Bases 50 Part 2 Fritz Springmeier Mind Control ?

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Christine Joanna Hart is an ex Mi6 “Front Agent”, and journalist for Britain’s mainstream ‘Fleet St’ newspapers. Her skills are remote viewing, and “getting stuff” when commissioned, for any Fleet St editor.

All came to a sticky end, (refer to the Murdoch phone hacking scandal) andin 2015-2018 approx she embarked on these shows for Revolution Radio.

Presented here as Bases 50.

One day, some years ago, all were destroyed on the Bases Edit suite, as the folder with the edits was remotely dragged across the screen and deleted. But now in October 2020, they have “re-appeared”.

SO:- These are the Bases 50 “Christine Joanna Hart Reloaded” edits from that time, which ran up to the assassination of Max Spiers in 2016. Many include Miles, as part of Hart’s interrogation of Miles Johnston.

Hart was later to get access to the late Michael Aquino for Miles to do 4 interviews.

These contain vital historical information, on the lead up to the killing of Max Spiers, and much other extremely informed data.

Download and keep, before they get “re-disappeared”.

Original show notes lost. This is a generic description.

Miles’s Bases Project