Vatican means “the Song of the Fortune Teller”

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according to the ‘old man in the desert’ rumormillnews .com

Part 4 of 8: Cards face up, Goodbye Rome

This was supposed to be the 4th and final paper of this set by our anonymous host(who I pray is still with us, but the inactivity now spanning over 3 years causes alarm) but Francis could not shut his pie hole in his arrogance, and hence 4 more papers were written after the False Prophet gave the author the missing piece of the puzzle in his arrogant string of 5 pronouncements over 24 days in November and early December of 2013.

People it is not a coincidence that he is pushing the seat of antichrist now,after seven years he thinks he is in the clear, but he is gravely mistaken, and as Anna Rietz said in her paper on the Heart of Mary, it is boomeranging on the darkness in Rome…

… Farewell to Rome from the “All-Seeing Eye”, on the most powerful and darkest hill on the planet. Moria? Mordor?

….No, it is the Aventine Hill in Rome. Back home, but things in Rome and in the world are accelerating. In fact they have already started the COUNTDOWN. For the first time we published an article in which we did not talk about the past but about the future. And while the Pope, on the 11th of the 12th of the 13th, says that the FINAL JUDGMENT is NOW and presents us with his true “god” … did he think that we would not realize it?

….The Vatican hill was called Ager Vaticanus (the hill of divinations) in Roman times.

The word Vatican comes from the Latin Vaticanus, and is composed of Vates (soothsayer or sorcerer) and Canus (song).

In other words, the Vatican means “the Song of the Fortune Teller”.

An esoteric origin more current than ever, with the arrival of the Jesuits, followers of Mitra & the false Jesus
see The Jesuits come out of the closet and a heresy that we will soon discover with the help of the Bergoglio himself.

By the way, in the basement of the Vatican you can still visit a temple dedicated to the god Mitra and in its vicinity remains of various altars to Cibeles, the great mother, one of the many faces of the same as always, Ishtar-Inanna , the usurper of the figure of the mother of Jesus.

Near the Vatican there is the second highest hill in Rome, which despite its height is not part of the famous seven hills of the city. It is about the Janiculum and it was the center of the cult of the god Janus, that of the two faces that will take center stage in the events that are to come .

Janus is the one who keeps the keys with which he assimilates the apostle Peter who seems to be, was crucified upside down on this hill. In fact, his figure ended up merging with Pedro and Mitra. Perhaps to remind us of all this every day at noon a cannon is fired from this hill …
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