Bob wants to trade places with one of those Democrats who regrets voting for Joe !

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Twist in My Sobriety –

And, even though Bob didn’t vote for Joe and has no regrets about it; he would rather live in Shanghai ! He loves Chinese food and they say the spell checkers in China are much better than in the USA ! Also Baidu is a much better search engine than Google or Bing … so, instead of spending 4 hours a day as a webmaster , he could spend 4 hours a week and accomplish the same task … C’mon what difference at this point does it make if Bob trades places with one of those Democrats with tears in their eyes that really wants to stay in California ! Bob promises he won’t change his mind again until he arrives in China and has a chance to complete an honest accurate review of the rumors ! With Internet bugs and firewalls and paranoid politicians like this … hell will freeze over before you have a WORLD WIDE INTERNET on the American PLANTATION !