There Are No Contracts Under American Common Law ?

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By Anna Von Reitz

The immediate result of the foregoing fact is that no contract applies to any American.

Remember how I explained the advent of the King’s Equity Law in the 1750’s, and the creation of “Special Admiralty” provisions under the direction of Lord Mansfield, and the resulting pollution of British Common Law with Admiralty Law?

This relatively new form of law was called “Equity Law” or more properly, “King’s Equity Law” —- basically, the King claims to own you and your property, and his thugs and bill collectors get a cut of whatever they can steal.

The freedom to contract arises under that law, and is a pillar of The Constitution of the United States of America, and the British Territorial Government in general. The creation of Special Admiralty courts to serve British Subjects acting as federal Subcontractors was made possible by the Judiciary Acts in the early 1790’s.

Their freedom to contract into and to stand under the British system was thus preserved, and anyone wishing to act as a British Subject and claiming their substance under The Constitution of the United States of America was welcome to do so.

But Americans do not claim our substance or political status from any provision of any Constitution, and do not subject ourselves under British Equity Law — which makes it impossible for the Brits to pillage us, until and unless they establish a claim that we are British Territorial U.S. Citizens and have exercised our “right to contract” into their system and accepted their citizenship obligations.

They have attempted to do this and to establish contracts with us while we were still babies in our cradles. This results in a thoroughly “unconscionable” contract — one that we could not possibly be aware of, but which left uncontested, stands by default.

So millions upon millions of Americans have been conscripted and press-ganged using this thoroughly despicable and undisclosed process and they have been “deemed” to be British Territorial U.S. Citizens under contract and under subjection to the King’s Equity Law — meaning the King’s Equity in your person and your assets, which is also deemed to be absolute.

And the Hired Jurists of the King lose no time in taxing and harassing and fleecing the victims blind.

Americans, however, have the equal right not to contract.

We function entirely by simple and honorable agreements (“Let your yes be yes and your no be no.”) and thus avoid the specter of conflict created by contracts.

Our Common Law does not allow for such things to exist, because we wisely admit our inability to guarantee contracts and even our limited ability to stand by honorable agreements— owing to the fact that we are mortal and presently subject to death and disease and misadventure and disability.

The King’s Henchmen have pretended that our right not to contract disappeared with the inoperable American Federal Republic, but that is self-evidently false; the incompetence of a subcontractor in no way impairs or changes the rights and prerogatives of their Employers.

Following their initial “bid” to own us and to claim that we voluntarily contracted into their foreign system as babies, they foist off a bunch of adhesion contracts by making improper demands under color of law.

These demands include but are not limited to: demands that you obtain a Social Security Number as if you were a Federal Employee, demands that you obtain a Marriage License as if you were a slave who needed permission to get married, demands that you get a Driver License as if you were engaged in making commercial profit off the public roads, demands that you get a vaccination as if you were a cow or an experimental animal, demands that you wear a mask because they might get a cold, demands that you pay Federal Income Taxes when you don’t have a shred of “Federal Income”, demands that you pay mortgages owed by the King…. and the list goes on.

All this fraud hinges on your right to “voluntarily” contract into their system, but as we have demonstrated, Americans have no reason to contract into their system and do not stand under the King’s Equity Law.

So all of this is nothing but fraud against you and that means fraud against their Employers. They are usurpers who have deliberately and under color of law created and pillaged public trusts operated in your names as a means to divest and defraud you of your rights and assets.

No amount of shilly-shally can deny the wrongs that have been perpetuated against innocent gullible Americans and millions upon millions of other people throughout the world via the use and misapplication of so-called Equity Law which by definition is no law at all but the judge’s “discretion” concerning how much he or she can get away with, without exposing the fraud and misapplication of this foreign “law” to Americans.

The cat is out of the bag and the history of it, too. Any Hired Jurist playing this game with our people will be up for more than getting sacked for it.

As of November 5 of this year no American will be liable for any contract.

Your homes and houses will be yours, your land and soil, also. Your Good Names will be returned, unharmed, and you will not be harassed under any False Legal Presumptions going forward.

But you must declare your standing as an American. You must uphold your birthright political status and you must record your interest in your Good Name and identity as an American.

We have by dint of hard-slogging established and proven the lawful standing of every State of the Union, and also the standing of our Union of States and our Federation of States.

A complete restoration of the American Government including the reconstruction of our Confederation and our Federal Republic stands upon the horizon.

If you wish to live as free men and women, the gateways stand open and you know what you have to do: exercise your right not to contract.


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  1. Equity law was said by Top cop AG Bill Barr however it goes on .
    And Anna’s description the judges discretion as how much of thair justice to apply .
    Equity law or Maritime Admirlty.territoral
    Or as right wing Actor 180 IQ.John Quade.
    Discovered the law is whatever comes out of the judges mouth.


  2. AG Bill Barr speaking at federalist society said that Equity law is unconstitutional!


  3. All of these so-called contracts are with a fictitious entity, not me. I am not surety for a cartoon character.


  4. My renewal of my Drivers Lic is coming up in Dec. When on NOV 5th we are back to Common Law, what do I have to do to contest the old law. Is there a new form? I really like to put this to the Test!


  5. Ingrid, I agree! I would like to not pay the property taxes on my properties!! How do we go about these things?


  7. >>> creation of Special Admiralty courts to serve British Subjects acting as federal Subcontractors was made possible by the Judiciary Acts in the early 1790’s. 

    They cannot do this outside their 10 sq mile off WA D.C.. Act of 1871 is suspecously fraud.


  8. Get rid of the devil’s.

  9. Get rid of the devil’s.

TRY TO BE LOGICAL : It seems like everyone wants to rule the world with their own rules after men who’s ways and means they belittle have built it and improved it .

remember; it may be this or that … but, the world outside your door was built with corporations leveraged to the max … and men who ‘thought they were free and equal’

if nobody in your abstract logic really owns anything … one must ask the next logical questions to arrive at any sort of ‘reset’

what was the world like when the USA was ‘discovered and conquered’ ?

what could possibly motivate men to do the heavy lifting required to build a new nation ?

where did the 1. the ideas 2. the inventions come from

where was sitting bull and all the other native american chiefs hanging out when all of this started … what did they think about every contract they signed being broken or ignored ?

what did women and minorities think of not being ‘equal’ under the so called Christians who were building the land of milk and honey ?

who built it ?

who maintained it ?

who shared it with other nations ?

who defended it ?

and, who did or didn’t profit and benefit from it in proportion to their contributions to ‘it’

were the silver linings worth the clouds ?

please don’t say folks were happier 200 years ago based on your imagination. there is no way of proving or disproving adverbial or adjectivial assumptions …

so, this is the complicated mess the USA is in today …

and, seeing how the criminal fraud did not indeed get less as life became easier only complicates the solution more

does it really matter what men and women call themselves if they all plan to be treating each other as equals among peers in the new age ?

if human nature hasn’t really changed, then why assume creating one’s own flag and new country with linguistical bullshittery is going to make things any better than the one you’re already stuck in

if your leaders could be trusted to treat all of it’s citizens and sovereigns and no contracted homo spapiens equally and justly with common sense in the future , why would they still be lying to you on a daily basis ….

why hasn’t one of your so called ‘elected officials’ had the balls to call a spade a spade.

how would a new country be built with no contracts written on paper or verbalized by the humble spiritual souls who recognize their limits …

what religion did such abstract thoughts arise from , and why, in the first place.

does anyone with any logic really think, life will be any better, with the same human beings attached to the same mindsets under different definitions …

or are most of these folks just angry because they got a speeding ticket ….

hey, let’s try driving at 60 mph on highways with pot holes , with no identification or plates on the back of our private cars … and if the hillbilly we hit happens to be your child and we don’t stop because we are above the law …

well, then you’ll think twice …

then the same Americans would be screaming to make all cars have identifiers …

never mind the last parking ticket.

yes, you’d surely be angry that your child was killed by a drunk driver that can’t even be identified …. oh, and after you start your own free tribe, you’ll soon discover the importance of things like identifiers …. unless your only colonizing 10 acres with 30 folks and tractors that only go 10 mph ….

things sound good on paper, until you turn them into ‘reality’