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Radio Tartary Host Victor Bugge joins me to time travel from Tartary to the modern day phenomenon of Q. Are the two topics connected? I have been aware of Victor’s work for awhile but had to really think about whether or not I wanted to engage the “Q issue.” Ultimately I decided it was worth putting my bias aside temporarily in order to discover some possible deeper truths. While I still think that the forward facing Q op is more harmful than helpful and do not agree that Trump is in anyway here to “save the people,” I do think that Victor has uncovered some very interesting threads that help explain why the psyop exists in the first place, as well as the underlying motivations that drive the undeniable ongoing factional warfare we see amongst the “elite.” Enjoy! :)

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Part 1: Mining Your P’s And Q’s
– Truth is a middle pillar issue
– Saturnian symbolism and astrotheology
– Victor’s initial 2 year research into Tartary
– Q-celts and P-celts appeared and he began seeing them everywhere
– Connections between Trump and Kennedy
– Did Trump’s ancestors rule Tartary?
– Do Trump and Putin share blood? (a little Russia collusion, eh?)
– Ghengis Khan and the concept of religious freedom
– All Celts come from Tartary
– Who are the Q Celts?
– Who are the P Celts?
– How language is involved in this issue
– The Phoenicians
– Saturn overtakes Jupiter at the winter solstice December 2020
– Does Saturn get a bad rap?
– Who is Jupiter really?
– Does mind control begin in the mouth?
– Patricide
– Blood as a binder
– Will symbolism be the downfall of the Phoenicians?
– Truth must be discovered organically
– Of blood and cement
– Golf mafia and sex tourism
– Charities are red flags for human trafficking
– Who are the Crenshaws?

Part 2 : Learning To Read The Map
– how poetry is used to communicate by both Q and the Tartars
– from Genghis Kahn to the Founding Fathers
– codes are everywhere
– Is Saturn the God of Tartary?
– Rudolf Steiner
– Jupiter vs Saturn
– maps & symbols are how the game is played
– Victor’s map of Orange County
– Jupiter Cult
– Got & Tennis
– Tiger Woods & Roger Federer
– how charities hold human trafficking operations together
– plasma powered androids
– underground cloning centers
– is sewage collection as part of civilized society a cover for dan harvesting?
– Edward Snowden symbolizes the war between CIA and NSA
– is Trump “playing” the fool?
– election speculations
– what is Unity 2020?
– NESARA…..again?
– suspending disbelief in order to understand something
– why is the #19 everywhere?
– of clovers and quatrefoils
– who/what is Jeff Mills?
– the clover gender psyop
– Tom Hanks’ energy source
– the real HCQ issue?

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note: Tartary was mapped by Jesuits for Chinese Emperor

note: they always map ya’ before they slap ya’

note: there is no question mark after either of the first two notes !