Doreen Dotan – Dear Rabbis: Please, Shut Up ?

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Doreen Dotan


Dear Rabbis:

It is not Wisdom to offer platitudes and stoic suggestions about how best to cope with a corrupted world. Hope is the illusion of those who look to an illusory future for salvation. The Wise don’t deal in hope. Doing so may generate speaking gigs at handsome hourly rates, but doesn’t perfect the world.

The Wise see what is being born from the beginning. That is to say, Wisdom is knowing how to learn Torah such that we bring the very best into creation, not try to cope with the mess after we birth degenerate reality.

Only correct Torah learning translates the Written and Oral Torah, which are one and the same, into Eternal, Holy Worlds.

Until you can do so, at least have the decency not to flood the Creation with Babylonian swill. cont’d