For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other “Patriots” — Part 2 ?

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Saturday, November 7, 2020
For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other “Patriots” — Part 2
By Anna Von Reitz

If you really read and understood what I told you in Part 1 about the nature, location, and provenance of the American Government, it will now be much easier to understand the nature of the Federal Government and the problems you have with it.

First and foremost, I want you to notice the part about how our American States of States organizations were “substituted for” by British Territorial States of States following the Civil War, and how later, even Municipal STATES OF STATES were created and operating as substitutes for our own business organizations.

This means that those things you mistook as being your own State of Nevada or State of Oregon are foreign entities, and specifically, foreign corporation franchises, conducting business — purportedly — for your own long-lost and moth-balled business organizations that should be doing business as The State of Nevada and The State of Oregon, and so on.

That is, what you took to be State-level Governments, were nothing but foreign franchise operations of bigger “Federal” corporations in the business of providing governmental services for hire.

And all the Federal Agencies like the DOJ, BATF, FEMA, IRS, FBI, etc., etc., etc., are just Subcontractors of Subcontractors — and sometimes Subcontractors or your Subcontractors.

Thus, when we are talking about “the” Federal Government today, we are talking about something very much bigger than anything envisioned by our Forefathers, a huge, sprawling, foreign polyglot, with franchise fingers extending all the way down to the level of our counties.

But before you lose your minds trying to grapple with the enormity of this monster, please consider that it only exists on paper, and only exists in the airy-fairy realms of international jurisdiction and global jurisdiction.

The Federal Government can’t and doesn’t — except by fraud and legal artifice — extend to you, to your counties, or your States, which are all physically defined and which are all superior to it.

Okay— remember that there are three parts (or supposed to be three parts) to the American Government — The United States, The United States of America, and the States of America.

There are also supposed to be three parts to the Federal Government: the American Federal Republic, the British Territorial United States, and the Municipal Government of Washington, DC.

The American Federal Republic is supposed to be operated by our Confederation of States doing business as the States of America, but…. as the Confederation has been inoperable since 1860, and as the individual members of the Confederation — our American States of States — have never been reconstructed, the American Federal Republic isn’t in operation, either.

That is, our American Federal Subcontractor that is supposed to be in control of and operating most of the functions of the Federal Government hasn’t been in operation, just like our own States of States haven’t been in operation.

We have to reconstruct the American States of States, reboot their Confederation doing business as the States of America — and then, finally, we can reboot the American Federal Republic.

So, one third, and from our perspective, the most important one third of the Federal Government is out of commission.

There remain two other Subcontractors — the British Territorial United States and the Papist Municipal Government of Washington, DC — both of which are headquartered in the District of Columbia and are as foreign to us as Spain is foreign to Sweden.

Since shortly after the Civil War the British Subcontractor has been operating as one form or another of “United States of America” Incorporated.

And the Municipal Subcontractors have been operating as one form or another of “United States” Incorporated.

We have had two absolutely giant foreign corporations, plus all their franchises and subsidiaries and agencies and personnel feeding off of us, and both these corporations are in the business of providing governmental services.

As time has gone on, both these corporations have waxed fat and arrogant and have been deciding such things as what services they will provide and not provide, how much they will charge for all these services, and how much they will pay themselves and how they will protect themselves “legally” from the just wrath of their employers.

Mostly their plans have involved keeping us all woefully dumbed down and susceptible to believing that they, our Employees, are somehow by some twist of logic, our government, and supposing that we have to obey them, instead of them obeying us.

In order to continue and promote this upside down and backward proposition, they have deliberately continued the pretense that the Civil War continued past 1865 and that our country is a war zone.

They have promoted this by making regular “declarations of war” — mercenary war, because no actual Declaration of War is possible under the current circumstance — such as the War Against Poverty, the War Against Drugs, and so on and on. They have also promoted it by making regular declarations of “Emergencies” including “National Emergency” by which they seek to justify their actions.

It’s all bogus.

But before you can see that, you have to understand that there are three (3) Constitutions and you have to understand what the Constitutions are — and are not.

The American Federal Republic is out of action for the reasons shown above, and so is the Constitution related to the Federal Republic, known as The Constitution for the united States of America. (Remember “States of America” is the name of our Confederation.)

The British Territorial United States which is responsible for care-taking our Territories and Possessions like Guam and Puerto Rico and Territorial States prior to Statehood, and which also plays a part in directing our Navy and Marine Forces, and our Trade Policies, too—- is supposed to function under The Constitution of the United States of America.

The Municipal Government is supposed to provide a safe ground for international diplomacy and oversees the management of the Washington, DC Municipality. All the other things it has gotten its paws into are via usurpation against the States and People . It is supposed to function under The Constitution of the United States.

About this moment you are noticing something peculiar:

The United States has a doppelganger calling itself “the” United States.

The United States of America has a shadow calling itself “the” United States of America.

The States of America has a double calling itself “the” States of America.

If you grid it out, you will see that each part of the American Government has a counterpart in the Federal Government, and they are directly related.

This is because the Constitutions are Power Sharing Agreements, with Powers normally belonging to one Party being shared as “Delegated Powers” with another Party.

So we find that Powers of the Confederation dba “States of America” are being shared out and delegated to the Federal Republic, operating under the same name.

The Powers of The United States of America are shared out with the British Territorial entity doing business as “the” United States of America.

The Powers of The United States are shared out with the Municipal Government doing business as “the” United States.

The Constitutions implement the Treaty Agreements that led to the Peace ending The War of Independence. They guarantee the security of British U.S. Citizens in America and Papist citizens of the United States, too, and best of all from the perspective of our Foreign Federal Subcontractors, these “service agreements” provide for well-defined spheres of influence and lucrative service contracts.

That is, the Constitutions did provide for well-defined spheres of influence and lucrative service contracts until the Civil War, when things exploded and these two usurping groups of foreign Federal Subcontractors saw their chance to do an end-run around their own Constitutions and seize hold of the portion of the work accorded to the paralyzed American Federal Subcontractor, too.

Ever since then our relationship with these two giant governmental services corporations has been eroding. In the 1930’s FDR’s Municipal Government arbitrarily “conferred” Municipal citizenship obligations on everyone. The Territorial Government responded by embracing The Buck Act. And the free-for-all was on.

Since then, both our foreign Federal Subcontractors have made a practice of seizing upon our people and making False Claims to the effect that we, Americans, are both Territorial U.S. Citizens and Papist Municipal citizens of the United States.

This allows the guilty parties to declare (mercenary) war on each other, though both these corporations are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope, and leave us, their hapless, innocent employers in the cross-fire.

The Great Fraud was really quite simple to do.

Our Lawful Names on the land look identical to our Legal Names on the sea.

Janice Ellen Hansen is one of the People of this country standing on the land and soil of New Hampshire. But if she goes travelling on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, she becomes a Legal Person named Janice Ellen Hansen for the duration of her journey.

The Brits working through the offices of their State of State franchises just arbitrarily “seized” upon our names when we were babes in our cradles and registered them as the names of British Territorial U.S. Citizens and neither we nor our parents were any the wiser, because Janice Ellen Hansen (land jurisdiction) looks the same as “Janice Ellen Hansen” (sea jurisdiction).

The Papists got involved in the feeding frenzy and starting creating all sorts of fanciful US CITIZENS for themselves, all named after us— JANICE ELLEN HANSEN was a Cestui Que Vie ESTATE operated under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition in Puerto Rico, while JANICE E. HANSEN was a Public Transmitting Utility and JANICE HANSEN was a Public Charitable Trust and so on and on.

And then, they’d play this little Triangulation Game with the courts.

If the Pope’s Municipal Corporation wanted money or anything else out of you, they simply pretended that you were subject to them and named their franchises named after you as the DEFENDANT. The Territorial Judges would then condemn “IT” — and you, as if you were enemy combatants in a long-forgotten and always illegal mercenary war.

And if by chance things went the other way and someone claimed to be a U.S. Citizen, they just turned and used their own Court to condemn their own franchises operated under our same identical Names— and latched onto us and our assets “as if” they belonged to these phony “registered” U.S. Citizens.

These two giant foreign “governmental services” corporations put Mom and Pop in the middle between them and used legal terms of art and other chicanery and excuses of “war” and “emergency powers” to pillage and plunder the wealth of this country, and attacked their employers, the States and People, under color of law.

They also used this misidentification and identity theft process — what professionals call “a double-ended impersonation scheme” as means to evade their obligations under their respective Constitutions.

Neither U.S. Citizens nor citizens of the United States are Parties to any of the Constitutions and have no Constitutional Guarantees, so by deliberately misidentifying their American Employers as both U.S. Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States, they neatly deprived us of the Constitutional protections and Guarantees that these corporations and their Principals owe to us by international Treaty and Law.

So, the Federal Government is nothing but three Subcontractors who were supposed to get a piece of the pie as part of the settlement of The War of Independence.

When the American Federal Republic was knocked out by the collapse of the Confederation sponsoring and directing it, the Brits and the Papists tip-toed in and filled the vacuum of power “on an emergency basis”—- and then just sat back and gave the appearance of Business as Usual, and waited to see if we would ever catch them at it.

It has taken 160 years, but the Sovereigns are still the Sovereigns, and the Territorial U.S. Citizens and the citizens of the United States, are all the same.

The Constitutions they owe us were virtually unenforceable due to their falsification of the records and conversion of records into registrations, and other malfeasance on the parts of these foreign governmental services corporations, but with our State Assemblies up and running, the Constitutions and the Public Law snap back into view for all the Americans who are declaring their proper political status and coming home.

It was all for nothing more or less than to gain coercive power over people and to steal their assets, including the value of their labor, their land, their bodies, and their souls, for the unjust enrichment of all these corporation bosses.

Their most recent bid has involved making all their “citizens” accept forced vaccinations which will render the victims sterile and redefine them from being “humans” — that is, “persons” — to being GMO “products” owned by the Perpetrators of these evil schemes.

Needless to say, enough is enough.

The good news is that now that the Bar Attorneys are getting a good look at the position this places them in as Hired Jurists, including as Judges, they aren’t liking the odds and are turning tail in droves. The further good news is that the State Assemblies are learning and beginning to exercise their direct power.

So it is more than past time for all of you to join with all of us, and get the job of reconstruction and restoration done.

Mr. Trump’s corporation staffed by U.S. Citizens is trying to substitute itself for our American Federal Republic.

Unfortunately, this would be another cuckoo bird substitution of a British Territorial organization for our American Federal Republic. No doubt many of those involved count themselves as Americans as much as you or I — but the fact remains that we would be acquiescing to a situation that is fundamentally fraudulent and letting the Westminster Government accrue even more power than they ever had as any form of Territorial Government.

Finally, in considering the Federal Government, please realize that the Constitutions are fundamentally concerned with setting up the structures of the Federal Government and defining the roles of these Subcontractors and purposefully limiting their operations so that we would not face the sorts of problems we are dealing with now.

In other words, the Constitutions are about them, not about us.

Most of what the Constitutions say about us comes as afterthoughts — the Preamble, Bill of Rights, and some of the Amendments speak specifically about us. Otherwise, these documents are about the Federal Government and the Federal Subcontractors, so it is relatively senseless to look to them for enlightenment about us, and our American Government.

We must “know ourselves” — which also means being able to distinguish ourselves from others, and that applies to governments as well as to people.

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  1. There is also an Organization of American States or OAS
    They’ve been in operation for a very long time

    Don’t forget that there are about 700 Councils of Governments set up all over this nation and these outfits are assigned a block of counties and are working the UN plans and have been for some time now
    All kinds of groups set up and working the REGIONALISM UN PLAN AS DEFINED ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY

    I listed the one above which as indicated they are more than on their way with the UN’s 2050 plans

    My guess is these outfits are part of the Earth Intelligence Network and OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING to gather all data for analysis and according to their plans move the people around as they see fit as it plays in to their long term plans

    I posted a link yesterday about the World Bank has plans for all of us to and of course covid was a great leap forward in their plans for a locked down world, don’t leave your human settlement zone

    Go watch the movie the Lorax
    These pukes just met and signed legislation to plant a Trillion Trees
    In it there is O’Hare Air which sells the people of the locked in community their air and they do not leave there confined area
    And they recently launched SUMMITS to address the forest issues too
    This is about how to handle the global forest resources and they intend to put everyone out of these defined areas and no one will enter except of course the pricks who set this all up

    So while the babble continues there is no hard evidence of any slowing them down

    And FYI, Bundy is a peerage name and my guess is that Bundy owns the land they staged this event on to link it to the UN Agenda of get everyone off the land except of course the folks who like the Bundy’s will not be required to leave their land
    Just like the KINGF Ranch in Texas, 300 thousand acres and it is off limits to UN planning (now why would this be)
    Same with Rockefellers 3100 acre estate in New York, not subject to UN planning

    And Tyler Perry well he just purchased one of our old military bases in georgia, over 300 acres and it would seem that his plot of land is not subject to the UN plans either?

    I could go on and on and on but somewhere along the line this forum needs to come clean on what in the hell they are really doing because I do not believe for one moment that anything is halting the Swissy land jewish UN plans

    Wearing a mask is about you not breathing in any oxygen and their fucked up lower the CO2 levels
    The cattle they referring to when they say the cows eat too much grass and fart to much are THE HUMAN CATTLE not the other cattle

    These mother fuckers are absolutely sick to the core folks


  2. And the election bullshit is just that bullshit it will be used to stage their next REVELATION of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION


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    0:28 I can confirm 100% that the Blockchain Technology was used for the VOTING on this Election alongside the conventional voting system.

    0:42 And Donald Trump won by a complete landslide… I mean the figures are off the scale…

    0:47 He has all of the hard evidence… this was a sting operation rather than a vote…

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