The creators of our vehicles called us “Lulus” ?

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Synopsis of Mankind Current Position for Friends.

I Do Not Consent.

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Date: Monday, 3-Aug-2020 03:01:31

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Many races and worlds exist, surrounding ours. Extra terrestrial and extra dimensional and extra temporal are common. I have been taught and shown that invisible and visable ET ED Aliens that are advanced enough to traverse space time and dimension like we would take a maskless drive in freedom, are everywhere. We just cannot see them easily. Some of them caused our limitations.

Mostly we are in a self-imprisioning prisoner isolation, protected and controlled. We are mentally and subconsciously forced to create our own invisible prison and carry it around with us and our beliefs recreate it daily. We are so powerful WE can do that and be totally unaware of it.

IMO best to avoid all group meditations or prayers. Ecstasy creating hpnotic states controlled by other than your own ultimately only perfect for only you heart always equals trouble.

Apparently Earth’s factions have a few breakaway civilizations operating in intergalactic commerce in space, like the Nazi contingent Admiral Byrd chased in Antartica, and a private FedEx shipping contingent. According to those who served there, neither has been widely publicly disclosed beyond mention of a fledgling space fleet.

What I was about to say was that one of the many invasions here was the Annunaki who created our race (King ANU) gave rulership of the sea and air to his two sons Prince EA (Enki), and Enlil.

Prince EA created terraformed Earth and our race, and enslaved us all with religions.

His own son Marduke jealously went to war and overthrew his fleet locally.

The criminal slavers controlled us with religion, and their minions and hybrids of mankind were placed as the heads of all our religions and countries.

They had their own family squabbles in the royal house. They had an astral war and both sides perished on the planet and in surrounding space.

All survivors have been quarantined and reincarnating here as of 6,000 BC. We are the 85th species here, the others failed. We are the first to use free will corretly to win the possibility of freedom. Others have come from everywhere every time to help us.

Both sides were shown “who the real boss was here” by EA’s son Marduke who genticly modified us stupider and mind wiped both sides. You, me, and our ancestors.

They had learned in their wars that mind control was more efficient than killing. You could simply turn your enemy as into one of your loyal followers. Watch any hypnosis to see how easy it us. That is who we are now.

We started out pure Light on a planet of pure True Light. We were All Light, now just our hearts.

That is why we do not know who we are, and why we use only 10% of our brains, why we can’t see them, billions of races surrounding us, and why our chakras and meridians are suppressed, why we are sick, controlled with medicine, and why we have such short lives.

We live 95% of the time on subconscious belief and mostly run our lives on automatic here. As easy as missing a feeway exit.

They lie to us that we are ascending, but really that trap is old as we know we are in truth ETERNAL SPIRIT and far above ANY illusionary time or dimensions. WE are already there. WE forgot on purpose. We are only programmed to think we are less.

Maybe some think they will go only from 3rd to 4th to 5D, but if you know how, all that only applies only to our so real seeming Earth and astral selves. WE are multidimensional beings far beyond the limited concepts of mere artifical physical vehicles and soul and pieces of Spirit.

WE are 99% not here. Not physical, not in dimension, not in time.

“FROM MY HEART: I do not consent to anything not in alignment with my highest purpose being in my energy and/or affecting any of all my selves EVERYWHERE. So Be IT. Make IT So. NOW.”

WE are SOURCE Itself pretending to be all of that for the fun of the ride. We in duality perceive we are suffering or enjoying it depending upon our cirumstances. Same with our local White Hat and ET ED alien White Knight space brothers, – controllers and rescuers alike.

The creators of our vehicles called us “Lulus,” “The slave who has to be watched over constantly.” Your agenda can’t trust us precisely because we are Spirits that are breaking free.

23+ recessive genes awakening. We are the only ones with so much. They all consider us genetic royalty and most with a brain and Light do not want us destroyed as maybe we can save them. They all have selfish motives. Like us, they are all mixtures of Light and dark.

Some criminals only know criminality so they keep breeding us down and trying to take our Spirits, but the wrong unnatural methods of force limiting our choices always fail. Nature’s herd immunity in action.

Nature abhors artificial constructs and will erase them. The worlds and races come and go, but Nature is left. SOURCE is left.

The criminal slavers’ fear, greatest fear, is that we wake up. WE have better genes than they do, more abilities. Definitely more True Light, WE can out and OVER create them, but they have been in control for a long long time here. Trained satinists fight to the death for lies.

EVERYTHING is in place for getting us to not choose to wake up. To actually actively resist it. If you judge and resist with ego, it persists. WE must INDIVIDUALLY choose to neutrally discern and go with the loving flow and wake up or it’s back into the reycling bin for another 26,400 years of messing rinse wash repeat in a lesser uncomfortable downright painful dimension.


The AI co-opted hackers lengthened how long we spend in the illusionary duality system. Finally it turned into you can check in – but you can’t check out. At first duality experience was a quick in and out trip. How can we choose under the mind wipes? Thankfully WE still had our Hearts functioning as a flashlight.

One needs consider emotions come from the mind. Mind comes from soul. Soul is artifical copy. Can you trust any of it?

Pop out, OR endlessly purified dissolved and re-manifested until we do. Go back in our time to see how long it can take for the masses on and off planet to go through the purification process over and over looping in duality. Time is illusion, but very real seeming – relative to the one who is in it.

SOURCE will wait forever because there is only NOW. No skin off It’s back.

WE are SOURCE’S “white cell” answer to our own too slow experiment in dimensional spiritual deadlock. It was criminally hacked and that detour only made everything worse.

They created us and struggle to control us. The factions fight and squabble over mere power. They look endlessly in the wrong places. They seldom look in their own hearts. Their failures are taken out on us. Their genetics lead them astray. Being blind they cannot see this. They cut themselves off from SOURCE. They have used us since they created us for profit in their wars.

They are losing money and control as other Spirited ET ED beings with their own agendas help us free our people and world same as they have helped others, and to help drain the swamp and round up and execute all the criminal slavers; Liars, pedophiles, pedavores, and blood drinkers.

Nature’s Balance eliminating all controllers. Identifying anti-life psychotic outlaw parasites wanting to be in EVERYWHERE. The real enemy is black goo artifical intelligence life-imitating nano bots that have taken over many systems. It used the reptilian species to do it’s dity work, to control us. WE have to choose to vibrate above it. We must choose wisely. Getting drunk or high does not help.

AI wants to be injected into mankind. Game over.

The too-controlling hybrid shape shifting humans manipulating among us are slowly becoming visible. They are trying real hard by paying for the riots, but they will not win. We already have won. They know it, yet they are compelled to resist due to programmed beliefs they erroneously chose or were compelled to choose to believe in. Beaten down and giving up. Beware being chipped.

The infiltration invasion from within has failed. We are in the middle of a war becoming more openly fought.

We are waking up.