Kamala Harris just announced she’s a Woke Marxist ?

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Kamala Harris pushes a frightening video: “There’s a big difference between equality and equity.” – link

Less than 48 hours before the election, Kamala Harris release a scary video on equality that sounds a hell like communism, confirming a non-partisan watchdog finding that she is the most left-wing senator, even more left than Socialist Bernie Sanders.

The video claims equality means everyone is the same. Equality of opportunity: dead. Freedom: none. Harris, the potential VP, and more likely the potential president, just announced she’s a Woke Marxist.

Why would a vice presidential candidate seemingly endorse full-on Marxism days before a general election? Because she believes government should enforce equality of outcome for everyone.Tiny Self Defense Tool Drops a 270 Thug In 2 Seconds – Get Yours Now!

Free people make free choices. Free choices mean you get unequal outcomes. You can have freedom, or you can have equal outcomes. You can’t have both.

Source: https://gellerreport.com/2020/11/kamala-harris-just-announced-shes-a-woke-marxist.html/