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please enjoy a game of golf, or a 5 day vacation to bum fucked egypt, or a paid sabbatical to grand junction ski resort …. while AKA JETPACK ADD ON switches to the NEW POST PAGE … better write that last idea down on the manual operated scratchpad so ya’ don’t forget while our amazing SMART TECHNOLOGY does it’s thang and makes that page change possible ! oh, no, you didn’t request JET PACK … IT JUST GOT there in the mix all by itself … but, it’s up ta’ you to learn how to remove it … try not to swear … you know there’s no other place that has less bugs and buggies … we’re all in this paranoid matrix cyber war together … keep the faith … when it’s over ya’ can import cigarettes for 50 cents a pack … and buy a bottle of wine at the corner store again … enjoy the delay … look at the bright side … you were born to sell marijuana and insult kings and build wide trains and travel the 7 seas … hell, you could probably make one of those dreams come true in your great state … while we change this page ! oh, thanks Mr. Jet Pack … you cheered me up !