Eric Dubay – The NASA Moon Landing Hoaxes

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“After having 30+ videos and 3 entire channels banned/deleted, YouTube has decided they haven’t censored me enough, and are now dishing out more fraudulent strikes to my channel. I have had to set some videos to private for the next couple months to try and save my channel from this attack, and am re-uploading an abridged version of this video which just received a ridiculous copyright strike for the inclusion of a single random Mars rover picture that is public domain and unarguably fair-use.

The 1969 Apollo “Moon” landings, the 1976 Viking and other subsequent “Mars” landings have all been Hollywood staged hoaxes done with actornauts, models, green-screens, CGI fakery and real rockets shot into the ocean. NASA steals 52 million dollars in taxpayer money every single day giving us back nothing but science-fiction movies and bold-faced lies.” – cont’d Eric Dubay