jehova who is Jupiter and the Father of all mankind.

Sabbath (as the verb Shavath) is first mentioned in the Genesis creation narrative, where the seventh day is set aside as a day of rest and made holy by God (Genesis 2:2–3). Observation and remembrance of Sabbath is one of the Ten Commandments (the fourth in the original Jewish, the Eastern Orthodox, and most Protestant traditions, the third in Roman Catholic and Lutheran traditions).

This day of rest for the servants of the False God of Yaldabaoth that we know of as the worm who created man and thought he was God is called the Sabbath ( and is on Saturday for Saturn’s Day.

Jewish Shabbat (Shabbath, Shabbes, Shobos, etc.) is a weekly day of rest, observed from sundown on Friday until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. Hence, one of the archonic fallen angel Son of God Yaldabaoth is known as tzevaot or saboath and their day of worship is on the Sabbath.

The day of rest for the true God is the seventh day being that of the Sun day (Sunday) dedicated to the True God Yahweh/Jehova of light who is Jupiter. In ancient literature and with all ancient philosophers, Jupiter is the most high sovereign God and Lord of the Universe who was often called esoterically the sun being that of the second sun whose true day of Sabbath is Sunday.

The Gnostic Jews or Crete and Greece along with Gentiles of other kingdoms eventually became Christians under the unified banner of the global Universal (Catholic) Church with their Jewish crucified savior Jesus Christ as the Cornerstone of their faith.

The Roman emperor Constantine, a sun-worshiper, professed his conversion to Christianity, although his subsequent actions suggest that the “conversion” was more of a political move than a genuine change of heart. Constantine proclaimed himself Bishop of the Catholic Church and then enacted the first civil law regarding Sunday observance in A.D. 321.The Catholics state; “The Church substituted Sunday for Saturday by the plenitude of that divine power which Jesus Christ bestowed upon her!”


Yaldabaoth then “chose Abraham, and made a covenant with him. ”(Against Heresies 1.30. 10).

The word Abraham is derived from the Hebrew word Ham which is identical with the Old Egyptian name of their country being that of Khem, being properly written Khm, Kham, or Khem. The meaning of Ham is “hot” or “burnt” (Hebrew: ???, Modern H_am Tiberian ?am ; Greek ?aµ, Kham ; Arabic: ???, ?am) and was written by the Greco-Egyptians as “Amon and later Jupiter Amon.”

To the ancient Greeks, Jupiter is the only real God that sits behind the veil of Isis; explained in the book, Anacalypsis: an attempt to draw aside the veil of the Saitic Isis, by Godfrey Higgins; “Ham was nothing but a Greek corruption of a very celebrated Indian word, formed of the three letters A U M. Aum is pronounced like a drawling Amen, and there must be a close connection between the Aum of India, the Amun-Ra and Amun-Knepth of Egypt, and the Jupiter-Ammon of Greece.”


It was from the serpent that man and woman was created, but it is also the adversary named Samael. 33rd Degree Freemason and author, Manly P Hall had written, “In the 3rd chapter of Genesis the adversary is Samael, the Serpent, and like Mephistopholes it is “a spirit of negation; part of the power that still works for good while ever scheming ill.” (4)

In the Old Testament, Samael (also Sammael or Samil) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer, and has been regarded as both good and evil. It is said that he was the guardian angel of Esau and a patron of the Roman empire. The meaning of the name Samael (Sam) in Hebrew is; “Sun child; bright sun, and the name Ael or El, signifies God.”

Jupiter zeus-jupiter-ammonGNOSTIC CONCLUSION

Yaldabaoth is the “yellow or golden boy of hosts” who is also in Scripture identified with Samael who is the “sun child of God.” The creator of humans and the benefactor of knowledge who through his luminous wormy body made of phosphorus he bestowed light from his Father Jupiter upon mankind in the form of his Mother Sophia. By doing so, he became the chief archon, angel, devil, creator, king and destroyer of the world all in one.

For his puffed wormy pride, out of lover for her son, his Mother Sophia had taken away Yaldabaoth’s wisdom of where he had come from, who he was and deprived him and his demonic angles of their Light-power. The Sons of God in the form of a worm in a cloud had plunged into the darkness of the DNA of the 666 carbon matter beasts of humanity.

Over time, all races and world powers were held by this Chief Archon ruler or Drakon under its sway. In the end, however, Sophia gave them back their illumination and these demons awoke to the knowledge of the past that they were fallen angels and how to become angels of the True God again.


1. Theosophical Review, Volume 6:

2. History of the Christian Church from the Earliest Times to the Death of Jesus By Frederick John Foakes-Jackson

3. Isis Unveiled: Volume 2, Part 1; Page 188

4. How to Understand Your Bible

5. Linked to in yellow

6. Other open sources


By Madam Blavatsky Isis Unveiled:

These Astral gods, whose chief with the Gnostics was Ildabaoth* (from Ilda “child,” and Baoth “the egg”), the son of Sophia Achamoth, the daughter of Sophia (Wisdom), whose region is the Pleroma, were his (Ildabaoth’s) sons. He produces from himself these six stellar spirits: Jove (Jehovah), Sabaoth, Adonai, Eloi, Osraios, Astaphaios,** and it is they who are the second, or inferior Hebdomad. As to the third, it is composed of the seven primeval men, the shadows of the lunar gods, projected by the first Hebdomad.

In this the Gnostics did not, as seen, differ much from the esoteric doctrine except that they veiled it. As to the charge made by Irenaeus, who was evidently ignorant of the true tenets of the “Heretics,” with regard to man being created on the sixth day, and man being created on the eighth, this relates to the mysteries of the inner man. It will become comprehensible to the reader only after he has read Book II., and understood well the Anthropogenesis of the Esoteric doctrine.

Ildabaoth is a copy of Manu. The latter boasts, “Oh, best of twice-born men! Know that I (Manu) am he, the creator of all this world, whom that male Viraj . . . spontaneously produced” (I., 33). He first creates the ten lords of Being, the Prajapatis, who, as verse 36 says . . . “produce seven other Manus.” (The Ordinances of Manu.) Ildabaoth does likewise: “I am Father and God, and there is no one above me,” he exclaims. For which his mother coolly puts him down by saying, “Do not lie, Ildabaoth, for the father of all, the first man (Anthropos) is above thee, and so is Anthropos, the Son of Anthropos” (Irenaeus, b. I, ch. xxx., 6). This is a good proof that there were three Logoi (besides the Seven born of the First), one of these being the Solar Logos. And, again, who was that “Anthropos” himself, so much higher than Ildabaoth? The Gnostic records alone can solve this riddle. In Pistis Sophia the four-vowelled name IEOV is in each case accompanied by the epithet of “the Primal, or First man.” This shows again that the gnosis was but an echo of our archaic doctrine. The names answering to Parabrahm, to Brahm, and Manu (the first thinking man) are composed of one-vowelled, three-vowelled and seven-vowelled sounds. Marcus, whose philosophy was certainly more Pythagorean than anything else, speaks of a revelation to him of the seven heavens sounding each one vowel as they pronounced the seven names of the seven (angelic) hierarchies.

Furst: “The very ancient name of God, Yaho, written in the Greek [[Iao]], appears, apart from its derivation, to have been an old mystic name of the Supreme deity of the Shemites. (Hence it was told to Moses when initiated at HOR-EB — the cave, under the direction of Jethro, the Kenite or Cainite priest of Midian.) In an old religion of the Chaldeans, whose remains are to be found amongst the Neo-platonists, the highest divinity enthroned above the seven heavens, representing the Spiritual Light-Principle (nous)* and also conceived as Derniurgus,** was called [[Iao]] , who was, like the Hebrew Yaho, mysterious and unmentionable, and whose name was communicated to the initiated. The Phoenicians had a Supreme God whose name was trilateral and secret, and he was [[Iao]].”

From the Theosophical Review, Volume 6:

Ildabaoth or Ialdabaoth is identical with the Fetahil of the Codex Nazaraeus, the Demiurge of the Valentinian system (Lucifer, vi, 33), the Proarchos of the Barbelitae (Irenaeus, I, xxix, 4), the Great Archon of Basilides and the Elohim of Justinus, &c. Ildabaoth (the Child of Chaos) was the son of Sophia (Achamoth) in Gnostic Cosmogenesis, in other words, the Chief of the Creative Forces and the representative of one of the classes of Pitris. If we regard the Sophia-Above (Lucifer, vi, 33, pp. 231, et seqq.) as the Akdsa, and the Sophia-Below (Achamoth) as its lower or material planes, we shall be able to understand why Ildabaoth, the material creator, was identified with Jehovah and Saturn, and so follow out the following allegory from Irenaeus (I, xxiii-xxviii). Ildabaoth the child of the Mother, Sophia, generates a son of himself, without the assistance of any mother, and his son a son in his turn, and he another, and so on until there are six sons generated, one from another. Now these immediately commenced to strive with their father for the mastery; and he in despair and rage gazed into the “purgations of matter” below; and through them begot another son, Ophiomorphos, the serpent-formed, the spirit of all that is basest in matter.

Then being puffed up with pride, he stretched himself over his highest sphere, and proclaimed aloud: “lam Father and God, and there is none above me.” On this, his mother cried out: “Lie not, Ildabaoth, for the Father of All, the First Anthr6pos (man), is above thee, and so is Anthropds, the Son of Athropos.” And Ildabaoth to prevent his sons attending to the voice, proposed that they should fashion a man. So the six of them made a gigantic man, who lay on the earth and writhed like a worm (the man of the first rounds and races). And they brought him to his father Ildabaoth, who breathed into him the ” Breath of Life “, and thus emptied himself of his creative power. And Sophia aided the design, so that she might regain the Light-powers of Ildabaoth. Forthwith the man, having the divine spark, aspired to the Heavenly Man, from whom it came. At this Ildabaoth grew jealous, and generated Eve (Lilith) to deprive Adam of his Light-powers. And the six “Stellars “, empassioned of her beauty, begot sons through her. Thereupon Sophia sent the serpent (intelligence) to make Adam and Eve transgress the precepts of Ildabaoth, who in rage, cast them down out of Paradise into the World, together with the serpent (fourth round and fourth race).

At the same time, she deprived them of their Light-power, that it might not come under the “curse” as well. And the serpent reduced the worldpowers under its sway, and generated six sons, who continually oppose the human race, through which their father (the serpent) was cast down. Now Adam and Eve in the beginning, had pure spiritual bodies, which gradually became grosser and grosser. Their spirit too became languid, for they had naught but the breath of the lower world, which Ildabaoth had breathed into them. In the end, however, Sophia gave them back their Light-power and they awoke to the knowledge that they were naked.

Cracking Ancient Codes: Cuneiform Writing – with Irving Finkel ?

Writing is generally agreed to be among the greatest inventions in human history, perhaps the greatest invention, since it made history possible. Subscribe for regular science videos: You can read more about Irving’s quest to explore the Noah’s Ark myth in “The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood”: or learn more about cuneiform writing in “Cuneiform”: Writing seems to have been invented in the late fourth millennium BC in Mesopotamia in the form of wedge-shaped marks pressed into soft clay with a reed stylus: the script known as cuneiform. Through his work on this ancient language, Irving Finkel, has uncovered amazing secrets from over five thousand years ago, including the story behind Noah’s ark. Irving Finkel is the curator in charge of cuneiform inscriptions on tablets of clay from ancient Mesopotamia at the British Museum, of which the Middle East Department has the largest collection of any modern museum. This work involves reading and translating all sorts of inscriptions, sometimes working on ancient archives to identify manuscripts that belong together, or even join to one another. He is the author of The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood. This talk was filmed in the Ri on 18 January 2019. … cont’d

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The Las Vegas Strip is located almost entirely within the unincorporated town of Paradise, Nevada

los vegas unincorporated and lovin' it

Unincorporated communities in the United States – Listed

Unincorporated communities in the United States by state

Unincorporated communities in the United States by county

Unorganized territories in the United States by state

Hamlets in the United States

In law, an unincorporated area is a region of land that is not governed by a local municipal corporation

Unincorporated Areas of The World

By country – Link : Wikipedia

16 Biggest Pros and Cons of an Unincorporated Town

An unincorporated town is a community that is within a region of land that does not receive governing by a local municipal corporation. It is administered as part of a larger division instead, such as a city, county, parish, or township. This feature is part of the national structure in the United States and Canada where there are remote or sparsely populated areas where people live together and a handful of businesses might operate, but has no municipality services.

Most states in the U.S. have a form of home rule in place so that county commissions, boards, or councils have the same power as a town or city council in their incorporated areas. Unincorporated areas do not receive this governing. There are currently five states where there are no unincorporated lands: New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

The pros and cons of an unincorporated town include a common social identity without political designation or municipal organization and the costs which come with that association.

List of the Pros of an Unincorporated Town

1. There are fewer regulations that you must follow in an unincorporated town.
There are far fewer regulations that apply to your property when you live in an unincorporated town. That means you will need to check any zoning that applies to the area very carefully before you purchase real estate in this area, because you might have a business, a farm, or some other entity set up shop next to you that could make life miserable. There are plenty of advantages here as well since you can typically do more with your property without as much oversight while paying less in taxes since there is no governing municipality to enforce certain costs.

2. You have the option to start farming or homesteading.
Although there are some zoning restrictions in an unincorporated town that might restrict how many animals you can own or the types of farming you can do, the rules are usually quite relaxed when you live outside of a municipality. That means you can have livestock, horses, chickens, dogs, and a full farming business at your property if you want. If you like the idea of operating a small-scale farm as a way to earn some extra money, this advantage is something worth considering.

3. It gives you an opportunity to start living off-the-grid.
Many families prefer life in an unincorporated town because it allows them to make more decisions about their property without government interference. You will need to check your deed restrictions to ensure there aren’t any hidden rules that prohibit what you are planning, but it is usually much easier to install solar, wind, and geothermal resources on a property that isn’t governed by a municipality. It is possible to create a self-sustaining method of life that allows you to have as many or as few neighbors as you want.

4. You can get off of the municipal lines for needed services.
Although it does require more maintenance to live on your own in a rural area than it does in a city, there is also the benefit of getting off of the municipal lines for your needed services. Relying on well water can be tricky at times if the quality of the underground reservoir is questionable, but that is an issue you can review before purchasing the home. Septic systems ensure that you don’t need to deal with a sewer service.

Regular maintenance is still cheaper than the monthly costs of service, but you will still be doing more work than you would with a city connection. For many people who consider an unincorporated town, that is a definite benefit because they are relying on themselves instead of elected officials.

5. Most of your neighbors were born and raised where they live.
When you live in a rural unincorporated town, then your neighbors are going to be people who want to be there. Many of them were born in the same house where they live today. They spent their childhood in that community, and it is a connection which keeps them there to this day. These people invest in themselves and in you. There may not be a more genuine, caring set of households than those who band together to form communities like this in North America.

Many of your neighbors will have their work be at their home as well. You will find farmers, blacksmiths, candlemakers, cheesemakers, writers, and many more professions that all work together to create a warm, welcoming community.

6. It is a way for you to get back in touch with nature.
If you like the idea of living somewhere that doesn’t require you to keep your doors and windows locked 24/7, then an unincorporated town is the place to be. These communities are still a place where kids can ride their bikes on the streets, play in their front yards, and enjoy the adventures of childhood that were written about in the generations before. You can learn the quiet joys of sitting by a creek, what a starry night looks like without light pollution, and keep your doors open without worrying about who will walk in. If you love to get in touch with nature, then this is the place to be.

List of the Cons of an Unincorporated Town

1. You do not have local police, fire, or ambulance support near your home.
When you live in an unincorporated town, then the lack of municipality means that there are no emergency services present in the community. In the United States, the local sheriff’s office would provide policing, while the closest fire district (usually volunteer) would respond to a situation that requires their expertise. The local hospital would supply ambulance services if an EMT unit is not with the fire district.

Because you are in a more remote area, it will take longer for these services to come your way. Although this issue isn’t a disadvantage for some families, it can be a problem if you need help immediately.

2. You will pay more for the emergency services that you do receive.
Because there isn’t a municipality that governs the area, an unincorporated town can seem like an inviting place to live because the costs are typically lower. Some of this savings is offset when you have the need to access emergency services. You will be riding in the ambulance longer, which means the cost of the trip is going to hit you hard in the checkbook. This disadvantage applies to any repair personnel that you might need to hire at your property too. If you live out of the way on dirt roads and it takes some time to reach your home in town, then you might see a significant trip charge added to your final expenses.

3. The school bus might not visit your home.
Having access to a municipality means that there are public schools in your area that will provide transportation services if you live more than one mile from the district. Because you are living in an unincorporated town, this benefit disappears entirely. You may need to transport your children to a designated bus stop that is on the municipal route if you decide to send your kids to the closest school, and then pick them up from there as well.

You can avoid this disadvantage by home-schooling your kids if you wish, but then that means you might not be able to pursue the career that you want. If you have a family, this is one of the trade-offs that you must consider.

4. There is less road maintenance that occurs in unincorporated areas.
Your roads will be rustic and primitive in many unincorporated areas of the United States and Canada. Although some towns have paved roads, they typically use the chip gravel and oil method to resurface them, which can be damaging to some vehicles. Any maintenance that you might receive is usually done by the country or your township if one exists. If your streets are gravel, then you might receive a little extra surfacing once per year once the spring thaw is over.

5. You might pay higher insurance premiums for your property.
Because an unincorporated town can be outside of a fire protection area, you might find that your homeowners’ insurance rates are higher than they would be if you lived in a city or incorporated county area. Another reason for the insurance increase is that your building codes might be lax, so there might be updates that are necessary to make the home safe. You’ll likely be responsible for your water and septic. If you purchase a home that needs repairs without the coverage of building codes and a fully inspection, then you might be stuck with some significant costs.

6. If you commute to work, then you will be driving further.
If you drive to work every day instead of working from home, then living in an unincorporated town will increase the time you spend behind the wheel. Most towns like this are away from any significant city, which means you are going to be adding several miles to whatever errands you need to run. It will take more time to get groceries, fetch your mail at a PO Box, and everything else. You’ll need to change your habits in most situations so that you shop on your way to or from work so that you can save on some of the mileage.

7. Zoning issues can change in a heartbeat in unincorporated towns.
If someone doesn’t like the way that their property is zoned in an unincorporated town, then a simple request to the local county or township will generally solve that problem. That means your backyard could be looking at a nice patch of woods one day, and then a large industrial center and warehouse on the next. You need to be careful when purchasing real estate to ensure that there is enough acreage available to buffer yourself from unexpected changes that might come through. That means you might pay more for the property at first, but it is an expense that will be worthwhile if an unwanted neighbor stops by.

8. Your internet and TV access may have limitations.
Because an unincorporated town can be fairly far from the regular grid of services, you may discover that satellite reception is the only way to receive internet and television at your home. Satellite internet is better than DSL, but it is lacking when compared to broadband speeds. You will also notice that on overcast or very rainy days that you might experience some service interruptions. If you are used to receiving high-speed services and the benefits that come with streaming, a swap in lifestyle is necessary when you move to a community like this.

9. There might be a reason why the city doesn’t want to annex a certain area.
Some states do not have any unincorporated areas despite the fact that there can be some very rural locations in them. The cost of administering services to some regions is just too high, which is why communities place the cost on those who choose to live in these towns instead of making it a community responsibility. You will want to figure out the reason why the area where you want to purchase a home remains unincorporated to ensure that you are comfortable with those expectation. If services are few and far between, then it can suppress the value of your home if you are not careful.

10. Your tax assessments might be higher than your property value.
Because the value of your home can be suppressed when living in an unincorporated town, the tax assessment that you do receive might not reflect the actual amount that you would receive during a sale. This issue can be an ongoing challenge for some property owners if they make land improvements because it could cost them more each year in taxes – especially if there is a school levy in place as well. It helps to look at the history of the property before purchase to have an idea of what to expect with this potential disadvantage.

Conclusion of the Pros and Cons of Unincorporated Towns

Living in an unincorporated town can give you some extra privacy, more real estate flexibility, and an opportunity to live life in a way that is important to you. These benefits come at the expense of a slower response time if you need emergency help and a lack of control over what your neighbors might decide to do.

If you are in a small town, then the likelihood that someone might decide to start a pig farm next to you is not high – but it could still be possible. That is why you should check the deed very carefully before finalizing a transaction.

The pros and cons of unincorporated towns allow you to balance freedom of living while still being part of a community. When you add in the lower costs that are typically found in this arrangement, it is easy to see why this option is quite popular in the United States and Canada.

source: Natalie RegoliVitanna .org


How thousands of people don’t pay a dime in (unincorporated) property tax

Hundreds of communities don’t have property taxes


More than 50,000 people living in Newfoundland and Labrador aren’t paying anything in property taxes

Port de Grave is one of about 300 communities in the province where people are living tax-free. The area has about 950 residents.

It’s not a municipality, but an unincorporated area, where there is no council and no property tax.

There are two types of unincorporated areas: local service districts, where residents pay a small fee to neighbouring municipalities for some services; and others that don’t have any real designation, with no legal limits or boundaries.

Wade Bishop is a resident of Port de Grave, which is considered to be the latter.

“What we basically pay by the year [to the Town of Bay Roberts] for fire protection is $75 a year; for garbage collection, it’s $165. Everyone takes care of their property and everything,” he said.

Bishop said every dollar he saves on property tax goes right into his travel fund.

“I’d say [I save] between $2,000 and $2,500 a year. That’s a Florida trip, we can say,” he said.

Port de Grave doesn’t have a local government, but residents say they don’t need one.

People in the community get water from their own wells, and they have their own septic systems. The provincial government takes care of maintenance and snow clearing on the main roads.

Resident Joy Nolan said she wouldn’t live any other way.

“You’re responsible for your own. You don’t feel like you have to pay for anybody else’s costs,” – full article : cbc .ca


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Real Jots … or not …

maybe i should say
something nice
about the way you looked
at me last night

but i’m keeping that look to myself
on top of the priceless moment shelf

well ..

maybe i should
say something else




















… of course ‘they’ want you to keep all of your VALUABLE DOMAIN REGISTRATION info private ! It’s much harder to steal a gold plated ‘IN YOUR FACE’ public middle finger … BING SEARCH

Jesus was a Gypsie

(i guess ya’ had ta’ be there…)

jesus was a gypsie
leonard was a bum
cia gas lighter
suckin’ on your thumb

fuck all of your jokers
we’re not playin’ poker
fuck all of your actors
all of your movies suck

in the beg
on your own

mother threw
her child a bone

every homeless king
needs his own tent

every homeless queen
needs her own space

all y’all are
standin’ gaurd

someone took your
playin’ cards

you’re so independent now
with your head up in the clouds

wash your hat in the river
jump another train for dinner

everyone knows
you’re the winnner

this rabbit hole leads
to outter space

follow the bike trail
to the grocery store

charge your smart phone
at the laundry mat

you’re so independent now
what will you name

your new camp ground

who will think what
after reading this
how many ways will they find
to swing before they miss
don’t want to be no hammer
don’t want to be no nail
don’t want to walk down your street
don’t want to milk your cows
don’t want to review another stupid cliche
in your binary cliche graveyard
don’t want to drink your blood again
don’t want to be your vampire
but, i might be
if you say so
on another timeline
advertising yay yo’s
never mind the mind of god
never mind the mind of god
never mind the mind of god
she’s not in the mood for your bullshit bob
she laughs just like you
when i press her release valve
she laughs just like you
when she gets paid to smile
she don’t want to be no captain
she don’t want to be no star
she don’t want to be the one you blame
for breaking their greedy hearts
but, i might be
if you say so
on your way from b to a
play dough
there must be a reason for
the infinite ways
a girl like you can
reverse it and curse it
on the way through an infinite
number of a’s and b’s
never mind the d’s and c’s
sure smell good after you cry
sure look good in the rain

sure sound better when you’re
not trying to impersonate me
i was not trying to be nice
i was not waiting for
your astrotheological guru
to bless my fermented rice
i was not trying to
to forgive you
i was not trying to
out live you
never mind the mind of god
never mind the mind of god
never mind the mind of god
why do you still call me bob …
who called me a fake jot
what happened to the other half
where did it go, you stupid bot
how do you know if it’s half full








the production rights
peachy beachy peeky
it’s not your pipe

nobody gives a shit
if you’re black or white

she looks better than you
she’s outta’ sight

dancing in my movie
confusing all the smart spies
in the middle of the riddle
got ya’ high as a kite

6,000 lakes
that start with a b
another dumb american
lost at sea

Gin and tomato juice
hold the spice
You sure fried the bacon
You sure told ’em why


unlimited possibilities
require unlimited choices

how many of these rubber swords
does it take to screw a lightbulb in

how many of these trojan horses
speak English

who cares …

on the first day of basic training
my training instructor gave to me

one yellow pencil
and book named A B C

it wasn’t long before i could spell
my 3 names perfectly

there was a dog named Spot
and a boy named Tom

a mouse named Jerry

an eraser.

carry on.

where did all of these

toy soldiers come from.
i must’ve saved jesus

before he saved me
tell your cats to stop getting

stuck up in my trees
do you not remember

how to think before

you speak
what color is the spin

on all the 8 balls

Inn Ham Stir Dam
Fee Five Foe From Where

stupid English Realmish

MR. ‘halfish man

from the toy soldier clan.

Jesus asked you to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down … he’s not in the mood for any big crowds … but you went and told everyone in town … you know where the man with the cure can be found …

Let me get keep this simple … oh, and you might want to give simple a try one of these days when you’re tired of complicating things.

The current wars are based on the same premises as all the ancient wars .

ONE group thinks they’re FUCKED if they don’t follow that JEALOUS GOD …

THE OTHER group thinks they’re FUCKED if they do follow that JEALOUS GOD …

and everybody else is just LUKE WARM ! and they write songs like this !

BLESS THIS MESS = ‘b’ less (less is more) ?

up is down. right is wrong. under is over. etc.

whoever these ancient wordsmiths were sure put their mark on the English Language … and then … of all things they added cliche’s … like …

let your yay yay’s be yay yay’s and your nay nay’s be nay nay’s while we sacrifice our children to that big smart god … so he’ll be happy … and bless us ! ya’ think ! yes. they really did ‘think that’ and OH, that’s right … they still dooooo !

Just a minute. M 1 N U T E.

I’m playing Dice with the God of Questions

For an ounce of weed and a local confession

Q. So, if YOU love ‘this world’ you ain’t gonna make it to the highest ‘heaven’

GOQ . That’s right .

Q. Let me see if i got this right. The God who MADE that ‘rule’ must be a hypocrite because ….

GOQ. Because HE gave his ONLY bee gothic son AWAY . Didn’t bother trading him or sellin’ him… he just GAVE him …

Q. Who Did he GIVE him to ?

GOQ. Some folks say he gave him to a gang stalker on 4th street … but that can’t be proven.

Q. There was NO compensation ?

GOQ. It’s not exactly that simple in the equation.

Whoever BELIEVES in HIM won’t perish like a banana … but will have ETERNAL ‘LIFE’

Q. And this same God promised to NEVER TO LOSE HIS TEMPER and flood the world again.

GOQ. That’s correct. But, HIS WIFE … never promised not ta’ spray y’all like bugs …

I love your daughter just a little bit more than the god who told me not to.

I’d love to tell you why but you’re too hung up on everything they taught you.

I never called you lukewarm … I was talking about your brother

Please don’t confuse my pronouns with your proper father’s and mothers































“all the bridges are burning that we might have crossed, and i feel so close to everything that we lost, we’ll never have to lose it again …” – Leonard Cohen said that …

first thought :

all the scroll bars that disafuckingpear when your mouse freezes online will never have to disafuckingpear again … and all the simple ideas that may haven been, were ruined by assholes and barbarians … ho hum …

thank zippy dew we had an excuse to delete 241 nation links … it may take a year to find a place where we can create that website …

241 tits for every tat theory ..

one of these days, i’ll delete you, too.

after they melt your nuts and bolts and nails and screws …

(after i post my social security number publicly

it will make your scam job that much easier)

  • don’t forget to learn Russian and Chinese

so they will believe it’s really you

pretending to be meeeeeeeee


i saw Leonard last night

in a poetry asylum dream

we couldn’t tell if your cat

was the king or the queen

of the jungle you created

with your bullshit and schemes

She swore she’d blow the whistle

on the scumbags in your fairy tale

She swore she’d live to see you

Rot in hell

And everybody cheered

when she rang your bell

This is not your scratchpad

and this is not your home

This is not your meat

and these are not your bones

Tell someone who cares

you retarded clone

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Split My Atoms !

Peeping Tom


The God of Substance is Greater Than The God of Nature and The God of Nature is Greather Than the Word God.

All covenants are 2 way streets. If you dress like a biker chick for 2 straight weeks and everywhere you go all you see are chicks dressed like bikers … it can only mean 1 of 3 things … let’s hope it’s a few useless gangstalkers and not an out of control artificial simulation … gangstalkers will get thier asses beat good… an artificial simulation is not such an easy thing to identify or stop. Halfway to a mars bar. One way to find out.

Queen Elizabeth II approves British govt’s Brexit bill

Source: RT

Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday formally approved the law facilitating Britain’s departure from the European Union at the end of this month, AFP reports.

“Her Majesty the Queen has now granted Royal Assent to the Brexit Bill which therefore becomes the Brexit Act,” Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay tweeted. “Enshrined in law, this enables the UK to leave the EU on 31st January.”

The Brexit bill passed its final hurdle in Parliament on Wednesday after the House of Lords abandoned attempts to amend it. The bill was approved by Parliament’s upper chamber after the House of Commons overturned changes to the government’s Brexit bill made a day earlier by the unelected House of Lords.

The bill was to become law when it received royal assent from the queen, which was seen as a formality and was expected on Thursday.

The Commodores – Easy

Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine = Healthier Children = fuck USA big pharma ! = wake the fuck up EVIL US CORPORATION FOR PROFIT DOCTORS !

( video telling the truth about your evil big pharma industry goes here – if you can find one they won’t remooooooooooooooove ! wouldn’t want the USA slaves to survive the NWO evil attempt to exterminate them !

The Healthiest Country – Japan

Everything is some kind of a lie, ruse or trick – You can take my advice or you can put in a few thousand hours of research over 10 years. Either one is fine.

Reuploads of Quantum Of Conscience Episodes

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan – About 2012 and the Underground Bases of the “elites”

Nakamaru asserts that she is the granddaughter of the Emperor Meiji.[9] These claims have been disputed in a Korean newspaper article | Born in Yamanashi Prefecture, Nakamaru studied abroad at Columbia University.[1] While beginning to write articles and books on international relations, she hosted a number of nationally broadcast television interview series, including Sekai no Shuyaku (世界の主役) in 1972.[2][3] The magazine Newsweek nicknamed her “the Edward R. Murrow of Japan” in a 1974 profile that introduced her alongside Makiko Tanaka as one of a “handful of Japanese women who have bucked their country’s patriarchal system”.[4] The profile itself was news in Japan.[5][6] During her career, she has interviewed such world figures as Edward M. Kennedy, the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and Idi Amin. – YouTube Channel – 122 subs = Princess Kaoru Nakamaru – LINK – Princess Kaoru Nakamaru

Dusty Old Rhymes and … DOCUMENTS !

“Spinning Wheel”

Lucid Dreamer – 2019 End of year review – Final Part

A Casual Conversation with Elissa Hawke and Eric Dubay


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The Pecking Order Page

The ‘Pecking Order Page’ will archive contradicting theories of who’s who and what’s what in the so called ‘pyramid of power’ 

Including, but not limited to: God, Gods, Fallen Angels, Djinn, Bankers, The Vatican, The 13 Families, The Annunaki, Lucifer, Satan, The United Nations, The Universal Postal Union, The Dragon Families, The Secret Clubs, The Swiss, The Chinese, The Irish, The Italians, The Men Who Own Nothing but Control Everything, The Story Tellers, The Red Queen, The Black Goo, The Covens, etc. etc. etc. 

Pecking Order : LINKS TO EXPLORE

Empire ( EM Pyre) !

FLAT EARTH BRITISH. The Age Of Phoney Empire ( EM Pyre) !

“The Age Of Empire or EM pyre or fire.The age of Electromagnetic technologies and weapons.EM weapons. We take a look at the British Empire said to be the biggest in history.The British Empire however took its dominion by force. We find Tartaria was the biggest Empire in ages gone not the purple bastards the Phoenicians. We look at Piranesi ,Bosch and other art works for clues on Mud Flood & Tartary. Pics and a thousand thoughts besides. So please enjoy! Peace & love! To bail of a truther! To Pre-Order the FEB book… Martinliedtke@gmail,com for sends or info.… Juice! i733 atlas of Poland… Piranesi… Printing in Piranesi’s time.… Vintage photos of Rome.… Monsters… Voyages… Walesonline… Old England book……… Starforts… More vintage photos……… Collections… Mexico… Mozart 432hz… Thanks for all your love & support of the Great Flat Earth British Think Tank! Peace & love!”  – Martin Liedtke

Important Intel: Full Structure of The Order – Lucid Dreamer

The Cult of Baal ~ Who “They” Are Throughout Modern His-Story

a plane truth– Show notes

The Collapsing Babylon Company Store – update 10 3 19

Understanding the Corporations involvement.
Stereo images & updates – Yellow Rose For Texas

Eric Jon Phelps – All Roads Lead to Rome

“Eric Jon Phelps – All Roads Lead to Rome Hear a candid interview with one of the foremost conspiracy experts, author Eric Jon Phelps. Brother Eric’s determination to uncover the truth is unsurpassed and his book, “Vatican Assassins- wounded in the house of my friends.” is the only history book you’ll ever need. That is if you’re interested in TRUE history and not the watered down version they’re teaching your kids in school this morning. To really understand the New World Order, the plans for mankind and the future of America you must first start with history. History repeats itself and is written by those who are victorious in battle and THAT is why everything we’ve been taught is a lie.” – Jesuit New World Order

just getting started when the new world order bugs showed up … where in the hell did we put that bug spray jack ?

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Ley Line Tours … What ?

Ley lines (/l lnz/) refer to straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. The idea was developed in early 20th-century Europe, with ley line believers arguing that these alignments were recognised by ancient European societies which deliberately erected structures along them … wikipedia

01. Relationship Between Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – San Francisco to Tarawa – part 1 – Michelle Gibson ? Michelle Gibson Videos

02. Relationship between Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Pt 2 Nukuoro to Manila – Michelle Gibson

03. Sacred Geometry, Ley lines & Places in Alignment –Pt 3 Paracel Islands to Hanoi, Viet Nam – Michelle Gibson

04. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 4 Luang Namtha, Laos to Lashio, Myanmar – Michelle Gibson


05. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Pt 5 Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh to Varanasi, India – Michelle Gibson

06. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines, and Places in Alignment – Part 6 Lucknow India to Amritsar, India – Michelle Gibson

07. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines, and Places in Alignment – Pt 7 Lahore, Pakistan to Faisalabad, Pakistan – Michelle Gibson

08. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines, & Places in Alignment – Pt 8 Waziristan, Pakistan to Herat, Afghanistan – Michelle Gibson

09. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Pt 9 Mashhad, Iran to Lake Urmia, Iran – Michelle Gibson

10. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines, & Places in Alignment – Pt 10 Van, Turkey to Valley of Fairy Chimneys – Michelle Gibson

11. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 11 The Anatolian Plateau – Michelle Gibson

12. Sacred Geometry, Ley-Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 12 The Aegean Sea – Michelle Gibson

13. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 13 Delphi, Greece to the Ionian Islands – Michelle Gibson

14. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 14 Strait of Messina to Catania, Sicily – Michelle Gibson

15. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 15 Valletta, Malta – Michelle Gibson

16. Sacred Geometry, Ley lines & Places in Alignment – Pt 16 Sousse, Tunisia to the Eye of the Sahara – Michelle Gibson

17. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines, Places in Alignment – Pt 17 Nouakchott, Mauretania to Cape Verde Islands – Michelle Gibson

18. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines, Places in Alignment – Pt 18 Fernando de Noronha to Tristan da Cunha – Michelle Gibson

19. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 19 Kerguelen Islands to Matara, Sri Lanka – Michelle Gibson

20. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Pt 20 Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka to Jaffna, Sri Lanka – Michelle Gibson

21. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 21 The Palk Strait to Hyderabad, India – Michelle Gibson

22. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 22 The Ellora Caves to Indore, India – Michelle Gibson

23. Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines & Places in Alignment – Part 23 Udaipur, India to Multan, Pakistan – Michelle Gibson


(a penny for your chuckles) LEY LINE TOURS is open for ideas on connecting tour companies who still believe in trying NEW things in a very competitive market – a good slogan and logo – and – we’ll need a dozen good tour guides who enjoy discussing Ley Lines with … history buffs, conspiracy theorists, alternative health guru’s, folks looking for a tour they haven’t taken yet, etc. etc. etc.

Drivers Wanted : Ley Line Tours .Com ( must be able to drive and talk at the same time ! )

Ley line

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Malvern Hills in the United Kingdom. Alfred Watkins believed a ley line passed along their ridge.

Ley lines (/l lnz/) refer to straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. The idea was developed in early 20th-century Europe, with ley line believers arguing that these alignments were recognised by ancient European societies which deliberately erected structures along them. Since the 1960s, members of the Earth Mysteries movement and other esoteric traditions have commonly believed that such ley lines demarcate “earth energies” and serve as guides for alien spacecraft. Archaeologists and scientists regard ley lines as an example of pseudo-archaeology and pseudo-science.

The idea of “leys” as straight tracks across the landscape was put forward by the English antiquarian Alfred Watkins in the 1920s, particularly in his book The Old Straight Track. He argued that straight lines could be drawn between various historic structures and that these represented trade routes created by ancient British societies. Although he gained a small following, Watkins’ ideas were never accepted by the British archaeological establishment, a fact that frustrated him. His critics noted that his ideas relied on drawing lines between sites established at different periods of the past. They also argued that in prehistory, as in the present, it was impractical to travel in a straight line across hilly or mountainous areas of Britain, rendering his leys unlikely as trade routes. Independently of Watkins’ ideas, a similar notion—that of Heilige Linien (‘holy lines’)—was raised in 1920s Germany. It was later endorsed by various Nazis.

During the 1960s, Watkins’ ideas were revived in altered form by British proponents of the countercultural Earth Mysteries movement. In 1961, Tony Wedd put forward the belief that leys were established by prehistoric communities to guide alien spacecraft. This view was promoted to a wider audience in the books of John Michell, particularly his 1969 work The View Over Atlantis. Michell’s publications were accompanied by the launch of the Ley Hunter magazine and the appearance of a ley hunter community keen to identify ley lines across the British landscape. Ley hunters often combined their search for ley lines with other esoteric practices like dowsing and numerology and with a belief in a forthcoming Age of Aquarius that would transform human society. Although often hostile to archaeologists, some ley hunters attempted to ascertain scientific evidence for their belief in earth energies at prehistoric sites, evidence they could not obtain. Following sustained archaeological criticism, the ley hunter community dissipated in the 1990s, with several of its key proponents abandoning the idea and moving into the study of landscape archaeology and folkloristics. Belief in ley lines nevertheless remains common among some esoteric religious groups, such as forms of modern Paganism, in both Europe and North America.

Archaeologists note that there is no evidence that ley lines were a recognised phenomenon among ancient European societies and that attempts to draw them typically rely on linking together structures that were built in different historical periods. Archaeologists and statisticians have demonstrated that a random distribution of a sufficient number of points on a plane will inevitably create alignments of random points purely by chance. Skeptics have also stressed that the esoteric idea of earth energies running through ley lines has not been scientifically verified, remaining an article of faith for its believers.


Early prototypes[edit]

The idea that ancient sacred sites might have been constructed in alignment with one another was proposed in 1846 by the Reverend Edward Duke, who observed that some prehistoric monuments and medieval churches aligned with each other.[1] In 1909, the idea was advanced in Germany.[1] There, Wilhelm Teudt had argued for the presence of linear alignments connecting various sites but suggested that they had a religious and astronomical function.[2] In Germany, the idea was referred to as Heilige Linien (‘holy lines’).[3] This idea was adopted by some proponents of Nazism.[4]

Alfred Watkins and The Old Straight Track[edit]

Alfred Watkins’ map of two putative ley lines

The idea of “leys” as paths traversing the British landscape was developed by Alfred Watkins, a wealthy businessman and antiquarian who lived in Hereford.[5] According to his account, he was driving across the hills near Blackwardine, Herefordshire, when he looked across the landscape and observed the way that several features lined up together.[6] He subsequently began drawing lines across his Ordnance Survey maps, developing the view that ancient British people had tended to travel in straight lines, using “mark points” along the landscape to guide them.[7]

He put forward his idea of ley lines in the 1922 book Early British Trackways and then again, in greater depth, in the 1925 book The Old Straight Track.[8] He proposed the existence of a network of completely straight roads that cut through a range of prehistoric, Roman, and medieval structures.[1] In his view, these straight tracks were ancient trade routes.[9] Watkins had drawn upon earlier research; he cited the work of the English astronomer Norman Lockyer, who had argued that ancient alignments might be oriented to sunrise and sunset at solstices.[10] His work referred to G. H. Piper’s paper presented to the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Clubb in 1882, which noted that: “A line drawn from the Skirrid-fawr mountain northwards to Arthur’s Stone would pass over the camp and southern most point of Hatterall Hill, Oldcastle, Longtown Castle, and Urishay and Snodhill castles.”[11]

Watkins referred to these lines as “leys” although had reservations about doing so.[12] The term ley derived from the Old English term for a cleared space, with Watkins adopting it for his lines because he found it to be part of the place-names of various settlements that were along the lines he traced.[13] He also observed the recurrence of “cole” and “dod” in English place-names, thus suggesting that the individuals who established these lines were referred to as a “coleman” or “dodman“.[7] He proposed that the Long Man of Wilmington chalk geoglyph in Sussex was a depiction of such an individual with their measuring equipment.[8]

Watkins believed that the Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex depicted a prehistoric “dodman” with his equipment for determining a ley line

His ideas were rejected by most experts on British prehistory at the time, including both the small number of recognised archaeological scholars and local enthusiasts.[14] His critics noted that the straight lines he proposed would have been highly impractical means of crossing hilly or mountainous terrain, and that many of the sites he selected as evidence for the leys were of disparate historical origins.[14] Some of Watkins’ other ideas, such as his belief that widespread forest clearance took place in prehistory rather than later, would nevertheless later be recognised by archaeologists.[15] Part of archaeologists’ objections was their belief that prehistoric Britons would not have been sophisticated enough to produce such accurate measurements across the landscape. British archaeologists were then overwhelmingly committed to ideas of cultural diffusionism, and thus unwelcoming to ideas about ley lines being an independent British development.[16]

In 1926, advocates of Watkins’ beliefs established the Straight Track Club.[8] In 1927, Watkins published The Ley Hunter’s Manual to assist this growing body of enthusiasts who were looking for their own ley lines in the landscape.[8] Proponents of Watkins’ ideas sent in letters to the archaeologist O. G. S. Crawford, then editor of the Antiquity journal. Crawford filed these letters under a section of his archive titled “Crankeries” and was annoyed that educated people believed such ideas when they were demonstrably incorrect.[17] He refused to publish an advert in Antiquity for The Old Straight Track, at which Watkins became very bitter towards him.[18]

Watkins’ last book, Archaic Tracks Around Cambridge, was published in 1932.[19] Watkins died on 7 April 1935.[19] The Club survived him, although became largely inactive at the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 and formally disbanded in 1948.[19] The archaeoastronomer Clive Ruggles noted that after the 1920s, “ley lines soon faded into obscurity”.[3] The historian Ronald Hutton similarly noted that there had been a “virtual demise” in the idea by the 1950s, in part due to “a natural weariness with a spent enthusiasm”.[1]

Earth Mysteries movement[edit]

In the 1960s, John Michell (pictured in 2008) played a major role in promoting a belief in ley lines

From the 1940s through to the 1960s, the archaeological establishment blossomed in Britain as a result of the formation of various university courses on the subject. This helped to professionalise the discipline, and meant that it was no longer an amateur-dominated field of research.[14] It was in the latter decade of this period that a belief in ley lines was taken up by members of the counterculture,[14] where—in the words of the archaeologist Matthew Johnson—they were attributed with “sacred significance or mystical power”.[20] Ruggles noted that in this period, ley lines came to be conceived as “lines of power, the paths of some form of spiritual force or energy accessible to our ancient ancestors but now lost to narrow-minded twentieth-century scientific thought”.[3]

In his 1961 book Skyways and Landmarks, Tony Wedd published his idea that Watkins’ leys were both real and served as ancient markers to guide alien spacecraft that were visiting Earth.[21] He came to this conclusion after comparing Watkins’ ideas with those of the French ufologist Aimé Michel, who argued for the existence of “orthotenies”, lines along which alien spacecraft travelled.[22] Wedd suggested that either spacecraft were following the prehistoric landmarks for guidance or that both the leys and the spacecraft were following a “magnetic current” flowing across the Earth.[22]

Wedd’s ideas were taken up by the writer John Michell, who promoted them to a wider audience in his 1967 book The Flying Saucer Vision.[23] In this book, Michell promoted the ancient astronaut belief that extraterrestrials had assisted humanity during prehistory, when humans had worshipped these entities as gods, but that the aliens left when humanity became too materialistic and technology-focused. He also argued that humanity’s materialism was driving it to self-destruction, but that this could be prevented by re-activating the ancient centres which would facilitate renewed contact with the aliens.[23]

Michell repeated his beliefs in his 1969 book The View Over Atlantis.[24] Hutton described it as “almost the founding document of the modern earth mysteries movement”.[1] Here he interpreted ley lines by reference to the Chinese concept of lung mei energy lines. He proposed that an advanced ancient society that had once covered much of the world had established ley lines across the landscape to harness this lung mei energy.[25] Translating these lung mei as “dragon paths”, he reinterpreted tales from English mythology and folklore in which heroes killed dragons so that the dragon-slayers became the villains.[26] The historian Ronald Hutton later noted that Michell’s ideas “embodied a fervent religious feeling, which though not Christian was heavily influenced by Christian models”, adopting an “evangelical and apocalyptic tone” that announced the coming of an Age of Aquarius in which ancient wisdom would be restored.[23] Michell invented various claims about archaeological evidence to suit his purpose.[27] He viewed archaeologists as antagonists, seeing them as the personification of the modern materialism he was railing against.[23]

In the mid-1970s, Michell then published a detailed case study of the West Penwith district of Cornwall, laying out what he believed to be the ley lines in that area.[28] He presented this as a challenge to archaeologists, urging them to examine his ideas in detail and stating that he would donate a large sum of money to charity if they could disprove them.[29] Hutton noted that it represented “the finest piece of surveying work” then undertaken by a pseudo-archaeologists in Britain;[28] however, Michell had included natural rock outcrops as well as medieval crosses in his list of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments.[29]

The ley hunting community[edit]

In 1962, a group of ufologists established the Ley Hunter’s Club.[22] Michell’s publication was followed by an upsurge in ley hunting as enthusiasts travelled around the British landscape seeking to identify what they believed to be ley lines connecting various historic structures.[30] Parish churches were particularly favoured by the ley hunters, who often worked on the assumption that such churches had almost always been built atop pre-Christian sacred sites.[30] The 1970s and 1980s also saw the increase in publications appearing on the topic of ley lines.[30] One ley lines enthusiast, Philip Heselton, established the Ley Hunter magazine,[23] which launched in 1965.[22] It later came to be edited by Paul Screeton, who also wrote the book Quicksilver Heritage, in which he argued that the Neolithic period had seen an idyllic society devoted to spirituality but that this was brought to an end through the introduction of metal technologies in the Bronze Age. He argued that this golden age could nevertheless be restored.[30] Another key book produced among the ley hunting community was Mysterious Britain, written by Janet and Colin Bord.[30]

In the 1960s, Philip Heselton (pictured in 2005) established the Ley Hunter magazine

Part of the popularity of ley hunting was that individuals without any form of professional training in archaeology could take part and feel that they could rediscover “the magical landscapes of the past”.[31] Ley hunting welcomed those who had “a strong interest in the past but feel excluded from the narrow confines of orthodox academia”.[32] The ley hunting movement often blended their activities with other esoteric practices, such as numerology and dowsing.[33] The movement had a diverse base, consisting of individuals from different class bases and of different political opinions: it contained adherents of both radical left and radical right ideologies.[34] Ley hunters often differed on how they understood the ley lines; some believed the leys only marked the pre-existing energy current, whereas others thought that the leys helped to control and direct it.[35] They were nevertheless generally in agreement that the ley lines were laid out between 5000 BCE and 2600 BCE, after the introduction of agriculture but before the introduction of metal in Britain.[36] For many ley hunters, this Neolithic period was seen as a golden age in which Britons lived in harmony with the natural environment.[35]

Attitudes to the archaeological establishment also varied among ley hunters, with some of the latter wanting to convert archaeologists to their beliefs and others believing that that was an impossible task.[34] Ley hunters nevertheless often took an interest in the work of archaeo-astronomers like Alexander Thom and Euan Mackie, whose arguments about the existence of sophisticated astronomer-priests in British prehistory appealed to the ley hunters.[28] In suggesting that prehistoric Britons were far more advanced in mathematics and astronomy than archaeologists had previously accepted, Thom’s work was seen as giving additional credibility to the beliefs of ley hunters.[37] Thom lent the idea of leys some support; in 1971 he stated the view that Neolithic British engineers would have been capable of surveying a straight line between two points that were otherwise not visible from each other.[38]

Paul Devereux succeeded Screeton as the editor of the Ley Hunter. He was more concerned than many other ley hunters with finding objective evidence for the idea that unusual forms of energy could be measured at places where prehistoric communities had erected structures.[34] He was one of the founding members of the Dragon Project, launched in London in 1977 with the purpose of conducting radioactivity and ultrasonic tests at prehistoric sites, particularly the stone circles created in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age.[34] The Dragon Project continued its research throughout the 1980s, finding that certain prehistoric sites did show higher or lower than average rates of radiation but that others did not and that there was no consistent pattern.[34] Professional archaeologists, whose view of the ley hunters was largely negative, took little interest in such research.[34]

It was only in the 1980s that professional archaeologists in Britain began to engage with the ley hunting movement.[29] In 1983, Ley Lines in Question, a book written by the archaeologists Tom Williamson and Liz Bellamy, was published. In this work, Williamson and Bellamy considered and tackled the evidence that ley lines exponents had amassed in support of their beliefs.[29] As part of their book, they tackled the example of the West Penwith district set out as a challenge to archaeologists by Michell the previous decade.[29] They highlighted that the British landscape was so highly covered in historic monuments that it was statistically unlikely that any straight line could be drawn across the landscape without passing through several such sites.[29] They also demonstrated that ley hunters had often claimed that certain markers were Neolithic, and thus roughly contemporary with each other, when often they were of widely different dates, such as being Iron Age or medieval.[29] The overall message of their book was that the idea of leys, as it was being presented by Earth Mysteries proponents, had no basis in empirical reality.[29] Looking back on the book’s reception in 2000, Williamson noted that “archaeologists weren’t particularly interested, and ley-line people were hostile”.[39]

Schism in the community[edit]

From one perspective, the tale of ley-hunting is one of a classic modern religious movement, arising with an apocalyptic language which appropriated some of the tropes of evangelical Christianity, flourished for a brief time, and then subsided into a set of motifs and assumptions retained by a particular subculture of believers. From another, it is a frustrating tale of missed opportunities. The neglect of landscape and sensory experience by mainstream archaeology in the mid twentieth century was indeed a serious omission, which earth mysteries researchers could well have remedied to the lasting benefit of knowledge[…] Misled by a fixed and dogmatic set of ideas, however, they passed this by to focus on an attempted proof of beliefs which were ultimately based on faith alone.

— Historian Ronald Hutton, 2013[40]

Williamson and Bellamy’s book brought two different responses from the ley hunter community.[41] Some maintained that even if the presence of earth energies running through ley lines could not be demonstrated with empirical evidence and rational argumentation, this did not matter; for them, a belief in ley lines was an act of faith, and in their view archaeologists were too narrow-minded to comprehend this reality.[41] The other approach was to further engage archaeologists by seeking out new data and arguments to bolster their beliefs in ley lines.[41] Hutton noted that this pulled along “a potential fissure between rationalism and mysticism which had always been inherent in the movement”.[41]

In 1989, a book that Devereux had co-written with Nigel Pennick, Lines on the Landscape, was published.[42] It laid aside ideas of leys representing channels for earth energy, noting that this was beyond the realm of scientific verification, and instead focused on trying to build a case for ley lines that archaeologists could engage with.[43] In particular, it drew attention to ethnographically recorded beliefs in the importance of lines running through the landscape in various communities around the world, proposing these as ethnographic comparisons for what might have occurred in prehistoric Britain.[41] Hutton called the book “an important development”, for it was “by far the most well-researched, intelligently written and beautifully produced work yet published on leys”.[43] Devereux pursued this approach in a series of further books.[41]

Reflecting his move towards archaeology, in 1991, Devereux published an article on sightlines from the prehistoric site of Silbury Hill, Wiltshire in Antiquity, a respected journal of British archaeology.[44] By the 1990s, British archaeology had become more open to ideas about language and cognition, topics that Earth Mysteries enthusiasts had long been interested in.[44] A prominent example of this was the work of Christopher Tilley, who devised the idea of phenomenology, or using human senses to experience a landscape as a means of trying to ascertain how past societies would have done the same.[44]

The Ley Hunter magazine ceased publication in 1999.[44] Its last editor, Danny Sullivan, stated that the idea of leys was “dead”.[44] Hutton suggested that some of the enthusiasm formally directed toward leys was instead directed toward archaeo-astronomy.[45] He also noted that the ley hunting community had “functioned as an indispensable training ground for a small but important group of non-academic scholars who have made a genuine contribution to the study of folklore and mythology.”[46] Pennick for instance went on to write a range of short books and pamphlets on European folklore.[44] Another prominent ley hunter, Bob Trubshaw, also wrote several books on these subjects and served as a publisher for others.[44] Jeremy Harte, editor of Wessex Earth Mysteries, subsequently produced several books on folklore; his book on British fairy lore later won the Folklore Society‘s annual prize.[44]

Continuing belief[edit]

Modern Pagans in Britain often believe in ley lines running through ancient sites, such as the Coldrum Long Barrow in Kent (pictured)

In 2005, Ruggles noted that “for the most part, ley lines represent an unhappy episode now consigned to history”.[47] However, belief in ley lines persists among various esoteric groups, having become an “enduring feature of some brands of esotericism”.[41] As Hutton observed, a belief in “ancient earth energies have passed so far into the religious experience of the ‘New Age’ counter-culture of Europe and America that it is unlikely that any tests of evidence would bring about an end to belief in them.”[48] During the 1970s and 1980s, a belief in ley lines fed into the modern Pagan community.[49] Research that took place in 2014 found that various Druids and other Pagans believed that there were ley lines focusing on the Early Neolithic site of Coldrum Long Barrow in Kent, southeast England.[50]

In the U.S. city of Seattle, a dowsing organisation called the Geo Group plotted what they believed were the ley lines across the city. They stated that their “project made Seattle the first city on Earth to balance and tune its ley-line system”. The Seattle Arts Commission contributed $5,000 to the project, bringing criticisms from members of the public who regarded it as a waste of money.[51]


8-point ley line alignments of pizza restaurants in London

Ley lines have been characterised as a form of pseudoscience.[52] On The Skeptic’s Dictionary, the American philosopher and skeptic Robert Todd Carroll noted that none of the claims about magnetic forces underpinning putative ley lines have been scientifically verified.[51]

Williamson and Bellamy characterised ley lines as “one of the biggest red herrings in the history of popular thought”.[32] One criticism of Watkins’ ley line theory states that given the high density of historic and prehistoric sites in Britain and other parts of Europe, finding straight lines that “connect” sites is trivial and ascribable to coincidence. Johnson stated that “ley lines do not exist.” He cited Williamson and Bellamy’s work in demonstrating this, noting that their research showed how “the density of archaeological sites in the British landscape is so great that a line drawn through virtually anywhere will ‘clip’ a number of sites.”[20]

A study by David George Kendall used the techniques of shape analysis to examine the triangles formed by standing stones to deduce if these were often arranged in straight lines. The shape of a triangle can be represented as a point on the sphere, and the distribution of all shapes can be thought of as a distribution over the sphere. The sample distribution from the standing stones was compared with the theoretical distribution to show that the occurrence of straight lines was no more than average.[53]

The archaeologist Richard Atkinson once demonstrated this by taking the positions of telephone boxes and pointing out the existence of “telephone box leys”. This, he argued, showed that the mere existence of such lines in a set of points does not prove that the lines are deliberate artefacts, especially since it is known that telephone boxes were not laid out in any such manner or with any such intention.[3]

In 2004, John Bruno Hare wrote:

Watkins never attributed any supernatural significance to leys; he believed that they were simply pathways that had been used for trade or ceremonial purposes, very ancient in origin, possibly dating back to the Neolithic, certainly pre-Roman. His obsession with leys was a natural outgrowth of his interest in landscape photography and love of the British countryside. He was an intensely rational person with an active intellect, and I think he would be a bit disappointed with some of the fringe aspects of ley lines today.[54]

See also[edit]



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400,000 British ‘shell’ companies do not, will not or cannot say who controls them ?

Revealed: Nearly 400,000 British Companies Evade Anti-Money Laundering Checks

Human Wrongs Watch L-I-N-K

Understanding the People Around Us – What Are They?

Quantum of Conscience


By Anna Von Reitz

We have three more weeks of this.

And then it will all be over and it will be our turn.

In three weeks the Muni Government’s bankruptcy will be complete.

The evil foreign Municipal Government that held this country and all its people (both black and white) in its thrall will be gone.

Imagine that? In just three weeks.

I am already breathing a sigh of relief.

We can move the Capitol back to Philadelphia where it always should have been.

We can hold actual Public Elections again.
No more “Political Party” lobbyist nonsense.

It will be a brand new world, but until then, we have to grit our teeth and stay calm, because the enemies of all Americans are paying people Big Bucks to riot.

Up to $1500 a day to riot.

Imagine what a deal like that sounds like to most people on the public dole in the inner cities?

$1500 a DAY?

That’s more money than they see in a month.

So of course they are rioting. What do you expect? And at that pay rate, expect more and more poor people to join their ranks.

Municipal governments are city governments and with all 185,000 of them bankrupt, they want to make up their losses via insurance claims.

So all the Municipal entities (and the supporters of that foreign theocracy) are pouring the gas on their own brush piles, figuring that they have nothing to lose and money to gain by doing so.

It’s all insured anyway.

So tear it all down and build new in the aftermath. There will be all sorts of new construction jobs and new opportunities to redesign city centers when this is over.

All the cash being injected into the rioter’s bank accounts means that they are fatter and happier than they’ve ever been.

Nobody will go hungry this winter.

And they get to vent any sincere anger they feel about police brutality (or anything else) in the bargain.

Not a bad scam from the Perpetrator’s perspective.

That’s why all these Dem Governors and City Mayors are refusing to ask for help. They WANT everything to burn and be broken.

There’s just a couple things they aren’t seeing about this situation.

First, we have all the bank records and transfers and numbers associated with this.

We have their emails and phone calls.

Second, we know and can prove it’s an insurance scam.

How do you think the insurance companies will take that?

Third, we are going to charge their Principals —the Pope and the Queen and their corporations— triple damages because this is being done with planning and malicious intent.

Plus a trillion dollars per person for all of those killed.

It’s already up to $12T.

In just three weeks all this will be over.

So batten down and stay calm and know what you are seeing is what it is: an insurance scam.

anna von reitz .com

Prove Me Wrong – Mike Walsh

LOTS of puzzling Questions about the Floyd George Incident:
1. Why does one photo from behind show the man on the road is not handcuffed and the video from the front that he is handcuffed?
2. Why is the cop car in the restaurant surveillance video different than the one Floyd was lying behind (different car numbers)?
3. Why were the cops in the surveillance footage that arrested him different than the police in the actual incident?
4. Why does the video show the diesel fuel price as 99 cents instead of the regular price in the area of $2.49?
5. Why does the police car have a non-municipal license plate with ‘Police’ on it?
6. Why does Derek have a completely different police badge on top of a second police badge matching his partner’s if they work for the same precinct?
7. Why is it not odd that both Officers Tou Thao and Derek Chauvin have both previously been investigated for excessive use of force and not charged by State AG Amy Klobuchar? Additionally, Officer Derek Chauvin is married to his partner’s sister Kelli.
8. Is there any cop dumb enough to continue kneeling on someone’s neck for 8 minutes when surrounded by people and being video recorded?
9. Is it possible for the deceased’s cousins and fiancé to be completely tearless during interviews?
10. Why does the main cop have one hand in his pocket most of the time he’s kneeling?
11. Why did the kneeling officer appear completely cool and calm, as if he was posing for the camera?
12. Doesn’t it seem strange that Floyd and the officer that kneeled on his neck worked security together on the same shift at the El Nuevo Rodeo Club, the officer for 17 years (both were laid off because of the COVID-19 virus)?
13. Why do the neighbours of this officer say they didn’t know he was a cop and never saw him in uniform?
14. Why has the same attorney been hired as with all the other big supposed police killings of blacks? Attorney Benjamin Crump. The same attorney that worked on previous cases that resulted in buses bringing in rioters from outside the city?
15. Why does store surveillance video show Floyd calmly and submissively walking with the officer and not resisting arrest while the officer gently allowed him to sit down on the sidewalk, and multiple officers calmly chatting with him? Is this the kind of suspect that a police officer would feel the need to put on the ground and place his knee on his neck?
16. Why did the EMT workers (wearing police uniforms including bulletproof vests) roughly handle and dump the unconscious George on the stretcher? This is not how trained emergency workers lift a person with a possible neck injury. Why did they not attempt triage or try CPR?
17. Can someone really not breathe when someone kneels on his neck and is the victim really able to speak for considerable periods of time if he can’t breathe?
18. Post killing: Why is a white man that looks like an undercover (St. Paul) cop in black and a riot gear mask carrying a black umbrella walking around breaking windows (and others dressed similarly starting fires) and instigating a riot? Is this reminiscent of ‘umbrella man’ during the JFK shooting?
19. Why were almost all the rioters leading the destruction of the neighbourhood at the beginning of the riots ‘white’ and not from Minneapolis? In a black neighbourhood after police killed a black man?
20. Why did the Chief of Police make it a point that those inciting the riots and arsonists were not from Minnesota?
21. Why was a CNN News Crew not only detained but also arrested?

What did I miss???


Evidence points to CNN and Shaun King guilty of fabricating George Floyd video.

fellowship of the minds .com

50 State AGs Are Pushing To Breakup Google’s Ad-Tech Dominance Alongside DOJ ?

Google’s total dominance over online advertising could soon come to an end. – L-I-N-K

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I once had a REAL Website

S. How do you know it was a real one ?

H. I can tell the difference.

S. No you can’t.

H. Yes I can.

S. No you can’t

H. Yes I can.


I once had a website, or should i say it once had me

I once played a game, or should i say it once played me

I once used the Internet , or should i say it once used me

I once had the illusion of a government i could trust,

or should i say, it once had me.

fuck y’all.

Adaptation – Done with fish …

Reset Me Lord – Purgatory Hill

Lover’s Cross – Jim Croce


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Headline Noose !

Headline Noose – All The News Fit To Hang

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TRVL – British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands information: news, travel guides, history, geography, languages, traditions, cusine, music, videos, aerial views, statistics, reviews, reference links, travel vlogs, vacation tips, etc…
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TRVL – Egypt

Egypt information: news, travel guides, history, geography, languages, traditions, cusine, music, videos, aerial views, statistics, reviews, reference links, travel vlogs, vacation tips, etc…
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TRVL – West Indies

West Indies information: news, travel guides, history, geography, languages, traditions, cusine, music, videos, aerial views, statistics, reviews, reference links, travel vlogs, vacation tips, etc…
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TRVL – Yemen

Yemen information: news, travel guides, history, geography, languages, traditions, cusine, music, videos, aerial views, statistics, reviews, reference links, travel vlogs, vacation tips, etc…
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TRVL – Zambia

Zambia information: news, travel guides, history, geography, languages, traditions, cusine, music, videos, aerial views, statistics, reviews, reference links, travel vlogs, vacation tips, etc…
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TRVL – Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe information: news, travel guides, history, geography, languages, traditions, cusine, music, videos, aerial views, statistics, reviews, reference links, travel vlogs, vacation tips, etc…
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Everything is changing..for the better. Times of Revelation and the return of the Divine Masculine.?

In this video I share with you various information on what is currently happening, the second part of 2020 which promises to be epic, and the return of the Divine Masculine which perhaps heralds the return of certain important masculine figures such as the return of a new king! I won’t tell you more, just watch the video (and to the end if possible) Gabrielle Isis – English

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It is I. It is One.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

There are things to say.

These things are stories about your ancestors. These things are summaries about what has happened to your race in the past. These things may shock you to discover. These things are true. Many of them not recorded. Many of them relegated to folklore, tall tales or myth.

You do not have authenticated versions of these, yet they remain within the lifeblood of your race, as a sort of imprint. They have become, and are, an actual part of who you are, and therefore will strike a chord with you once heard.

Some of these things inspire your movies and your stories, yet not most. Most remain unsaid. Most remain known in body only, and deeply embedded.

There were times when your race was openly attacked. These were what you’d now compare to genocides – literal wars on large groups or areas where you had communities. These mass removals of humans were performed by the race of reptilians, the Draco, who had then, and still now, assumed ownership here.
These genocides happened more than once. They happened to more isolated groups, before there was such mass and direct communication, as there is now via the internet or even the telephone.

These slaughters were done for multiple reasons. One was as a deterrent. The mere suggestion that such an action was possible, once spread to other clans, would help to instill obedience.

Another was to obtain minerals. There were areas, where your kind gathered, that were around various mines for gold and/or silver. The Draco desired access to these without interference. A slaughter was the fastest way to gain such access, once the mine was discovered.

The images inscribed on some very ancient stone here on earth, were attempts to record things seen that were clearly not of the earth. They included beings not human. They showed some violence perpetrated on the race.

The Draco were always feared for this reason.

There was never a peaceful co-existence with the race. It began and remained one of dominance and subservience, master and slave.

In the beginning, they walked among you.

In many places they were considered gods. Fear was always a component. Worship was not. This was more of an ownership arrangement, than a god/subject arrangement. Ruling Class would be more accurate a term to describe it.

In every case you should know that ancient carvings and drawings are of real, not imagined, beings. Your ancestors held the same mind you now hold, with its propensity to pass on to subsequent generations, things like knowledge and explanations. The human has always desired to pass on its learning to subsequent generations. In so many cases of your native tribes, this was done verbally.

The fact of these ideas, drawings and stories not being then written and preserved in your mass produced and taught history books is not by accident. It is, instead, a planned insertion of an intentional story, that directs knowledge down a specific path. The path removes any notion of ownership and control of the human race, particularly the white color of the race.

Humans were, and are, the slave race. Your beginnings show that clearly and absolutely. You were considered property from the start.

The idea of slavery as practiced on subsequent subsets of the population, such as Africans by Colonial Americans, is an idea they did not invent. It is in the race, a sort of blueprint for “how to I manage production?” “I take these beings who look different than I do, yet are sentient, and force them to do it for me.”

This became, eventually and in a more subtle fashion, your “work ethic”. Not work for the sake of self-care, but instead work, as well as sex and any sort of action, for the sake of another. This “other” was initially the Draco and clearly an owner.

This owner has morphed into what is now called several things, due to confusion about who is who – “The Deep State”, “The Cabal”, “The Illuminati”, and “White Supremacists”.

There is an order of ownership and rule. Humans are at the bottom of the list. There are instances of further divisions even there, as demonstrated today by color or country of origin. Know that these notions of “separate” and “ruling” come not from you, yet are now a part of your genetic memory.

The things that were done to your Ancestors were equivalent to slaughter, and complete annihilation; entire colonies wiped out.

When a species considers itself dominant over all others, justification is not required. Ownership is a fact of your beginning, was taught, and the mass revolting now is the race waking up to that truth. Notice so many of the rioters who do so in violence, are not the color black. It is for reasons they themselves have no access to, that they do this. They are speaking for a race of slavery, and, as well, in many places, (they are) being used opportunistically for political reasons.

All of this at the call of the owners – whose goal now is absolute control, population reduction, and dominance.

Every human is being played and right now, by events that are more orchestrated by, than directly performed by, the Draco; the Owners.

The differences you see are that some of your race gladly participate to retain wealth, power and control such that they have it. Know that even at that level, it is a given control. Done so with permission, after much depravity and inhuman action has been performed. Part of the inhuman action has then been adopted by further sub-sections. It is a convoluted trail of many parts and sub-groupings.

At every level of participation there is assumed ownership and subservience, and some level of dominance. There is no consideration of equality.

What I most wanted to impart here is the fact that at no time has the human been free. Your ownership and negation of value is very much a part of your genetic imprint.

This, partially, is why the Ascension is so very fiercely being fought. All levels of man have something to “lose”; some perceived bit of ownership that will no longer serve him once the race fully wakes up.

The realization of equality and sovereignty is not a concept that will be appreciated by these factions of life on your planet. There is too much perceived “loss”.

As was said before, what happens now, and make no mistake, it is happening now, is akin to the sheep revolting and attempting to take over the barn, if not the whole farm.

This sounds ridiculous in that context, yet it is how the Draco see what is happening now.

The realization and waking up of the race will happen in levels. Yet it will gradually occur on every level and by every sub-section. For unless equality and sheer freedom is a component of life – it is lived in slavery and only partially realized.

This time you enter is one of full realization and complete actualization. Even your royalty will go through an awakening. You do not see the top of the food chain, dear human.

The Ascension happens on every level, once chosen by the individual.

There are deeper reasons for every action and impulse than are obvious. There are ancestral corrections being made here. It’s all coming forth in this current population, in today’s world, in your Ascension process.

The force for this shift is so much greater, therefore, than is immediately evident. The force is unstoppable. It happens now and under your watch. You’ve chosen a powerful moment to be alive.

You will soon see, dear human, you will see.

That is all for today.

Thank you.

The visuals were so very powerful and numerous. The force, or push, from our Ancestors was seen as a wide swath of people, smiling, all glowing brightly from the other side and nodding. All forms of humanity were there – the facial structures and colors and variations were vast. I was reminded of versions seen only in museums of our Ancestors, they were alive and grinning and sort of holding fast the force that was pushing us forward, the correction we are making for what happened here. So much love…

The visuals of the genocides were awful.

The personal conclusion here was one of renewed determination. This is our doing, our time to do it, and we not only have the force of the heavens but the force of our Ancestors to help us. We are guaranteed success and are assisted until it happens. Now is that time.

Insight also into the current generation of what is loosely called the “Millenial” population, meaning those who are in around their twenties right now. They have been a sort of fascination due to their sensitivity; how easily they are “offended”. I believe, or was shown, that they have come to be the physical energy for this correction, having come to adulthood at the heat of it; the most vibrant and forceful part of life.

They come with an in-bred knowing that they are not to be treated as anything but equal. Age does not matter to one’s soul calling. This generation carries the energy of this correction and feels it deeply. They are fierce and steadfast and have, possibly until now, been unclear on what exactly it was they were here to object to. So, and consequently, they have objected to just about everything that was “labeled” about themselves, that then seemed to box them in to something they did not self-determine; even about whether or not they were male or female. They came to ignite choice. It is an awesome calling. We are honored to have them here.

I came away from this conversation with such respect for our race, and a feeling of being surrounded with support from every other version of us. It is time. We are here now to do this and it is done in our individual lives and face book shares and petition signings and protesting and video making and conversations. Do what you can. Do what you are called to. The more we do, the faster this completes itself. We are doing this for all of us – today, yesterday and tomorrow.
The most impactful sentence was this one:

“There are ancestral corrections being made here.”

Let’s get this done! Sophia

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Public Notice — Attention: World Governments and President Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

****Everyone please feel free to send copies of this Public Notice — Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents — to all United Nations personnel, all governmental services personnel, and all judicial officers and politicians, all over the world. This circumstance needs to be fully and widely comprehended, including by the present members of Congress.****

Public Notice to All World Governments and President Trump:

There are no Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States.

Our constitutional process requires ratification by the States of the Union.

No such ratification process was completed with respect to the so-called “Fourteenth Amendment” or any following Amendment.

No change to any actual Constitution was created by the Territorial Congress legislation related to the so-called Fourteenth Amendment or any subsequent similar action.

In fact the Enactment Clause of all such legislation since 1860 has provided that the new action “changes no right thus previously established”.

This means that all rights existing in 1860 have been sequentially established and grandfathered in and are inherited by the progeny as secured material rights and interests.

But beyond these facts — lack of ratification and the nature of the “secured rights” guaranteed to Americans — there are these further inconvenient facts:

The “Constitution” that includes the Fourteenth Amendment wasn’t a constitution in the same sense as the actual Constitutions that establish our Federal Government.

The “Constitution” to which the Fourteenth Amendment applied was instead the published Articles of Incorporation of a Scottish Commercial Corporation established in 1868 that was merely doing business “as” The United States of America, —Incorporated.

This semantic deceit of naming a commercial corporation after our unincorporated Federation of States allowed the criminals responsible to access our credit under conditions of constructive fraud and deceit, and allowed them to steal our identity in exactly the same manner as a credit card hacker pretends to be the victim in order to access the victim’s credit.

The “Amendments” to this document published “as” The Constitution of the United States of America —–Incorporated, that is—–merely represent corporation by-laws and do not require ratification by the States. That’s why these “Amendments” were never ratified and did not require ratification.

That Scottish corporation, dba The United States of America “Incorporated” went bankrupt in 1906 and entered receivership. It’s bankruptcy was finally settled in 1953. It is well, truly, and absolutely defunct.

As a result, whatever “Fourteenth Amendment citizenship” was created or conferred by this document, or by the organization sponsoring it, became defunct, also.

We shall not belabor the point that no commercial corporation had any ability to confer actual citizenship of any kind on anyone.

We shall not dwell on the fact that these criminal activities by the members of our own military and the members of the then-Territorial Congress resulted in constructive fraud against our lawful government and the theft of our credit and assets misapplied on a vast scale.

The facts are the facts and they stand naked to view.

The other Principals that allowed this scam, the Pope, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London / Government of Westminster, are at fault and in Gross Breach of Trust.

We, the remnant of the progeny, who have established our claims as Qualified Inheritors of the assets and credit owed to the lawful government of this country, the unincorporated Federation of States, have absolute standing in the matter —- all the way back to 1860 and before.

We are the victims of deliberate constructive fraud and semantic deceit practiced upon us in Gross Breach of Trust by our own misdirected Employees and the aforementioned Principals.

All American assets are claimed. All trust properties and derivatives established in our names are claimed. All our gold misappropriated and transported to the Philippines is claimed. All gold illegally confiscated by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration is claimed, including the 6,000 tons used to back and bank roll the “Federal Reserve” and the additional 14,000 tons admitted to by FDR which were used as Slush Funds and “investment accounts” used to buy controlling interests in the Fortune 500 corporations and otherwise manipulate commodity markets, including international currency markets.

It is important for the world and for the American People and for the President and the politicians that have inherited this mess, as well as the World Bank, the IBRD, and the Federal Reserve—- which are all fundamentally responsible for this “Heist of the Ages” — to understand that they, the banks, the politicians, and the misdirected “US” military have been caught, red-handed.

The entire history and fakery of this entire circumstance is known, exposed, and is due justice.

When a credit card hacker steals someone’s identity and accesses their credit without their knowledge or permission, the victim is held harmless, and their credit is returned by the bank.

In the same way, the identity of our lawful government, our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, has been stolen, and our credit has been ransacked —-and our Federation is owed the same consideration by the banks.

Not only that, but we are owed compensation from those responsible for this Gross Breach of Trust. The Queen, the Lord Mayor, and most of all, the Pope, are fully cognizant of the meaning, actuality, and content of the Treaties and the Constitutions they hold with the American People.

They also have cause to know that we were never involved in their “American Civil War” which was an illegal mercenary conflict on our shores.

The guilt and responsibility for all of this most particularly devolves upon the Pope, because the Pope in fact owned both sides of the conflict. He has always directly controlled the Municipal United States and via his Overseer of the Commonwealth, the British Monarch, has controlled the Territorial United States Government as well.

In practical terms, the responsibility for paying damages to The United States of America and to the American States and People next devolves upon the UN CORPORATION and the United Nations Organization, their heirs, and successors.

The realization of the enormity of the fraud and Breach of Trust has stunned the world and given rise to a great deal of talk about everyone ganging up on “the Americans” who have been the victims of this as much or more than anyone else.

Any such action would be completely immoral and illegal and unlawful.

It would destroy any concept of— or hope of— justice for anyone living in this world.

The Problem has never been the victims, the actual Americans.

The Problem has always been “the US” —- those pretending to “represent” the Americans, while in fact hacking our credit and evading their obligations under the actual constitutions — The Constitution of the United States of America, which the Queen owes, and The Constitution of the United States, which the Pope directly owes.

Now, we’ve said our say. It’s here for everyone to see and examine for themselves. The public records are clear and secured.

Pope Benedict XVI admitted it. Pope Francis is clearly aware of it. Antonio Guterres is fully informed. Other national governments have been fully informed. President Trump and the Joint Chiefs have been fully informed. The Office of the Prosecutor at the International Court of Justice has been fully informed. Interpol, the FBI, the DIA, the CIA, DHS, Homeland Security, and the NSA have all been fully informed.

The United States of America and the American States and People are owed the return of their credit and their assets free and clear of debt or encumbrance. We are to be held harmless, fully restored, and compensated by the banks, recognized by all Principals and governmental services corporations as the lawful Government of this country, and the actual Employers in this scenario.

As the Delegators of all Delegated Powers we are bypassing those foreign agents who are responsible for this Mess, and presenting ourselves in these matters under our Reserved Powers and those Powers that have returned to us by Operation of Law from the Federal Republic.

All presumptions attached to the existence of any “Fourteenth Amendment” citizenry must cease immediately. Bank foreclosures based on these presumptions must cease and bank escrow accounts established on the basis of these presumptions must be converted and returned to the victims of this fraud.

Worldwide mechanisms designed to “hypothecate” both credit and debt and to sequester such credit and debt as “energy units” held in Generation Skipping Trusts must be dissolved in favor of the victims of this scheme.

The balance as money of account must be made available to them and to their lawful governments; these private and public assets have been purloined and mis-characterized by the banks and insurance corporations as “personal” assets, a circumstance that must be rectified.

Our lawful government has prepared a structured repayment and release plan — and the technology to deliver it — that will allow the repayment of credit without collapsing the world economy.

It’s time to stop pretending that all this nastiness didn’t happen and more than past time for a Jubilee and a restitution made to all nations.


See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here:

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A Note Back to Kirk—

By Anna Von Reitz

Kirk: Please enlighten me on what you think Trump has “really done”.
I can tell you have no clue what he’s done.
I’ll start with,
1. He corrected his status at young age and became an American National (he’s not a Nationalist, like the media twisted it into, many people have no clue what that means, including you) took control of Cestui Que Vie Trust (which is where he got his million dollars to start his business, not from his father, like the media twisted it into, which you have no clue about), then because of that he doesn’t pay personal taxes (because taxes are voluntary, except for corporations acting in Interstate or Foreign Commerce, which you have no clue about) but his businesses pay “income” taxes.
Anna: If Trump “corrected his status at a young age”, there is absolutely no record or proof of that on any public record that our team has run across and you are invited to provide proof of that statement; moreover, when we breached the subject with him some years ago, he didn’t take any action or make any reference indicating that he had already corrected his political status back to his birthright status; it may be that he corrected his status to the extent of claiming U.S. Citizenship, instead of “citizen of the United States” status. That would be the only logical conclusion, given the fact that he is presently acting as CEO — “President” — of “the” United States of America, Inc. I think that you, Kirk, are the one that doesn’t quite understand what is going on and how many layers there are to this particular onion. Taxes are “voluntary” if you are functioning as an American, but they are involuntary for Federal Citizens and those who are in direct receipt of Federal-sourced income. Impersonating people as “corporations” operating in any venue or capacity for the purpose of racketeering is a nasty crime that has, unfortunately, been exercised under color of law in this country, just like the pandemic crap is being exercised under color of law. Please review “Governor” Inslee’s recent replies on that topic, and the fact that Nelson D.Rockefeller fully admitted that he paid no Federal Income Taxes during his confirmation hearings as Jerry Ford’s VP. Why couldn’t Trump pull the same hat trick? It’s perfectly “legal” for them and for us, but the difference is, they were taught the truth and took advantage of it, while the rest of us were deliberately mis-characterized and used as goats. And with the possible exception of Trump’s good intentions, none of them took any action to expose or stop these crimes against average working-class Americans. Failure to report crime and take action against it results in being an accomplice to it. I know that fact certainly has motivated me on more than one occasion to stand up and scream bloody murder, and it should motivate anyone with any respect for the ultimate power of public opinon and the slow-grinding mechanisms of the actual Public Law.
2. That makes Trump, in-part, the first de jure President since Lincoln (which you have no clue about either).
Anna: See above. It’s impossible to be a “de jure” President when acting in foreign Territorial and Municipal “presidential” offices, instead. See my recent article, “Hats, Hats, and More Hats”. In fact, Lincoln was not eligible to serve as a “de jure” President of The United States of America, so even your comparison is a Malaprop. Lincoln joined the Illinois Bar Association in 1835 and thereby accepted the foreign title of nobility, “Esquire”, from the British Monarch. In 1819, the Titles of Nobility Amendment was ratified and added to the actual Constitution of the Federal Republic, The Constitution for the united States of America, prohibiting Bar Attorneys from serving in our government. So Lincoln was not eligible to serve as either “President” of the Federal Republic nor as “President” of The United States of America. That is part of what sparked the entire conflagration known as the “American Civil War” —- which was demonstrably not a war, but a filthy mercenary conflict staged on our shores under False Pretensions. Care to have another go at that bit of Patriot Myth? I can show you the Muster Lists where the men were called to serve The State of New York — not New York.
3. The 3rd and final bankruptcy came to an end in 1999 which a man by the name of Russell J Gould (go look for WarCastles on YouTube to see how he saved the World from the NWO & Onumnuts) which because of that in 2012 ALL the Inc’s (United States Inc, United States of America Inc, USA Inc, etc, which you probably have no real clue about, I could be wrong on this one) were foreclosed on.
Anna: Another bit of distortion and self-evident bunk. If it was “the third and final” bankruptcy, how is it that we are once again witnessing the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc.? Wake up, Kirk, Corporations are a dime a dozen. Their bankruptcies are legend. The same group of crooks just picks another name, and skates right on, bails one bankrupt entity out and lets another fade into the sunset. Furthermore, when a bankruptcy ends, its ends. That’s all she wrote. No more claims can be made, no more action taken. So anything that ended in 1999, most certainly had no result or continuing story in 2012. What you are most likely referring to are the efforts of the Paradigm Project which discovered the crime in progress and made the effort to foreclose upon all these bogus corporations —- however, there’s a fly in that soup. It was done by a Bar Attorney, and a group of U.S. Citizens, none of whom had the lawful standing to foreclose. So I am afraid that all that work went down the drain with the arrest and prosecution of Heather Tucci-Jareff and her helpers. They tried, they aren’t accomplices, they stood up against the crimes against us — God bless them forever — but because their own political status was bungled, they didn’t have the ability to “get there from here”. We do. Our answer has been a bit different. We expose the damned fraud from its inception and let the chips fall.
4. Now to talk about the other part about Trump being the first de jure President since Lincoln.
The military was going to do a Coup d’état on Onumnuts, but Trump said he would run for Office and they could do it Lawfully. There’s so much here to try and explain, but you know what Trump has “really done” right?
Anna: See above regarding “de jure” Offices of the President and the variations in the “de facto” world of incorporated entities. Trump’s present office is NOT “de jure” and Lincoln’s office — which was also not “de jure”, was a good part of the reason that the Southern Confederation walked out. The actual fight was about cotton, not slavery. The British Government had invested heavily in Egyptian cotton plantations, hoping to undercut American producers, but things didn’t work out the way they planned; the Egyptian crops failed, the transportation costs were more than anticipated, and by 1855 it was apparent that Britain had to knock down the American cotton producers in order to rescue its own textile industry and Egyptian cotton investments. It seems ridiculous now, but wasn’t ridiculous then. Imagine the ire of the Southern State of State representatives when they are told in the midst of this brutal commercial “war” with England over their cash crop, that a British Barrister –Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, already prohibited from serving in our actual government, is going to serve as “President” by entering and operating in the Territorial office of “President of the United States of America”, instead of acting in the intended office of “President of The United States”? It was, if you read the contemporary accounts, the Final Straw.
5. After Trump won the election (despite all the voter fraud, and yes they are all about to get busted) Trump said at his Inauguration speech that he was “putting the power back into the peoples hands”. You remember that right, because you’ve been paying attention to what Trump has “really done” right?
Anna: Yes, indeed. I wrote Mr. Trump a letter immediately afterward, and formally acknowledged and accepted his “offer” in the name of our unincorporated Federation of States and the people we serve. It’s a great idea, but I am not convinced that Mr. Trump has gotten down the “next layer” of the onion he is peeling day by day. He tends to venerate the military and perhaps doesn’t know that the military is uniquely responsible for the worst of what has gone on here and always has been since Lincoln issued the very first Executive Order as Commander in Chief and adopted the Lieber Code making the Union Army responsible for the settlement of the peace and for the safe-guarding of our money in March of 1863, exactly one day before he, Lincoln, bankrupted the Northern Confederation. You can judge for yourself what kind of “care” they have taken of our assets and our money and their failure to settle the peace. We are still enduring every kind of stupid “war” they can dream up, including the current “war” against the Common Cold virus. When on Earth does this crappola end? All of it? The complicity of the military in all of this is self-evident and outrageous. The Lieber Code has since morphed into the Hague Conventions and we, American civilians, have been used as the prey of our own military forces engaged in deliberately misidentifying their actual Employers as “the Enemy” and pillaging and plundering on our shores for no better reason than that they wanted more money. They are jerks. Criminals. Fraud artists. Filthy, violent, short-sighted, and greedy. Most of them need the ever-loving shit kicked out of them. They know damned well that they are supposed to be obeying our civilian authority, so they attempt to redefine “civilian” and try to misidentify us as foreigners in our own country. Don’t get me started. I have had some very choice words with the Joint Chiefs and the most that can be said of those fractious cowards is that so far they have avoided being pawned into another “civil war” with their brethren in the Federal Civil Service.
6. Trump pulled us out of the TPPN right out of the gate (saved us $500.000.000/year) as well as pulled us out of a lot of other “bad deals”, like providing military support to other Countries and paying them Hundreds of not Millions of dollars a year. Started pulling our military out of Countries we shouldn’t have been in in the first place as well as renegotiated the terms of “if want our military protection you’re going to have to pay us”. He’s slowly pulled us out of the U.N.
Anna: Applause all round for that, but then, what choice has he had as a business manager trying to avoid bankruptcy? Americans have been supporting over 800 military bases worldwide and picking up the tab for virtually all “defense” expenses for Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mali, Monterey and Biscayne Bay—- you name it. We’ve been “in” all these countries commandeering their natural resources, bossing their people around — and paying for the privilege. None of this has anything valid to do with defending America. It has to do with military payola and coercive power. And just for shits and grins —- if Trump wants to pull out of the UN CORP, which the military owns a large chunk of, if not the controlling interest— he can make a clean job of it by issuing an Executive Order suspending the “Public Policy” granting immunity to international organizations on our shores—- expressed as the “Privileges and Immunities Act” and also pull the plug on the “International Organizations Immunity Act” passed under Jimmy Carter’s hopelessly vile Administration? Just pull the damned plug. But no, he waited too long and dilly-dallied and tried to get his bearings and didn’t listen to us, so now, both “governmental services corporations” are in receivership, up a creek and looking for a paddle, and all just in time for the Enemies of all Sane People to kick him in the crotch during the General Elections, which are not “General Elections” of any Public Law or Government and should not take place at all —– but that’s another subject. Speaking of those who need to “get a clue”….
7. Now this is where things start to get good.
March 14, 2017 EO doing a complete audit of the entire Executive Branch and for 6 months asked for help from the people to report on any issues we thought needed to be “redressed” (because we redress our grievances with government, see 1st Amendment) (which is also how ultimately E~CLAUSE got created October 2017 (which is why I keep telling you and others that I REALLY know what’s going on because I’ve been a part of it since 2017).
Anna: Oh, gee. 2017. I’ve been “part of it” since….let’s see…. 1970? That’s only 47 years more than you, Kirk. What do I know, right? The way I “redress” grievances with my Employees may be a bit different than your concept of “redress” which involves the British Government and their practice of listening to “petitions” from their hapless slaves and subjects. It was exactly the failure of the Territorial Government’s form of “redress” that led to the American Revolution, and it’s not doing any better job now. I have seen the “redress” being received by loyal U.S. Citizens like Phil Hudok. It’s fascinating, but not nice. First, the poor sod is forced to admit being a “natural person”— which in probate law means a corpse. How convenient. All our “estates” have been lumped into probate. We’ve all been deliberately misidentified as “infant decedents”. And now to permanently preclude legal challenges based on the totally unconscionable contacts with babies used to perform these vile acts of legal chicanery, the victims are coerced to sign paperwork admitting that they accept this status as “dead persons” and give up their lawful estates and their assets in exchange for what? Debt notes against their own assets and credit. Brilliant. So we pay for it coming and we pay for it going. What a sweet little plan for the guilty Queen and the Pope. Get the fools to sign their own death warrants, seize their estates, and pay them off using their own credit so that they are indebted for what they receive…. You need to get your head screwed on, Kirk, get your Legal Dictionary out and on the table in front of your ignorant young face, and start singing another story if you want any agreement, cooperation or respect from me.
Presidential Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies
Issued on: October 26, 2017
SUBJECT: Temporary Certification for Certain Records Related to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (of course you know all about this right?)
Anna: It would be just lovely if someone in any of their organizations with the power to do it had the basic decency and brass cajones to expose who actually killed JFK and why they did it. But you know, those of us who watched the news coming out of Dallas that day have known the truth since November of 1963. It’s not our good sense and honor at stake — its the government’s credibility that is at issue. And that is why the “government” corporations should come clean. JFK was killed by LBJ, his Vice-President, acting in collusion with Richard Millhouse Nixon, the Dulles Brothers, the Gambino Crime Syndicate, Fidel Castro, half a dozen top oil industry bosses, and rogue elements of the British Secret Service enlisted and duped by GHWB. To quote Gomer Pyle, “Coo-eee bono!” We knew the truth then and we know the truth now and we are still sickened by it and we still hate the men responsible for it, whether they are living or dead. I was sorting through donated baby clothes at a disaster relief center one afternoon with other volunteers, all nice Baptist ladies who wouldn’t say shit if they had a mouthful of it, and somehow the subject of LBJ came up. I heard this voice I didn’t quite recognize (mine, of course) saying quite calmly but emphatically — “LBJ — I hated him then and I still hate him now, and his wife could best beautify America by dying!” I actually put it a little more emphatically than that. There were some purple words in the mix, but you got the picture, Kirk? I went out in the parking lot and leaned against my car and sobbed like a little girl for half an hour. There’s some of us that have “been around” a long, long time. There are some memories that don’t go away, things that just get harder as the years go by, and it gets to the point where the Mills of God catch up with all the lies. Grind, grind, grind. Can there be any doubt that the truth will also catch up with the liars?
9. Now for what Trump did next (which you’re fully aware of because you know what he has “really done” right?) First he reestablished the Rule of Law December 10, 2017 by Proclamation (hmmm right after the paperwork went in and E~Clause was created…hmm wonder what was in that practitioners judicial report?) The Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the united States of America 1787 with the Bill of Rights 1789 as the Bedrock of this Nation called America.
Anna: All wrong again, bless you for a fool. You are trying, right? Whenever any (older, presumably) jurist says the words “Rule of Law” — you should smirk and quickly hide your smirk, or put on your best dumb poker face and wide-eyed stare and pretend that you don’t know what I am going to tell you right now, in public, in front of a billion people —- “the rule of law” is an Insider Joke. It refers to the rules of the court, which the court in the British System makes up for itself, according to whatever best pays the court and the King. Screw Justice. She’s blind and can’t testify in her own behalf. The Declaration of Independence is the only bedrock of this nation. The Constitutions are merely power-sharing agreements that ended The War of Independence. The specific Constitution you reference is the one that I brought to light —-and which everyone in your group said didn’t exist—-and called me a liar and an old dingbat and what was it? Something about a c word and another c word? Until we drug it out of the closet with the help of volunteers from too many sources to poo-poo. And that particular Constitution does happen to be the actual American Constitution giving rise to the Federal Republic, the missing portion of what is supposed to be our Federal Government. Yep. The problem is that you and apparently Mr. Trump think that you are in the position to just say, “Whoop and Abracadabra!” and recreate the Federal Republic out of thin air. Sad to say, that’s not possible. You see, the service contract and trust indenture and everything else associated with that Constitution was awarded to the States of America, a business venture and doing-business-as name of our Confederation of American States of States formed under The Articles of Confederation in 1781. So, Kirk, in order to restore the Federal Republic and the contract underlying it, you have to restore the States of America. This is what is referred to as the “Reconstruction” that was never finished. In order to reconstruct, you have to call the States of the Union into Session, and each State in the Federation has to create a new State of State organization to fill their vacant spot in the associated Confederation, and then the Confederation has to reboot the States of America to operate the Federal Republic. Think, Kirk. If this were easy, do you think we’d still be standing here– a 160 years later– with our thumbs up our butts? Thanks to us, the first part of it is already underway. The actual States have been summoned into Session and enough living Americans have been found to populate lawful State Assemblies. They are competent to organize American States of States for themselves, recoup the State Trusts, and reconvene the Confederation, and then the Confederation will be competent to operate the States of America and finally fill in the “missing piece” of the Federal Government. This is what it actually and factually requires to complete “Reconstruction” and if the President and other geniuses are unaware of this, it’s high time that somebody told them. How about you, Kirk, since you have been involved at the highest levels ever since 2017?
Then December 20 2017 by EO Declaring a state of emergency to block the property (civil asset forfeiture) of those involved in “Serious Human Rights Violations and Corruption” (which involves human trafficking both part a & b, but you know all about that too right?) WORLDWIDE
Anna: Good show — as in kick dancers, so far. Why is it that George Soros still appears to be hale and hearty and contributing large amounts of money to seditious groups and activities and Hollywood-style propaganda productions presented to the unwary public as “documentaries”? Why is Bill Gates still in evidence, out trotting around and taking pies in the face? And Mark Zuckerberg and all the rest of the Privileged Rat Pack? Not as I do, but as I say? Sorry, I can’t make sense of this. The federal government corporations are the biggest purveyors of human trafficking in history, the biggest gun runners, drug pushers, alcohol sellers — sin taxes are how the Federal Government is supposed to be funded, full stop—- so what now? They arrest themselves and march themselves to jail? Presumably to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy? Why is the IRS still functioning, still stealing assets from innocent Americans and putting liens on American homes? Why are all these filthy and I do mean FILTHY banks being allowed to continue to foreclose and seize bogus escrow accounts as “abandoned funds”? Why isn’t there a Mortgage Moratorium in effect right now throughout this country? Hmm? Personation, as we have already discussed, is a serious crime and a “serious human rights violation” that results in trafficking people from one political status to another, and results in subjecting them to foreign law in contravention of Amendment XI of all three Constitutions —- Personation is a crime so serious that the humans guilty of it are on the wrong side of the Geneva Conventions and the Hague Conventions, both. We are talking Nuremberg Code and you are talking civil asset forfeiture? But neither one is actually getting done? Why isn’t the Clinton Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the bulk of the Roman Catholic Church holdings other than their parish buildings, the Mainstream Media Monopoly, and a whole lot more already “forfeited”??? Why aren’t all these patently illegal and constitutionally prohibited Municipal Corporations shut down and “forfeited” to the actual States and People? Other than Washington, DC, there shouldn’t be a Municipality or Municipal Government of any kind in this entire country. Hello? Hmmm? You think that bullying people to take untested vaccines and wear masks isn’t a “human rights violation”? Holy moly guacamole…. it seems that you guys just can’t connect what you see with what you think. I am all for them, the guilty parties, getting their assets forfeited, but what I really want to see is a complete end to all predatory actions against innocent Americans. I am all for the UN CORP being booted into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean without a lifeboat. Release the bogus “Federal Tax Liens” on people who never owed Federal Taxes in their lives. Shut down the bogus “Federal Tax Authority” that is sending “notices” to people all over America and offering to settle “debts” these people never owed. Shame on everyone concerned. When I see actual, factual, meaningful action taken to seize property from people like Soros and observe actual action taken to shut down the Foreclosure Mills and punish the banks and the securities corporations —- I’ll stand up and sing the praises of everyone responsible, including Trump. Until I can hear it, smell it, taste it, and see the cockroaches running— it’s all just more “Nice Words”.
Then he came out in a press conference and said he was going after the World Child Pedophilia and going to wipe them off the Earth. A “fact sheet” March 13, 2018 “My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.
Anna: Here, here, I agree! I support this 100%. I’ll trip the vermin when they come running out the door and step on their necks for you. But first we have to stop the conversion of men and women into “persons” — because that is the beginning of being redefined as a “human” and One must be redefined as a “human” before one can be “human trafficked”— and then we have to clean the clocks of everyone that ever profited from this unlawful conversion, and confiscate their ill-gotten gains and return true right and substance to the people to whom it is owed. We need to raise high holy hell and I am not kidding— complete full dress with a Banshee in tow. You see, it’s not just the hideous witches and warlocks that prey upon little children. It’s the Bureau of Vital Statistics that “registers” them as “persons” belonging to the British Crown Corporation and subjects them as property belonging to the Lord Mayor, and his Satan-worshiping Westminster Government, and the bankers of Fleet Street. Stop that process, and you stop nine-tenths of the degradation process where it starts. And you end the Great Fraud at its roots. Wise up, young Kirk. People are not Persons. Men are not “hue-mans” — aka, “humans”. Hue-man means “color of man” in the same sense as “color of law”. It has nothing to do with physical color or race. It’s a legal trap. It’s more bullshit. This whole mantra of “human rights” is more entrapment, more getting the victims to dig their own graves, unwittingly admit to slave status—-instead of claiming their true status as free men and women. This is something Mr. Trump and a whole lot of people need to know. You’re not a human. You’re a man.
President Donald J. Trump” & in it he says “In February 2017, the President signed Executive Order 13773, “Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.””
Anna: See above. Start shutting down “child registry services” by the bus loads. This is the single largest source of unlawful conversion and “human trafficking” of the victims of unlawful conversion.
Then March 1, 2018 he dug up an old EO from 1984 and made amendments to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) and created the MCM (Manual for Courts Martial) Which all became effective January 1, 2019 (that’s why the deep state is scrapping their pants).
Anna: One can only hope to live long enough to see it applied.
Then this, Executive Order Regarding the Establishment of the Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud
Issued on: July 11, 2018
Anna: Yes, I wrote to them several times and never received as much as a return receipt back. How about the Consumer Fraud of a foreign commercial corporation presenting itself as the government of this country? Hmm?
Kirk: Then he went over to England and raided the Vatican I think it was 6 times and shut down the Vatican & London (if you have a clue what that even means, but you know what Trump has really done, right?) which is part of the Tri City States (D.C. being the 3rd) that have been in control of the money, birth certificates, Cestui Que Trust (since 1666) and said that we are going back to Natural Law and getting rid of both Constitutions (you would have to know the history of Law to know what he is talking about, but you know what Trump is really doing, right?).
Anna: Indeed? Where are the results? Where’s the Mortgage Moratorium? The shut down of child registries throughout the world? The absence and silence of all “Internal Revenue Service” organizations? The total erasure of bogus debt claims? IRS Liens? Property taxes? The issuance of National Credit owed to every single American? The end of gross propaganda campaigns? The quashing of pandemics that don’t exist? The punishment of the banks and securities firms and the oversight organizations like the SEC that let them get away with all this crap? The arrest of members of Congress for open treason? The arrest of members of the military that contributed to all this? All Trump has to do is tell the truth and the entire Western World would rise up in a single giant wave of public outrage and sweep away the entire edifice of the Great Fraud, but instead, it’s all pussy-foot, pussy-foot, rumors and more rumors. Don’t tell me, Kirk. Show me. I’m from Wisconsin, but I learned a few lessons from Missouri.
Trump has also been working on taking down the International Banking Cartel (which is part of the Tri City States) and took control of the FED aka Federal Reserve and put it under the Department of Treasury (where our money belongs) and put the Secret Service in charge of Oversight and investigations (but you knew that already because you know what Trump is really doing, right?)
Anna: Well, yes, Kirk, I did know all that. But Trump doesn’t have to “work at it” —- he has the absolute power to simply do it. He and Steve Mnuchin are the two men in charge of the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) and they can use this immense currency commodity rigging fund to do whatever they want to any national currency or bank that they please. The problem is that the Federal Reserve already shut down its trade-marked Federal Reserve System and bankrupted it back in 2009—- and they skipped town with the profits, Kirk. They are long gone, leaving us with all their worthless script to make good. But that wasn’t enough. They had to rub salt in the wounds and have Obummer give the Chinese engraving plates and printing presses and paper and ink to produce an endless supply of $100 Federal Reserve Notes and counterfeit trillions of “US DOLLARS” more and try to shuffle it off onto our weary backs and then claim that they, the Chinese, haven’t been paid. Where’d they get the money to buy our infrastructure, Dumbshits? How is it that Hillary Clinton could sell 20% of our Uranium to the Russians? How is it that the Chinese showed up claiming to own the Port of Long Beach? The Port of Anchorage? The Port of Valdez? And most of the goddamned Pacific Fleet? It’s all nothing but fraud. Counterfeiting. White-collar bunko. And all aided and abetted by “Agency Personnel” and “Governmental Services Corporations” and, yes, you’d better believe it, military officials. Lots of them.
Maybe it would be instructive for you, Mr. Big Mouth Fancy Pants—- to know that there hasn’t been an actual United States Treasury since 1924? The International Monetary Fund has been functioning in that capacity ever since. Got that straight now? So when the Federal Reserve is rolled over into “the” US Treasury, what does that actually mean? And who runs and backs the IMF? Well, it was founded by the Rockefellers, those inveterate pipeline comptrollers, and all they did was to do to banking what J.D. Rockefeller did to the oil industry —- until he got busted for it. Thank you, that’s the “Swift” System, unless they don’t want it to be swift, and then, mysteriously, everything kinda disappears or is unaccountably delayed, or fails to get transferred. And who does business with the IMF? Oh, all the usual suspects —- the US ARMY (Municipal Corporation) and the US NAVY (Municipal Corporation) and the US AIR FORCE (Municipal Corporation) and the US MARINE CORP (Municipal Corporation) and the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (Municipal Corporation) and SERCO (used to be British RCA) and the UN CORPORATION (Municipal Corporation) and WASHINGTON, DC (Municipal Corporation) and NASA (Municipal Corporation) and FBI (Municipal Corporation) and the list goes on and on and on and on and includes virtually every “governmental services corporation” in all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Mexico, Canada, South America, heck, they’ve even got the WORLD GOVERNMENT and its new Headquarters in ANTARCTICA. Isn’t that sweet and inclusive? Nobody got left out. There are incorporated Municipal Corporation franchises named after every country and principality and burg and small town preacher on Earth. This is how former IMF Director LeGrand could drink champagne and talk about how she was going to ear tag all the “cattle” and “reduce the world population” —- apparently via cannibalism.
You’ve got a lot to learn, Kirk, before you go sparring with me and inferring that I am just a little slow and behind the times. Better get booking. No time like the present. If you and your generation work half as hard as I have, you might yet avoid winding up on somebody’s dinner plate.
Part of the other reorganization Trump put the DOJ in place for the people to report these criminals to, following due process of law and our Right to Redress our Grievances through the Legislature as well as the DOD with the MCM to try the treasonous criminals under Admiralty Jurisdiction like it says in the Constitution (but you knew that already because you know what Trump has really done, right?)
Anna: What Trump should have done with the DOJ in my opinion is to disband it and completely rack the Office of the US Attorney General. Those bastards are the ones that put together fraudulent claims against the assets of our counties for use as collateral for their debts while they owned Wells Fargo Bank and used it as a Securities Corporation instead. Nice. Most people don’t realize it, but the DOJ is yet another unauthorized “Agency” that derives from the endlessly productive Scottish Interloper, doing business “as” The United States of America —- Incorporated, from 1868 to 1906. The DOJ was created to defend the rats at public expense, so we got the joy of paying for their lawyers to protect them against us, their actual Employers. More diabolical reasoning. Disband it. Get rid of it. Throw it under the bus. It’s full of Bar Attorneys and Bar Attorneys are Esquires, prohibited from holding any office in our government — which includes any Office of the US Attorney General. Bah and Humbug.
Kirk: There’s a lot more that he’s done, but this is all off the top of my head except the 2 quotes and the JFK Assassination Document.
I don’t think you quite know what you’re talking about, nor are you even close to having a clue what Trump has done and is doing to save the World while putting his and his families life on the line (many assassination attempts have been made)
Anna: I am not Trump’s enemy. I’d do a great deal more to help him, if he were more forth-coming. I’ll help anyone who is loyal to this country and its people. But as far as “having a clue” about what has to be done and how to do it, I am afraid I am a long way down the track compared to Mr. Trump and you. I’ve been studying these subjects and considering the solutions for many years— and you could learn a lot from me if you weren’t so stuffed up on yourself and the pieces of the puzzle that you do know.
He’s exposing the whole shit show and taking them down which is what JFK was trying to tell us and do and BUSH Senior and his commies assassinated him for (which is why him and Romney (correction it was John McCain) were sentenced to death by Military Tribunal, and you knew about that too, right?)
Anna: The problem, Kirk, is that John McCain lived the high life for decades while betraying this country and occupying a seat in the Congress and claiming to be a war hero when he was nothing but a despicable coward and liar and mean-spirited, crooked, vicious, nasty little bastard of the kind I used to hate in grade school. All washed down with a smile. How is it that nobody caught on to the fact that he spilled his guts to the Viet Cong and lived a privileged life while supposedly suffering so much as a “prisoner of war”? How is it that nobody caught on that he was never a Republican? How is it that nobody ever tracked him back to the poppy fields in Afghanistan? The burning of the oil wells in Kuwait? The “Weapons of Mass Destruction” story, told to us by the Big Dufus Tool of Daddy Nazi? The use of so-called “spent” Uranium and other nuclear fission waste to load artillery shells exploded all over the Middle East? The Liberty attack? The development and funding of the whole ISIS campaign by HSBC and the Bank of England and John McCain? Are you going to stand there and try to tell this Great-Grandma that the Joint Chiefs and the Military Brass from here to Bangkok didn’t know what he was doing? And none of them had the guts to put a bullet through his brain until it became apparent that he was dying of a brain tumor anyway? And more to the point— if they didn’t start picking some targets to pin the blame on, they’d be next in line for the gallows?
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Kirk, I don’t know what kind of cow pie you are trying to sell me, but it’s not working. The Military Gurus sat there on their asses for almost fifty years and did nothing but suck up to this craven traitor. They saluted and said, “Yessir, Senator McCain, Sir!”
So, great, if indeed they put McCain out of his misery. Pointedly —-few deserved it for a longer period of time. But to date, this remains a rumor.
I’m old-fashioned. I don’t believe everything I hear. And when it is something like “secret military tribunals” supposedly getting rid of all the Bad Guys, I’m sorry, but since the military was primarily responsible for all this crap ever since 1863, I’d like to see actual proof that they are doing their jobs and cleaning up the mess they’ve made of this country and this entire world for the past 160 years. I am ready to applaud– loudly– if they are, but frankly, they’ve been such deceitful, disloyal, sneaky, irresponsible, unaccountable, mean-spirited, greedy, small-minded, grasping, arrogant, crooked, criminally-inclined excuses for shit that I am not persuaded to trust anything they say unless both hands and their dicks are on the table. And I am allowed to do my own fact-checking.
I think you can see what I mean. They have been in control since 1863 and it is what it is.


See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here:

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The Heir of Balbeck, not Kim Goguen, Holds the Key to What ?

Sunday, August 16, 2020

First, Last, Always About Kim Goguen

They keep putting out information and videos about Kim Goguen, a small-time fraud artist who is making the big time in that realm of activity by working for the ersatz attempting-to-reconfigure Territorial Corporation(s).

One of the most bizarre aspects of everything that has gone on has been the repeated attempts to open the World Trust, aka, “Storehouses of the Lord” via fraud, usually by manipulation of the authorities involved by employees of the actual Principals, and usually by one person hailed as the “savior”, a lone renegade philanthropist.

Remember Wolfgang Struck? The World Bank version of this phenomenon?

Remember Heather Tucci-Jareff, the well-intentioned young attorney who led the Paradigm Project and who tried to form the OPPT? She didn’t know that as an attorney, she didn’t have the standing to do this and is now serving five years in Federal prison for her “insubordination”.

Kim Goguen is another such purported savior, and doesn’t have standing either. She’s the IMF candidate and a Territorial Citizen.

All these people are functioning as Legal Persons.
Not one of them is functioning as a Lawful Person.

As a result, the Storehouses of the Lord are firmly locked and closed against them. They can’t get there from here, for the same reason that you can’t be on the High Seas and standing on Mount Everest at the same time.

It’s a matter of time-space and energy capacity.

So these imposters — literally imposters — chase each other around and around the mulberry bush and none of them can gain leverage or bear the truth.
They say that they represent so-and-so and are agents of this-and-that. Kim says she was “chosen” by Marduk. Great. Who made “Marduk” king? Not his Father, who wasn’t appointed king, either. LOL.


The World Trust was created by men who believed in the Bible, and this is what the Bible says about this matter—- Hebrews 1:1-13 — God makes the heir.

There is only one appointed God-created heir of an estate in their system and that heir is a living man acting in the capacity of a Lawful Person.

Lawful assets belong only to Lawful Persons, so this makes perfect sense and is logically sound throughout.

A “paper man” —or woman — can’t possess actual gold, wheat, wine, or anything else that is actual and factual.

So as I have told everyone — repeatedly — Kim Goguen isn’t the heir. By definition. And this is certain as water flowing downhill.

Many Christians have thought that Jesus is the Heir through whom they inherit — but is Jesus the Heir of the World? No, Jesus is the Heir of Heaven and Earth.

There is another Heir involved —- the Heir of Balbeck, Persia, Phoenicia, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Crete, Armaugh, Rome and so on. He is the Heir of the False God, the Idolater and the Idol.

So what you were all meant to inherit from him was death and idolatry.

Call him the Anti-Christ, if you will, because he deals in the realm of Legal Fictions. This is the realm of the World and the World Trust.

The Earth was created by the Living God and stands in eternal truth; the World was created by the Dead God and is an illusion.

But even the Dead God can serve the Living God, and become a tool in his hands, even as light is born out of darkness and roses grow from manure piles.

We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, and discernment cannot waver. What is, is, and what is not, is not.

Knowing what we know, we are in a position to rightly value and use all things for good. ALL things. Even legal fictions and Legal Persons and the Anti-Christ himself can be used to make all things new and to manifest truth from an illusion.

So remember that the Heir of Balbeck, the actual Heir of the World Trust, is not “bad” in the same way that the Heir of Heaven and Earth is good.

An illusion which is temporary is not of the same realm nor in the same league as an eternal truth; and even if to our eyes, they may appear to be of the same nature, they are not.

Through one created Heir we have inherited all that is “dead” and illusory, and through the other created Heir we have inherited all that is alive and eternal.

So the World Trust, which is an illusion, controls the Lawful Assets belonging to the Lawful Heirs, and the World Bank, which is an illusion, is accountable to them to yield both the Trust and the Assets.

The Heir of Balbeck, not Kim Goguen, holds the key to making the World Bank open up the accounts; and insomuch as he is the Anti-Christ, people are afraid of him; but we mistake the subservience of the illusion to the Living God.


See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here:

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Anna Von Reitz: Land Recording System is Live ?

cabin on the river

Our Land Recording System is Live

By Anna Von Reitz

Sunday, August 16, 2020

As of this past Monday, our Land Recording System (LRS) is live!

That’s about the most exciting and factual news I’ve heard in a long time.

Because it actually impacts us and others around the world in a practical and good way, it’s far more important than anything being reported by the Mainstream Media—-even though some of you may be saying, “So what?”

This week, our State Coordinators and Recording Secretaries began learning how to record documents using the new LRS. As a result, you will be able to record your possession of your most precious private assets — your Good Name, your DNA, your Declaration of Political Status, your children, your homestead claims, your land patents, your car, your business — all your private assets, which until now, have been “mistaken” as public trust assets.

You won’t have to go through a difficult gauntlet of arguments with State of State Recording Offices or struggle to explain your political status to foreigners. You won’t have to pay exorbitant recording costs.

No more arguing with patrolmen on the side of the road, because the Land Recording System coupled with State Assembly membership allows you to secure your State Credentials — affirmative photo identification to replace Driver Licenses and put an end to inappropriate legal presumptions.

Now that the importance of the Land Recording System is dawning on everyone, step back and take a moment to appreciate how many years Americans have had to suffer and struggle for lack of this service? And, indeed, how long people throughout the world have suffered for lack of any official means to record their political status and actual identity?

Picture me and so many others plodding to the various recording offices maintained for international purposes by the State of State organizations, paying through the nose for paperwork processes that were more or less effective, sorting through the welter of jurisdictions, and more often than not, being attacked and questioned at every step.

Say good-bye to all of that. We have stream-lined the process for everyone and miraculously, got it down to something simple and effective.

You will need a birth certificate or other record confirming where you were born, two Witness Testimony forms from people who can identify you as the man or woman whose birth event is referenced by the Birth Certificate or other official record (such as Naturalization records), and a one-page Declaration of your political status. Four pieces of paper. Record them with your State Coordinator or State Recording Secretary.

Welcome home!

All the work that was done prior to this using foreign recording offices is still valid, but imagine how much easier this will be?

This opens the door wider and makes it easier for millions of Americans to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction where they belong, to reclaim the constitutional guarantees they are owed, and to enjoy the freedom they have earned.

It also makes our birthright political status easier for people to understand. It’s one thing to talk and explain, and another to show someone a State Credential card backed by actual State Assembly organizations and historical authorities.

This is being made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers who have stepped forward at this critical moment in history to assist other Americans and help them make the journey home. Thank and bless them every time you have a chance.

Even if you are not an American, thank and bless them, because this is good news for you, too.

The concept that we have been legally high-jacked and human trafficked away from our natural political status almost at birth is finally coming home to millions of people around the world who have suffered the same fate.

Because Land Recording is an international service, our LRS can be used by people in England and Australia, India, Canada and elsewhere around the world, to record their claims upon their Good Names, their DNA, their political status, their land, and their homes, and their businesses and children, too.

At a time when many Land Recording Offices have been closed by the perpetrators in an effort to keep people permanently “lost at sea”, the American Land Recording Office has booted back up with a vengeance.

Soon our system will be teaching recorders from throughout the English-speaking world to use the LRS, and as the land jurisdiction government is restored from Beirut to Bangkok, from Mayfair to Muskogee, people will be able to secure appropriate credentials for themselves and be able to reclaim their private assets and assert their constitutional guarantees like never before.

Remember always that men and women are land assets. “From dust thou art and to dust returneth” — our bodies and everything associated with them, exist naturally under the Law of the Land, not the Law of the Sea.

Remember that It is up to you to declare your identity, your political status, your nature, and the law that you stand under. It’s your responsibility to run your own government and to chastise and direct your own public employees.

The Land Recording System is one giant leap forward not only for America and Americans, but for people everywhere. Take a moment this Sunday to realize the blessing this represents, bow your heads and give thanks for the truth and the greater glory of Nature’s God, for your countrymen, your neighbors, your family, and your friends.

This is a breakthrough moment brought to you by volunteers you will never know, working under far less than ideal conditions, to create the ways and the means for you to restore your country, to properly identify yourselves, and to claim your most precious assets.


See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here:


CAROLAugust 16, 2020 at 6:38 PM
WOW, please thank everyone for me to include yourself and Paul, may Father bless you all, and sustain you. :) tc ttyl


MinisterMarkAugust 16, 2020 at 7:38 PM
Fantastic news-thanks to all involved
NOW peace & prosperity will surely visit our domiciles


Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.August 17, 2020 at 12:58 AM
Gold bless these Latterdays and all God Fearing Patriots in this the Final Revolution !!!


UnknownAugust 17, 2020 at 4:44 AM
You will need a birth certificate or other record confirming where you were born, two Witness Testimony forms from people who can identify you as the man or woman whose birth event is referenced by the Birth Certificate or other official record (such as Naturalization records), and a one-page Declaration of your political status. Four pieces of paper. Record them with your State Coordinator or State Recording Secretary.


SisAugust 17, 2020 at 6:57 AM
where do I get the forms? Witness Testimony forms?


SisAugust 17, 2020 at 6:59 AM
I haven’t seen where she is asking for money.


SaraJaneAugust 17, 2020 at 9:18 PM
She’s not but it would be nice if she received something for all her hard work.


SisAugust 17, 2020 at 7:01 AM
I just seen an article saying that Pelosi has a bill in Congress to eliminate our Constitution and put us instead with the UN plans


SaraJaneAugust 17, 2020 at 9:20 PM
All the more reason to get this done quickly then she will have no authority over you.


DETAugust 17, 2020 at 7:03 AM
Dear Anna,
Im writing as a Prussian from German soil and have read almost all your
Perhaps you know that the Territorial Government is occupying the German Empire since 1945.
The same Territorial Government has made us all 1990 to Legal Persons
without the possibility to change this status; all institutions we have are
now under Code or Statutory Law.
My question to you:
Is it possible as a German to partake at your Land Recording System
to save our assets ?? We do not have any other chance.




MummuAugust 17, 2020 at 7:13 AM
is there one specific state or will all the states do the recording for people born on north america ie canada?


doonstrAugust 17, 2020 at 10:01 AM
So all the “Authorities” have to do is confiscate that “Land Recording System” That literally holds all Your INFORMATION and arrest everyone in there and confiscate their ASSETS because all are now “terrorists and subversives”?
One place (blockchain or server) holds ALL. How easy is that? Hackers can compromise Equifax, IRS, Yahoo, Experian etc..Coinbase lost millions many other blockchain companies hacked or dissolved and our stuff is safe? Even this site is not secured. Who is putting all this together? What qualifications does this IT team have? How do we verify ANYTHING being done FOR us is real?
And again I say none of it works because there are “key” elements missing from the process that make it work. After 3 years having done ALL the processes I am nowhere. Just hundreds of dollars spent, tons of files and still in same position. No one recognizes or accepts this process so nothing changes.
I would like to see ONE person that has VERIFIABLE results come forward and show proof any of this has changed anything. Sign In America? Joke.It is an incomplete process and the cart was put in front of the horse, companies don’t give you a “true bill”. Other companies know how to get Capitus Maximus “debt” discharged, and it starts with the BC having “certain” information on it that Anna either doesn’t know or didn’t tell us. I discovered this quite by accident and it is a GAME CHANGER if that information is missing on the BC, so “discharging your debt” by turning over your expensive, time consuming, Authenticated BC to Mnuchin is completely ignored and a collasal wate of time money waiting and effort and NOTHING ever happens such as opening your “account” and they pay your bills through it. No wonder no one ever gets a notice from the Treasury stating the account in now open and “ready for use”!!!
HA HA HA Anna. No dice there. They must be laughing their asses off at us.
So why would we sign up as ASN’s or ASC’s pledging our life and allegiance to the Assembly by Affidavit, listing ALL our assets, our DNA hoping that somehow we are now poof! set aside, recognized by all as special. Basically as I see it we are allowing Anna and other “fiduciaries” to claim all our stolen assets (for us of course) put them in a Trust that she and hubby control, and they will divvy out 12,000/yr to each of us for “investments” (lol) and pay all our strawman’s debts and give us a debit card to access our money (like payroll, retirement, savings) I assume? How is this different from the current system now? Someone else still has control of YOUR assets. NONE of it works and I can’t see how anyone is SAFE doing this 4 pager.
Do we even know where our donations go? Where is the accounting of expenses?
Who has “oversight” of Anna and company? Does anyone care? Or do we just follow her because she knows better?
At this point all should really think about what they are doing before they do it and Never put your entire life in someone elses hands.


Paul StramerAugust 17, 2020 at 3:55 PM
From Anna Von Reitz

Except that those authorities actually work for us when we occupy our proper standing as Americans instead of stupidly agreeing to “act as” US Citizens of either kind.

You are voicing the fears and opinions of people who have suffered from the fraud and still don’t understand how the fraud and legal presumptions work.

If you agree to be called a Federal Citizen if either kind, the opposing side can prosecute you.

If you claim to be a Territorial U.S. Citizen you will be prosecuted by the Municipal Government.

If you claim to be a “citizen of the United States” you will be prosecuted by the Territorial Government.

But we are neither kind of Federal Citizen or citizen at all. Therein lies the rub—for them.

When we stand as Americans their obligation is to protect us and all the Constitutional guarantees click back into place.

So they have no authority or ability to interfere with us in any way not explicitly stated in the Constitutions —- when we adopt our birthright political status as Americans.

Come out of the closet.

SaraJaneAugust 17, 2020 at 9:30 PM
You are already property…here is your chance for freedom from tyranny. It’s up to you if you choose freedom or slavery. PS. You actually own nothing and you have been surrendered at birth so others own you.


CAROLAugust 17, 2020 at 8:49 PM


UnknownAugust 19, 2020 at 7:18 PM
one dollar per month fee.


SaraJaneAugust 17, 2020 at 9:37 PM
Thank you Anna for your years of dedication and suffering the unjust abuse for your efforts. This outcome is amazing and I pray folks will seize their opportunity to break free. May the Lord bless you mighty and may peace and rest be your portion. And likewise for Paul.


RC from South DakotaAugust 18, 2020 at 3:20 AM
Thank you Anna. It’s good to hear that you think having an online presence for “land and soil” based jurisdiction recording that is “On the Public Record” may assist us in gaining a level playing field from the Corporate Law Enforcement Officers who are so indoctrinated to trespass against the natural and unalienable rights of living people.

What should I record on the LRS that might prevent an LEO from kidnapping & requesting impound of my auto, while driving on the public highways for travel without having it registered with an existing corporate states DMV by way of Certificate of Title or annually paid registration fee? How can my correct political status of American State National or American State Citizen protect my property, such as a car that I paid cash for and have the bill of sale etc., and have declined to file a transfer of title with the state?


SaraJaneAugust 18, 2020 at 3:57 PM
Good Lord Anna this is really serious could you please take a look at this. It appears we could loose everything. I have suggested you to Greg.


RalfAugust 19, 2020 at 1:45 PM
This video is private. Is there a way to get access?

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