Barry is a perfect man … Everything on earth’s a scam … and … Kimberly Goguen Blows A Gasket ?

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Kimberly Goguen Blows A Gasket

Kim’s blown a gasket – calling the FBI 😮

The lady that wears all the hats is not happy. She is a self proclaimed sovereign lady on the planet, trustee of the former MWHT, a diplomat on behalf of our planet that attends ET councils. Sits in meetings with President Trump, Putin and other world leaders, including the Rothschilds and the 300 families. But is absolutely rattled by a group of EX THI & Cosmic Voice members that have been attacked, bullied and lied to for years by Thomas Williams.

This group of just 50+ finally had enough of the slander and lies, and set out to investigate Thomas Williams and Kim, after making the most preposterous stories, from UPU aliens, to ‘a save the world trust’ with all of the planets resources. And the lies built up with Thomas Williams’s fantasy of 2 worlds, lower realms wars and his cult controls.

This group Team Bubba discovered much evidence that contradicts Kim & Thomas’s fictional stories.

We asked them for proof when we were members, but all we received was an aggressive response. We have asked for proof after finding proof of their lies in past begging for donations for made up projects, foundations, and scams.

We have been accused of being FBI, Langley agents, retards, and others. Which we just laugh it all off. 😂😂😂

But ALL of our requests for proof were rejected

They didn’t think their latest move out very well. Now They are going to raise a case with the FBI about us. 😱😱😱 The same FBI that Kim & Thomas claim to have been blocking the trust funds from being transferred. The same FBI that Thomas claims to have fried all of the servers as punishment for that. The same FBI agents they have been calling cabal and are corrupt. But all of a sudden, they call for the FBI’s in stopping a few members investigating them. Poor Kim and Tiny 😢😢

Now we are over the moon that Kim is to raise this case, but it’s them in panic mode. They are upset because we have exposed much and hitting them hard with evidence from their past. Also the latest new members, which must have made him reach for the whisky 🥃

Now they have calmed down, And let it all sink in, and processing it properly, instead of them acting on impulse.


This was Randy’s comment. ————— “Threatening me with arrest and prison. Being accomplishes to an online stalking and harrassment ring. After a botched effort to get me into their little circle. This has gone on for years now, and the FBI couldn’t care less that I’m targeted in a slanderbot scheme. Extortion, slander, and online harrassment is illegal, so now I’m just going to make a public record”


Time to have a little UPU meeting and gets some help from them I think 🤔

Thanks for the entertainment any way Kim & Thomas. 👍👍

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