Amanda Ellis ; Full Moon Course Correction Ashtar Metatron ?

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Amanda Ellis

0:20 Introduction of energies, plea to come together for USA – Toning down of aggression needed from both sides – bridges will need to be built and coming to terms with where the collective is in your country
9:11 – Stay Aligned – we are at minus 111degrees … Course Correction coming
11:50 – Thwarted Celebrations – BUT they exist within us – every day can be special – Sharing a dream I had
18:58 – Tapping into our Akashic Instruction Manual – everything needed is there
23:00 Building Bridges – Seeing there is NO SEPERATION – Right & Left, Young & Old, Male & Female, Mother God and Father God, Spirit as omnipresent both within us and external
31:00 Charity and Prayer – Changing nature of Prayers – no need to get down on your knees – ….story regards past life injury – ‘Housemaids Knee’!
45:00 Ashtar Message Discernment and Burden, Helping to dampen humanitys flames right now
52:55 Ashtar – Rewiring / Engineering of the brain to evolve and grow neural pathways to feel, see, absorb more and stay in 5D – intervention but only if requested – you have to ask.
57:00 Final Messages from Metatron – Signs from Spirit for those who have passed and conquering fear for some about to pass, No sneaking around the Empress energy – she sees everything…we need to up our game…Fire Dragon for protection of darker energies around Halloween