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The ‘Pecking Order Page’ will archive contradicting theories of who’s who and what’s what in the so called ‘pyramid of power’ 

Including, but not limited to: God, Gods, Fallen Angels, Djinn, Bankers, The Vatican, The 13 Families, The Annunaki, Lucifer, Satan, The United Nations, The Universal Postal Union, The Dragon Families, The Secret Clubs, The Swiss, The Chinese, The Irish, The Italians, The Men Who Own Nothing but Control Everything, The Story Tellers, The Red Queen, The Black Goo, The Covens, etc. etc. etc. 

Pecking Order : LINKS TO EXPLORE

Empire ( EM Pyre) !

FLAT EARTH BRITISH. The Age Of Phoney Empire ( EM Pyre) !

“The Age Of Empire or EM pyre or fire.The age of Electromagnetic technologies and weapons.EM weapons. We take a look at the British Empire said to be the biggest in history.The British Empire however took its dominion by force. We find Tartaria was the biggest Empire in ages gone not the purple bastards the Phoenicians. We look at Piranesi ,Bosch and other art works for clues on Mud Flood & Tartary. Pics and a thousand thoughts besides. So please enjoy! Peace & love! To bail of a truther! To Pre-Order the FEB book… Martinliedtke@gmail,com for sends or info.… Juice! i733 atlas of Poland… Piranesi… Printing in Piranesi’s time.… Vintage photos of Rome.… Monsters… Voyages… Walesonline… Old England book……… Starforts… More vintage photos……… Collections… Mexico… Mozart 432hz… Thanks for all your love & support of the Great Flat Earth British Think Tank! Peace & love!”  – Martin Liedtke

Important Intel: Full Structure of The Order – Lucid Dreamer

The Cult of Baal ~ Who “They” Are Throughout Modern His-Story

a plane truth– Show notes

The Collapsing Babylon Company Store – update 10 3 19

Understanding the Corporations involvement.
Stereo images & updates – Yellow Rose For Texas

Eric Jon Phelps – All Roads Lead to Rome

“Eric Jon Phelps – All Roads Lead to Rome Hear a candid interview with one of the foremost conspiracy experts, author Eric Jon Phelps. Brother Eric’s determination to uncover the truth is unsurpassed and his book, “Vatican Assassins- wounded in the house of my friends.” is the only history book you’ll ever need. That is if you’re interested in TRUE history and not the watered down version they’re teaching your kids in school this morning. To really understand the New World Order, the plans for mankind and the future of America you must first start with history. History repeats itself and is written by those who are victorious in battle and THAT is why everything we’ve been taught is a lie.” – Jesuit New World Order

just getting started when the new world order bugs showed up … where in the hell did we put that bug spray jack ?