Removing The Shackles: UnFuckIt Updates – September, October, 2020

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On the table for discussion this week:

Dani and Monty go on rants, incoming asteroids, fucktards everywhere we look, the division of “us” vs “them”, the crazy physical symptoms of whatever the fuck “this” is, and …

is the AI running this simulation completely fuckin’ drunk?

Brilliant UnFucker’s Discussion yesterday!!  WTF is going on?  We talked about the usual bullshittery of our reality, and discussed several aspects of geomagnetic anomalies, Dutchsinse’ latest updates of hot spot and swarms of earthquakes on the New Madrid fault line,  the physical and emotional symptoms that have been coming up for the past several days, and extreme dehydration!! I also introduced the new and improved UnFuckersUnite website… the internet got a bit shakey at that point so I will be doing a stand-alone showcase of the site later this week to give instructions about how to Register, and where everything in on the site.

Sorry for the massive delay in getting this uploaded- our internet has been shockingly bad….as you’ll see in the video. We just had a chilled out UnFuckers chat on Wed, as I kept falling off of the call, But Monty kept things rolling quite nicely :D In other news is now up and running and open for registration. The UU Community platform is up and running, including the UnFuckers Group, and several other groups including Astrology 2.0!! (check out Monty’s youtube channel:… )

UnFuckers Unite is now finally ready to be launched!! Our UnFuckers website has been (mostly) rebuilt and the membership registration is now open.  We’re still working on the social media aspects and the groups but hope to have them up and running by the end of this weekend.  For the moment members have full access to the Reading Library and the archives of shows and discussions from previous chats.  I will make a full announcement as soon as the whole site is up and running in it’s final form, to introduce you all to our new home. The COVID lockdown, next stage of the evolution.  We went all over the place today- from recent covid updates, to changes in lockdown in the UK and Australia, BREXIT, and a whole ton of related news.  We also talked more about “prepping” and I answered quite a few questions about specifics to do with food preparations for long term storage. The craziness continues folks, and it’s about to ramp up even more!