Liechtenstein: Europe’s Last Absolute Monarchy ? A ‘Principality ?

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The Principality of Liechtenstein – english

Liechtenstein lies between Switzerland and Austria. With a total surface area of 160 km², it is the sixth-smallest country in the world and has a population of approximately 37,000 people. The head of state is the Reigning Prince. According to the 1921 Constitution, state power is shared between the Prince and the people. The Principality has a stable and highly diversified economy with over 4000 businesses and almost as many jobs as inhabitants. With its restaurants, museums, festivals and sports facilities down in the valley and high up in the mountains, it is has plenty to offer families, food lovers, culture enthusiasts and those simply looking for a little relaxation. To find out more visit, and

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Liechtenstein: Europe’s Last Absolute Monarchy
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More info about travel to Europe: Nestled between Switzerland and Austria, the principality of Liechtenstein is a quirky remnant of medieval feudal politics, where women were not given the vote until 1984.