Esoteric Atlanta ? Glamis Castle – Portal to Hell ?

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“If you could even guess the nature of the castle’s secret, you would get down on your knees and thank God it’s not yours.” -Claude Bowes-Lyon In a previous episode, we spoke about the mysterious Somerset Belenoff. It is said that Belenoff lives in Glamis Castle in Scotland. Glamis Castle is notorious for ghost, other worldly creatures, and secret so great that only three people at a time are allowed to know it. What is this secret? How closely related to the current royal family is the owners and prior characters of Glamis Castle? Is this all about a bloodline so intense that every once and while, a child is born at Glamis completely reptilian, bound to be hidden from society in the castle for the duration of his life? Have famous people of the past been kept there as prisoners, only to die within its walls? – Esoteric Atlanta