Trillion Dollar Domains !

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you have caused our enterprises a great deal of harm and loss of business with your fake glow bowl shutdown …

please see the file attached indicating the trillion dollar a day lein attached to your corroupt corporation for everyday you choose to play your global wooden nickle Q games.

Business interfered with include but are not limited to

Ley Line Tours

Musical Tarot Cards


Tables That Turn

Colloidal Solution Jet Stream Products

Billion Dollar Domain Names

Wide Trains , llc

infinite music morph layer loop auto generator

Wingibay (unincorporated)

Rating All – verification company (is it a real girl, or isn’t it)

Bumper Sticker Cafe international – members club

etc. etc. etc.

(it goes without saying one can’t really put a price on the damages caused to the hearts and souls of our great employees and the disruptions you have caused them)

We expect 10,000 of other Business to attache leins to YOUR BULLSHITTERY as well …

So, we hope you are experts in turning straw into gold and are also familiar with how to defend yourself in the new courts.

Y’all have fun in chapter 7, 11 & Q !

keep it up you bankrupt glow bowl idiots and we’ll replace ‘trillion dollar leins with zillion dollar leins …

What comes after Z ? Use your imagination … after you grow a few real brain cells of your own !

(all leins, based on current 2020 silver price)

Sin sneerly yours,

Znonymous Alpha,


Taking care of business