Benghazi Hip Hop – 2 Years Ago This Video Had 6,800 Views – Now it Only Has … What ? 2,853 views ?

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Well, this is proof of something …. YouTube is now able to reverse engineer things like thumbs up and down and number of views that used to exists … Or, we shifted timelines and the criminals at YouTube forgot to double check this one … Or, they had their oil changed for free again by the Killary Cabal … Or King Moo Moo Slim bought YouTube and they gave him a copy of the entire thing at the point when the hand money was exchanged … or … nope. we’re not imagining things … Jah Jah was on her way to 10k views 2 years ago … #FuckYouTube Manipulating idiots playing god … doo anything for another petro dollar … still cheating and lying and scammin’ for the highest bidder !