NOTICE; ReRe Democrat Citizens — we’ve added your name to the ‘folks’ who would prefer living in China L1ST — please be patient.

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According to REALLY reliable OFFICIAL authorities; we won’t send ya’ to a FEMA re-education camp, which was the origninal plan … A Kinder Gentler solution has been agreed upon ;

The 10 million brainwashed idiots who vote for Joe will be traded tor 10 million Chinese folks who really want to come and live in the United States … one way plane tickets and room and board for 1 year will be included to make this transitional swap as smooth and enjoyable as possible ;

That was a real Trump idea.

We did not think that thought up all by ourselves !

The best part of your new life living in China will be the great food …

Of course, the Chinese Folks who will be trading places with y’all

will be happy with the best part of living where you used to !


Rupert Holmes – Escape (The Piña Colada Song)