Thank You, Pilgrim

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Thank You For Spittin’ Me Out Of Your Mouth

I Feel So Much Better Now !

Ilias Dimopoulos

poppy seed a pilgrim, Patina Belle

thanks for spitting me out of your mouth,

My doubts are none of your business now.

Rose isn’t red – the skies aren’t blue.

it’s never simple – when you’re passin’ through,

the extreme side of Kalamazoo

greedy word gods

comfy plastic shoes

99 privilicious reviews

rocky paper

scissor games

holy mother fakers

with no shame

luke-warm hammers and a bag of nails

pump up the volume – live to tell

write me out of your story now

i’m not your dog

i’m not your tail

i’m not your slave

to buy or sell

read my lips – go to hell

no one believes your paper trails

no one believes the lies you sell

write me out of your story now::

One Country