The ‘Corona Fraud Scandal’ ? The Greatest Crime Against Humanity ? Dr. Reiner Fuellmich ?

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Crimes against Humanity

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Manfred Dick

Manfred Dick1 week agoQuarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people. Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people. Stupidity is when you can’t tell the difference.1.4KREPLYView 110 replies

Helper Channel

Helper Channel2 days agoFinally people getting together. Together we will win. Many should be trial for treason.138REPLYView reply


VATAN EVLADI1 day agoWHO is the biggest dangerous organization in the world.9REPLYView reply


leopameleon1 week ago (edited)“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain996REPLYView 31 replies

Grigoris Deoudis

Grigoris Deoudis1 day agoAfter the German’s Investigative Committee for the Coronavirus class lawsuit action, another massive, global class lawsuit action needs to be planned against ALL major media that have suppressed, lied, mislead, censored vital information from the public and continue to do so. That includes – and it’s not limited to – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the gang. Did you know that just like CIA, also WHO is above the law?… The law can’t touch them! That leads one to conclude that that’s a 3-tier criminal organization (CIA, Google, WHO), all of them parts of the same Mafia gang that they have different divisions ie: intelligence operations (CIA) ; information intelligencia (Google) ; medical fraud and misleading (WHO)…. Watch the documentary (if you haven’t done already): Google & CIA: the hidden connection, for a first taste…Read more23REPLYView reply

Treen Turner

Treen Turner2 weeks agoHere in the UK we all need to stand up against this global tyranny…they must be stopped!1.8KREPLYView 120 replies

Awaken Reality

Awaken Reality2 days agoAristocracy at its finest. Their crimes new and old are finally coming out. Look into these people’s history and family history. They have done this since the beginning. They steal from the citizens and do a wealth exchange so they can make their pockets fatter and have control over all. They create internal wars between their own citizens and have no regards to the real health and well-being of the citizens of the world. They are sick and MUST be dealt with. No more. People must stand up!Read more40REPLYView reply

Kevin in the USA

Kevin in the USA1 week agoI am a provider and I also hold a PhD in Clinical Microbiology with an emphasis on molecular testing. I can tell you that using an RT-PCR test to determine positive cases is wrong headed when used against patients who have absolutely no symptoms. A positive RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 means that the test has detected viral RNA in the specimen. Does it mean there is live, infectious, virus? Not at all. It can mean that the patient was exposed and had SARS-CoV-2 in the past. In fact, it can be from an infection 3 to 4 months ago. However, once a person tests positive, they are called a positive case (with or without symptoms). Then they get all of the contacts and call them up. If anyone claims to be symptomatic then they are called positive case without a test. That is why the numbers are so high. in the USA. For each “positive” case it can generate up to 40 contacts and those can result in 5 to 10 more “cases.” I called our health department at the state lab and wanted to know why they put out that a positive RT-PCR test meant you have live, infectious, virus when it doesn’t especially in patients with no symptoms. The party line is they want to ensure everyone obeys the mandates so they were instructed by the CDC to put up that guideline. It is false. A positive RT-PCR can mean you have live virus if you are symptomatic BUT if not then it is more likely to be past infection. I do think a RT-PCR or PCR test in a patient with symptoms of that infection are a great tool for early diagnosis and treatment but all governments have perverted molecular testing to meet some agenda. Plus, the US government pushed the narrative that we had asymptomatic super spreaders which has never been proven or documented in a peer reviewed journal article. The few articles making this claim are not peer reviewed and once they are it will be shown to be a lie. You may get a virus from someone who is presymptomatic, maybe, possibly, in a rare case BUT this is not the main cause of a pandemic. The only testing we should be doing for SARS-CoV-2 is antigen testing which detects antigens associated with a live virus infection. Why? Because it will only be positive in patients who have an active infection with virus that could be spread. Why are we not doing it? Because they claim is not as sensitive as molecular. Of course that is true BUT molecular stays positive for months after infection even if the patient never even knows they had the virus (herd immunity). The antigen test will only be positive in symptomatic, virus infected, persons. That is the test that President Trump is pushing out to eldercare and other facilities. This is also likely the test they did on him after he tested molecular positive and then he needed to be checked later which was negative. One other fact. No pandemic in the history of pandemics has ever used asymptomatic patients as a guide for prevention measures or to control a pandemic. In the past, only symptomatic cases were tracked because that is where the spreading occurs (not in asymptomatic people). Why are we doing it with SARS-CoV-2? Why indeed. Another fact. We didn’t mask up people (even those of us in healthcare) during the first 3 months of the pandemic. We had some masking in dealing with direct patient care of known, symptomatic positive cases but that was it. Well, low and behold, once the pandemic appeared to be waining, the government then mandated masking of everyone. Why? Why not mask during the height of the pandemic? Why mask now that the virus is going down in prevalence especially with summer weather approaching and respiratory viruses tend to go away (mostly) due to the high heat and humidity? All of this was done for one reason. The election of President Donald Trump. The entire world has been scammed so the governments worldwide can exert more control of the population and make us all scared to go outside. This is one big power play by the globalists and their elected co-conspirators. We had a patient who needed a replacement valve for his heart. They cancelled his surgery because of the pandemic. He went home for about 6 weeks. His condition got worse so he got rescheduled for surgery. When he came in. He tested SARS-CoV-2 and surgery was cancelled and he was told to wait 21 days and come back for retesting. He went home and two days later he was dead. All governments who participated in this scam need to be charged, tried, and imprisoned for crimes against humanity NOW.Read more586REPLYView 146 replies

Jola Sz

Jola Sz2 days agoSpanish authorities were doing exactly the same as their Italian counterparts to the older population. The have human blood on their hands without the doubt.30REPLY

Keepers of the Grid

Keepers of the Grid4 days agoFacebook is censoring this video, which is another way to know it’s legit truth131REPLYView 10 replies


smithdvr1 week agoIf this Lawyer needs funds there is millions around the world who would crowd fund him and his colleague’s to bring us all justice .1.2KREPLYView 291 replies

Theresa Guilfoyle

Theresa Guilfoyle5 days agoIt is a conspiracy. Take the word theory out.75REPLYView reply


Fusionn2 days agoSo much respect for this man he’s risking he’s life too try and save humanity from this madness24REPLY

The Constitutionalist

The Constitutionalist1 week agoA long list of individuals must be held accountable for this massive fraud and move toward a totalitarian world government, not merely “corporations”.27REPLYView reply

Midlife Credo

Midlife Credo4 days agoI shared this on Facebook. They just added a “partly false” warning on my post. Thought you’d like to know.109REPLYView 48 replies

Ruth Esther

Ruth Esther2 weeks agoWHO is a criminal organisation.414REPLYView 24 replies

Kat Shanks

Kat Shanks1 day agoI am an ICU RN, and I agree entirely! God bless the truth-tellers and those who fight for humanity! Do NOT take the vaccination.16REPLY

123456 774

123456 7746 days agoThe sheep are stilling watching and believing the fake media .65REPLYView 4 replies


surfinmuso2 days agoTHEY CAN’T CONTOL YOU IF IGNORE THEIR MEDIA!! This is their ONLY means of control. I CAN”T SAY THIS LOUD ENOUGH! STOP watching tv. DO NOT WATCH THE(so-called) “NEWS”. The media is the fulcrum of this whole plandemic. IGNORE IT NOW!!! THEY WAN’T US AFRAID! COVID 19 is a PRODUCT THEY ARE “SELLING”-just like any other product so STOP WATCHING THEIR ADVERTISEMENTS.Read more30REPLYView 5 replies

Judy Klassen

Judy Klassen5 days agoAll Government officials who knew about this should be held responsible.72REPLYView 6 replies

Mark Williams

Mark Williams1 week agoBeing Blocked by the UK Sun from sharing this video….Confirming Reiner’s evidence…44REPLYView 3 replies


KELLYANNE REE4 days agoSuch a small group of people causing havoc across the world. Why can’t the many other billions capture these vile criminals? God please protect these men who are standing up!!! To the rest of us….stand up and speak up!47REPLYView 5 replies

Emma Schmitz

Emma Schmitz1 week agoDear Reiner, you and your colleagues are my new heroes. Absolute champions of the people, world-wide. Superhelden! You are running an ultra-marathon against cheaters with nefarious intentions and I am cheering you on from the sidelines alongside a crowd of millions. “Reiner, Reiner, Reiner, Reiner!” Keep going, Reiner, the finish line is just around the corner. You and your team are about to make it into the (real) history books. Keep your capes on! LG.Read more50REPLYView reply

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