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punluvincriminal 70

punluvincriminal 704 days ago17th President 17th Letter Q Trump 2Q2Q21REPLYView reply

John Scot

John Scot4 days ago (edited)Posted this video on CNN. USA Today AND CNBC every good American must post this video all around the USA and get President Trump re-elected for 2Q2Q30REPLY

Maatra R

Maatra R4 days agoThe sad thing is that common sense is not so common. I know a lot of educated smart people that don’t have any knowledge. They think that people like us are crazy. Figure that out. Thanks Charlie for being so awesome39REPLYView 2 replies

Anni Bridgett

Anni Bridgett2 days ago (edited)Love this one, like Mel’s energy better without the gals.. just with Charlie.. I listen to this three time.. normally it is 10 minutes(or seconds). Thank Charlie for your kind, peaceful energy in all your videos. God bless you both.8REPLY

twilight tortoise

twilight tortoise4 days ago (edited)Wow, mind blowing. I started looking up the Federal Reserve a few years back and finding out they’re charging interest on money they create, been going on since 1913. Wonder how many American people know of this. Also, the sinking of the Titanic and the three rich men who were on it – John Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss who were rumoured to oppose the creation of the Fed. There was a novel published in 1898 called “Wreck of the Titan” about an ocean liner sinking in the Atlantic ocean after hitting an iceberg one April night.,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titan Also learned that the City of London is exempt from UK law? Not sure. Felt like we’re all playing a real life game of “Monopoly”. The money’s just as fake as the money in the board game. One winner ends up with the lot at the very end except the game doesn’t end and keeps on playing. Same here, not watched TV for nearly a decade either. Sometimes you feel like you’re one a few that’s awake… and it’s a lonely feeling.Read more26REPLYView 2 replies

Cindy Rogers

Cindy Rogers2 days agoI loved it when you said “Soros is their little bitch” LMAO go Charlie…oh and my grandmother is a Ward. Love you Charlie and thank you for all you do.9REPLYView reply

D. L. Austin

D. L. Austin4 days agoDon’t forget the significance of all the resignations of 12,000+ CEO’s!!11REPLY

D. L. Austin

D. L. Austin4 days ago (edited)The deal between Congress & the Rothschilds… After the Civil War, America was in turmoil, for several years after. In 1871, Congress was in fear of going broke. At this time, elected Govt officials did not reside in Wash. DC, they lived in the states where they represented the People, who voted for them. They were also paid by those People. So they needed to do a good job or no pay raises, reduced pay, or were voted out of office, etc. In 1871, (The Act of 1871), Congress did not go to the American People, in which they were legally obligated to, but instead they decided to go to the Bank of London (Rothschilds), and asked for a loan. This was treasonous, as they did not get approval from the People to do this. The bank agreed to the loan, but wanted assurances and some control of the United States. They told Congress they would do their bidding and not the People’s will. Congress said it wouldn’t work because they are paid by the People. They came to an agreement, whereby the Bank tells Congress that they will clear out swampland in DC, build a palacial building, (Capitol Hill), whereby they would give representation. They would no longer receive their wages from the People, but from the Federal Government. Keep in mind that Andrew Jackson in the 1830’s, kicked out the 2nd Central Bank of America, because it was privately owned & it was harmful to the interests of the People. And they changed one word in the Constitution. From “FOR THE PEOPLE” to “OF THE PEOPLE”. Our Constitution is a binding contract. Any time you change a word or a letter in a Legal Contract, it changes the entire contract, especially Capitalized words! So now, instead of the language showing an inward ownership, it shows an outward or giving away intent. But no one really seemed to notice, and why would they? The Globalists waited. They were very patient. This whole idea of having a New World Order, was planned out in 1763, by a small group of business men, one of whom was a Rothschild. This only makes sense, if a controlling entity is eternal. Because the creators knew they would all be dead, by the time their New World Order would be rolled out onto the Global Stage. The year that they had decided back in 1763, that The NWO would be ready to roll out? 2018. But President Trump got in the way of their plans. Their 16 Year Plan – 8 yrs to be completed by Barack Obama & 8 yrs to be completed by Hillary. Look it up. And look at everything the government & others have done since 1968. They were preparing the People, so that they would accept Global Domination. 1912, Woodrow Wilson wins the Pres. Election. 1913, Pres Wilson allowed the institution of the IRS, the U.N., & the FED or the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve was actually the 3rd Central Bank of the U.S. But they knew they couldn’t name it the 3rd Central Bank of the US, too many people were still living, that remembered what Jackson had done, by getting rid of the 2nd Central Bank of the U.S. Clever. To this day many Americans still believe it is a part of the Federal Govt. because its name has the word “Federal” in it & not an arm of the privately owned Global Banking cabal. President Wilson took the Secret Service out of the Department of the Treasury, where they kept an eye on things like Counterfeiting & Monetary Theft, and made them the official babysitters of elected government officials, (past & present) and others.Read more7REPLYView reply

Linda Benish

Linda Benish4 days ago (edited)Act of 1871 is why Lincoln was assassinated. Thank you Mel for Exposing this information. We are going to be free and the Republic will be saved. Love and peace to Mel and Charlie.17REPLYView reply

Kathy Higginbotham

Kathy Higginbotham4 days agoThis is one of the best videos that Charlie has ever put out, Mel was amazing! I have watched it 3 times and learn something each go around. Make no mistake, Trump is annointed by God and was sent to save America and all Americans!!23REPLY

Beagle Puck

Beagle Puck5 days agoA wonderful piece of research. I have been looking into this myself and found lots of what Mel is saying. So very interesting. Thank you Mel for what is not easy information to find26REPLY

Amanda Potocnik

Amanda Potocnik4 days agoI watched this when it was on bitchute. Sharing with everyone I know! God bless you both!!! Love and prayers always!!!12REPLY

Margaret Reid

Margaret Reid2 days agoI hope that taking out the head of the beast means that they are all dead and I mean ALL. Anything short of that is a waste of time.7REPLY

Helena Ciranello

Helena Ciranello3 days agoThis woman has a plethora of information, very enlightened after hearing her speak.7REPLY

Wanda Blume

Wanda Blume4 days agoAaron Russo spoke of this years ago and did the documentary from freedom to fascism7REPLY

Daveyjo Weaver

Daveyjo Weaver4 days agoMel and Charlie for morning coffee! How fine! The coffee smells even sweeter than before! Kind Thanks and Blessings to both of you and your Families! Love and Joy of Spirit! DaveyJO in Pennsylvania8REPLY

Yes, I'm here

Yes, I’m here4 days ago (edited)Get back to the birth certificates? Is Pelosi a blood line to Italian family Pampili {one if 13} ?8REPLY

Melinda Bandeau

Melinda Bandeau3 days agoThank God everyday for allow Trump to stand against these evil people5REPLY


steeen164 days agoI got banned on Twitter yesterday for exactly 6 days and 19 hours, til end of election day, for hate speech against Killary.10REPLYView 3 replies

Belle Bramwell

Belle Bramwell4 days agoomg, Truly disturbing….Thankyou both from a new subscriber11REPLY

Katie Only_Love

Katie Only_Love5 days agoGod bless you both 🙏11REPLY


Handikapper14 days agoMore refreshing show, without cirsten..I can actually hear both of you. Not just glamour girl!12REPLYView 2 replies

John Vela

John Vela3 days agoI like Mel K intelligent knowledgeable mixed in with lots of common sense and I’m with her on the fact the government works for us gods children, Texas Latinos for Trump 20203REPLY

Jean Watson

Jean Watson4 days agoThis is truely amazing and I hope more people get to hear it. It actually answers my question below. Common sense will win. This is great news!!!4REPLY

Free Spirit

Free Spirit1 day agoThe truth at any cost, lowers all other costs. Politics is the entertainment branch of industry.  “The illusion of freedom [in America] will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” I don’t have to tell you how evil this brainwashing is.  But I do have to remind you that mass media play these sorts of manipulative tricks on their audience, day in and day out.  With mass media, you are not the customer — you are the product.  Do your mental health a favor: Say no to mass media.Type in Google  Us6506148 B2 this brainwashed patent number it’s no longer a theory or conspiracy it scientific & technology FACT people have been on spelled since a toddler. National & International Debt-clock⏰ Researcher of Society Vaccine The Silent Killer Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai who invented Email Dr. Rashid Buttar Biological Virus Karen Hudes Banking Financial Insider Common LAW Natural Law Sovereign education defense ministry Mark M. Rich [Weather Warfare] Deborah Tavares [Researcher] Kerry Cassidy [filmmaker/investigative journalist] Word Magic Max Igan (Australian Researcher) Force majeure is a common clause in contracts that essentially frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties, such as a war, strike, riot, crime, epidemic or an event described by the legal term act of God, prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract. In practice, most force majeure clauses do not excuse a party’s non-performance entirely, but only suspend it for the duration of the force majeure.[1] Force majeure is generally intended to include occurrences beyond the reasonable control of a party, and therefore would not cover: Any result of the negligence or malfeasance of a party, which has a materially adverse effect on the ability of such party to perform its obligations.[2]Any result of the usual and natural consequences of external forces.To illuminate this distinction, take the example of an outdoor public event abruptly called off.If the cause for cancellation is ordinary predictable rain, this is most probably not force majeure.If the cause is a flash flood that damages the venue or makes the event hazardous to attend, then this almost certainly is force majeure, other than where the venue was on a known flood plain or the area of the venue was known to be subject to torrential rain.[3]Some causes might be arguable borderline cases (for instance, if unusually heavy rain occurred, rendering the event significantly more difficult, but not impossible, to safely hold or attend); these must be assessed in light of the circumstances.Any circumstances that are specifically contemplated (included) in the contract—for example, if the contract for the outdoor event specifically permits or requires cancellation in the event of rain. Under international law, it refers to an irresistible force or unforeseen event beyond the control of a state making it materially impossible to fulfill an international obligation, and is related to the concept of a state of emergency.[4] Force majeure in any given situation is controlled by the law governing the contract, rather than general concepts of force majeure. The law of the contract often specified by a choice of law clause in the agreement, and if not is decided by a statute or principles of general law which apply to the contract. The first step to assess whether – and how – force majeure applies to any particular contract is to ascertain the law of the country which governs the contract..Read more1REPLY

Genesis gmail

Genesis gmail1 day agoOK, this is awesome, but how do we take back our country’s??? We don’t have a Trump in Australia, I talk about this very thing few listen the rest think I am crazy, unless we get help from outside we are lost!!1REPLY


AGE OF TRUTH ASCENSION5 days agoWhy did the titanic sink and who was on it !!!9REPLYView 5 replies

Gee Gee

Gee Gee2 days agoHey Charlie and Mel, awesome video. Your are giving a lot of important information. How can we get the money they have earned on our SSN’s?3REPLY

Ryan Caudillo

Ryan Caudillo4 days agoWhat is Mel K real name? How can I seek her videos, she seems so enlightened.3REPLY

Bronx boy

Bronx boy3 days agoLove ❤️ you brother Charlie4REPLY

amanda kistner

amanda kistner2 days agoGreat show!!! Thanks for passing on all of your research Mel! I have been awake to the corrupt banking system for awhile but I didn’t know how corrupt the stock exchange was before Trump took over. What’s interesting is the book Atlas Shrugged mirrors a lot of what’s been going on. Thank You Mel and Charlie for all your hard work to bring us the truth!4REPLY

Margaret Reid

Margaret Reid2 days agoGreat post Mel K and Charlie, it is very urgent information and really important that people understand this. Thank you.3REPLY

Gloria Zwaan

Gloria Zwaan2 days agoThat is exactly what I thought about Italy, they took them out and got the gold. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️REPLY

James Oldham

James Oldham2 days agoKeep tooting your crosses … we all have ONE King and the earth is not His kingdom if it were legions of Angel’s would come …REPLY


steeen164 days agoMel, you are amazing!!3REPLY

Insights by Crystal

Insights by Crystal4 days agoAMAZING…….😳🌎✌🏽 #TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE4REPLY

Beagle Puck

Beagle Puck5 days agoMerovingian I believe?3REPLY

James Oldham

James Oldham2 days agoWhat Jesus of the over 1000 different Messiahs being preached in over 1000 different brands of Christianity is the military gonna choose for us to worship ?REPLY

Ron Partain

Ron Partain3 days ago (edited)hey everyone…I am not new to Charlie Ward nor Santa Surfing, but I don’t catch every video. I recently heard of an issue between them but cant locate any details. I am not trying to pick a fight nor a side, I just want to know what happened… can anyone shed some light on this for me? Sincere question.1REPLY

twilight tortoise

twilight tortoise4 days ago (edited)Good old Switzerland… look up the video here on YT, they had a weird opening ceremony for a tunnel they opened a few years back. Looked satanic or luciferian. I’ve read that they’re not getting 5G either. The land… it’s insane, you’re not allowed to grow food on or use that spare land but you can pay towards what your local gov’t spends to cut the grass that’s grown on it. The non ownership of stocks and shares by ordinary folks… what a crafty, narcissistic mind game… the cabal let you THINK you own something just to make people work, to try and put effort in if they think they are benefitting from it. If they told us we don’t own anything, a lot wouldn’t bother trying maybe. These “elites” are narcissists and narcissists never share any of the good things with others. Odd thing about the stock market, I used to think that each time it crashes, that’s their harvest time and they clean up good from it.Read more1REPLY

Olivia L.

Olivia L.3 days agoGreat show and research. Important info on why the deep state cabal is fighting Trump so hard. Does Mel K have a channel or website? 💥1REPLY

James Oldham

James Oldham2 days agoIn the end they will throw their gold and silver into the streets . What good is money when there’s no bread anywhere to be bought ?REPLY

C. Ann

C. Ann17 hours agoAWESOME MEL K. This was the history I needed, we ALL needed. I have heard many pieces, but you filled in so many details I still needed wanted know. This information is not easily found. Thank you Mel & Charlie! This video is a MU$T LIST€N!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐REPLY

Paul Jones

Paul Jones3 days agoWell said Mel… very imformative very impressive… Great show thanks Charlie & Mel2REPLY

Dani ela

Dani ela4 days agoI keep getting unsuscribed from your channel3REPLYView reply


scubalady22 days agoI always enjoy Mel! Thanks, Charlie!1REPLY

Norma Westwater

Norma Westwater3 days agoEnjoying at 1:11 . Mel you are amazing .2REPLY

Melissa M.

Melissa M.20 hours agoWhat an awesome conversation…Mel, how can I pull up the information you did your research about the French bloodline and the criminals that own American? Great video!REPLY

Jasmin Marentes

Jasmin Marentes2 hours agoThanks for the infos. again Mel K and Charlie! Excellent research, Mel K!REPLY


ajnewtron4 days agoThank you!2REPLY

peggy johnson

peggy johnson12 hours agoWow, an amazing amount of truth & intel. ThankQ Mel KREPLY

Mildred R Harmon

Mildred R Harmon4 days agoGreat show…🇺🇸🙏🏼💥❤️👍🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸❤️🙌🏼🔥1REPLY

Julie Cole

Julie Cole4 days agoLove you two!!!!2REPLY

peggy johnson

peggy johnson11 hours ago (edited)I actually had the realization of the value of our nation when I knew what Trump had accomplished. What really angers me is that churches put together ministry teams to rebuild the destruction of the cabal in all the third world countries. And the youth had to raise money to go on the trips. To help rebuild poverty.REPLY

Debbie Santillo

Debbie Santillo13 hours ago (edited)I want to know, if 100% of 401K allocated to bonds, are all those owned by the fed and all these money people, that the value can be taken away from us also, or just stocks?REPLY

jo jo

jo jo4 days ago (edited)Charlie need to check the video you made with Rice Crypto ? The misunderstanding ..after the show he still bad mouthed you…you should Block him…he’s of low character…2REPLYView reply

Rochelle Lorito

Rochelle Lorito2 days agoGreat video. We are awake!!! Thank you both🇺🇸🙏❤️🇬🇧🙏🇨🇦❤️and all❤️REPLY

Rex M

Rex M4 days agoDear Charlie…a big ‘THANK YOU’ for bring on Kimberly Ann Goguen. Very nice of you to share your valuable platform. Maybe NOW…these powers will be able to FINALLY come together! Thank you again – RxREPLY

Jean Watson

Jean Watson4 days agoCharlie when will the economic reset happen in Scotland?1REPLYView 2 replies

Caroline Peskar

Caroline Peskar1 day agoDoes Mel have a site? If so what is it?REPLY

Anna Reynolds

Anna Reynolds3 days agoCould you give a in depth of the q boadREPLY

Ken Titus

Ken Titus3 days agoI talked about trading on our Birth Certificates and fraud in mortgages and spent 3 years in Federal prison for that. Others were blowing the whistle on the government and the banks as I did and 7 of us went to prison and the other 7 were executed because they couldn’t put them in prison. They took all of my money and then would not give me a Lawyer to defend me. I am not a believer in trading naked. You do what you want Lady. Hi Just Charlie, I’m Just Ken.2REPLYView 2 replies

Rex M

Rex M4 days agoQuestion…from the novel written by Ayn Rand (1957)…Who is John Galt? Who knew! Thanks for this information. RxREPLY

Donna Headen

Donna Headen3 days agoMel K. an Charlie Ward have you known about a Lady who is over the money for the World Bank! She is in charge over it! Her Name is Karen Hudas!1REPLYView reply

Gloria Zwaan

Gloria Zwaan2 days agoI use DUCKDUCKGO1REPLY

Pink Canary

Pink Canary1 day ago (edited)Mel and Charlie are the Dynamic Duo. I adore you both because you give us Truth and Integrity and Courage. What you said in ending today Mel, felt as if someone threw a bucket of ice water straight over my head, even though I heard and thought about it many times before; just say No. These Demons cannot operate without our permission which we have been tricked these into giving them decades.The new shot heard around the world will be a tiny yet mighty (Almighty) astonishing two letter word, No, No, No, No, a thousand, million, trillion times, NO🛑🚫❣️🇺🇸🙏🏻🕊Read moreREPLY

Melinda Bandeau

Melinda Bandeau3 days ago🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸2REPLY

Rex M

Rex M4 days agoDear Charlie & Mel…via Life Force Intel (last week) it was reported that all these ‘Elites’…the 13 Royal Bloodline Families (which now included the…Lea/Lee Family – #13)…AND…all the ‘Cult of the Black Sun’ Member Corporations…have ALL lost their protected classification as a …’Sovereign’. This occurred on or around October 15th, 2020. Their status has been revoked. This is my understanding anyway. Thanks – RxREPLY

Marg Wally

Marg Wally16 hours agoA master piece is being created in front of our eyes and Trump is the artist. LondonREPLY

Shane Crisson

Shane Crisson4 days agoMel. There will be no posterity paymentsREPLY

Beverley Luby

Beverley Luby3 days agoWake up CharlieREPLY

Mary Walsh

Mary Walsh1 day agoWa stateREPLY

Karolyn Spinney

Karolyn Spinney4 days agoHow do you spell cede and companyREPLYView 2 replies

Enrico Gamboa

Enrico Gamboa3 days agoI don’t know where she came up with her storyline, but the timeline about railroads is off. Trains were not invented until the 1800s. The settling of North Carolina was in the late 1600s. The British and the French were at War for 900 years, so why would King George of England help French Royalty settle in the New World colony of King George where he will be a threat to him later on?REPLYView reply

Rex M

Rex M4 days agoDear Mel…incredible recap and well done. Question…what are these chances when you say the ‘Snakes’ this could also be the ‘Naga’. Lilith was a Naga. To extend this out…I believe it is possible that Marie Antoinette was a descendent of Lilith. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! Rx3REPLY

Key Asset Protection

Key Asset Protection2 days agoWhat is the Price for the “Great Reset”? (Debt FOrgiveness and Basic Income) A HEALTH DICTATORSHIP. According to IMF 1. Give up ALL Personal Property rights. 2. Digital Certificate of Vaccination (COVID) 3. Health Passport 4. Digital ID 5. Contract Tracing. If you Refuse….you will be placed under House Arrest and/or placed in detention camps and forfeit all assets. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO. Biggest Lie in the World. Hi I am from the Govt and I am here to help you. Prove me wrong. moreREPLYView reply

Melinda Bandeau

Melinda Bandeau3 days agoWatching the media scram is funnest s*^* ever1REPLY

James Oldham

James Oldham2 days agoAll this info has been easily researched for decades and when Trump points a finger 3 point back at him