Personal space ? Fiona ?

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” I tried to explain with a couple of examples how much we Finns care about our own personal space the way we act in public. (Honestly, there are tons of amusing examples I could tell you…just didn’t want to make this too long as it already is hahah)

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‘Finnish stereotypes’ videos are my idea of telling about Finnish culture, and Finnish people themselves. How do we behave and how do other people might see us. Point of this is to explain more in detail what these stereotypes really are about, and also have a laugh sometimes since these might be seen as odd to others but then again we all have stereotypes in our own cultures that can be seen strange. Of course, these are stereotypes hence do not take them as 100% truth, we are all different after all. Still, I do believe these stereotypes are shown to some extent in Finnish people. Hope you enjoy! ” – fiona