The Bank Employee who had ya’ sign on the dotted line + YOU = 2 idiots, too dumb to figure ‘it’ out …

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Any bank employee who really did figure it out wouldn’t be dumb enough to be sitting in a cubicle of a local bank or credit union with a smile on their face, asking you to sign on the dotted lines indicated by the ‘X’s’ — AND YOU SURELY WOULDN’T BE DUMB ENOUGH TO SIGN ANY FICTIONAL PAPER BULLSHIT CONTRACTS if you had figured it out …


2 hard working idiots

2 hard working idiots that never figured out what those dotted lines really mean.

Of course, the employee probably knows a good deal more about the system, but his knowleged is still limited …. he couldn’t tell ya’ where the money you follow to get the answer goes when it hits the PRIVATE REALM … where all the real information disafuckingpears into a mysterious no man’s land ….

Yes, all bank employees having you sign on all those dotted lines have been duped, too.

Wake up America … you may not be able to follow the money for any real answers, but you surely can follow the bullshit far enough to arrive at the Gate Keepers who are guarding the next levels of dectpion.

just sayin’

Syd Barret – 2 of a Kind