The Generation of Reality is not Reality of the Generator;

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absence of evidence is still not evidence of absence, unless you say so …

Do infinite realities still require 5 senses, a yellow submarine, 12 days of Christmas, nonsense at the speed of light, dead spy museums & red wine … or are we just spinnin’ our wheels in the mud King Jimmy created for us in our overly active Einstein Imaginations without a clue … Yes, some folks have been reading the same book everyday for 50 years, and they still can’t figure out why it makes no sense at all … The Father of all lies must’ve written that book for y’all … Maybe if ya’ baptize him without his consent and claim all of his thingy dingies belong to you, you’ll be able ta’ save up enough abstract leverage to start another free trade zone in China ;—; this little bread crumb is cont’d on the zynonymous page where it will be explained in greater depth by galactic guru’s –don’t forget your thinking caps — and remember to think positive on the right frequency or the geneator that created that page will not allow you to upgrade your nonsense.

Wonderful Questions ! Amazing Observations ! If you say so !

Have you seen enough? Only an idiot would chase after absurdity! ? – Quantum of Conscience




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Will Ward

Will Ward2 weeks agoMatt, i think i speak on behalf of EVERYONE here when i say we will always be ur friend. Ur amazing37REPLYView reply

ChristopherA- RealOne

ChristopherA- RealOne2 weeks agoI don’t have a lot (if any) friends either Matt. It’s not that I’m antisocial, it’s just how it is86REPLYView 23 replies

TheSilent Hunter

TheSilent Hunter2 weeks agoThe amount of breadcrumbs that comes out nowadays 🤔 Means something is crumbling171REPLYView 45 replies

Catalina MaGoo

Catalina MaGoo2 weeks agoAll my so-called friends were not my friends now. All my family is not even my family now. I’m okay with that.70REPLYView 17 replies

S.B. Mack

S.B. Mack2 weeks agoDon’t forget—if we spend too much time trying to figure out what reality is, we might forget to enjoy it. Appreciate you Matt.33REPLYView 7 replies from Quantum of Conscience and others


A2 weeks agoIt’s very lonely when you see none of this is real.55REPLYView 19 replies

urs beat

urs beat2 weeks agoYou got it Matt, different realities are popping up and since I think similarly to you, nobody visits me either, I have no friends, the realm accepts no compromise anymore!! But I have at last become authentic! So maybe that’s the thing, nothing to complain about, maybe, if that’s what the creation intends to show.55REPLYView 4 replies

James Brockhurst

James Brockhurst2 weeks agoThis reality is a mirror. There is a pandemic. It is called fear. It is a virus and the media suggests it and most will take the infection which is collectively via us. It is all designed to create tension, anxiety or fear, anything that leads to sickness. It is all theatre and distraction so we are not focused on going within oneself.106REPLYView 20 replies


Malcolm2 weeks agoSo many people cannot let go of the ego and their social standing.12REPLYView reply

Blazon Byrd

Blazon Byrd2 weeks agoHave you ever stood in front of someone that is talking endlessly about their job and you find yourself drifting into a daydream because you’re not interested? I found that I’m not interested if I didn’t ask in the first place. This may be why most don’t care about what we talk about. They did not ask. Today, I only speak about the things we talk about if asked – and I keep it at a minimum. They may never come around, but I’d rather share to those who have questions over wasting breath over someone who enjoys the comfort of their Linus blanket more. Good job, Matt!Read more53REPLYView 11 replies

Arno Knoester

Arno Knoester2 weeks agowelcome to the no friend club we need to give out a membership to the no friends club13REPLYView reply


ABCD2 weeks agoDang I literally have just about zero friends now too. How could one who knows the truth lower themselves to hanging out with such deceived slaves?52REPLYView 32 replies

SoCal Native

SoCal Native2 weeks agoA strange game, the only winning move is not to play.60REPLYView 15 replies


ben076432 weeks ago“a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”9REPLYView reply

Indian Warrior TT

Indian Warrior TT2 weeks agoMatt is doing the right thing. “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”44REPLYView 3 replies


M G2 weeks agoyou have no friends you have no enemies you only have teachers -Zen Proverbs14REPLY

jerry smith

jerry smith2 weeks agoSince I became aware of the unreality, the synchronicity has only increased trifold. I am beginning to accept you are right.14REPLYView 2 replies

Jane Gillingham

Jane Gillingham2 weeks agoBruce Lee used to say ‘be like water’. I’ve pondered on this and think he meant to be an observer. Don’t buy into all the BS of the reality, don’t judge it, don’t obsess over it, don’t try to expose it or change it, simply observe it. See it for what it is. And no matter what situation you find yourself in, know that water will always eventually return to source.29REPLYView 6 replies

Dat's Lyfe

Dat’s Lyfe2 weeks agoJust a “heads up” to the viewers of this channel: Sources have it that much like the run on toilet paper that we saw during the first “lockdown,” there will likely be a severe run on Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes during the second lockdown. Better stock up! I ordered 33 cartons today, which I will promptly put in storage upon their arrival.18REPLYView 4 replies

Timothy Shoemaker

Timothy Shoemaker2 weeks agoSatan doesn’t mind if you see a Lot as long as you don’t see the truth 🤦‍♂️14REPLYView reply

Vannessa VA

Vannessa VA2 weeks agoIt’s better to have no friends than zombie-friends who are so far gone that it’s hard to relate to them. God and this community will always keep you company Matt.12REPLYView 4 replies

h.thomas ackermann

h.thomas ackermann2 weeks agoMat is performing an exercise of thinking inside a feed-back loop. You will always see what you want to see until we enter the sacred domain of the “INNER SELF” and learn to act our conscience. The accomplishment of doing the right thing is the ultimate trial that lasts our entire life. We get better at it the more we practice using (that mysterious gift of) our CONSCIENCE. Mat is unfortunately at a stage of excessive analysis, attempting to improve on that which he already (innately) knows. He is trying to be a little more pregnant with every video. Hope that helps the frustrated “truth bunch” following his work. As much as I like some of his commentary, I think he needs to extract himself from the self-flagellating video communicated insights and LIVE his calling in the world of greater possibilities. His channel already provides the viewer with a phenomenal record of insights, beyond reproach. bestRead more22REPLYView 9 replies


KNT2 weeks agoRunning over the same old ground Have we found The same old fears ………..21REPLYView 4 replies


n0id4u2 weeks agoI’m still surprised how many people believe what’s on TV. They must have no clue about what’s going on elsewhere. It’s like these “people” have blinders to the internet, and all alternate media that could tell them otherwise. It’s creepy, well beyond reasonable reality.44REPLYView 6 replies


T T2 weeks agoWell yea agenda 21 sounds lovely in print but how do you go about solving things like food security. You take control of all food. The people will never get it. I know this is material level thinking and not what Matt is getting at. His line of having to think bigger about all this doesn’t help my children in future tyranny. We have to say stay grounded for our children. Do you think figuring out reality will change it?9REPLYView reply

Holden Tudiks

Holden Tudiks2 weeks agoDropping vails means you are gonna lose most if not all your former friends. Some family I was very close to does not even talk to me anymore but honestly the new friends I have met since waking up are true angels and I’d lose those old friends even sooner if I could have. I don’t even think they are real anyway.39REPLYView 10 replies


DionysusAlS2 weeks ago“You cannot reason a man out of what he never reasoned himself into.” End of story.10REPLYView reply


bluebutterfly2442 weeks agoThe day someone comes around due to well-crafted arguments I’ll be suspicious.19REPLYView 4 replies

Jay Gee

Jay Gee2 weeks agoThe “Robbie Bobbie” laughter could also be a moment of programming disrespect for love and care of children to unsuspecting minds.10REPLYView 4 replies

Exit The Maze Through THE SUN

Exit The Maze Through THE SUN2 weeks agoThe conclusion of the matter is to know your way HOME! Go HOME! Shelter in place. Take back your Crown, your Corona. Find your true love. Awaken her with one Kiss. She’s been waiting patiently for your return. Finish the Game, Finish the run of the Maze. Exit the Maze through THE SUN! Stop the rain. Stop the pain. “Get Back, Get Back, Get Back to where you once belonged Get Back, Get Back, Get Back to where you once belonged” We don’t belong here. We never did.Read more10REPLY

Phil LeBlanc

Phil LeBlanc2 weeks agoThis whole life is a test, don’t let it fool you into thinking otherwise.32REPLYView 7 replies

Danielle sienat

Danielle sienat2 weeks ago (edited)SO… perhaps since the trolls are out in full force I’ll not comment here anymore. I talk literally to Matt about understanding that friends are far and few and get attacked. Not worth it. Troll on losers. Vanessa va has stated that the lower vibration people feel nothing. Point made.20REPLYView 8 replies

Raw Milk

Raw Milk2 weeks agoWe’re in a stimulus check..9REPLY

sue fanelli

sue fanelli2 weeks agoMatt!! People are going out into nature but they are wearing masks out there!!!!! It’s insane!!!25REPLYView 11 replies

Marcel LeMay

Marcel LeMay2 weeks ago (edited)Matt, you’re onto something. But this is a recent change in the reality, with these multiple scenarios being all correct. And it’s kicked into overdrive this past year. We’ve seen an acceleration of this weird phenomenon since around 2008. Where they gave us 2 scenarios in the past now it seems like the scenarios are almost limitless. The shit is breaking down fast. Thanks for the recommendation of Vanessa va channel. I subbed her.Read more38REPLYView 7 replies

toppa Toppa

toppa Toppa2 weeks agoI’ll go even further with the Andy theory,once the vibe gets so low an entity can attach to them8REPLY

Adam Price

Adam Price2 weeks agoIn like 5 years the people go from “death to Osama” to “vote for Obama.” They go from “the 1% are the enemy” to “vote for the billionaire.” I mean, come on. I mean, it’s.. funny. The #2 comedy website on similarweb was I mean.. Anyway, love this channel38REPLYView 5 replies

Bianca LM

Bianca LM2 weeks agoMatt you have become the little angel that speaks on my ear like in the movies ” don’t look at the screen you already know the deal” I listened to you and yesterday I was In a better mood i was singing and listening to more time to waste I’ll try to be happy and those minions can go and screw themselves!😅😘🤭 Thanks Matthew!40REPLYView 8 replies


Blessedup2 weeks ago (edited)Matt I threw out my back and I stopped caring about the world when I have enough on my own plate So yes! I’ve seen enough to want to go live off the grid9REPLYView 7 replies

Jay Gee

Jay Gee2 weeks agoWouldn’t “satan” be willing to give you everything you wanted as long as it prevented you from connecting with God..8REPLYView 5 replies


Erin792 weeks agoI am still pissed that people still don’t get the Robbie Bobby moment. That is what woke me up to the deception on the screen.25REPLYView 10 replies

celtic lass

celtic lass2 weeks agoI agree with what your saying but wards full of patients dying from CV19 is just not true. People exaggerate all the time. We don’t know that Doctor or his motives. Yes the screen is playing us all.17REPLYView reply

Marcus Gaillard

Marcus Gaillard2 weeks agoThere’s an inherent problem with a philosophy that concedes a reality-generation machine that gives all sides the truth they desire. That is essentially the current liberalist rainbow of truths. All things potentially become truth. That is a pathway to Hell. No, Truth is a light that shimmers in the distance. Many will claim they have discovered what it is and try to seek converts and disciples. The wise will always keep walking. I walk on.7REPLYView 2 replies


TeeFetch2 weeks agoThe curse is basically summed up with the whole David Lynch quote “”if you have a golf-ball sized consciousness then when you read a book you will have a golf-ball sized understanding. If you could expand that consciousness, then when you read the book you will have more understanding. It’s consciousness. ….” Can only communicate to people with the same understanding.45REPLYView 6 replies


titomon2 weeks agoAI would never know the difference between “real” life and a Sims game.9REPLYView 2 replies


My T-ROD2 weeks agoMATT !!! BROTHER!!! Wecome to the club of no friends, few acquaintances and people you tolerate because of history. Read the comments were in GREAT company !!!!!! Much love !!!! To you … And allRead more7REPLY


J T J2 weeks agoSo New York is the only epicentre of this pathogen..fascinating…seems like there is very little other evidence to substantiate this hoax…based on the ‘concept’ of contagion it would be impossible to contain in China…Italy or New York…it’s all a Hoax and the so called experts aka Doctors or otherwise are either lying or misrepresenting facts..period..17REPLYView 4 replies

Jimmy Haole

Jimmy Haole2 weeks agoNot offended by passion, the frustration is real.8REPLY

James Is Free

James Is Free1 day agoSatan’s system was founded upon fiction. His ENTIRE system runs on fiction.REPLY


DivineExistence2 weeks ago (edited)I do not have friends anymore at all either. Like literally no one. People would constantly say how they wanted to hang out with me and how they miss me but would virtually always, im talking 98% of the time, flake out when we made plans or took literally weeks to respond to a two sentence text. Yet the kind of people within the group that were loud mouth alcoholics and cheaters constantly had people contacting them and hanging out with them and never had any problems with people being distant. Multiple times the people I let close to me literally do everything perfect to help me let my walls down, say and do everything right, and then turn around and literally steal from me and lie about me and attack me. I no longer trust anything about people, or rather I 100% trust people to be exactly what they have been. Too many times I have seen them Agent Smith seemingly out of nowhere and backstab me with such a calculated attack that it is like the synchronicity that I experience, far too perfect to be anything other than by design. I can tell they are being subconsciously manipulated as they attack me by some kind of intelligence and its always the same intelligence and the same patterns. It is just using the people as puppets to influence my life. Its too calculated to be otherwise. I have seen these people take the download in the craziest of ways. I have had multiple people turn around and steal from me and or lie about me to everyone they can and or physically attack me after I spent months and sometimes thousands of dollars helping them stay sober or giving them a house to live in or helping them in other ways. One time in specific as the person went Agent Smith and was physically attacking me and completely unresponsive to reason I had this sudden strong feeling that it was a simulation. It wasn’t a thought, but a very strong feeling. What was happening was so absurd and so off the wall that its like when something happens in a dream that makes you realize youre dreaming and become lucid in the dream. In that moment I woke up to a greater degree than I had been. I became more lucid in “reality.” My words cant even do it justice. It felt like the person who was attacking me was just a simulation to see how I would act in the face of what was happening to me and all the perceptions I had built up about them and how things should be. It seems the absurd situations that CONSTANTLY arise in my life are designed to help me experience who I really am in the face of contrast so I can really experience who I am and change who I am if I didn’t like my results instead of only conceptualizing myself. Eventually I got tired of the game though. When the lack of reality became clear, I became bored and tired of being taken advantage of. Considering reality is constantly throwing these situations and people in my face to push my boundaries of who and what I am but I get taken advantage of by illusions of relationship and what seem to be simulated people in the process I decided I am just done playing the game. People will serve as little of a place in my life as possible. This will minimize all negative outcomes that result from the presence and influence of others and maximize how much time and energy I can actually spend focused on pushing my own boundaries of who and what I am. In fact I have so much time now that I can even just enjoy myself a little bit if I want to. It has honestly been so nice.Read more18REPLYView 11 replies

Eve of Eloquence

Eve of Eloquence2 weeks agoYes, this is a very fluid reality. We’re swimming around in the ether, in fact, the word either is ether until ‘I’ decide what form it will take. Also, the word earth is an anagram for ether or its proper form aether. I see it as though all the ’empty’ space around us is filled with 0’s and 1’s awaiting the consciousness of a sentient being to program it at will. The only problem we have is that our consciousness is constantly redirected so we end up manifesting other people’s versions of “reality”. This is an easy fix. Take your mind back.Read more25REPLYView 5 replies


grimus972 weeks agoFlat earth is a stepping stone.. once u see were the center of the universe it’s a fast track to Eden45REPLYView 18 replies

Danny S

Danny S2 weeks agoThe “Free Guy” film coming out may go along with what we are finding out as always a film comes out just in time because that’s how it works. I’d say you are bang on about what’s really going on with the reality generation machine from what I can see Matt.10REPLYView reply

In reel Life

In reel Life2 weeks agoIf there were two realities, the media wldnt have to lie to the sheep, endlessly manage the narrative to the sheep…conversely if the media told the truth the normies wld be in agreement with us .5REPLYView reply

Deuce G RC (GG)

Deuce G RC (GG)2 weeks agoPerception/perspective…’s everything. What is being “color blind”? Could we perhaps all have been, or be, “color blind”? Is what I see as blue, and you see as blue, actually blue, or the same blue to both of us? I personally look at “truth seeking” as being more accurately able to decipher the colors in which we “see”. But what is vision? Everything is interpreted through the eye of the beholder. Ones truth may have been at a “time” 180 degrees in opposition from that individual’s perspective. Add another “individual” to the equation, along with their varying and evolving (the true evolution) perspectives, and the contrast becomes more apparent. “Truth” is more often in “seeing” where contradictions reside, and then going within ones self to decipher. Personal authority of thought allows for this, whilst “group think” will place you into whichever camp has been crafted. The above being said, the truth is in my experience, always available to those whom choose to look deeper. PCR tests, this “pandemic”, and many other things we have looked closely at, are admittedly false, and such is shown clearly – even stated by the “authorities” as such, albeit with careful wording, or placement. This is revelation of their method. All of the above being said, I would say it’s “time” we begin to create our own reality (together), rather than continually “looking” at what “they” are doing, or have done. The best way to lead is often via example. Best to all, have a good one!Read more10REPLYView 2 replies


russell779622 weeks agoI just recently went crazy trying to prove to myself that 90 percent of female celebrities are transvestites and it consumed me. Matt is right about following every rabbit whole is a waste of time.13REPLYView 9 replies

Mr. Happy Happy

Mr. Happy Happy2 weeks ago“Is it a disk, is it a sphere, do you really think the answer is that clear…?” -payday monsanto3REPLY

Laura Lea Lovekey

Laura Lea Lovekey2 weeks agoReality is not real! 🥳 so lighten up already!9REPLYView reply

ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle

ThinkInsideTheBox SquareCircle2 weeks agoIt’s scary to think that we have judicial system comprised of a “jury of your peers” to decide people’s fate when we see different when presented with the same evidence 🤨4REPLYView reply

Stratego Twilight Zone

Stratego Twilight Zone2 weeks agoI give my clown suit analogy. There is a “naked” truth, that is unchanging, under the layers of clothing/deception. The farther away from the truth you get, the more elaborate the cover up. The lie is fluid, the truth is not. Fear, confusion, seeds of doubt, empty promises of knowledge and power. These are the “tricks of the trade”.20REPLYView 2 replies

Dick Flinghammer

Dick Flinghammer2 weeks agoWe need to raise our vibe high as possible. Quitting this and that is of prime importance right now. 🧬 upgrades incomming. We’ll need them. Let’s not deny ourselves OUR birthright reacting to the giant greenscreen un-reality.21REPLYView 6 replies

John Straumietis



D C2 weeks agoI was about to comment in disagreement, and then you literally rebuttaled my point in true Matt fashion.4REPLY

Sere Rainbow


Nancy Burke

Nancy Burke2 weeks agoMatt, in this community we all need each other, and we especially need you -our leader. Really smart folks writing in the comments. I love you guys and I wish you all happiness.5REPLYView 2 replies

The Truthpost

The Truthpost2 weeks agoFacebook deleted my account and group of 12 years. 100k posts and hundreds of reference albums with research, memes, links, essays, photos gone. 12 years all deleted. I smile. It doesn’t matter.7REPLYView 2 replies

T Only

T Only2 weeks agoHow is Lavette immune? She knows her life is one drama after another. She focuses on external programs of stars to energize them and help set their cement.4REPLY


J W2 weeks agoI’ve hit the point many months ago. And im very much at peace. I still enjoy listening to you and some other creators just to stay informed on what’s happening tho. Have a beautiful day. Thank you for the video. :))8REPLYView 3 replies

Red Pill Diaries

Red Pill Diaries2 weeks ago20:02 This was the topic of a video I did about 3 months ago, that one of the posibilities is that Solipsism explains our reality….we live in realities of our own that can interact with others’ realities.5REPLYView reply

John Tankard

John Tankard2 weeks agoIt seems to me that we believe that we have escaped Plato’s cave to “the outside world” as opposed to escaping to a larger part of the cave system with more complex shadowplay. It seems at this point in time I have to accept the workings of this place are simply above my pay scale.4REPLYView reply


RUTHLESS2 weeks ago (edited)10: 40 the differentiation between realities seems to be growng. 34:00 “reality overlay”? Yeah, COWSHIT19 was an overlay that had an extra layer of BLM added4REPLY

Christina Stone

Christina Stone2 weeks agoThat was hilarious. The neighbors say, “Mine fits perfectly.”9REPLYView reply

Boxcar Willie

Boxcar Willie2 weeks agoPart of the illusion and it’s just part is the MSM , MK ultra is the MSM.. psychic driving and the rolling out of “ retro-causality “13REPLY

TheSilent Hunter

TheSilent Hunter2 weeks agoThe most important veil drops, Are the ones that happen with-In me. Remembering what I am, Deep Down below. I am Life itself grabbing 💎 Gems*of*Experiences💎 for consciousness.Read more3REPLY


xxtoy.foxy_queenz2 weeks agoMost of my friends are dead of overdoses but I have my family and love them. Reality is a two way street with potholes4REPLY

Sheriff of YouTube

Sheriff of YouTube2 weeks agoI’m buying a UNICYCLE with my weekly $500 bailout money17REPLYView 5 replies

David Heimer

David Heimer2 weeks ago“We need to talk about captain hook” changed my life. Seriously1REPLY


Blessedup2 weeks ago (edited)Every social media app runs some sort of AI to know exactly what to show you. They know when your phone is facing face down to make a notification sound. It’s all ment to get you hooked one way or another10REPLYView 2 replies

Peace Spirit and Love

Peace Spirit and Love2 weeks agoYea, tired of playing, have adopted this isn’t my reality, and need to keep moving in the directions that are solutions as much as possible.3REPLY

David S

David S2 weeks agoFirst rule of this matrix – if you attract attention, you’re being used. The more spirit filled you are, the less any person will want anything to do with you because you’re already out of the matrix. Always been so. This very post is breaking the rule. Pardon me, but welcome to what’s here and has always been here.5REPLYView 2 replies


Olivier2 weeks ago (edited)Here is some recent ”shower wisdom” that I’ll share for FREE! Yes Matt, It’s my egotisticly humble gift to you! ”Countries are sports teams, only on a bigger scale. Humans don’t realize they are the ignorant fans. Every now and then there is a new manager, and players keep being exchanged. And once again, the fans don’t get to make or modify the rules.” That was my 2h33AM grain of salt.Read more3REPLY


ktat012 weeks agoI often wonder if I wouldn’t have woke up when I did 4 years ago at that exact moment… Would I still be asleep? That’s why I’m not so hard on those that are asleep. They just can’t see it. Only when they are very nasty with me do I get nasty back. But I take A LOT of harassment and judgment that most people would’ve fully snapped by now. I believe those of us that have awakened to all this were chosen. Our creator or the universe or whatever sets things in motion knew that we could handle it. Most people would be in a psyche ward by now.4REPLYView reply

Chuck P [again and again]

Chuck P [again and again]2 weeks ago (edited)Matthew, you’re barking up the wrong tree. There’s no separate reality. There is only this illusion we live in and we are part of it. You’re going to drive yourself insane when the truth is right in front of you. There’s no way the doctor friend of your friend was being truthful about the C because there’s no such thing as the C. Someone is lying. The only reason a whole family “died of the C” is because they were all toe tagged as dying of the C. But let’s just say that there is such a horrible and dreadful disease that’s so infectious and so deadly like they keep telling you on your TV 24 hours a day. By the CDC’s own statistics the fatality ratio, as they call it, is 0.054 for ages 70 and over. In other words, if a person 70+ gets the C, their chances of beating it are 99.946%. And the odds only go up for younger people. That’s about as close to 100% as you can get without admitting it’s all a lie. Stop listening to “smart people” and grab a bible. Ask your creator to show himself to you. Do it in a sincere way from the heart and He will give you the answers you’re looking for. Really.Read more10REPLYView 8 replies


James2 weeks agoIt’s about the Universe …. Currently Niburu …. We are also your friends …. These videos and those awake are my chosen family ✌️❤️17REPLY

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