Emily Moyer – Darren Williams: “A Fool Now And Again Will Say A Wise Thing” ?

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Emily Moyer

Darrens Williams is back to entertain & enlighten us all with his insights into the current machinations of this wackadoodle world we live in. Enjoy!

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First Hour: “A Fool Now And Again Will Say A Wise Thing”
• Arrogance of the uninvited guest: new warfare of China
⁃ bio weapon released from Wu Han lab, “accidentally” or intentionally
– Mask wearing a battleground
• Hoax events
⁃ school shootings
⁃ corona virus?
⁃ Levels of malevolence
⁃ raves in Wu Han?
• Guru/savior seeking, e.g. David Icke
• Major news organizations not covering what is really happening in Wu Han in UK and US
• Symbolism of cellular phone agreement
• China: layers of complexity involving viruses, technology, Hunter/Joe Biden
⁃ only nation not inhabited by white man, makes them different
⁃ believe they are the original humans and everyone else is a “devil”
• Immune system best deterrent to virus, not a mask
• Important to have tolerance for those with differing opinions and respect that others do
• New surge of practicing universal hygiene protocols
• Alex Haley, influencer
• Importance of understanding historical importance of ancestral line and species
⁃ touch base with relatives
• Genetic memory of Natives, tribal
• Vigilance about surveillance and tracking; infringement on liberties does not stop
• Em and Darren reveal their heritages
• Laura stepped out so notes for the first hour ended here. :(

Second Hour: Intentional Confusion
• Matthew McConaughey interview on JRE
⁃ sees Rogan as a threat to his position in Austin
⁃ talks about being Christian, quoting scripture
• MM show the first one after Jamie had tested positive on corona virus test
• MM on David Weiss’ show, spoke with coded word that he believes in flat earth theory
• Message he’s trying to say with his body of work; Val Kilmer, also
• Desire to control Austin
• Archetype of what Austin could/should be or was in the past
• Nigeria: #EndSARS movement on Twitter
⁃ SARS is an anagram for police brutality (in Nigeria)
⁃ Kissinger’s document stated threat existed in Nigeria: Islamochristianity
⁃ Shell Oil, Ann Pickard, Antaractica
• BLM 2018 and BLM 2020 confusion about which is which and what each is about
⁃ part of the psy-op
• The Black Madonna
⁃ confusing presentation on SM and musical presentation
• Intentional confusion being promoted
• Avatar Movie, references to Nigeria
• Tears of the Song, Bruce Willis movie about Nigeria
⁃ already programmed for takeover of Nigeria
• GAP pulling out of Europe
⁃ threatens Darren’s resource for jeans
⁃ will only be franchises in Europe, greater demand on franchise owner for costs
⁃ brand names are switching to the McDonald’s business model
⁃ Em’s GAP phase
• Anthony Sutton, financial analyst (?)
• Stock up on what you need from China
• SAUCY alert! Darren gets into “The Black Cock”
⁃ stupid TV shows, e.g. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad
⁃ Adele, dating UK rapper of Nigerian descent
⁃ SNL skits dogging on divorced British women going to Nigeria to have dominance over black men
⁃ use the same tactics that they accuse Trump of employing: hypocrisy
⁃ KATT Williams Roast of Flavor Flav
⁃ paid to be insulted and humiliated on TV
⁃ public shaming/humiliation rituals of black celebrities/athletes by white celebs
⁃ Black fetishization, George Floyd
• Class warfare and economics

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