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Updated “See The V” Impossible List – Radio Show Format


we like it.

philip Trevor
5 days agothere is a zombie apocalypse but its been going on for thousands of years, those with souls have had to pretend to be a zombie to survive.65REPLYHide 2 replies

Max Meeks

Max Meeks5 days agoSometimes you gotta go zombie when surrounded by the dead.16REPLY

Babylon Refugee

Babylon Refugee4 days agoI believe this is correct.5REPLY

Miss Neverwuz

Miss Neverwuz5 days agoSpeaking of anagrams- anagram for FACEMASK= FAKE SCAM118REPLYHide 25 replies

Humble Disciples

Humble Disciples4 days agoNice8REPLY


Lotus4 days agoNice catch6REPLY

Amy Dodson Hatfield

Amy Dodson Hatfield4 days agoI am the 420th comment! No commentary needed!6REPLY

Jeppo Jinx

Jeppo Jinx4 days agoIF YOU KEEP THEM FOCUSED ON SURVIVAL they will never Revolt…. Legends TV Show Last Episode…5REPLY


timishere19254 days agoF me!2REPLY

poop smelled backwards is still poop

poop smelled backwards is still poop4 days agoVI Rus = 6 Rus. Rus = Layers of World. Tartar – Rus = depths of hell 6 Rus = 6 layers of hell1REPLY

Witty Woo

Witty Woo4 days agoWeaves it’s way as Matt would say !!1REPLY


timishere19254 days ago@poop smelled backwards is still poop What type of code or cypher are you using because I’m lost.2REPLY

poop smelled backwards is still poop

poop smelled backwards is still poop3 days ago@timishere1925 try the cipher of silliness, it works great ;)1REPLY


timishere19253 days ago@poop smelled backwards is still poop I figured as much. Don’t quit your day job just yet my friend.2REPLY

poop smelled backwards is still poop

poop smelled backwards is still poop3 days ago@timishere1925 tough crowd these days. Don’t know any good comedy unless we are the joke ourselves1REPLY

New Normal World Order

New Normal World Order3 days agoWouldn’t “fake scam” mean the scam itself is fake? As in it’s NOT a scam? Idk that sounds like a double negative to me lmao2REPLY

LP999 LindaJPolverini

LP999 LindaJPolverini3 days agoits all fun. the fines for such are going to be interesting to gauge.1REPLY


timishere19252 days ago@LP999 LindaJPolverini I can’t see the economy even existing in the next year. The other shoe hasn’t dropped yet. You don’t shut the whole world down for 3/4 months and things go on as usual.2REPLY

LP999 LindaJPolverini

LP999 LindaJPolverini2 days ago@timishere1925 I feel you.1REPLY

The Matt Hatter

The Matt Hatter2 days agoNot many of these guys give us a way out of this place, Matt kind of does, CoC to me is more like a metaphysical observation of the underlying mechanisms of reality, and nobody wants to see how the sausage is made. But truth is the only thing in this place that’s real, and knowing is freedom.2REPLY

LP999 LindaJPolverini

LP999 LindaJPolverini2 days ago@The Matt Hatter yeah this is a calm quiet place or channel to tune intoREPLY

poop smelled backwards is still poop

poop smelled backwards is still poop2 days agoWonder what’s the relationship between Kingdom of God and Imagination. Might sound a little left field here but that’s the ultimate underlying vibe in this area of inquiry.REPLY


timishere19252 days ago@poop smelled backwards is still poop Poop, I’m honestly not trolling you but you say your comment about imagination and God like it’s definitive, and maybe for you it is which is great. Please don’t word things like you speak for everyone though. I don’t think even us awake folks barely know which way is up. This realm and experience we are all experiencing is strange beyond words. What might be the absolute truth for you might not be for the person right next to you. At least that’s how I see it.REPLY


timishere19252 days ago@The Matt Hatter No content creators give us a way out of this place, including Matt. I watch because I’ve found and continue to find value in his work. However I don’t care if you’ve been going down rabbit holes for 50 years, we’re all shooting in the dark to one degree or another. Maybe you didn’t mean to but the way you worded your comment about Matt being one of the few that shows us a way out seems off to me. I think that is an undue pressure put on content creators if you’re watching them to “show you the way out of here.” I don’t think we should be expecting that out of anyone we watch. We’re all on our own when it comes to that. That’s the holy grail. The question of all questions. And it’s an individual journey for each of us. Just how I see it.Read moreREPLY

LP999 LindaJPolverini

LP999 LindaJPolverini2 days ago@poop smelled backwards is still poop It’s what the individual makes of itREPLY

poop smelled backwards is still poop

poop smelled backwards is still poop2 days ago@LP999 LindaJPolverini So, probably best to let it be thenREPLY

LP999 LindaJPolverini

LP999 LindaJPolverini1 day ago@poop smelled backwards is still poop well its always good to talk about. 🇮🇹🌈🙏💝💐🌞 gratitud and loveREPLY

poop smelled backwards is still poop

poop smelled backwards is still poop1 day ago@timishere1925 I made a longer reply but deleted it. Can simplify to: Truth cannot be expressed save by parable. “Reality” (so called) is but a part of that parable (“before, I am”). Haha. I think you misinterpreted me. I meant to say I think they are opposites.Read moreREPLY

poop smelled backwards is still poop

poop smelled backwards is still poop1 day ago@LP999 LindaJPolverini I think scripture said something like “he declares the beginning from the end” so “talking about it” is the same as saying “poop talking” haha. Is that what “touch not the unclean thing” means? “Let it be”? Hahaha! My name is more and more apt every day!REPLY

Loyal Tangie

Loyal Tangie5 days agoWait time on the phone “Due to high volume calling, your wait time will be approximately 40 minutes..”, disconnects @25 minutes…., the new normal49

Quantum of Conscience

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Loyal Tangie

Loyal Tangie4 days agoWhatever happened to “Operators are standing by!” ??5REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days ago (edited)The common one in Great Shitain aka “Land of the Queue” is “We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes…” and yet the message is permanent. No mantter how many customers, they will never hire more operators and the menu system is designed to send you in circles and prevent you finding a way towards the one or two employed humans who are also protected by a bad attitude and automatic random-disconnect system, backed up with a manual random disconnect option to be used when the operator senses human-like customer frustration.Read more10REPLY

J Brock

J Brock4 days agoI called fedex a couple days ago. Got the whole. For deliveries press1..for..press 2. Call gets connected. On hold for a long time..while the msg you quoted keeps playing..all of a sudden “please take our survey & rate you customer svc experience… that I havent even had yet. I just waited for a few seconds hoping to get back on hold. “Please take out survey & rate your customer svc epxerience”… Goodbye.. Cmon man! I kinda feel like all of the gd spam calls & txts chip away at everyone patience & sanity. Does anyone ever fall for em? But they just keep on comin day after day. Take careRead more2REPLY


r0br33r4 days agoClearly bad exaggeration joke aside, this is hilarious shit. It’s like you american living memes actually think you’re special enough to warrant instant customer service over the phone, and if you’re not it’s MUH MATRIX :’) Not doing yourselves any favors hereREPLY

Rob Wigglezz

Rob Wigglezz1 day agoPress one for hot, girl on girl action, press 2….ah shit, wrong numberREPLY

Unfrozen Caveman

Unfrozen Caveman5 days agoI got a new banner ad today. With cartoon faces wearing masks, it read simply: Cornavirus is real- WEAR A MASK! If we were eight months into a real genuine actual pandemic would they really have to tersely tell us so? I mean- jeez!Read more49REPLYHide 17 replies

Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas4 days agoFlying saucers are real too, that’s why I am posting this from my cellar, I would tell you more, but they can trace the signal, stay safe fellow humanoid.6REPLY

Outstretched World

Outstretched World4 days agoThats why they used the real cartoon faces.5REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville4 days ago@Damon Thomas – Don’t freak me out. I’ve been hearing so much stuff about other beings (ETs) it’s starting to freak me out. No just ETs, either. Demons, archon’s, all sorts of weird shit. That’s what happens when 30 MILLION people aren’t working (is it still that high??). Waaaay too many people with too much time on their hands got access to social media and they’re spewing out all kinds of bizzaro crap. Omg – 😂 – my mom is 84, I tell her about some of the stuff I read, I get her laughing it’s so crazy!! She thinks I’m nuts for reading it. I told her about this channel and what Matt thinks. She kinda gets the general idea. Oh, about the spiritual war. Not the notnilc or NPC’s. That’s more in-depth. Mom is not into accepting new ideas. That’s o.k., I get it. I’ll probably be the same when I’m her age, if I live that long. LolRead more8REPLY

Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer4 days agoLaura Manville Enjoy the time you have with her. You will be so glad you did.4REPLY

Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas4 days ago@Laura Manville I was just kidding, the earth is flat and extra terrestrials are a manifestation of demonic entities from our own realm. We are spiritual beings, nothing will be placed in our path that we can’t handle, it may not be much fun, but we can handle it. Just keep investigating and using your best judgement, the fewer lies they can plant in your brain, the healthier it will be. Get out into nature as much as possible, that’s where a lot of the healing happens. All my best to your mom.8REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville4 days ago@Damon Thomas – Kinda figured. I think I saw an archon when I was meditating. I have visions. I don’t know wtf else to call them. Anyway…… I talked to it, told it I couldn’t feed on me and to go find somewhere else to get its negative energy. It did. I think I might have also seen a ghost. I’ve seen quite a few gray and black things swirling around. And a couple white. This is behind my eyes – my eyes are closed. I’m wearing a sleep mask – sometimes I open my eyes – it doesn’t matter. I start in a room and move through different rooms. Trying to move is hysterical. I keep getting stuck, lol!! It’s kind of like an extremely slow video game I operate with my eyes. Kinda weird the spiritual stuff doesn’t scare me and the ET stuff freaks me out. I feel…. protected by God when I meditate because I always pray to Jesus and declare that I am putting on the amour of God and carrying his shield before I start. Now you’re gonna think I’m totally nuts. Yes, my brain is probably making this all up, but is kinda neat. It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone else. OK, I told my therapist. She seemed…. intrigued but concerned. I haven’t jumped out any windows or joined any cults. Except this channel, the Cult of the Notnilc Reality. Lol. I think everyone is a little nuts right now. But the REAL fucked up bastards…. they’re the ones running this place. And we don’t even know who the fuck they are. Can’t protest against the Invisible Elites.Read more7REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville4 days ago@Danny Meyer – Yeah, she’s awesome. Lost my dad in Jan of 2019. That was awful. I think she may live into her 90s.3REPLY

Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer4 days agoLaura Manville I hope she does I had family members who did. I had wonderful conversations with them.3REPLY

Lilac Vodka

Lilac Vodka4 days ago“… the Cult of the Notnilc Reality” Love it!3REPLY

miz elle

miz elle4 days ago (edited)omg. a pandemic so “deadly” we have to be reminded of it CONTINUOUSLY and FINED hundreds, even thousands of dollars to take it seriously. an announcement is literally every 2 minutes on the busses here in Korea, and maybe every 7 minutes on the subway. JFC. not to mention but 8 months in we should see like, oh maybe one or two MILLION dead in the US alone FFS7REPLY


Cornerstanding4 days agoIf this was real there would be piles of burning body’s in the streets.4REPLY

mike D

mike D4 days agoi only use the mask to cut down my fart intake on the j train4REPLY

miz elle

miz elle4 days ago@mike D haha, it seems to trap the fart smells in though1REPLY

Angela Moulton

Angela Moulton4 days agoand i got an alert on my phone this morning i averaged 8 hours 33 min on my phone🤷‍♀️😅1REPLY


bansheemania4 days agoThere should be Bodies Stacked Stacked up. Body’s all over dead in cars homes all OVER… I do not see it.4REPLY

Open Eyes

Open Eyes3 days ago@Laura Manville Hi Laura. Listen, you’re not nuts at all – you’re seeing into the spirit realm, but you’re all good as you have on the full armor of God! So, NO FEAR!!! But if I were you you I would stop trying to explain any of this to a “professional” – they’re (most likely) not going to accept that which goes against their training, and “scientific” understandings of the world… As you said, he’s concerned.😉 Oh also, if you can try and make some videos with your mom – like sort of documenting history with her personal experiences. At the very least it’ll be something to remember her by later. Be well!🙏Read moreREPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville2 days ago@Open Eyes – Omg. Thank you. I was pretty sure that was what it was. That plus I’m going through different levels of my own mind. I saw some more… obvious signs last night that I am very much in touch with the spirit world. So many spirits floating around underneath me. Yeah, I mentioned it to my therapist because I wasn’t really sure myself what to think. She didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, so I’m not going to say anything else about it. That’s a really good idea about my mom – the video. We have one of my dad chasing my cousin’s grandbaby. It’s so adorable!! My dad LOVED kids!! He was a teacher for 34 years, mostly K-3rd grade. He was the best dad in the whole world. 💖😪Read moreREPLY

Faux Reality

Faux Reality5 days agoI used to stand outside for 8 hours a day for my security job, and it seemed like after the 2017 eclipse the days just started so gradually go quicker. As a kid I played an old game called STALKER and it simulated a day/night cycle that was about x3 faster than real life or something. I used to think that it was unrealistic how night time only lasted about 10 minutes before sunrise again. It’s can’t explain but it feels way more accurate now. Even in the past I would start errands around 10am, and be done by 1. Now it just takes me ages because the day just goes by so fast, I usually would be done around 4pm. A channel commented about how someone in their 30s looked way older “back then” compared to someone in their 30s today who may look in their 20s still. His point is he thought that time moves so fast we can’t age properly.. like we literally don’t have time to age or something those linesRead more54REPLYHide 9 replies

Robby V.

Robby V.5 days agoFascinating about the age / not aging time thing. I have been saying and knowing the time constricted thing for a long time now …. I used to spend a few hours a day in a bar usually. A few years ago I quit and decided to get actively involved in getting shit done. But I cannot keep up. I used to waste time and be on top of things and now I am trying and cannot. There is no way that time is the same.21REPLY

Frank Bear

Frank Bear4 days agoI’ve noticed something similar. When I watch a movie that I used to watch a lot when I was younger and it seemed like it would go on forever, now it seems like its done in an instant. Maybe it’s just me though.2REPLY

Mike Martin

Mike Martin4 days ago@Robby V. When I quit drinking, it was my awakening. I used to bust my ass get stuff done, now, yeah I’m 50 so as you age time does fly, but trying to get anything done is a chore…3REPLY

Max Amillion

Max Amillion4 days ago (edited)Doesn’t the bible say something about time speeding up in the end days…..8REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville4 days ago@Frank Bear – That’s really strange. I’m the only person saying time seems like it’s much slower. Everyone I know says it’s faster. It slowed down when I started taking meds for ADHD in 2018. That’s REALLY weird. Must be a coincidence. Oh…. nope. My dad was diagnosed with cancer right around that time, too, so my entire perspective on life changed. Every minute mattered. Cool. My perspective stayed the same. That means anyone can shift their time perspective. They just have to figure out how. Yep. Good luck with that. It took MASSIVE amounts of pain for me to change mine. Same situation also pushed me to get control of my depression after 12 years. You never know what pain will do for you. Don’t waste it, learn from it. Life is full of struggle. Why not gain something from it?Read more3REPLY

aunt jenifer

aunt jenifer4 days ago@Laura Manville it’s not coincidence, it’s the drugs that effect perception as well as technology effecting those who may not be effected by drugs but that’s my educated guess !?3REPLY

P Body

P Body3 days agoI’m pretty sure they used CERN to speed up the rotation of the earth.REPLY

Yarden Shwartz

Yarden Shwartz3 days agoif you look at pictures or videos of high schoolers in the 90s it looks like everyone is in their late 20s by today’s standards1REPLY


StillAtMyMoms1 day agoI have felt the time acceleration too. By no means it is at a constant rate. Not that I can substantiate my claim or provide empirical evidence, but it is a feeling. Pop science says it is because of my lack of goals but they’re full of shit. It’s the archons meddling with the timeline. This one is fucked anyway with all the corporatism and fakery.REPLY

Jay Gee

Jay Gee5 days agoMatt all the cracked TV issues are a natural warning about investing in the screen, don’t ya know😉61REPLYHide 12 replies

Jennie Hughes

Jennie Hughes4 days agoI get that . But Matt needs the screen to make it more comfortable an maybe a little bit easier for him to do his job .1REPLY


THE VIOLINIST4 days ago@Jennie Hughes I bought my HD tv from ebayfrom a local seller for £20, 6 years ago; cheaper, not a “smart tv” (oxymoron), no tv license paper trail and demonstrated working when I picked it up – I really recommend it…4REPLY


THE VIOLINIST4 days ago@Jennie Hughes Does that plug into the HDMI on a tv or does it need a usb port…?REPLY


THE VIOLINIST4 days ago@Jennie Hughes Just looked it up and it does plug into the tv (hdmi) and connects to the internet with wifi (you probably just see the remote control that it uses); much better than a smart tv because you can plug it out…REPLY

Buscando la Verdad

Buscando la Verdad4 days agoThoughts the same thing. I thought only mpcs bought TVs and drank beer lol much love everyone1REPLY


timishere19254 days ago@Jennie Hughes No he doesn’t. He just thinks he does.REPLY

Gap Shot

Gap Shot4 days agoTHE VIOLINIST tv license?1REPLY

alaire seventy3

alaire seventy34 days agoI have a tiny tv in my room. QofC and a few other channels are the only thing I view on a tv. I used to watch hours and hours of garbage. I catch a glimpse at my parents or when my roommate engages. Goin on 5 years of no programming. It’s beautiful.8REPLY

Jeppo Jinx

Jeppo Jinx4 days agoIF YOU KEEP THEM FOCUSED ON SURVIVAL they will never Revolt…. Legends TV Show Last Episode…REPLY


bansheemania4 days ago@Gap Shot over the pond from us… they can’t even use an Antenna tv Without a permit.. i went to dlolrgenrl bought a 20$ antenna. Using a plain old flatscreenREPLY

Gap Shot

Gap Shot3 days agobansheemania wow incredible how people are comfortable with having any liberties and freedom taken from them…..if you need a license to purchase an “entertainment” system its the same as the harshest com bloc states before the wall came down….makes me wonder if the Berlin Wall coming down and the “end” of the Soviet Union was actually a thought out strategy to spread tyranny throughout the West1REPLY

Open Eyes

Open Eyes3 days agoIt’s at very least a warning against investing in cheap Chinese electronics!😂REPLY

urs beat

urs beat4 days agoWe live in a realm that changes vibrations all the time, you feel great and 2 minutes later you feel sad, or tired or whatever. They manipulate our emotions all the time and I am sick and tired of it.22REPLYHide 9 replies


Melchiorblade74 days agoYep. And then they falsely label it a chemical illness like bipolar disorder and shove pills down your throat to ‘cure’ you.5REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville4 days ago@Melchiorblade7 – I have so many labels I get to go on disability, go to therapy AND a special type of group therapy (DBT) every week for A YEAR! I’ve been on SSRIs since 1994, mood stabilizers since 2010, and started meds for insomnia and ADHD in 2018. I was also just diagnosed with the big scary one: borderline. That’s why I’m getting into the DBT group. I actually want to go, my life is such a mess. And if any of you met me you would never think there is anything “wrong” with me. I’m really nice, friendly, get along with people. I’m good at faking it. I worked in retail for 15 years. My biggest issue is the whole social thing. I know how to do small talk. I hate it, I think it’s pointless (aka boring). I know how to “do” a different persona/mask/roll for work, home, parents, friends, etc. Again, I hate it and think it’s pointless. Why should I be all sorts of different people? Why not just be me? It takes too much energy. I’m an introvert AND an empath. It takes ALL of my energy to be around other people, control my emotions (they fluctuate based on the energy around me), and hopefully NOT absorb anyone else’s emotions who is around me. While I’m doing that, I’m also gonna concentrate on who the eff I’m supposed to pretend to be?? NO!! I’m just who I am!! Nope. I don’t think I have BPD. If I had to label myself, I would say I have Asperger’s, which is now called “high-functioning autism.” I’m still going to have to learn the skills that are taught through DBT in order to function in the world. I have significant social issues. I didn’t used to. I do now. I think it’s the meds and trauma from living a sucky life. Lol. ‘m coming off the mood stabilizers. That’s fun. 😎 So….. I’m cool with the DBT.Read more3REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville4 days ago@Melchiorblade7 – If you aren’t familiar with the anti-psychiatry movement, you might want to do some research on that. Robert Whitaker has a website, YouTube channel and podcast called Mad in America. He also wrote a book called Anatomy of an Epidemic. It’s about the BS that the chemical imbalance is, and how psychiatry screwed us over. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar. Another website is cepuk.org. There is TONS of information out there. I was shocked. Shouldn’t be after the tobacco and opioid scandals. It is ALL about the Benjamins. Psych drugs are a HUGE business and they are ALL toxic for the human brain.Read more2REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days ago@Laura Manville Yes, this is the real global pandemic, though the US is the worst for psychological pills. New Zealand (the social testing petrie dish nation) seems to be the per-capita capital of bipolar and schizophrenia.1REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville4 days ago@Red Pill Diaries – Yes it is. I’ve had “mental health issues” since I was at least 16. I’m 52. I’ve been treating for overing 26 YEARS. This is not something you ever expect when you start out. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and it has taken this long to get to the damn TRUTH!! What is mental illness anyway? Is it a label? Is this world upside down? Is the reality fucked? I know the rulers are psychopaths. None of this helps me – AT ALL. I still have to deal with my shit. The consensus in the anti-psychiatry community is that MOST mental health issues are a NORMAL response to trauma. That includes schizophrenia. In other countries schizophrenia is treated without meds for three or four weeks, sometimes longer, if improvement is seen. They do this this because it is well known once a patient is exposed to psych drugs they are MUCH more likely to have a relapse, to become hospitalized, to require time off work for their illness, and to become permanently disabled. Whereas if the patient is NEVER exposed to drugs it is entirely possible they will naturally recover and go on to have a productive life. A life on psych drugs is not a human life. If I knew what I know now about psych drugs – I never would have taken them. My entire personality changed. I became someone I didn’t recognize. Once your brain is exposed to psych drugs – something – neurons – the structure – whatever – is PERMANENTLY changed. You aren’t doomed. I believe the human mind is more powerful than any damn drug is. But damn – you got a HUGE battle to face getting off the shit. I’m so lucky. I’m on the SSRI that’s the most difficult to get off. Yippee. So far, my mood stabilizer hasn’t been too bad. I’ll figure it out. This is one of the reasons why I think I have Asberger’s. On a subject I like I get specialized and I could talk about all day. 😊 I was working on my bachelor’s in psych. Ran out of money.Read more1REPLY


r0br33r4 days agoSounds like you’re just manic depressive, and sitting on youtube all day surely can’t be helping that. Nobody is more convinced of their own righteousness than a hypochondriac truther.REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days ago (edited)@Laura Manville I have aspergers but it never caused me a problem as I never lived in the US till later in life so I was never medicated….and only got depression when I was younger and never took the meds, instead I used mind over matter. You are right though, seen many people on Prozac , Fluoxetine etc effectively rewire and fuck their minds.REPLY

Laura Manville

Laura Manville3 days ago@Red Pill Diaries – Yep, that’s the culture here. Whatever ails you, take a pill. I think Eastern medicine, whole mind/body, naturopathic makes more sense. I was always really different, but able to function in society, had things figured out, until I got on the meds. It’s like my life or mind was taken over by them. I lost years battling severe depression. Not a damn thing I can do. No point filing a lawsuit – I’ve taken so many different drugs I’d have to sue the APA – they promote the idea of chemical imbalances and the practice of psychiatry. It is total BS. I was an insurance adjuster. I used to handle multi-million dollar lawsuits – major injury cases. They drag on for YEARS. I’m broke and I don’t have the energy to fight. All my energy is going into working on ME and HEALING.Read more1REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries2 days ago@Laura Manville I worked in the Insurance Industry for a bit (Anthem). This could explain the depression ;-) Sorry to make light of depression, but that is how it is dealt with and I couldn’t resist the insurance dig.REPLY

ἀγαθὸς δαίμων

ἀγαθὸς δαίμων4 days agoThe german majority ruling party “Christian Democratic Union” (CDU, a total misnomer), held a joint Corona-plandemic meeting of all cabinet-level ministers, the head of the german CDC, the “inventor” of the rT-PCR test for the Chayna-virus, the marxist head of the WHO, as well as emissaries of the cursed B&MG foundation, the inventors of the Chayna-virus. The meeting was held in May of 2019. I guess our beloved Fuhrer fugly-mug Merkel had a very specific premonition, just like her infamous predecessor with the lil mustache often claimed to have experienced.Read more6REPLY

Slyer Fox

Slyer Fox5 days agoMy girl and I are going for a semi long drive watching the leaves change. Beautiful this time of year. I’ll be listening to this on the drive. Perfect!61REPLYHide 4 replies


ParkourBear5 days agoGreat that you are able to listen to things like this with your girl11REPLY

Jim Burns

Jim Burns4 days agoRhode Island ✌🏻3REPLY

Vehemently Flat

Vehemently Flat4 days agoyay good living1REPLY

loki Griffith

loki Griffith4 days agoBeautiful colors right now in Wisconsin1REPLY


TeeFetch4 days agoSucks that people won’t hear this outside of the old guard. They’d probably just hear static like in Contact if they did.5REPLY

SRP Designs

SRP Designs5 days ago (edited)I went through the same thing when buying a chain saw, the first 2 leaked oil and the third one I bought the next model up.. Get it home and not only was there gas already in it but the cord was pulled completely out of the spool.. That means someone bought it before me put gas in it, broke it , put it back in the carry case returned it and then Lowes put it back out to be sold AGAIN… This is the kind of world we live in now… Especially in retail.38REPLYHide 17 replies

Not From The Gov

Not From The Gov5 days ago“Welcome to Venezuela!” Is what my husband & I say to each other on a daily basis when crap like that happens.8REPLY

Frank Bear

Frank Bear4 days agoYea I know a real piece of garbage that would find broke or old flat screens in peoples trash and then would buy a brand new tv, put the old one in the new box and glue it down and take it back. So he would get the new tv and the money. He did that hundreds of times.4REPLY

Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas4 days agoLet me guess, was it a Poulan?REPLY

Jet Blake

Jet Blake4 days agoYep. Very true. The matrix is breaking down3REPLY

David Vincent

David Vincent4 days agoI took my chainsaw in to get sharpened and they lost it then found it an made me drive 45 min to get it at another store3REPLY

Babylon Refugee

Babylon Refugee4 days ago@Jet Blake the code seems to be glitching or running out of memory.4REPLY

SRP Designs

SRP Designs4 days ago@Damon Thomas YES IT WAS Damon…Bar and chain oil everywhere.. You too?1REPLY

SRP Designs

SRP Designs4 days ago@David Vincent Are you serious… It’s unreal!!REPLY

SRP Designs

SRP Designs4 days ago@Frank Bear Sounds like a scam that the junkies were running in my town back in the day… Very similar.1REPLY

Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas4 days ago@SRP Designs not that, but assorted issues. They are disposable saws, I get them almost new at yard sales for ten or twenty bucks. The pull start is often an issue.REPLY Show more replies

joseph stewart

joseph stewart5 days agoPasswords/Passcodes needed for everything regardless of security/sensitivity levels were put in our way to waste time and generate frustration. ” No doubt by design.51REPLYHide 11 replies

Michael Taylors

Michael Taylors5 days agoYeah it would horrific if someone got into my Gate keeper doctors online patient portal and knew about my next appointment time. Could you imagine someone getting into my online utility payment site ? Must always use the “ strong password “ Hehe6REPLY


ParkourBear5 days agoEven the new cars now, not even talking about the Tesla’s are so invasive. “Smart” cars collecting more data, doing more things for you , dumbing us down gradually.13REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days agoI have the same theory….free accounts protecting no risk systems with password complexities like 1 cap, 1 lower case and special character….but some special chars can’t be used to stop you using same password, and must be changed every 30 days for a system you might only use 1 time a year.3REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days ago@ParkourBearwhile eventually ensuring no manual control/freedom……and the excuse for finally removing controls will be safety which is why we we never ‘allowed’ flying cars. Much easier to maintain crashes and congestion frustration and hindrance if we are crammed onto their human-cattle roads.3REPLY


CHB4 days agocalifornia satan gov. says no more gas cars 2025…..3REPLY

Jeppo Jinx

Jeppo Jinx4 days agoIF YOU KEEP THEM FOCUSED ON SURVIVAL they will never Revolt…. Legends TV Show Last Episode…5REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days ago@Jeppo Jinx So well put, never saw it. Similarly, most people are so focussed on sustaining their lifestyle that they never really live.2REPLY

miz elle

miz elle4 days agoyea, I wanted to comment on the time wasting aspect of life nowadays. it’s just reality for many. Like my folks, they just expect something to take a long time and be somewhat of a hassle. it doesn’t occur to them that it’s by design though.4REPLY


ParkourBear4 days agoRed Pill Diaries indeed. Speaking of control eventually our cars will be linked up with the government in a way where let’s say you owe them money for a traffic ticket, they could shut down ur car or immediately suspend ur license and report it to the police with your exact GPS coordinates, etc etc4REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days ago@ParkourBear Yes, scary that the complete ability for all of this is already ready to go, just needs integrating to govt systems…..I’d say some govt system integration already is already in place with Tesla and others.1REPLY

Open Eyes

Open Eyes4 days ago@CHB And the electric vehicle push is a reality breakdown in and of ITSELF: between the mining of the materials for the batteries, and the lower life expectancy of them (and the vehicles themselves) these are probably more harmful to the environment right off the rip! Not to even mention that probably 90% of the electric comes from burning fossil fuels anyway – where’s the win in this exactly??? Another wonderful side effect of this trend will be the overloading of the electric grid – which will eventually cause much grief!!! All the while hydrogen technology exists, which IS the answer – but of couse is all but ignored in favor of screwing EVERYTHING even more…😢Read more1REPLY

Bianca LM

Bianca LM5 days agoI went to a restaurant here in NYC yesterday with my best friend after months, I sat down on the sidewalk and I was not wearing a mask when I went to the restroom I wear my bandana and it worked I didn’t have a problem, I told the waiter that was servicing us when are you going to open inside and he says the owner do not want the customers to dine inside I was like Good luck to her this business model will fail, I hate this world people are being so foolish and can’t put 2 and 2 together, here we come Season two lockdown is at the corner Spain is locking up locally also England we have to brace ourselves for the upcoming stupidity and drama.Read more54REPLYView 22 replies

Frank Beans

Frank Beans5 days agoStoking fire with my slippers on and a glass a brandy.45REPLYView 4 replies

Marc Price

Marc Price4 days ago (edited)Yo, 2 days ago I had some guy at work walk up to me and flash me his phone screen and I seen the cover of your book as he was listening to one of book chapters.. I kinda froze for a second lol and he was like “this guy is on point” He was listening to the fraudulent elections chapter he said. It almost didn’t seem real. But we talked about the current situation out our windows and how everyone is taking the repetitive downloads and how nothing seems off and out of place. It was surreal because as he flashed me his phone screen, your YouTube channel was the last thing I expected to see, and I was listening to your latest video all at the same time and it was just really weird. Anyhow, I hope you are hanging in there buddy. I find relief when I get to listen to you talk about this thing we are experiencing, since no one around except my wife can see it. It helps keep me grounded to the world I remember. Thanks again Matt.Read more23REPLYView 2 replies

Chuck P [again and again]

Chuck P [again and again]4 days agoAs Yuri Bezmenov said, “Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized via news propaganda is unable to assess true information. Facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him a concentration camp he will refuse to believe it.” That’s how this works. We are at this point now. The evidence is overwhelming yet people refuse to see it. Only when the boot is on all of our collective throats will the people wake up. And then it will be too late.Read more21REPLYView 8 replies

Kemal Mustafa

Kemal Mustafa4 days agoYears ago I bought a floor model demo tv no box just as is but great price,I lived in the apt. Complex next to the target,so I got the tv in a shopping cart and here comes a cop driving through the lot and he stops me and says did I pay for that? Told him yes I did,where’s the box he says,so I gave hima wisecrack maybe I shouldn’t have and said,Didnt you ever hear of buying a floor model tv before? Where are you going he gets out of car,I live back there,where’s your receipt,so I’m look in for it and remember I gave it to my wife for some reason,now he really doesn’t believe me,I said she’s at the Finast grocery store we can wait for her to come out,or why don’t you just go to the register I paid for it at,but no he was being a dick,finally she comes out,her English was pretty bad back then so I told her he thinks I stole it show him the receipt,so she finds it and shows him finally,So now he tries to be funny and says to her,Should I arrest him? She says yes! Gee thanks! But he figured she didn’t understand,then the Dick says I can’t bring the shopping cart off the property,I told him I’m gonna bring it right back come on after all you put me through here! So I go bring the tv home and bring the cart back,end of storyRead more9REPLY

Bianca LM

Bianca LM5 days agoThird here :-)) here we go we already started with the psyops Mr. Trumpie got the supposed beer illness haha incredible I bet afterwards he will appear with the muzzle saying is real and I think there will be no elections I am sensing something will happen that will turn around all of this drama.31REPLYView 24 replies


Memelandfarms3 days agoEvery generation is supposed to do better than mom and dad. Now we’re trying to compete with robots. And vice versa!5REPLY

TheSilent Hunter

TheSilent Hunter4 days agoIn regards to “The New Normal” Do not covet this world but instead… Luke 14 : 26 26 “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.Read more5REPLYView reply

Roger Eisnaugle

Roger Eisnaugle4 days agoYet when you tell people that it is a conspiracy and the conspirators are admitting they are collaborating in taking over the government of the world, and they really don’t want too many of us around, they look at you like you are nuts, or if they are Christian, say God’s in charge. I think the whole world has gone mad.7REPLYView 2 replies

Astrolabe Sage

Astrolabe Sage5 days agoIts bitsy spider went up the water spout.. Down came the reign and washed the spider out.. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.. Now the itsy bitsy spider went up he spout again.. This spider is an idiot..lol Thanks Matt! P.s. love the sponsorsRead more14REPLY

Kassim Lacey-Bey

Kassim Lacey-Bey5 days agoTrump dies from a virus during a pandemic on the show The Last Man on Earth season 3 episode 1032REPLYView 9 replies

Witty Woo

Witty Woo5 days agoHey Matt, did you not get the hint from the universe… jesus christ man , your not supposed to have a tv in your house24REPLYView 7 replies

TheSilent Hunter

TheSilent Hunter4 days agoBy the way if you can get away now with not paying your electric bill. You probably should! Because I think/feel it’s very probable they’ve been charging us for what is actually free energy.20REPLYView 7 replies

strange times

strange times2 days agoThe band twenty One pilots latest song has a line in it that goes something like you can be my new quarantine. The song was released in February of this year. Another amazing coincidence1REPLY

Marc Price

Marc Price1 day ago“11 sick people that are about to dahhhhh!?” Killing me bro lolREPLY

Hlg glH

Hlg glH4 days agoWasn’t Sweden supposedly (acting) “neutral” during the previous world “war” 3v3nt as well?!?5REPLY

Bethany Chamberlain

Bethany Chamberlain5 days agoHey, Matt, here’s one for you: what are the odds that the inventor of Gatorade in 1965, Florida nephrologist James Robert Cade, would die of kidney failure?5REPLYView reply


Starla4 days agoAnd Kobe Bryant had the butterfly crown tattoo. No coincidence there…4REPLY

heatto jones

heatto jones5 days agoI think this reality will constantly manifest conflict, and wether you think your right or wrong it will present something to the contrary. The only way to get away from it is to stop engaging with it. Stop giving it what it wants. Wether you agree or disagree with it, it’s going to feed off either your compliance or disdain for it. The best plan of action is just acknowledge that it exists, smile and say, ya I know your there but I’m not playing. I’m not giving you want you want anymore. I am my own sovereign entity. I might be here for the moment but you don’t own me and soon I’ll be moving onRead more67REPLYView 12 replies


D B4 days agoMatt i hope you have a back-up t.v. like a fire pit it has the best shows and no commercials or ads6REPLY

Колобър Тасеми

Колобър Тасеми5 days ago (edited)Nice, certainly got me thinking about the symbology of the labels and names used as part of the narrative.4REPLY

anni dee

anni dee4 days agoFavorite line from this video- “Who took my reality and where did they put it?” Also anyone else giggle at “PantyDemic” every time Matt says it? But uncomfortable giggle..9REPLYView reply


ParkourBear4 days agoFunny you mention the movie Contagion. I made my parents watch it with me just to prove all of the coincidences when the CV just broke out not even a month in I believe, in hopes they’d wake up to the planned theatrics of this reality. Nope, not even that movie could even plant a shadow of a doubt into their heads that all of this was planned.9REPLYView 2 replies


strauss14144 days ago“Did Godzilla rise up? Is an asteroid coming and Vietnam is the impact point? ” 😂😂😂😂😂5REPLY

Alina Padilla

Alina Padilla4 days ago“By George Orwell, we pulled off 1984!”4REPLY

Jim Butler

Jim Butler4 days agoAlso they are making the governors “positive” but I don’t think anyone cared so they gave it to Trump. Maybe Kanye will get it next. Or LeBron. Or Cardi B.12REPLYView 2 replies

QuestionEverything 1

QuestionEverything 14 days ago (edited)I’m totally on board with time ACTUALLY speeding up! I’m in my 40’s so I got the old theory of years seeming to go by quicker from 20’s to 30’s….etc. But something IS different. It seems as though it’s always Monday or Friday, so to speak. And my circadian rhythm seems to have remained constant as time varies? I’m up way earlier, and the medication I take wears off to where my body can feel it. Funny thing is that at the end of the month, when it should be renewed, I still have about 1/3 left?6REPLYView 2 replies

William Jeffreys

William Jeffreys4 days agoGreat point about how corporate America jumped on the bug bandwagon, lock-step. This has always stood out as suspicious to me.3REPLY

Peace Spirit and Love

Peace Spirit and Love4 days agoMatt, aren’t we in Mercury retrograde, or close enough? #virgos4REPLYView reply

Love organic tea not war

Love organic tea not war5 days agoSaturday night with Matt on a shitty stormy autumnal night in the UK. Much love and thanks for your content, it really does help me stay sane. 👍15REPLYView 20 replies

mr carr

mr carr5 days agoThanks for such great content Matt, I thought about what you said in the last video and I now wear my mask on public transport and in shops, istead of fighting the script runners, it’s made me feel calmer. I considered switching off the screen completely but the search for my authentic self will continue until I die. We just have to eliminate anything that lowers our vibration and this channel helps me raise it. Thank you.18REPLY

Oki Mitchell

Oki Mitchell3 days agoWe all have those days when everything goes bad and vise versa. I think it has alot to do with astrology.✌️1REPLY

MamaJ Fortaytu

MamaJ Fortaytu5 days ago (edited)We started out calling this wuhanflu. Then…”crown”virus. Eventually co v 19. Where did that name come from? Maybe…. Bill Gatesofhell is invested in Medtronic which is the largest medical equipment supplier in the world. They make ventilators among other very expressive equipment used in hospitals. A subsidiary of Medtronic is Covidien. What do you get when you take ien off the end.? But that’s not the fun part… i is 9th letter in the alphabet e is 5th n is 14th 9+5+1+4=? So covidien with i-e-n removed and replaced with 19…. CovincidenceRead more9REPLYView 4 replies

wayne szalinsky

wayne szalinsky5 days agouniverse, sun, love, red, heart, circle, spiral, alien, dog, ALL, call it whatever you want. its showing itself more and more, especially with numbers: 13 = love, but also unity 13 + 13 = 26 26= number of god 19 = number of adam or S (snake?) your mind can follow the numbers and let that dog show you a / the way. 1 = yes, 2 = no, 3 = <3 (sign) find out yourself what 23 and 33 mean. intuition and a big heart is needed! watch out for the bad thoughts and dont follow them! drop them as quick as possible without any feeling, dont associate with them and just go on thinking positive! have fun waking up! <3Read more3REPLY

FEMA zone IV

FEMA zone IV4 days agoYou really should not be watching Tell-a-Vision.4REPLYView reply


TomiBonTomi4 days ago2 TV’s in a row cracked? That might mean it was not a bug but a feature.3REPLY


Casmige4 days ago (edited)“The Impossible To See V” The 22nd. Letter in the Alphabet. 22 is roughly 1/3 of 666 https://www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers/nu22.php Indeed though…when the Body “Gets a chance” or the resources to unpack & clear out all the packed-up-crap in the hall-closets of obscurity throughout the body?? it does cause a cleaning detoxing “Flu” of sorts for lack of a better word. It’s why some people often feel worse before they get better when embarking upon any natural remedy or regiment. The KETO-FLU as an example.Read more2REPLY

geopancake geopancake

geopancake geopancake4 days agoMatt if you like time travel stuff, watch Dark (german drama) on netflix. Give the UK 2007 version of Utopia(ground breaking).3REPLY


Cornerstanding5 days ago (edited)I forgot about the basketball thing. I can’t believe that didn’t come up when the whole Kobe thing came about. What movie was that?2REPLY

silver monkeyface

silver monkeyface4 days agoUnilever is also an umbrella corp , they own everything3REPLY


GM SKYWATCHER3 days agoThe new normal has created new NUMB SKULLS!2REPLY

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries4 days ago (edited)Just got a new tv last week and spent 3 days setting up as I had to keep factory loading android to clear fkups. Every time I buy anything, I try take a box that has not been touched and whe I get it home it almost always happens to be the one that is broken. My girlfried thought I was exaggerating when I first met her, now she sees. Its like being an anti-lottery winner over and over. This made us laugh hearing you have the same curse, I even did a video about this a few weeks ago, my statistical propability impossible misfortune. I am an IT specialist and have more phones and laptops that appear to self destruct that I could begin to quantify. It feels like I have some poltergeist gremlin tracking me sometimes.Read more3REPLY


J B4 days agoThey probably slowed the chem trailing so it looks like the lock down help clear the sky’s. Somehow they will link that to us planet killers and use the “data” “science” to pass more laws ultimately crushing the rest of us.2REPLY


SheNiina4 days agoRapidly jumping timelines, dimensions, and frequencies. I hate the days I see chem trails.2REPLY

dolo gore

dolo gore5 days agoyeah it all went downhill after windows XP which was great and Word was great, now everything is complicated and eats data……….one shining light is Brave browser,its pretty good6REPLYView reply

Curtis Barnes

Curtis Barnes4 days ago1 is A 9 is I alpha and omega beginning and the END!!! COnquer & diVIDe194REPLYView reply


R.C.L4 days agoIt’s a crazy, crazy world. I don’t believe in coincidences. Thanx Matt for all you do brother2REPLY

bob bob

bob bob2 days agoIt’s not communism, it’s the doctrines of the Fabian society. Conversion from capitalism through breaking down the current status quo by propagandized indoctrination and political bureaucracy To collapse and control the marketsREPLY


Elaine.Benis.II4 days agoMatt, i knew you were a fellow Virgo!!! Happy late birthday. I quit my job a couple months ago to stay home with my 9 y/o to do virtual school. I am 54 this month and i have worked full-time my entire life and always could blame that for whatever i could not get done at home or in my personal life or kid related… I cannot believe how fast the day goes by now. I have one child, one cat, and one baby daddy to take care of. All of them and me are pretty low maintenance but EVERY day that i have had the pleasure to stay home and not have to go to work, a grand privilege that i have looked forward to for years but never dreamed i would get, i have literally gotten NOTHING done. To the point that my old man was joking about it at first, but is now irritated with me, and seemingly rightly so but there is DEFINITELY something metaphysical going on with the time that CANNOT be explained in any coherent way. This had been going on at work as well for a couple of months before i quit. But it is much worse now that i am at home. I do not know if it is going by faster and faster by the day or what but it is WILD. The Bible speaks of it with regard to the elect, but i forget where. I can so relate to your TV story. I just had a bitch fit over my dryer (a yr. old) taking 3 hrs. to dry one set of sheets. The absolute new normal is a day where anything and everything is designed to keep us in a constant state of agitation and unable to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Have a great night and thanks for all you do!Read more3REPLY

Marcel LeMay

Marcel LeMay5 days agoThey’ve been forecasting Trumps “assassination” since he got elected. This might be the event.6REPLYView 2 replies

Daniel Human

Daniel Human4 days agoThe minions believe the 1st thing that they are programmed…2REPLY

The Larktarian Ceder

The Larktarian Ceder1 day agoThey defo were obsessed with their preparing…lolREPLY


Circuses4 days agoWindows was always the operating system that was vulnerable to viruses. When he came out as the guy who the elites wanted to fight it, I guffawed.1REPLY

Olle Agelii

Olle Agelii3 days ago (edited)Great stuff. Another one that I haven’t heard many mention: as far as I understand “covid” backwards – divoc – means “possession by an evil spirit” in hebrew… www.orientalreview.org/2020/06/29/on-the-occult-meaning-of-the-term-covidREPLY

Mars Recovery Team

Mars Recovery Team5 days agoYou can slow down time intentionally, you focus on both your body functions quickening and the “aether/matrix” around you slowing/cooling. You have to be careful though, because after you are done time runs twice as fast, just like if the dam has suddenly broken. You may need to control that process as well.6REPLYView 2 replies

Jennifer McClean

Jennifer McClean5 days agoI highly recommend at least trying on optimism…these weird unlucky events will go way, way down…lo.23REPLYView 6 replies

Kris Fraser

Kris Fraser5 days agoHappy 50th Matt. I hope thing improve for you with your family. The system wants to crush the joy out of us at the moment, and spending too much time looking into it all accomplishes this for it. We have to be seeking out a bit happiness each day to keep ourselves healthy. I’m saying this because you sound like your spirit needs a bit of a lift. Look after yourself friend.3REPLY

RULivingYou ?

RULivingYou ?2 days agoLoudspeakers in grocery store and retail parking lots telling us to avoid mass gatherings. Could it be any more 1984? I’m in Denver.REPLY


NAAN4 days agoA DOUBLE SUN EVENT is happening in 2019/20, and is connecting to the sun and the ‘C tarotcard-19 event’. The ‘sun/earth relationship’ has entered the ‘Grand Solar Minimum’ (GSM) in 2020 lasting through 2070. The ‘GSM’ is when the sun’s energy levels are reduced, impacting crops, and life on earth in general. The most recent grand solar minimum occurred during ‘Maunder Minimum’ (1645–1710). We also know that the sun’s magnetic cycle called ‘the solar cycle’ lasts 11 years, where the Sun’s magnetic field completely flips. This means that the Sun’s north and south poles switch places, and this flip is taking place in 2019/20 (according to NASA), and then it will take about another 11 years for the Sun’s north and south poles to flip back again.Read more3REPLYView reply

TheSilent Hunter

TheSilent Hunter5 days agoBtw Matt tomorrow is my “berth” day aka Work~of~Art Day. You said that yours is on the 4th too?1REPLY

Lancer X

Lancer X2 days ago (edited)Puns Memes Metaphors & Anagrams are an ART thus by Default Entitled to the Same Blanketed Immunity as their past perceived Inflammatory Precedents InstitutedREPLY

Rick Clark

Rick Clark2 days agoBat in soup = sovereign consciousness imprisonmentREPLY

William Jeffreys

William Jeffreys4 days agoYou’re alien invasion analogy was funny as hell.1REPLY

Danielle sienat

Danielle sienat5 days ago (edited)Stoking my fire. Hmm Matt😍🤣 My birthday was last week. Happy Birthday Matt!!!💖 HAVING SURGERY So… they are making me take a Toyota Corolla test. Not feeling awesome about it🙄9REPLYView 4 replies

Rock E Shepherd

Rock E Shepherd2 days ago (edited)The beast system is being revealed as foretold in Revelations. Prepare for seven years of tribulation . Overcome the beast system but your faith in Christ….. 777th…..REPLY

They_ _Sprey

They_ _Sprey4 days agoCharging my iPad while listening to this. When the vid ended it was 33% charged.REPLY

Te Sp

Te Sp4 days agoSome good stuff in this one. Glad I tuned in.1REPLY

John Straumietis

John Straumietis5 days agoTHANKS MATT,.. HAVE GREAT WEEKEND.😎👍3REPLY

Good Servant

Good Servant2 days agoYou remind me of a grown up Linus. You are the man, Matt!!REPLY

sly dankass

sly dankass4 days agoi used to love going grocery shopping early or late in the day and taking my time and walking around the store looking at everything. but after the mask thing i lost interest xompletely5REPLYView 7 replies


DougRay4 days agoNot only did tom hanks get coronavirus while having a corona typewriter and was losing to his wife margarita by 201 points, he also wrote a movie called larry crowne where his titular character had the alias: lance corona. What are the chances? About slim to none in a natural real world.12REPLY

Dorene Collins

Dorene Collins4 days ago33 days before election DJ gets C**-193REPLYView reply

Free Thought Domain

Free Thought Domain5 days agoMy life goes like this too. I bought a $59 printer and it took 3 hours to set up with my computer and phone etc. wtf? I could set up a printer in 1995 faster than that, plug it in put in the disc in the computer and there you go! Now, you have to go onto the internet, get the right version to download the software, follow 200 steps, press the red button, while holding down the black button, then press the on button while holding the wifi button! I ordered a new wifi extender because the one I needed was not in stock, 6 weeks later went back to the store, oops they didn’t order that for you, let me order it again. Anyway I had another wifi extender that I needed to reset as we got a new wifi unit. Same thing with the set up, hold this down, then do this again took 3 hours of searching YouTube for instructions, follow that guy, nope. Find another video, ok sort of, now use what works from that guy, then this guy, there is definitely some elemental force putting frustration into my life. And 8 weeks later I still haven’t got the one I ordered from the store. 😳Read more21REPLYView 7 replies

zafoniq q

zafoniq q4 days agoWhen you are good , you are really good Matt. Bravo.1REPLY

Proud Mom of Two

Proud Mom of Two5 days ago“No sewing kits”. 😂😂😂😂REPLY


BLAQSHEEP SAVIOUR 1443 days ago (edited)My birthday was September 5. Just turned 33. When’s yours Matt?? You said it was early Sept. Is it the Virgos “waking up” or is that just coincidence? Lol1REPLY

Vin Tenag

Vin Tenag4 days agoAlso rhythm of the night was re-released end of 2019 by Black eye peas wearing masks in video rapping about flu shots…2REPLYView reply

Jesse Meadows

Jesse Meadows4 days agoOmg I felt like crying instill a word from Matt’s sponsor then I bout bust my sides laffin wow thanks Matt I love you Brother it’s sad ain’t itREPLY

Peter Woods

Peter Woods3 days agoHanks getting the virus was a case of type casting.1REPLY

Bear Willow

Bear Willow4 days agoThe timing of this pandemic is no coincidence if you look into it from astrological viewpoint. We are entering a new age..age of Aquarius..knowing..truth..unveiling. This would be a time where all of the collective consciousness would realize that the beast system was over bearing and thus a new system would have started to be implemented. By issuing in this pandemic at the right time..and enforcing all of the new lock down measures and control tactics..and pushing fear which is the lowest vibration/frequency..the collective vibration is low..and cannot ascend as it would have. Just my theory. Any thoughts?Read more2REPLY


Abby-bear3 days ago (edited)Thanks for taking the time to put all this together for us Matt. Much appreciated. Shit makes my head spin and makes perfect sense at the same time. I def feel time is speeding up and people do look much younger when they are older.REPLY


GhostNeck5 days agoThis… Ladies and gentlemen… This is the only yt channel worth watching. I applaud you for being here and reading this! Cheers! 🍻25REPLYView 6 replies

Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark5 days agoThanks Matt, everything possible in my “matrix” life has been a cracked tv..since April..endless password issues..every single purchase,esp online has gone bad.lol..endless amazon returns..banking issues..appointments to bank..masks required..hours on the phone for every last transaction..operators that dont not seem to have any idea what your talking about..wow..1REPLY

Will random

Will random4 days agolook in to ovid old mythology ? story (a book) croww777 went over it and its mirroring of our timeline very interesting..2REPLY


Wimpiethe35 days ago (edited)So the mask lunacy reached my neck of the woods. 80% masked up in shops in about 3 days after an urgent advice to do so. Curiously the local cdc variant still urges people to remember it’s only a false sense of security. Normies have started to turn on them. Could we see a three way split? Masked normies – unmasked normies – truthers of many stripes.Read more3REPLYView reply

Matthew Seven 2

Matthew Seven 24 days agoDo you feel George Floyd should appear on “The Amero”? 🤔REPLY

Michael Parker

Michael Parker4 days agoWhat ever happened to “WERE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”! :) I used to hear it everywhere, the bus, the grocery store, YouTube, the radio, etc., etc. Where did it go? Why?1REPLY

Javone Z

Javone Z1 day ago (edited)Is there anywhere I could get all these impossible coincidences in writing please ? …. Is love to share some of these over the following days … Or anywhere where they are all online somewhere …. So happy I found this channel … I feel like I’ve found my people …. Also I would love to contribute and send you some money … I’ve cancelled my TV license … Amazon Prime … Netflix …. Gym membership …. Credit cards … I would love to donate if possible ✌️❤️REPLY


farmingfromscratch4 days agoWhat are the chances that KOBE had a magic color changing helicopter!1REPLY

Jay Gee

Jay Gee5 days ago18:00 I think the trump “sickness” is a good thing because people will see it is nothing to worry about.5REPLYView 5 replies

michael crites

michael crites2 days ago (edited)great example of reality. really enjoy your great work. love the radio show and jokes, sarcasm. what a world. lol. such a great job.REPLY

Jim Burns

Jim Burns4 days agoHaha the “Biden Banjo’s” — pure goldREPLY


TomiBonTomi4 days ago (edited)Matt, aliens are real! I can see them every time I go to the grocery store.REPLY

Joan Stevens

Joan Stevens4 days agoMatt, Absolutely brilliant! So true, thanks for all your work. Enjoy your new tv with the cats. Take care now I need a beer!1REPLY


Blessedup4 days agoEvery morning feels the same. It’s quite oddREPLY


Q_QuestionsStuff4 days agoYup > What Matt said :)3REPLY


RUTHLESS4 days ago5:58 “third time works like a charm”REPLY

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Gen-X Ennial3 days agotrust me noone outside the usa knows who jimmy johnson isREPLY

Sheriff of YouTube

Sheriff of YouTube5 days agoto ease my mind in these times… i have dawned my MASK for the radio watching8REPLY


GM SKYWATCHER3 days ago (edited)The morpheus was trying to tell you to forget the tel/lie/vision.1REPLYView reply

Monday Monday

Monday Monday3 days agoI had to come back to this video, because it made me think more about time speeding up. And I think time is not speeding up, but rather the lowering of our energetic vibration is making it seem faster. In other words: we’re slowing down. And the way it’s looking, we won’t be dodging bullets any time soon :\REPLY

Lidia Urbina

Lidia Urbina5 days agoHappy belated birthday Matt!2REPLY

Moe J.priest

Moe J.priest4 days ago15:33 wHEN I SAY c, You SAy VID! c VID C vid !1REPLY

Glenn Bourdot

Glenn Bourdot4 days ago21:51 – like pouring water on a root-bound potted plant… it just runs right through without getting absorbed. It takes a LOT of energy to re-pot our fellow humans!1REPLY

James4Jesus Cargo Living

James4Jesus Cargo Living4 days ago (edited)Lol, laughing with you bro about your TV. Been there also, soooooo the matrix… Hahahahahaha hahahahahahaREPLY

Bud Bear

Bud Bear4 days agoEarly September Bday? Same here, wonder how many “Virgos” watching regular Quantum…???REPLY

Matrix Abandoned and Dissolved

Matrix Abandoned and Dissolved3 days ago (edited)Who the heck needs TV when we have Matt’s Radio Show? LOL, I used to work at Silo/Appliance TV City too in Arizona. It was not a good experience.1REPLY

Truthy Lucy

Truthy Lucy5 days agoMatt I agree with you about time. Whether metaphysical or something else Idk? For me time seems to go by twice as fast & this has been going on for six years. It’s extremely noticeable as I will remark to friends about it often. ✌❤5REPLYView reply


55tmilam4 days agoMatt I 100 percent agree about time! I’ve been feeling exactly what you describe about time being different.1REPLY

alaire seventy3

alaire seventy34 days ago (edited)Brilliant once again. Your videos help these bizarro days go a little smoother. Thank you. Banjo Biden 🤓 too damn funny.1REPLY

Dorene Collins

Dorene Collins4 days agoLove your way of thinking Matt. Sending you my best and love from Philadelphia!REPLY

Piece of Sh!t

Piece of Sh!t4 days agoWell damn Matt! Cobb webs behind your tv? I wish I can be that detached from the programming! Salute.REPLY

CG From Hijacked Reality

CG From Hijacked Reality5 days ago (edited)Vanessa VA’s new video makes a of sense as to what I been saying. And I just made a video a week ago about time speeding up… I am trying to put more together and I think I know what the real connection is more and more. I just don’t want to speak things into existence… For myself at least… As well as putting it into others heads as well… So I may just keep it to myself. (I may try to find a way to put it into words and make a video still). Which I think many people who see this do not speak of it because of this reason… Anyway thanks Matt. I am basically meshing your views, Vanessa VA, and Lavettes’ into something that makes the most sense.Read more5REPLYView 4 replies

Jason Yount

Jason Yount4 days agoHappy Birthday Matt! Thank you so much for the top notch content!1REPLY


R.P. McMURPHY4 days agoThe “Senator Marco Rubio Bubble Parties”, I hear are a lot like The Flintstones, ya “have a gay old time”!REPLY

StarViking 66

StarViking 664 days agoYes they do have an artificial straw man in the AI based on every person’s actions logged online and it’s called a voodoo doll.REPLY


DubDigital4 days agoLove love love the podcast format! Keep doing this.REPLY

Babylon Refugee

Babylon Refugee4 days agoTime is changing but in different ways depending on the frequency of the one effected. I am ME’dREPLY

nicolas Grim

nicolas Grim4 days agoEvery coin has three sides and it seems that’s my being near the coin means it’s going to land on that so rare third sideREPLY

Didier FABRE

Didier FABRE4 days ago (edited)You know Man it is big fun to hear you, I like the humour you put while dealing and exposing such a desperate topic !1REPLYView reply

carlos garcia

carlos garcia4 days agoMatt /morpheus Brilliant .. analysis thx again for sharing..2REPLY

strange times

strange times4 days ago (edited)We are living in a kind of comedy sketch show. I like you Matt just laugh along with it and it helps me no end. I think we have found the solution of getting through this life As for time speeding up I personally don’t feel like I’ve aged and I don’t look like I I’ve aged. As for the chemtrailing they stop doing that here in England about a year agoREPLY

Spaceship Zemlja

Spaceship Zemlja5 days agoYes the time seems to move really in a faster pace…. Maybe due that we are even more screen bonded these days in the “new normal” :S And I’m very ready to throw the tv away, barely watch anything, Netflix brainwashing canceled and nothing felt better recently that to stop those constant nasty recommendations. Unplugging is not easy, still on yt :) As for Trump’s “sickness” omg what a show lol. It comes just 33 days (how convenient) before the elections. He might just go like a hero in a JFK style, just from an “invisible enemy” in the hospital ;) The masonic ritual of sacrifice of the king of hearts. This “sickness” might be the start of the ritual – who knows ?! It’s all scripted for sure……..Read more8REPLY

janet Napawl

janet Napawl4 days agoYou think by 2020 they would have have a devise in all cars that would make it impossible to steal cars. I am sure they have it, but it’s not in most cars. Tech is going backward instead of forward.2REPLY

Marcus Gaillard

Marcus Gaillard5 days agotbh I expected more Orson Welles and alien invasion. But I particularly enjoyed Jerry Kushner’s crumpets. Good work Sir.1REPLY


glennc1003 days agoMercury in preshadow as your raged experience happened. Mercury in retrograde affects technology and communication. Mercury comes out of retrograde on November 3, Election Day. Not to mention it was a full moon as well.1REPLY

Joe fredette

Joe fredette4 days agoSounds like you had a 🎯 on your back.REPLY

SON of Overbook.

SON of Overbook.4 days agoHey Matt, I have experienced the cracked screen, non working remote control etc. This is why I always plug in the power cord and turn it on, and preform a checkpoint inspection, before I start the installation. This simple hack helps save time, money effort and sanity. Great show bro ✌🏽REPLY

Michael Murray

Michael Murray4 days agoI’m not getting notified when you post again. They suck.REPLY


symfotroll4 days agoThe second one I’d check on the spotREPLY

Laura Vonbank

Laura Vonbank5 days agoAnalyzing the etymology of the word “VIRUS” is very telling. Origin of the word VIRUS First recorded in 1590–1600; from Latin vīrus “SLIME, POISON”; akin to Sanskrit viṣá-, Avestan viša-, Greek iós (from earlier wiós, from still earlier wisós), all meaning “poison, VENOM”. We have been poisoned by vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, GMOs, artificial colors/preservatives in food and on and on . If people delve deeper into the history of polio – the illness was really caused by being poisoned by DDT and arsenic based medications and herbicides, tonsillectomies and the vaccine itself. The paralysis caused from these things was just all lumped under the label “polio” and we were propagandized to believe we needed to fear a “virus”. We are still seeing what could be called “polio” when the news reports a “mystery illness” that is paralyzing children. It is much easier for the “experts” and the government to blame “an act of God” – a nasty “virus” – for the illnesses instead of admitting the population has been poisoned with products THEY APPROVED and forced onto the public. The following quote was made in 1984 and proves that deception is the policy “…any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the [oral polio] vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s public health objectives.” Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, 21 CFR Part 630 Additional Standards for Viral Vaccines; Poliovirus Vaccine, Live, Oral; Final Rule Federal Register Vol. 49, No. 107, June 1, 1984 They will simply double down and continue to push poisons on us because obviously “they” will never admit fault. “They” have been complicit to the maiming and killing of millions of people for generations.Read more13REPLYView 14 replies

Nathan Boyer

Nathan Boyer4 days agoThe fact that we still have any hope for the script zombies, is as insane as their inability to see what we are showing themREPLY

Brad Ziegler

Brad Ziegler4 days agoFind a clock with a second hand and watch it. I remember saying 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi…, or one thousand one, one thousand 2. I used to say it slowly, now I can barely say it fast enough to keep up. I am reminded of Matthew 24:22 “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” And yes, I realize that I am taking this passage more literal than most,.1REPLY

James4Jesus Cargo Living

James4Jesus Cargo Living4 days ago (edited)Is this whole C word thing; 2 Thessalonians 2:11?????? Strongs concordance C=3=Apollyon Ovid=sheep in latin and 19=slaughter1REPLY


KRS104 days agoI just tried to buy a new TV less than 2 weeks ago… also cracked 😐REPLY

Greg West

Greg West2 days ago (edited)Social Dilemma on Netflix shows probably a small sample of what the AI is doing to us although it give a lot of good info. I have sent several to see it, yet none have stopped using their social media platforms. On a secondary note I am almost 100% certain when I was growing up we spelled it dilemna. This new dilemma spelling looks weird to me.REPLY

Grandma Kim

Grandma Kim5 days agoSign me up for one Joe Biden Banjo with extra shanty scent please!😝😅😜1REPLY


bluebutterfly2445 days agoLunch break at work …with Matt! Yay! At least for the next 30 minutes lolREPLY

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Max Meeks5 days agoWhoohoo! Just made my rainy Saturn-day better! Have no clue what Matt’s about to lay out, but know it’ll be interesting. Thanks Matt.REPLY

Matt Krohn

Matt Krohn4 days agocan you link to the interview about the RMS Caronia? thanksREPLY

Martin Mathieu

Martin Mathieu4 days agoThis old fashion radio show deliver the truth. Great work Matt ! 👍REPLY


TheNumberOneGuyDude4 days agoI know it’s likely low on your list of videos to do since you’ve already spoken on it extensively but whenever you get around to doing a truth in movies review of the Matrix it’s going to be so awesome.REPLY


Memelandfarms3 days agoI said some thing about a certain club of people and astrology stuff so yeah my comment disappearedREPLY

Max Amillion

Max Amillion4 days agoAlot of unrelated forums have a big box up top that says medical advice dealing with coronavirus will be deleted. A vintage Straight razor forum i frequent has it listed. Why!1REPLY

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SEA Beagle4 days ago👍1REPLY


Myrkskog5 days agoFeet are up and have a slab on homemade sourdough pizza to keep me occupied.8REPLY

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karli p5 days agoI love the format!REPLY

Proud Mom of Two

Proud Mom of Two5 days agoSecond!1REPLY

Lynn Grey

Lynn Grey4 days agoThe Matrix code in the movie was supposably made up from sushi recipes.REPLY


H2Ono4 days ago🤣 ..Put on your favorite mask..😂REPLY

Jag 321

Jag 3215 days ago (edited)Have my beer n this is better than Saturday football. Life is Good!! Ps.What ever they used in chem trail will stay in the atmosphere for the projection show of what’s coming.1REPLY

Stian Bogevik

Stian Bogevik4 days agoOmg. I’ve had 5x tv’s since June, all of them with different major issues. After returning 5x times, I just thought screw it, I don’t want a new tv. I was appalled with it. First time buying a tv since 2006. And truly I don’t really need it, don’t watch much of anything.REPLY

Moe J.priest

Moe J.priest4 days ago (edited)QUANTUM OF CONSCIENCE FOR LIFE! wooo hooo 1 hour 30 mins Matt. Thank you !!!!REPLY

Petit Pingouin

Petit Pingouin4 days agoHeh. Your experience with the customer service reminds me of the one I had last December. I needed a new headset and mic, so I bought one that was on the cheaper side. It started to malfunction the same week I bought it. I went to the customary service something like four times because the replacement either broke a day after or were already broken. Even when I switched to more expansive sets. The customer service lady advised me to get a more expansive model anyway, and I asked her why the shop kept selling broken models in the first place. It might be because most people don’t spend the time to go to customer service four times in a month to get their money back, idk. But the whole thing bothered me.Read more1REPLYView reply

Karen Snyder

Karen Snyder4 days agoThe bubble room on Captiva is special😁REPLY

Rolf Krauss

Rolf Krauss4 days agoJust bought a limited edition dementia banjo!!! But the bubble parties were all booked by the time I tried to reserve one 😑REPLY

Michael Eyer

Michael Eyer5 days agoGood morning and thank you Matt :-)1REPLY


Myrkskog5 days agocongrats on the two sponsors!REPLY


ic0nify4 days agoMaybe it’s not like time’s actually speeding up but something’s slowing down people’s ability to perceive/think/act/etc. ? The individuals subjective experience would be of the kind that, somehow, the flow of time’s speeding up.1REPLY


RedPillsAreGood5 days agoMy favourite utoober!! :)REPLY

Algo Rhythm

Algo Rhythm4 days ago (edited)Matt, I need to send you a “Medically Exempt, thank you” tee shirt so you don’t have to wear your mask anywhere. Let me know if you want one. Also, the new normal is what you experienced. Last year I tried to tell everyone the mantra for 2019 is that everything sucks now.1REPLYView reply

Isaac Newt

Isaac Newt4 days ago (edited)Catch 22: “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.” 2020 is the ultimate catch 22. Go listen to “The Grudge by Tool. Saturn comes back around, choose one or ten (hang on or be humbled again). Either choice you are fucked. Therefore My will is given to the choiceless path, the middle way—2020 vision.1REPLY

American Baldguy

American Baldguy3 days ago (edited)Almost an hour and a half and no vidco91 banner, nice job Matt!REPLY

Young G

Young G4 days agoWho is the old man on the WW1 Ship?REPLY

strange times

strange times3 days ago (edited)Thank you for the show Matt.it was funny and educational as usual. Like me and the thousands of others of your fans I thank you again for helping to keepk us sane As for Sweden why has it always flown just under the radar like it’s invisible . …I find it hard to think of anything Sweden has contributed to the world no Inventions no creations no anything. but I am a dumbass .so I could be missing many things . What they do export and I believe one of the most important things in the world : well important to men and from my personal experience a lot of women as well’ Is very beautiful women. I would like to finish this little unintentionally disrespectful little dittybby by saying that the very few Swedish people I’ve meet were very nice.people One meeting that almost became a friendship sticks in my mind and throat even after 30+ years was a girl called Angel and she perfection manifested as a female. All the other guys including the one gay guy who were staying at the youth hostel agreed with me that she was stunningly beautiful and with a heart too match it . I did get to speak with her often but unfortunately for me had a girlfriend at the time who as luck would have it a total nightmare manifested in female form . Anyway Angel had told me that in her country of Sweden she would be considered average In looks . I had the opportunity to lift her onto a donkey and she weighed nothing yet she looked so healthy . she genuinely didn’t understand why us guy’s thought she was so beautiful and. why some guy’s couldn’t stop basically chatting her up and I be in the gentleman I am told them to leave it out.But before I finish I had to ask her that question that has always been on everyone’s minds . No they don’t use their fingers to make the holes in the cheese.Read moreREPLY

Vaga-Bard GTF

Vaga-Bard GTF4 days ago2 things matt. When adding roman numerals, its subtraction when the small number is befire the bigger and addition when the larger number comes before the smaller. Also, in cOvId. Both the O and I are binary. On and off friend. Many ways to work that.REPLY

Michael Parker

Michael Parker4 days agoWhen can I buy a copy of your book?REPLY

LP999 LindaJPolverini

LP999 LindaJPolverini4 days ago (edited)Thank you!! Edit: 10/5: During homeschooling we wanted/kinda had to in order to compete with the regularly schooled kids later on per and for survival sake in America. Iremain strongly against making women like me compete in the world and affairs of men, its just not my place. Anyway, in homecsooling we had to learn Greek and Latin for edu’s in medicine and law…look at the randomness of covid to anything in conjunction with the numbers c v i d and the usage of 19. I’m a gaming completonenist person, from the 80s to today is that stat of constitution. MERS/SARS to illness (were always with us globally) is part of the human condition as is the fun of the mysteries are too. As I say online, build up your own spirit, inner constitution..Let the system go, its made when you take your ball and go home, we laugh…look at my chemical romance sing to die with your mask on a decade ago, that cd I think killjoys of 2010. To souls asylum trying to warn us about runaway train. today rogan wont even feature missing 411. Human tragedy was always part of the ‘life.’Read more1REPLY

Brian Jacobson

Brian Jacobson5 days agoI actually just saw a video from some Asian country , this is crazy. Since air traffic is soslow, the air line had decided to do air tours. The airplane takes off and lands at the same airport the vid shows all the passengers taking pictures out the planes windows, and commenting on how thier homes look from the air. Oh yea makes sense to me.2REPLYView reply

Rachael Miller

Rachael Miller3 days ago (edited)Good one Matt!REPLY

William Bryant

William Bryant5 days agoThat is the same way that jesus and horus connections another joke lolREPLY

Plane Runner

Plane Runner5 days agoCOronaVIrus Disease 2019REPLY

redhead sticky

redhead sticky4 days agoNow i know why im different than most for my age.!! 56. Was too busy working from 1980 to 2005 to watch any of these shows your describing. I have matrix dvds only because the salvation army sells dvds for 5-5.00. Buck a piece. If i open a movie up in pristine condition i usually buy. I have 3 tvs 65, 55, 42 inch. No HULA OR NETFLIX EVER.1REPLY


TheSprinklerNinja5 days agoNot bad, not bad at all!👍2REPLY

My Future History

My Future History5 days agoAwesome job!!1REPLY

Peter Woods

Peter Woods3 days agoWe live in oz where an infinity of flying monkeys are busy with their corona typewriters creating our reality.REPLY

Bud Bear

Bud Bear4 days agoOne of the most Truth Packed QOC streams I’ve heard to date. Keep #Crushing Matt!REPLY

Steven Lovell

Steven Lovell5 days agoYou forgot to subtract the letter capital I from the D.REPLY

Joni Hartsell

Joni Hartsell4 days agoEyes of Darkness only has one eye on cover. 1981: 1+9=10:8+1=9. 10+9=19. Deliverance, 1972. Do the math. Great work, Matt! Thank you. So much to dicipher.REPLY


cambo7514 days agoWatch falling down with Michael Douglas…when he smashes the chinese guys shop up. There’s a street sign in the middle of the shop…..read it!!!REPLY

Gap Shot

Gap Shot4 days agoThe first 10 minutes were hilarious….literally connected a 55” Samsung up today and it took 30 minutes to go through the setup and was thinking the same thing why does it seem like what should be the most simple tasks nowadays always get muddled up and are made more difficult for no reason….I feel your pain brother!REPLY


MrScoobymac4 days agoCheck out the new Borat movie.. 😂REPLY

Micah Esther

Micah Esther4 days ago (edited)Watch for some “freeing” or “democracy” presented for with N. K. (In the mystery schools, all knowledge and truth is found in the sun, but the adept knows there’s no returning from the sun. As above/ so below- the Northern kingdom [N.K.] on earth, by [their] definition must remain closed tyranny [no return] until the sun above comes to earth, who will have all information- as a signal to those in the know that their god/ king is on earth and going to be announced: do what you’ve been told, with out any numerology (I’m sure there will be a numerology code associated with this as well, I don’t know it yet, I just wanted to present this simply) keep your eyes on NK – not out of fear, but check in every now and then and see if there is anything on the news about NK and see if you can figure out what they are saying by not saying.)Read moreREPLY


Winston4 days agoHi Matt! You posed the question recently as to why someone would watch 6-7 month old videos. As someone who is ‘baby woke’ but learning fast on the 2020 grading scale, I do! I’m glad they are still up! I recently listened to the video you made at the beginning of this hoax, and your insights were spot on then, as they are now. Thanks for frequent content which helps keep me grounded!1REPLY


jjboozer644 days agoDude! When you started talking about the banjos I was looking at a black and white pic of a banjo player and reading the title of a video David Hoffman. WTF. lolREPLY

vernon padilla

vernon padilla4 days agoMatt, from your discussion at the 25 minute mark: [1.] Have you seen this? The Roman Numerals, i, V, X, L, C, D sum to 666, 1+5+10+50+100+500 = 666, [2.] Furthermore “COVID-19” codes to 666 by this method: Roman Numeral “C” = 100 Roman Numeral “V” = 5 Roman Numeral “i” = 1 Roman Numeral “D” = 500 and note, the letter “O” is not a Roman Numeral, but if we look up its Computer ASCII Code we see “O” = 79. So we have: 100 {C} +79 {Ascii of “O”} + 5{V} + 1 {i} + 500 {D} – 19=666 C O V I D = COVID 100 + 79 + 5 + 1 + 500 = 685 So COVID – 19 = 685 – 19 = 666 COVID – 19 = 666. Note: This disease was initially referred to as the “Corona Virus” and then changed to “COVID – 19”. Why? [3.] For further information on the letter “O” a link to the ASCII table is supplied to verify it is “79”. ASCII Table ASCII Character Codes https://www.rapidtables.com/code/text/ascii-table.html [4.] Information on the ASCII Code is linked below: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCIIRead moreREPLY


Markeye4 days agoDid see yt vid of a swedish woman pleading for outside help cos of 11111g being rolled out and fearing real illness being inducedREPLY

Matt Krohn

Matt Krohn4 days agomatt! Caronia – CIA = RONA2REPLYView reply

tgnotarobot Robot

tgnotarobot Robot3 days agoSoon after the one hour mark you are in rare form. From a not so disturbing sell to a disturbing sales ad. 😭REPLY

Brian Jacobson

Brian Jacobson5 days agoHAPPY BIRTHDAY1REPLY

FEPE The Penguin

FEPE The Penguin4 days agoResident Evil logo. The colors are actually 100% inversions of each other. Not just different. But opposite3REPLYView 3 replies

Scott Bonata

Scott Bonata4 days agoGood omens fun watching1REPLY

Blue pillin N chillin !

Blue pillin N chillin !4 days ago (edited)@,Matt am i now one of those who gets deleted messages? id like to know if it was you OR A mod ,just because of what i wrote about what’s going on over here in Scot LANDS1REPLYView reply

dean aldridge

dean aldridge5 days agoThank you matt.1REPLY

Jessica Colorado

Jessica Colorado5 days agoThe president and many staffers caught c yesterday4REPLYView 3 replies

Cameron Vogtman

Cameron Vogtman5 days agodamn you beat meREPLY

Finnish Bear USA

Finnish Bear USA4 days agoWay fewer chem trails in north MNREPLY

Lynn Grey

Lynn Grey4 days agoUncanny timing of states to have legalized pot and put THC and Hemp in just about everything right before a lockdown. Shhh everyone stay calm. hahahaREPLY

zeljka nekako

zeljka nekako4 days agoBats cause of, vampires, youth, drinking blood, blue blood, adrenochromeREPLY

billy lion

billy lion4 days agolol the parasyte anime the corona logo is an egg for an alien parasyte (it was made in 2014/15 but aired on netflix at the start of this year)REPLY

Dark glasses Woody

Dark glasses Woody4 days agoI watched the film clip of ‘the rhythm of the night’ and I had a thought. The continual reference to the spinning fairground rides is reminiscent of the purported shape of the “Pathogen.” The centrifugal force element presented in the film clip may also be significant. There is a concerted effort to change the structure of governing fictions from an overarching concept to separate, non overlapping stories. This is what could be represented by the cartoon image of the Pathogen, each spur indicating a niche version of reality separate from others, issued by the central authority and intended as the new method of control.Read moreREPLY


Ariesfire3 days agoI enjoyed the TV shopping story..REPLY

Super Eye5

Super Eye55 days agoGreat break down man… keep crushingREPLY

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14 rocks2 days agoUnrealREPLY

Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones4 days agooutstanding!REPLY

Backass Words Weirdworld

Backass Words Weirdworld5 days agoIf you have not seen the world’s 1st corona-virus memorial, you have got to check it out… It is IDENTICAL to the SOHO corona-graph. Just coincidence..? I have a feeling not.1REPLY


Judgement4 days agoPEOPLE LIKE ME!?REPLY

Vin Tenag

Vin Tenag4 days agoAlso how is HIPPA information all of a sudden public information, As in everyone that gets D’rona gets blasted worldwide on every media outlet…1REPLY

Econo Bear

Econo Bear4 days agoAwesome connections MattREPLY


REMNANT88 STARSEED4 days agoChances of gambling on these predictions,for the few who knew?REPLYView reply

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sue fanelli5 days agoFirst!!2REPLYView 2 replies


Markeye4 days agoGreat presentation Matt. WatertightREPLY


farmingfromscratch4 days agoSweden is almost cashless!!!!hint1REPLY

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steve j4 days agohappy matrix day!1REPLYView reply


E M4 days agoHow about…. by George we did it….. we accomplished fooling them into becoming our slaves with this fabricated bug! 😆REPLY

Sean O'Leary

Sean O’Leary4 days agoHow can I get a copy of your book?REPLY


E M4 days agoThis video is 100% truth. Even Chewy, while on hold, goes on about the crown of fear.REPLY


farmingfromscratch4 days agoBEEF = 18REPLY

biblesupports flatearth

biblesupports flatearth4 days agoThey know all your passwords, I tried to put in a bad word as my password to do online banking, and they stopped me saying no bad words allowed!!1REPLY


Peter:4 days agoSpeaking of time. Has anyone seen the middle east peace coin ? On the tip of the sword,at the very top of the coin. Someone or something put the planet Saturn there.REPLY

Karen Snyder

Karen Snyder4 days agoGeorge Michael I will be your father figure.REPLY

Erik van Ravenstein

Erik van Ravenstein4 days agoHi Matt, I have an extra addition for your musical playlist, I saw you updated yours. It’s an instrumental song, you can put it on repeat over and over again and … and when you feel bad, just play the same song again. It’s not a song that changes anything, it won’t annoy anyone. It’s the kind of song you might hear in an elevator. I think it would fit snugly in your playlist. Keep up your great videos, your viewers don’t seem to get tired of your great insights. And, also, your viewers keep popping up on other channels … saying … “matt send me here, like me!, Matt send me here, like me!” It’s great they learn everything they need to know. You are a great teacher. And you have great pupils. Have a great day. maybe you will. Play the song, for sure it will put you in your best mood! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtr_M9e0UXkRead moreREPLY

Jeffery Feinstein

Jeffery Feinstein4 days ago (edited)‘Sí Matt, yo puedo hablmos en Español y otra idiomas tambíen. Possibly he seeks the Latino vote again. Also, more customer service companies have been worldwide from Mexico to India. Yup, tech had sped us up into a slowdown of relationships with miscommunications. I so wish to write more! hAPpY bIrTHdaY friend. When I was fifty, work seemed to become unholy to keep for all of us in the orchestra. I was the MD and social media had become the excuse for some to do less which often left me with A LOT. I pled with the boss to go down as friends instead of risking our lives being slaves to every client’s whim as customer internet reviews had become a true fear or theat of ANY little thing. YOUR CAKE WOULD SAY SOMETHING LIKE, “SO MANY COINCIDENCES”. Thanks for being the small percent of the fascinating and approachable spirits heading OUT of The Web. Pc brthr {{–>>>>>≥><3’Read more1REPLY


farmingfromscratch4 days agoDifferent filters Matt.REPLY


cptcrunch3 days agocovid16=33 if you turn the six upside down. Sixteen=33REPLY

Sere Rainbow

Sere Rainbow4 days agoMatt, write down what you do in a day and you will see where your time goes.REPLYView reply

Evan Lohning

Evan Lohning5 days agoExcellent Matt, as usual.REPLY


Dystopia4 days agoLOL, I just watched deliverance 2 days ago,so that scene is fresh in my mind,you do know the weird looking kid ,does resemble Biden older version of course,living in this realm is very surreal,to me nowadays,I feel I’m in a real/live version of twilight zone episode,every time I’M out in whatever we’re living in realm,whatever it is America is a communist country,the mask was a test run see what we did,how we react,any backlash,since there wasn’t , guess what ,it’s full throttle time,get ready we haven’t seen anything yet get ready for the show,it’s coming/starts fall/winter 2020 goes thru 2025,for completion date.Read moreREPLY

Evolving Spirit

Evolving Spirit4 days agohappy birthday Matt.REPLY

rukm nyn

rukm nyn5 days agoThe official Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Github site for death statistics logo is a helicopter flying into/over a mountain.1REPLYView reply

Lucy Cat

Lucy Cat4 days agoThe ratio of politicians, celebrities and sports starts that have contracted the C word to the number of normal people we know who have contracted it seems impossible.REPLY


farmingfromscratch4 days agoSt Mary’s Virus, V The waters will be released and the new man birthed from the Virgin Mary!!!!!!!!! the ovary of our lady or the oover dameREPLY

Brian Jacobson

Brian Jacobson5 days agoHere in Central Mass the chemtrails have slowed down immensly,REPLYView 2 replies

rukm nyn

rukm nyn5 days agoI tell people there is no test for COVID-19, research it. Definitely not on March 1st for sure.REPLY

frozen auna

frozen auna4 days agoI got a notice from a credit line saying something about the interest going to 6.66. Why? What?! Also, I have come to realize.- every single person I know who knows someone who has died or even has had c believed in it. Every single person I know who doesn’t think it’s what they tell us has known no one even sick. If they have, it’s through someone who believes it’s real.REPLY


Rahbia5 days agoIt keeps spooling at min 1:24:47. I have tried to play again but it keeps doing the same thing. Can’t play it to the end as you were cut off in mid sentence. What was the rest?REPLY

Ngone Aw

Ngone Aw3 days agoFrom feudalism to parastitic capitalism back to feudalism 2020REPLY


Trickywoo5 days agoF0irstREPLY

Running Fox

Running Fox4 days ago (edited)Matt I think state farm n ALLLL the big companies were and are in such lock step and accu weather as well as your local cable and phone companies etc all talk about the CV in ads and ivr phone recordings when you call up etc BECAUSE EVERY LARGE OR EVEN SMALL SEEMING COMPANY IS RUN BY A.I NOW . see when dollar gens general manager doesn’t even know the answer to a product availability question it’s the same . They shrug and say “it’s Corporate. We have no say in anything. Everything’s up to corporate “. So now “corporate” is simply a catch all term for The big wigs yet the big wigs obviously aren’t all human beings in the companies. Just look at your examples in this video as well as how every grocery store, no matter how large or small…. EVERY gas station EVERY restaurant even local owned supposed mom and pop places ALLLLL suddenly had all the round Stand Here six foot separation stickers for the floor, the Mask Required pre printed signs and large pieces of hard plastic separating the clerk’s from the customers…. ALLLLL at the same time literally overnight on the same day in late March/ early April depending on location in the USA. Even the smallest private owned places we consider local or mom n pop spots. A.i is definitely running the show as far as Corporate on these companies and it’s been so for a long time. When 15 year ago literally every job in the state I live in started requiring employers to use direct deposit for pay roll and thereby this required every worker to have a back account whether they wanted to or not and so NetSpend became a thing and WalMart cash card became a thing etc etc I knew then that Corporate equals AI and that VERY few humans were sitting around a board room table making decisions about the businesses anymore. Unless you personally know the owner of a business that has NOT BECOME INCORPORATED you can just assume at this point the place is run by Corporate… . Which is now in my mind synonymous with Artificial intelligence. PS Matt keep in mind much of the news is faked. Vietnam likely didn’t evac any 80k tourists. I’m sure that headline like thousands of others especially during this. Cv lie was generated by the numbers as a fear tactic and as a discouragement to travel by flight. Incidentally airline’s flew this whole time as proven by MANY and tickets are very cheap and masks are Never even enforced even when recommended on airplanes. So how real could the CV possibly be? And how realistic is vietnam evacuating 80k ppl? It’s just another ai-generated false headline LIE. PPS I spoke to a guy in sweden last night. They aren’t allowed guns there or even knives he said: their Police carry sticks. He didn’t say anything whatsoever is happening as regards the virus. It’s that Much a non-thing there. Yes it’s the control in the experiment. I have thought this all along.Read more1REPLY

Exit The Maze Through THE SUN

Exit The Maze Through THE SUN4 days ago“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed Misunderstanding All You See…. Nothing is Real… But you know I know when it’s a Dream”REPLYView reply

andrew berry

andrew berry4 days agoA Lie invasion…REPLY


Staffy783 days agoIn regards to the television sets not working, I have a theory regarding the reality itself. To me it seems as though the reality may be quite unstable and is having trouble holding itself together. Cars, electrical goods, clothes etc. are all of such poor standard now that nothing seems to work when you go to use it. I am not sure if this is everyone’s experience but it is as though the probs are all breaking down. That which has been placed together for a particular function can no longer hold form and fails quickly. I don’t think it is only because of where the products are made but that there is more to it energetically. Like “the nothing” in the never ending story, something else is occurring perhaps.Read moreREPLY

Precession Of The Equinoxes

Precession Of The Equinoxes4 days agoPure class Matt. Hilarious. Madonna can’t read or write hahaha. Right on the money.REPLYView 2 replies


LaRueOBR5564 days agoWho buys a TV at Target? Better question… Who shops at TargetREPLY

Dorene Collins

Dorene Collins4 days agoC**-19=certificate of verification ID. 19 in Gematria numerics AI. Gematria is the study of numbers. And also how they communicate with each other. A = 1, B= 2, C=3, I=the number 9. Please look into thatREPLY

Jonny Utah 115

Jonny Utah 1154 days ago100 % agree.. time is all messed up now. It is not what it was just a few years ago.REPLY


RUTHLESS5 days ago (edited)I had a bug in me months back about ascii hypertext/links, VR and the ever increasing underlining of specific words in sms/message bodies et al. Is this related in some way?REPLYView 2 replies

Torus Hyperbolid

Torus Hyperbolid4 days agoThe coordination is human, Mat! But the idea is from the nemesis of mankind, who is leading the leaders of all this cooperations, governments and media-puppets-shows, known as “The System” or “The matrix”. They are indeed organised on this hihg level, contrary to us real humans. If we could organise us in a simular way and direct our creative power together, we could wipe them away from the power-positions of our societies like dirt from our kitchen-table. They know, time is runing out. That is why they pull now all the strings, which they have to manipulate the masses down to the abyss. Because for us real humans time is coming to an end in our consciousness, we experience retrocausality, degeneration of the masses and of the Matrix and the mandela-effects, but also instant healing and remembrane of living in other times. Also the space (as we thought to know) is disapearing out of our way of percieving the world. That is why we realise the lies of NASA and of the pseodoscience and experience the entanglement of particles. Concsiousness is always here an now and is all there is, because nothing is without concsiousness. The image of the spiked ball is a loughable offence to our cells, which are made by god-consciousness and can only be disturbed by consciousness. The puppets on the strings of the nemesis need to lead our consciousness with all this hocus-pocus, so that we do by our own, what they like to programm into mankind, to get always richer and achieve more power for themselves. But without us, nothing wood ever happen! Let us focus there: Nothing ever happened! It is all a tall tale. When we wake up from this puppet-show, we see: It was all a dream, dreamed by one concsiousness (= Brahman), dreaming being many – you, me and all the others. Knowing “I AM” (= Brahman) is the wakening call.Read moreREPLY

Jennifer McClean

Jennifer McClean5 days agoGod will let you believe whatever you want to…and will give you the experiences you need to continue believing them… I highly recommend at least considering posssible positive reasons for what happens.. For example, the deception about the cyclical catastrophes… Might everyone constantly worrying about them make them happen even more frequently? It seems possible…8REPLYView 13 replies

Jeppo Jinx

Jeppo Jinx4 days agoThe Principles of Perfection… Even though the Sky Must Fall, and our Celestial Sphere must shed her skin, we the people need not fear Humans nor Nonhumans’ for they all serve a purpose in every 10,000 years of reconciliation, reconsideration, and reconfiguration here in Purgatory: our NEVER ENDING Story that we are all born into in the Minuet of the EVENTS that shalt, and wilt befall “we all” be we Angels or Demons… As the Oracle for the End of this Age, I will become the Oracle in the New Age as the Little Girl whom saves the world AFTER SKY FALL… IN this, you must protect “our books” of knowledge, and tell the people too know the “difference” between as Symbiotic SOLID, and a Parasitic SOLID for the HUMAN though dead in these things, are alive in you’m whom share the SYMBIOTIC SOLIDS… This should be no trouble that I the Oracle [shook the hand] @QANON /_\ of a reanimated human with a PARASITE SOLID “animating” that Human Host……., and we know these things are always going to be a part of this world, and as a 100% Pure Blood “Christ” Bloodline Human….., I am not going to say you need to hunt and wipe out “the people” whom have eyes that go SOLID BLACK……, but I will say: You need to know what SOLIDS are nonmason and human symbiots, and what SOLIDS are FREE MASON and nonhuman Parasites… The longer I live the better’ for then we will have a YOUNG Oracle in the new age, and yes, she will be a female in her future birth, as we are all born again over and over, and WE ARE Can make and “establish” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition no matter what happens now, and the end of SKY FALL in 2094 C.E. Now my first DUTY will always be to we the Humans of Flesh, and Blood, and Bones, and I see no reason we NONSOLID Humans have to ever be infected or “infested” with these SOLIDS be they Symbiotic or Parasitic for WE ARE Temporary “Corporeal” MORTAL Beings…….., and though we all share the De-Ja-Vu of this SIMULATION Holographic Virtual Reality life………, my dreams have shown me wonders that once were there was no Great “RIFT” in the sky known as the Milky Way Scar…., and I will do all I can to help, and protect people, and beings with “Symbiotic” SOLIDS…, but know this be you Symbiotic or Parasite SOLIDS, I do not control the FUTURE of these next 10,000 years where WE THE PEOPLE have the knowledge` of this Two Sided FLAT EARTH in this Celestial Sphere… Heretofore, if the Parasite SOLIDS with their STOLEN human “host bodies” wish to begin the New Earth, and The New Heaven cause we all Die be we Humans or Biological SOLIDS, and then our spirits dissipate, and our SOULS conglomerate, and we have A World where we the people can travel too both sides of our “Worlds” and even explore the INNER EARTH to see all the old MUD FLOOD Tech still in operation… In that, our most intense years will be 2021 to 2025, and WE CAN Take control of all TV SCREENS and share the Book of EXODICE so “the many” will become the NEW NORMAL whom are no longer Slaves or Subjects to these U.N. FLAGS and U.N. Troops… Johnny Exodice https://videos.utahgunexchange.com/watch/nathaniel-rateliff-the-night-sweats-i-need-never-get-old-official-music-video_vFhWtaXh6oRYOMX.html If you still doubt THE SKY IS FALLING with all your Mud Flood Research, and THEY LIVE will use Nuclear Attacks to “DISTRACT” from Sky Fall, and too know this, just go read REVELATION 8 where the Past is the Present, and the man says: I saw what “looked” like the SIZE of a MOUNTAIN falling from the Sky……., and that is an EYE “Witness” of The Sky Falling in the past… The Sentinel…. [///|||\\\] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++Read more1REPLYView reply

forest gump

forest gump4 days agoWhat do these game fields represent like a QR code it is a strategy for some kind of mental game working the magic square baseballfield? The chess piece moves, what do they get out of these field designs ? or Game Strategies on a spiritual level that are used ? Don’t drink the yahoo imitation chocolate milk😂REPLY

James Galloway

James Galloway4 days agoThey are microwaving the chemtrailed sky in NE Wyoming right now.REPLYView 4 replies

Carola Elsiedotter

Carola Elsiedotter3 days agoBusines as usual in Sweden 🇸🇪 we work but have social distancing that is completely normal to us👍 we have a lousy government that want a cashless, chiped country😥 but we have no mandatory use of face masks or lock down👍👍👍 I think we are doing just fine🙏 but no country can escape ”TNN” Love and light from Sweden ❣️🙏REPLY

Déise Dearg Doom

Déise Dearg Doom4 days agoHumans can’t explain reality no more than a bird can explain what’s happening on a TV screen, the human brain is pre-programmed to find the negative in everything that your eyes can see even if it’s a shadow behind a tree a mile away never-mind a complex TV show or some written word, in the modern world where shadows behind trees a mile away pose no danger, the negative bias still exists in our brain and it applies to everything that the human eye can see… it’s called the default mode network, it’s our prefrontal cortex, it’s still fully active processing all the information your eyes “Downloaded” that day… people who can shut off the “Monkey mind” as they call it now-days can open their mind, that’s why so many people use drugs and are pot-heads but that only initiates synthetic response. Modern people only use altered states to feel better not to perform better, big companies in the future will tap into this, it’s a five trillion dollar industry that no one uses….yet.Read more3REPLYView reply

Maciek Zając

Maciek Zając3 days agoTrump positive? New restrictions in UK? Do not forget 1 of October was a full moon…REPLY

Kemal Mustafa

Kemal Mustafa4 days agoTrump died in the Simpson’s episode,dam hope its not a curseREPLY

Outstretched World

Outstretched World4 days ago (edited)Everything mass produced comes from China.1REPLYView reply

Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark4 days agoI have been listening to endless CV recordings to just check a checked bag account balance at a bank.takes 20 minutes now..I also have to listen to endless recordings any large company or even local cable companys I call about why c has caused a nger than normal wait times on top of the longer than normal wait times that I normally have the past 20 years wowREPLY

no point of reference

no point of reference5 days agoFEARNOT WE WILL OVERCOME.REPLY

Stuart nevins

Stuart nevins4 days agoThat’s why you don’t buy cheap ass TVS1REPLYView reply

James Hadaway

James Hadaway4 days agoparents are not experts on the New World Order or the daily spin of the television, but they will sure know lines to Elton John songs, the suffering was the past but its the same symmetry today, so that says 3rd dimension is just a death and fear factory.REPLY

Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones4 days agothere may be a ‘force’ that controls reality, but for second best go see the World Economic Forums website and go through their roster of members and partners. FYI, half the corps Matt brings up as crazy examples are listed on the roster.REPLY

Diplomat Nj 973

Diplomat Nj 9735 days agoGreat video Matt 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽1REPLY

Cormac o sullivan

Cormac o sullivan4 days agoSweden are not in the EU. But they are owned by the nwo I believe. Any country with an economy is taking it up the arse from the nwo. Great stream matt as usual.REPLY

tgnotarobot Robot

tgnotarobot Robot3 days agoA local ice cream shop will not let you in anymore. But you can order at a window and they will serve it to go with a wooden stick. No thank you.REPLY

John M Gannon

John M Gannon4 days ago10.10and10seconds on the 10th of 0October the 10th month of 2020=10×10×10×10×10×20×20=40,000,000then 1is equal to 1 second then 40,000,000 seconds is =40,000,000÷60 =666,666.6666666666666666666667 ,that’s one week from now?REPLY

Nicholas Del Giudice

Nicholas Del Giudice5 days agoPhoenisREPLYView reply

Arthur Card

Arthur Card4 days agoTime is flying by. Poles are shifting.REPLY


TomiBonTomi4 days agoGates of Bill => Gates of HellREPLY

David Vincent

David Vincent4 days ago (edited)Now that trump has it, I think the C had finally jumped the shark. I really can’t take it anymore. Any thoughts on when the second lock me down starts? Ps is the FDR polio script rerunning with trump and the C script?REPLY

pk Osb

pk Osb5 days agoIn east tn the sky’s have been clear. It’s definately slacked! The commenter about the C knows what they’re talking about. It… Comes from within, when your system is ready to rid itself of toxin’s. A soap, solvent. If your body can’t take it, you expire. I’m just now learning what “vacs” are all about, and it’s NOT health! I just turned 50 on Valentine’s day. YES, time seems to be speeding up! Peace 🕊Read moreREPLY

Henry Dorn

Henry Dorn5 days agoSecond ain’t half badREPLY

Axiom OBLIVION on the Run

Axiom OBLIVION on the Run5 days agoHe changed his name to MattREPLYView reply from Quantum of Conscience

Across The Universe 1967

Across The Universe 19673 days agoIv been talking about the shift in time a lot with all sorts of people from all backgrounds. A lot of people are noticing strange events regarding this year being a very strict spring, then bang summer and hot hot sun. Then it just turned like overnight real cold. There’s something in the air quite literally here. In a HIGH RISK area of the V atm. Usual over inflated numbers. Fear getting worse for some as they are seeing something is somehow “off” with EVERYTHING??!!!REPLY

Vehemently Flat

Vehemently Flat4 days agocovid19boxcuttersREPLY

Johnny Street Sign

Johnny Street Sign5 days agoYou can actually measure that time is running faster. Get an old hour glass and compare it to the clock on a cell phone. And since what I just said sounds insane, get 100 old hour glasses and average them and compare that to a cell phone. What kills me about it is that should affect time and distance and it hasn’t yet but it seems it is starting to recently.3REPLYView 9 replies

Nick Hamilton

Nick Hamilton4 days ago333 comments. Again.1REPLYView 2 replies

Rick Clark

Rick Clark2 days ago (edited)As I laugh, maniacally within myself, could not help but recount the part of Earth Girls Are Easy movie and all the aliens outside the window and blinds yet aliens were amongst her. She fell in love with 1 and, by her understanding within the mystery, the message is carried through the “messy ages” that your core being sees a way to navigate this existence. Jesus, another rabbit hole. At any rate, thank you all so much!REPLYView reply

Bud Bear

Bud Bear4 days agoThe biggest pain is getting into sites to pay bills. If your gonna hack into my wife’s van payment site what does that do for anyone? Make it easy for people to do business with you should be the goal!REPLY

Sere Rainbow

Sere Rainbow4 days agoMatt, first world problems. Count yourself lucky that you haven’t caught the ‘SCAMDEMIC’ like Trump.REPLYView reply


Wimpiethe34 days agoNetflix also came out with the movie ‘only’ around when the lockdowns began. About a pandemic, with a quarantine. Yep. Coming weeks the series la revolution comes out about 18th century france which revolves around a mysterious nation wide disease. And the series to the lake set in moscow. About an epidemic….Read more1REPLYView reply


DannyDeeSull5 days agoCan’t wait to watch!!! 😁 It’s your first video since Trump & Ivanka caught the Deadliest Disease known to man!! 🤮8REPLY

Ken Scialoia

Ken Scialoia5 days agowow i was feeling the stress of your television story2REPLY

Vaga-Bard GTF

Vaga-Bard GTF4 days agoThey fill the collective subconsious with what they want and because reality is a manifestation of the subconcious, collective concious manifests it.REPLYView reply

Sere Rainbow

Sere Rainbow4 days ago (edited)‘They’ don’t need the chemtrails etc because the SCAMDEMIC is accomplishing all their evil deeds in ONE. The spray they are spraying over everything including our food, for the SCAMDEMIC, takes over from the chemtrails etc etc etc.REPLY

RDO 777

RDO 7774 days agoI heard Sweden is full of witches and occultists. That’s where all the elite hide their money it’s probably their safe haven for when things go to shite so they didn’t want to taint the well with the “new normal” psyop.1REPLYView 2 replies


bansheemania4 days agoMostly Everything is Crap…have a few projects . Paint/seel basement, a car project. 3 Different water pumps, put it on and leak. Okay that was a days work. Buy another new one, Also broke… Went to basement project and the Paint was Junk bubbling up.. that’s when i drop my tools, Make a little fire in my little garage fireplace and grab a drink. It’s like Something does not Want me to Finish or Even get Started…. 3 bad Brand new water pumps. Junk.. must have been on that tv pallet lol. Peace from Northeast.REPLY

moo ga

moo ga4 days agoOf course time is and ageing is different for large groups of us. why do they give one speed for the rotation of the globe and where on the circumfrence do they take it from,you would say the equatorial line, yes ? If you lived in Darwin and you worked in Antartica, would you feel a different sensation { other than cold } and what would you feel if you drove to the point of centre. to help in this exersize,take a harlem globetrotter basket ball and spin it on one finger. there are different speed zones from the equator to the centre point of both poles. Again, would it feel different?. Im just asking a stupid questionRead moreREPLY

Em-Non ShawmaLan

Em-Non ShawmaLan5 days agoCovid is also Kobe in Hebrew1REPLYView 3 replies

Ann Land

Ann Land2 days agoFabulous video…they only getting better.REPLY

Donald Zapola

Donald Zapola5 days agoGreat job! Too many coincidences to ignore! Your experience with the cracked TVs really strikes a chord. Has anyone else noticed that the USPS has been mangling mail and tearing up parcels? They then send you an apology note. This has been happening much too often to be accidental.REPLYView reply

Holonaut Primus Omegus

Holonaut Primus Omegus5 days agoit’s the screen.REPLYView reply

sly dankass

sly dankass4 days agoyou really put it well in this one, noone even thinks about the planning involved to bring this levelof constant in your face reminders to fill out the census and learn how to protect from covidREPLYView 2 replies

Loretta Enigma

Loretta Enigma4 days agoI thought of the show called Utopia from Britain that was made about 6 years ago that was about eugenics of people that didn’t belong to a specific set of genetics- but that show seemed to not get the attention then or since that I thought it would- so I really just sit here wondering why I chose to be here this time around for this occasion as a woman and a mother- pretty sure there must be a reason1REPLYView reply


nolan4124 days agoDentistry has gotten better from the days of dremel sized holes.REPLYView 8 replies

Misty Sheppard

Misty Sheppard4 days agoSpeaking of things going wrong, i had to install virtualbox and whonix on no less than 7 maybe 8 operating systems before this one finally worked. im scared soon as i reboot it will quit working like 1 of the last 8 tries.REPLYView 2 replies

Wyatt Walker

Wyatt Walker4 days agoBy my estimations if this was a real organic world we would all be immune to viruses in the 21st.3REPLY

Michael Connor

Michael Connor4 days ago (edited)Computers works off of logical AND gates, OR gates, and NOT gates. The guy who introduced the world to computers just happens to have the last name Gates.REPLY

Lilac Vodka

Lilac Vodka4 days agoHappy 50th Birthday Matt! You are a very handsome 50-year-old Bro!1REPLYView reply

OG Woot

OG Woot4 days ago” … & … Now you know … the rest of the Story.” Paul Harvey2REPLY

This Irish Life

This Irish Life5 days agoWhat are the chances that Joe Rogan episode 1 has snowflakes falling on the screen that look exactly like the coronavirus logo thing …….REPLYView reply

biblesupports flatearth

biblesupports flatearth4 days agoMr. Wrigley died of pneumoniaREPLY


AnniesLifeHacks4 days agoThe part of the magic is to act out the scenario you want to have happen….remember The Secret.2REPLY


r0br33r4 days agoVery precious rant to start with about not much at all, and could have easily been fixed by not buying a display TV that isn’t even powered up, also how is it the matrix fault that you have VCR players and their wires still? Cobwebs too? Americans really are something manREPLYView reply

Edgar Vargues

Edgar Vargues5 days agoYes time is passing very fast, people even look younger than their age, Matt you are 50 but you look like you are still in your early 30’s, if you watch the new trailer “The Craft: Legacy” (sequel that looks more like a remake to the 1996 The Craft) the main actors are in their 20’s but still look like in their early teens, very strange, we are either going to start to live longer or our biology is being disconnected from time, time doesn’t seem to have the same hold on us, maybe the poisons/pollution are no longer working like they used to and lifespans will increase, just like in the days of Noah where people lived longer.Read more15REPLYView 12 replies

Peter Battle

Peter Battle4 days agoGlad to hear you saw your mom this year.REPLY

Old Bear

Old Bear4 days agoPower Companies are now shutting the power off… (I know it isn’t the topic discussed) Supposedly we have a second wave and ppl have been without work for months, it’s not over but now people have to start paying again. Massive electric Bill’s are now coming due…1REPLYView reply

Denis L

Denis L5 days agoBackwards Lana is – … AnREPLY


67USPATRIOT3 days ago (edited)CDC says the mask does not protect the individual, but protects the collective….seriously? PS the CDC has a museum in AtlantaREPLYView reply

Jennifer McClean

Jennifer McClean5 days agocorona-sun… co-vid… double sight..6REPLYView reply


Vilmeith5 days agoOkay I want out of this video game now. A year ago traveling south on I-69 I noticed a bear rolling up behind me, so I slowed down. When it passed me I looked and it was a fully decked out police cruiser, black with the Umbrella Corp. logo on it. It turned off on the next exit and headed east on US 12. Tripped me out, I searched online for the movie, any Comi-Con shows in the area but nothing, other than the corporation you were speaking off. I noticed a few times rolling up 69 a beat up black SUV with a sticker in the rear window of the umbrella, noticed but it didn’t trip me out. But a full blown cruiser, disco lights and all, and a fat boy in a black uniform driving an Umbrella Corporation patrol car, yeah that tripped me out a bit.Read more5REPLYView reply

KaseyJosh Kaseyjosh

KaseyJosh Kaseyjosh5 days ago (edited)Matt there is no chemicals in the trails the elite are not poisoning themselves… the trails are done by the fallen they fake everything in our skies except for the sun it’s real it’s close electromagnetic and does not give of Earth sized flares….REPLY

Murry's Fallout Silent Cinema

Murry’s Fallout Silent Cinema5 days ago31st here (eye roll)… yeah bruh I’m getting much the same experience trying to switch phone service. The time thing is very, very tangible. Feels like life is on rollecoaster tracks and we’re at the top of a huge hill and just started the high-speed descent into madness.1REPLYView reply

Jennifer Boehm

Jennifer Boehm5 days agoMe too Matt…I’ve always wondered why people would choose to buy and wear clothes with a company’s logo and advertise for them for free. I’ve also wondered why anyone would go through self checkout when there is no discount offered to do all the work. And as well, now that we pay for plastic bags at stores, can we return them with the receipt when they have holes in them?Read more21REPLYView 5 replies

John Tom

John Tom5 days ago (edited)Its the inner circle off the notnilc that’s play the new Agers that believe in Gaia ant say they helping the nature new age is just controlled by spirits. That they call the shadow side of them but in reality just a demon that wants control over the body of those pore souls. Even the inner circle was waking up to the handels of all them bs believes so they play it out like they still wanne help them and the wold. So there are clearning the sky’s here and there. The new agers think they have more info from them but full of lies with some deep truth. I think they don’t even understand wat they the notnilc telling them because there brainwashed like the norms or muggles muggle thinking they know😅 so brainy!! They know there are aliens or just for me fallen and come to smart people that they wanne control for the gift they have like singers sporters politicians ect and tell them they gonna save the wold by teaming up with them. But in the end they wil see that’s was just fancy stories they told them. That’s it’s folks 😁 my truth and a song for ANDY to https://youtu.be/dLxpNiF0YKs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they playing bad aliens good aliens just like bad trump good joe biden or good trump bad sleepy joe😂😂😂 or good math bad math 😂😂😂Read more1REPLYView reply

TheSilent Hunter

TheSilent Hunter5 days agoWe have to find a new way of being. I think there’s a damn good metaphysical reason why the DUNE movie is coming out this December3REPLYView reply

Mike Martin

Mike Martin4 days agoIt’s like I’m listening to my stories while your talking. Finally did some weeding today. And my day is gone. Nothing else. Now go get a steak sandwich and it will be 9:00 by I get to sit down at home. Groundhog day sums it up, everyday preaty much the same thing. No time for anything tangible.16REPLYView 2 replies


Rosa4 days ago (edited)happy birthday Matt! cant believe you’re 50 i thought late thirties5REPLYView reply


jmkl11334 days ago➡️ “It’s a kindergarten strategy that’s actually working” So on point with such simplicity…well said Matt.REPLY

Brendan F

Brendan F4 days agoEver thought of actually creating a radio show? i’d tune in1REPLYView reply


RedPillsAreGood5 days ago666 is number of man.. 7 in the bible represents perfection.. 6 represents imperfection.. the reason for 3 6’s is for emphasis. just so you know.1REPLY

Chuck P [again and again]

Chuck P [again and again]4 days agoOh no! You have wifi turned on? No, no, no, no. Cat 5/6 only. Turn wifi on only when you need to (rare) for short periods of time.3REPLY

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4 days agoEarly in the mornings, first thing. No customers, no hassle.1REPLY

Dave Sims

Dave Sims4 days agoHere’s something I just thought about… What if the reason the whole flat earth community was labeled “flat earth” (instead of alternative cosmology or something) was to entirely discredit any person who mentioned it and since they had already had this “plandemic“ in the works for so long they knew that the majority of the people that were the “flat earth idiots” would be the one saying it’s all fake everyones credibility is completely shot. Sorry about the run-on sentence.Read more2REPLYView 2 replies

Anthony Butt

Anthony Butt5 days ago“Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the Gate: To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his gods” Thomas Babington Macaulay Lays of Ancient RomeRead more1REPLY


TomiBonTomi4 days agoKoby Bryant sounds pretty much like Covid Bryant1REPLY

Black Flag

Black Flag4 days agoI took a Fizzy Hard Seltzer and mixed it with vodka. Mary Jane and drink in hand. Let’s do this!2REPLY

Charlotte Pipe

Charlotte Pipe4 days agoThe latest video of “Trump” at Walter Reed (ah ok), is NOT Trump. It is so obvious. I am putting away my detachment for 30 secs to say WTF. Why can I see this farce while the rest of the adoring populace are losing their minds with concern? This production has turned, into what, I don’t know. It is truly a skilled example of 100th monkey, on both sides.REPLYView reply


timishere19254 days agoThe days are long but the years are short.1REPLY

A Moan On A Phone.

A Moan On A Phone.4 days agoWell presented facts and the obvious hidden in plain sight. We are amongst the blind.1REPLYView reply

Dragon Star Alchemy

Dragon Star Alchemy4 days agoAlso in regards to Resident Evil, two of the main characters last name is Redfield, just like the doctor who gave press conferences early on. (Topic starts at 47min 40sec)2REPLY

Brian Jacobson

Brian Jacobson5 days agoThanks Matt, Sounds like my life absolutely nothing is easy n e more, i spent 4 hours driving around looking for my sister’s dogs that got out today, only to have the plice pick them up.1REPLYView 2 replies


cohiba19824 days agoMatt your spot on with everything you said here, from time speeding up the chem trails disappearing not liking going shopping anymore the Murphy’s law of how things have been going lately. It’s like your describing everything I have been experiencing myself. Good video!REPLY

stonewall tommy jackson

stonewall tommy jackson5 days ago (edited)All you have to say is I’m exempt!Save yourself from having to wear a mask.Havent put one on yet,except once for a haircut.Btw,sponsors of the show are awesome really appreciate their support.Exactly a.i. is running the show,human beings could not pull off what has been pulled in the last 40 years. The public always finds out about these Technologies last, we have found out about their quantum computers because it’s already running the show and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.??2REPLY

Leopold Butters Stoch

Leopold Butters Stoch5 days agoWhy don’t you ever discuss the jewish question Matt? That explains everything, if you don’t talk about that,..you’re a shill!2REPLY

Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark4 days agoI agree Matt all these 1 in billions but the thing I cant get across to those around me screaming “coincodence” is um not saying it was al called in..but reality itself weaves these impossible syncs in1REPLY

Elizabeth Wilkerson

Elizabeth Wilkerson4 days agoThis might seem strange but time does seem to go by so fast. However, on days that go out and do some earthing, which for me is just going out and doing some work in the garden in my bare feet, I feel like it slows down just a little.1REPLY

Outstretched World

Outstretched World4 days agoC is a computer programming language O is a water show from cirque de soleil V is for Vendetta I is information D is vitamin D from the sun 1 is the 1% 9 is the strange movie ” 9″ about a ragdoll that has the cure for all humanity This is what comes up when you search each individual letter and number.Read more3REPLY


Bagginses4 days agoI wish you played games and did a review of Cyberpunk 2077, matrix written all over it.1REPLY


Marcus9Deuce4 days agoI don’t know what was the release date of Contagion in the US, but in France it was 9 nov 2011…1REPLYView 2 replies


Marcus9Deuce4 days ago (edited)That creepy RLSW actual biotech company that uses Resident Evil’s UMBRELLA logo barely altered made me try and find a possible anagram. That’s when I came up with BLU REALM. As far as I know (but I’m no expert), blue symbolises change, relating in a sense to Ovidius’ metamorphoses. It’s also largely used in the digital industry (fb, twitter, gate’S windows and on and on). Could it be one more truth drop as for that new normal shit? This can sound far fetched, but I wouldn’t even be surprised if they were cooking a literal zombie invasion for 2021, unveiling NPC’s evolution stage in this new Aquarius era XD Let’s also keep in mind that evil is the anagram of veil as well as live in reverse, but how could we forget it these days heheRead more1REPLY

Friendly Ghost

Friendly Ghost4 days agoAustralia favourite slogan – stay covid compliant and ….. I only hear in my brain “compliance” – I see it every time and have to re read. These funny fsREPLY

Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer4 days ago (edited)What’s the odds two. TV’s in a row are cracked? I hope the third one provides you some real enjoyment. Your Mom is generous great birthday gift for you as you love the analyzing of movies.1REPLY


CoalitionOfSeekers5 days agoThe Matrix is a rip off of a 90s comic called The Invisibles. So many parallels that it cant be a coincidence. The Invisibles played a part in my awakening. The author, Grant Morrison, said he wrote it as a hyper-sigil in order to raise people’s conciousness. The back cover says “What if every conspiracy was real?”. Everyone in this community should read it.1REPLY

Ken Scialoia

Ken Scialoia4 days agoMatt IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE Coincidence “The Dead Zone – Plague.” This just proves to me conclusively that this is a Fraud criminal Planned event this COVID- 19 EVENT. This is a sick sick world run by sick people (minions). I am so disgusted. Everyone watch you tube clips of it from 2004.1REPLY

TheSilent Hunter

TheSilent Hunter4 days agoMost people are in the process of morphing more into a degraded slave state. WHILE ONES LIKE US! People like me & people like you😘 Are in the process of morphing into something else. If you want me to spell it out to you in a way that your conditioned mind can interpret it, then at this Time You are still missing the point. You are your own branch who has its source connected to Dah~Vine.REPLYView reply

Monk Farmer

Monk Farmer5 days ago (edited)And its working on the idiots around us… Lol The reality is a script.. 666 is just the physical2REPLY