Halfway To A 9 : Sippin’ Spider Web Wine : These Block Chain Codes Aren’t Worth a Dime ^.^ : ^.^ : ^.^

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Open Sesame ! NOPE. Abracadabra ! NOPE ! Fuck Y’all With Prejudice ! CONGRATULATIONS ! Rebooting … NEW GATE KEEPER PLEASE NOTE: If you share this code with anyone else you’ll have to go back to counting that filthy lucre manually …

Kim Who ? Code What ? Rewind ! M 1 N U T E …

Syd, will you please wait your turn ! We’re trying to find out how to get a free expense account so we can stop being gigolos !
Is a real cat out of a real bag ? Or do they just want ta’ run ya’ around in circles while they replace the transformers … This Abacus Is Set to Zero !
This Cranmer Abacus is said to be "resting at zero"
How to Count to Ninety-Nine on an Abacus !
Well, of course it’s a gas … that’s why it’s called the petri dish petro dollar !



if a real cat did get out of a real bag … THI TEAM BUBBA is exactly the kind of channel that would be needed to ‘Quell’ it … Will The Real Big Bubba Please Stand Up !


  1. put an end to (a rebellion or other disorder), typically by the use of force.”extra police were called to quell the disturbance”synonyms:put an end to · stamp out · put a stop to · end · finish · get rid of · crush · put down · check · crack down on · curb · nip in the bud · thwart · frustrate · [more]

bing search … QUELL IT ! SQUASH IT ! MAKE IT GO AWAY !