IF nation A steals a ‘flag’ from nation B how will it affect … ooops, it wasn’t a nation … just another couple of sailors trying to make pickles out of your cucumbers ! ?

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But, go ahead and change all your insignias on all of your uniforms and make yourself a new flag if you ….

that’s expensive !

how will we every be able to identify who’s who on the HIGH OPEN SEAS …

our cucumber corporation is ready to rumble !

just a minute … weeeeee could save time and money and angry cucumber corporation confrontations if we became the first country without a flag …

like the invisible ninja !

or, we could …

just find those guys who took OUR flag and make them walk the gang plank !

ya think !

i’ve been to a country on a ship with no flag …

and i lost may compass on the way to official flag store

and …

how many folks does it take to authorize a new flag

and … do you have any logo designers that can make us a really nice

honest flag of a sparky spark umbilical cord !

ta’ let ya’ know we’re still half alive and kickin !

Orleans – Still The One