Emotional Neutrality is The Primary Algorithm N.W.O Agenda A.I. Has Implemented Online ?

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And it makes heavy use of REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY. This has been proven. Type Oranges and they search results may give you apples. Type Sexy Girls and YouTube may give you the opposite. Type ‘where have all the sexy white conspiracy girls gone … and, to cover it’s tracks … There they are ! not the ones you were searching for, but there will be a few ! Type This zip code sucks, and you’ll see beautiful videos show up ! Type we love Libya … and the most negative videos will show up ! Type we hate Free Speech, and videos about why free speech is NUMBER ONE important thing shows up

No matter who or what you insult , the opposite shows up 70% of the time. Unless it’s a product like NEW PAINT BRUSHES … THEN, YOU’LL SEE NEW PAINT BRUSHES

Anything one searches for that has emotional descriptors attached will show you the opposite ….

So, whoever the men were that coded YouTube and Google this way did it for a reason. The main point is this. It is real. It became real 4 to 5 years ago … and has only become more aggressive and obvious in the last 2 years.

What don’t you move ? Why would you ask such as stupid question ? Why don’t you grow a brain and do your research ? I only insult things i care about. and, as much as i would love not to care, i was born this way … There are reasons for everything. One thing is proven …. IT WILL SAVE YOU A LIFETIME OF RESEARCH AND STUPID QUESTIONS if you stop reading only what you want to hear to reinforce what you already think you know …

Some of us are wise enough to know the grass isn’t any greener in the next zip code, but that’s no reason to accept the bullshit of the one we’re in … oh yes, for the last 60 years … which gives us even more of a reason to insult the bullshit … because we know full well it wasn’t until recently the bullshit appeared.

The only thing that makes you different than a robot is your ability to smell, touch, and be emotional (LOVE, CARE)… let the N.W.O take your emotions away and the next thing they’ll take is your guns, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to say FUCK YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER ALGORITHMS