English is still our Official Language, as it should be — All that PARSE is meant to do, is to defraud and demean you ?

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Help Shut Down the Cock and Bull Story

By Anna Von Reitz

Claims that Russell J. Gould and David-Wynn Miller “saved America” — are demonstrably false.

Shut them down. Russell Gould and David Wynn-Miller made big claims for themselves, but those claims are not true.

I will tell you what is true—-

It’s true that our grammar — that is, our use of our grammar, leaves a lot to be desired, but English is still our Official Language, as it should be. It’s also true that we are very ignorant about a wide range of subjects, but it is not our fault. We have been deliberately left in this condition by a Public School system that does everything but educate the public.

PARSE is just a variation of a very old fraud scheme, dating back to the reign of the Roman Emperor Justinian. Please see the uses of Dog Latin as revealed by the research of the Australians, and especially Romley Stewart. It is not “mathematically correct”. It can’t even distinguish between a cucumber and a pickle.

All that PARSE is meant to do, is to defraud and demean you.

As for his claims to have salvaged the Title IV Flag —- the Title IV Flag is simply a specified size and shape of our war flag that we allow our British Territorial Subcontractors to use when they are acting in our behalf and exercising our delegated powers. As a result, what Russell captured was our property, and he has not offered to return it —- which makes him a pirate, not a hero.

The actual law is: “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” It is still our flag along with all other proportions and variations of our flag.

Mr. Gould is just acting as a Spoiler and as an undeclared Foreign Municipal Agent trying to wrangle a contract by force.

Our experience with Mr. Gould underlines this conclusion. We talked to him extensively; agreed on some points (regarding English Grammar) and not on others, tried for some months thereafter to dissuade him from his erroneous conclusions, and to help him with some of his projects which seemed worthy, and in thanks, caught him referring to us in very disparaging ways, and referring to me as a “Jackal”.

When confronted with this, he denied it. We returned the taped interview where he said it. We haven’t heard a word since.

This is not a trustworthy or truth-seeking man. Whatever else he is, Russell J. Gould is no American and no hero.

Run like an antelope away and be fully forewarned. Please help bring an end to this spurious attempt to undermine the actual American Government and commandeer our flag. Piracy has been one of the Hallmarks of the crimes committed against us by our purported Trustees. Don’t allow it to prosper further.
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