Sonia Barrett: Humans Are Designed To Push The Envelope ?

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Emily Moyer

Sonia Barrett joins Emily once again for a deep dive into the underlying ideas presented in her prophetic 2011 article. As usual, this is a wide ranging conversation intended to inspire us to move through our fear so we can see what lies on the other side of it. Enjoy!

Part 1: The Real Smart Grid – Humans Are Designed To Push The Envelope
– Sonia is already building her 20121/22 game plan. Are you?
– cycles of time, body & mind
– freeing ourselves to begin played the game instead of being played by the game
– recognizing that you are part of a network
– something is counting you
– default systems
– cycles are programs
– systems are programs, one embedded in another
– the illusion of ownership
– everything is hackable
– the system is trying to expand itself
– humans are designed to push the envelope
– fear is part of the game
– “our technology” has magnificent capabilities
– this is a time based game
– menstruation
– schizophrenia
– hormones
– death codes
– feeling vulnerable & protecting yourself
– know the truth of who you are
– fear shuts down systems faster
– illusion of what we think we know
– language spells & sigil magic
– it’s not about good or bad
– DNA as portals
– more chaos = more portals
– energies are open for leaping

Part 2: What Is Your Core Belief About Time?

– Laura had to step away so there are no notes for this segment. :(
– we discussed how we have evolved during this strange time and how this evolution has set the stage for an awesome & inspiring 2021.

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