If You’re Related To Adam, You’re Related To Eve !

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when you’re related to adam
you’re related to eve
you’re related to seth
you’re realted to steve

you’re related to Lia
you’re related to cain
you’re related to leo
you share the same chains

you can’t piss on the downline
whithout floodin’ the top
he’s just getting started
she’s not yours to stop

the contracts you honor
and choose to appease
are not on the road
i’m travling ..

they’ve dried up your tears
justified their old games
just follow the leader
the one with no name

lucky for adam
lucky for eve
lucky for seth
lucky for cain

thank god for good books
and luxury trains !

thank god for the kings
they’ve painted and framed !

or your halls would be boring
with no one to blame !

thank god for the service
thank god for the maids !

thank god for bills
that never need paid !

thank god your new prince
never needs laid !

thank god you can change
your related names !

thank god you’re ‘allowed’
to forget about me !

when i insult your adams
and confound your eves !

thank god they will say
it’s all tongue and cheek !

we forgot about lilith
we’re all smoking weed !

in North Korea
with Corky and Breeze !