New York: Jewish groups sue state, Governor Cuomo over coronavirus restrictions ?

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Good. The tyrannical Governor Cuomo is singling out Brooklyn’s Hassidic community to appease his hard-Left voters. When BLM and Antifa protestors were demonstrating (and trashing) New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester, Cuomo practically did nothing to respond. In addition, New York City’s Muslim citizens recently had a large gathering in Queens for Ashoura. Cuomo naturally did not threaten them. This is blatant hypocrisy and anti-Semitism. And maybe Cuomo is also targeting Brooklyn’s Hassidic community because they overwhelmingly support President Trump? – cont’d – link

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New York: Jewish groups sue state, Governor Cuomo over coronavirus restrictions

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New York coronavirus restrictions draw ire from Jewish congregations, groups, activists

Three New York Jewish congregations filed a lawsuit recently against the state of New York and its Governor Andrew Cuomo over the coronavirus restrictions in the area.

The lawsuit, lodged with the Manhattan federal court on Wednesday by rabbis of Netzach Yisroel, Yesheos Yakov and Oholei Shem D’Nitra congregations, charged that Cuomo made false and discriminatory statements about the Orthodox Jews.

On October 6, the state authorities rolled out new restrictions aiming to curb the surging virus cases in areas with the highest infection rates.

The latest lawsuit says the rules were “blatantly anti-Semitic,” accusing Cuomo of targeting Orthodox Jewish communities.

The lawsuit, as cited by the Associated Press, also says the rules were especially painful for the community of Monsey, where four people were injured and one killed during a stabbing attack on Hanukkah.

Earlier, Agudath Israel, a national Orthodox group, also sued Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over the regulations.

The defendants’ lawyers argued that the freedom of exercising one’s religious beliefs did not include the freedom to expose others in the community to a disease, and that the restrictions were not aimed at Jewish communities.